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Western Connecticut UFO Conference

I will attend the Western Connecticut UFO Conference this Saturday at the Danbury Public Library.  They will be discussing sightings.  I hope to meet some of my readers there.

Western Connecticut UFO Conference

I have not mentioned many details about my own sighting in this blog yet.  This is due in part to the fact that I may be featured in a documentary and I do not want to give everything away ahead of its broadcast.  Another reason is because I want my radio/podcast show to be about the folks I interview, not so much about me.  Ironically (or hypocritically?) it will prospectively be called The David Marceau Show.  That notwithstanding, I do want it to be about my guests.

UFO Witness

Today, though, I am talking a bit about my sighting only to the extent that it pertains to what I am doing later.  I will be attending my undergrad alma mater homecoming while visiting my Upstate New York Staffing office.  While I am in town I thought it would be nice to reunite with someone who is integral to my sighting story.

The night I saw the spacecraft there was another witness.  He was at least a half a mile down the road so his perspective was much different from mine.  He did not see as much as I saw but he saw it for a longer period than I did.  Being farther away he was able to see more but it was smaller and not as well-lit.

I have not seen this person in over 25 years.  Other than this incident we had no reason to keep in touch, no common friends or associations.  But because of our mutual sighting I have tried to look him up countless times over the decades.  I was unable to find him for a long time, first because I had his name wrong.  I was close but the variation on the spelling was enough to make him a completely different person than the one I was looking for.  He has also kept a low profile and does not have a large footprint on the web - figures, the one person I wanted to track down for over half of my life does not cast a shadow on the internet.

When the folks at the production company started talking to me about covering my story they suggested I track this other witness down to include him in it.  By this point I had figured out the correct spelling of his name and I used that info to scour the internet for any kind of breadcrumbs on him.  I finally succeeded at the end of August and made contact.

Our first call started off awkwardly.  As one can imagine, when someone calls out of the blue and says, hey, you probably don't remember me but I'm that guy who saw the UFO with you 26 years ago, it takes a few minutes to break the ice.  But we ended up talking for like 40 minutes that day and I think we both ended the call with an odd combination of both peace and excitement.

We spoke one other time for a few minutes, after the associate producer of the documentary talked to him and that was it.  Since I am going to be in his neck of the woods for a day I thought it would be nice to meet up and grab coffee.  I would like to exchange some more history of the past three decades and also trade more notes on what we each saw.  On that first call he was able to recount things I had either forgotten or had never known and vice versa.  I want to know more.

UFO Shame

If at this point the reader wonders why I am not mentioning this person's name it is because, for various reasons, he is not ready to talk about it publicly.  Even naming those reasons would risk exposing him so I am not going to go into it any further.  I will briefly mention how it went in a blog post next week but there may not be many details on what we discussed.

Again, I will attend the Western Connecticut UFO Conference this Saturday at the Danbury Public Library.  They will be discussing sightings.  I hope to meet some of my readers there.

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