The Spaceship I Saw - Part 1

Over the past week my brother in-law Cameron has been working on an artist's rendition of the spaceship I saw, which I am now calling the Marceau Ship (because, why not?) from the Gagetown UFO Sighting.  He is doing a great job based on my description.  If you saw the real thing you would say, "That's the ship from the picture!"

We are still working on it, which is why the image below says "Draft" on it.  Still, so far Cam has done an incredible job of capturing the shape and dimensions of the ship.  If I did not know any better I would say he must have been there with me, although he was not even born at the time.

Marceau Ship Draft
Marceau Ship Draft

Alien Headlights

What I really want to talk about today, though, is the lights.  Up front there were three lights or windshields in about a 120 degree arc.

I have always leaned towards them being windows because they were in the front, in the direction the ship was moving, and if I were on another planet, checking out the locals, I would want to look out the front window.  But they were so bright; Mike, the other witness, thought he was looking at a flare.  If you have the lights on in your house at night and try to look outside it is hard to see anything but then if you go out on your porch you can probably see your whole yard.  It is hard to imagine anyone could have seen anything outside the ship with lights that bright inside.  So maybe they were in fact headlights.

My sighting was on a military base and I was guarding a large cache of ammo.  I suppose if I were invading the military air space of a foreign nation, I would want to be in a vehicle that was bullet-proof.  Windows, even bullet-proof glass, would increase my vulnerability.  With the technology they had, they probably would not need windows, to fly.  They could navigate completely by computer and could see outside with cameras or similar (more advanced) equipment.  They probably have some type of infrared or night-vision but maybe things just look better for them with a bright light shining on the subject, like it does for us.

The color of the light had an orange-yellowish hue.  It reminded me of the way cities used to look at night when flying in an airplane.  Today cities are white at night.  But when I was a kid they were more orange.  That is because they were lit with different bulbs than we use today.  I used to think it was a mercury vapor bulb but last night Cam came over to finish up the drawing and I looked up the type of light I had in mind so he could color it accurately.  I believe it is called a high-pressure sodium bulb.

We spent a while fine tuning the shape, size, and spacing of the lights.  We needed to show that they were incredibly bright but still squared off.  It was as if the light had been confined to only shine a certain distance and to not spread - like a spot light but one which could be cropped on five sides of a cube.  I am imagining now that a species which has figured out how to travel here from light years away can probably manipulate light in a way which allows them to have hard edges on five sides of it.  When I explained this to Cam we figured out that he could create a layer in PhotoShop where he has a light that shines normally but then we make hard cuts to its edges.

DNA of Light

Then Cam asked me about the angle.  There was no angle.  I told him that this is a species which has figured out travelling at the speed of light (or faster).  They know all about light - like as if there is a DNA to light and they have mapped it and figured out what to do with it.

Speaking of light - a light bulb went on over my head.

I have never heard of anyone suggesting that light might have a DNA (or something like DNA).  I immediately looked it up.  I found many articles saying that DNA emits light.  But none discussing the DNA of light.

So here is another theory to add to my Marceau Contest.  Perhaps if we could identify and then map the DNA of light, we could then achieve intergalactic space travel.  Just to up the ante, the person or team that maps the DNA of light wins an entire package of Archway Molasses Cookies.

Marceau Contest
Marceau Contest

Am I on to something with this or is it just as far-fetched as the Multiverse Concept?  Post your comments below.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.


  1. Hi David, I found your comments here about light etc fascinating. You go so far to think about "the DNA of light". I have. my own fascination with "UFO light" of a special type, namely "solid light." ON my "OZ Files" blog and elsewhere I've done a number of articles on this theme. For example
    I focused on this sort of thing in a number of episodes of the Canadian "Close Encounters" series. Love to hear you thoughts on this, Best wishes from down under, Bill Chalker

  2. Thanks for reaching out with this, Bill. I will check out your site this weekend.


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