Radio Ga Ga

Fate has a funny way of finding you just when you need it to - for better or for worse.  Sometimes it is when things cannot get any worse, the other shoe drops.  Other times, just when you need a piece of the puzzle to fall in place, it does.  And just like that, now I am ready to start signing on sponsors for my podcast.  I may begin broadcasting as early as October 23.

Yesterday was one of those fateful days, in a good way.  As I have been preparing this upcoming podcast one of the biggest struggles has been the technical aspect of producing the show.  The first interview last week went great but the sound and video quality was horrible.  Despite the name you cannot produce a  high-quality Pod-cast on an i-Pod or other handheld device.  You really need a studio.

I toyed around with the idea of using a local cable channel to host the show at.  My mom volunteers at one and she introduced me to the station manager.  He was willing to train me and a crew to use the equipment, all I needed to do was to put together a crew.  It sounded great.  But after talking to one of my other podcast buddies last week I decided it would be too much work for a small crew of volunteers with day jobs to do.

I was resigned to the inevitability that I would have to produce a low-budget, low-quality show.  Then yesterday I was driving on a familiar route through Westchester County and my eye caught something.  I have driven by this radio station dozens of times and wondered what is happening in there.

UFO Podcast
WVOX New Rochelle, NY

I have a background in radio from back in college.  I was a DJ and sportscaster on the Plattsburgh State college radio station and a DJ and professional newscaster on a Plattsburgh Public Radio station.  I would record interviews with politicians and business leaders from around Northern New York and Vermont, produce segments, and read the news on the air.  This was the real deal and the station had decent ratings.  I loved that job.  But it was the early days of the Dotcom Boom and I got sucked into IT.  I often think fondly of my days in radio.  So when I see a radio station, I sometimes imagine what is going on in there.

I drive by this station all the time.  Yesterday, as I was about to drive right by it again, at the last second I whipped into the parking lot.  I am sure the guy behind me must have cursed me out for being a bad driver - I am not and no laws were broken but in hindsight it was kind of a jerky move, I will admit.  So I went in and introduced myself to the station manager and found out they actually have an opening on a day and time when I am available.  Are you kidding me!!!

The way it works is I basically rent out the station for an hour and they provide an engineer and all the equipment.  At the end of the show, they will give me a recording that I can upload to my UFO podcast site so people can download it.  All I have to do is sit down in front of a microphone with my guest and find stuff to talk about for an hour.  I can do that.  What I cannot do is fork up the rent money and hope that people find the show and eventually some sponsors will sign on and I will stop bleeding cash on this project.

So here is where I reach out to my audience for a helping hand.  So far this blog has had over 600 page views, despite having been up for only two weeks.  Yeah, SIX HUNDRED!  In two weeks.

Thank you, everyone.

Some of you must know someone who could sponsor a radio and UFO podcast show about Alien Spaceship Sightings.  Maybe it is a small business owner in the Tri-State New York Area.  Maybe it is someone who works for a large corporation which underwrites things like this, either through a philanthropic arm or just via plain old advertising.

Enjoying this blog?

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.