The Spaceship I Saw - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the lights on the spaceship I saw.  Today I want to describe the shape.

How Big is a Spaceship?

It is hard to say exactly how big mine was, anymore.  It has been twenty-six years since The Gagetown UFO Sighting.  But I know I was on guard duty in a one acre clearing and the ship was longer than the clearing.  An acre is a little over 200 feet by 200 feet.  My yard now is 2 1/3 acres.  It is shaped roughly like three 3/4 individual acres, side-by-side-by-side.  As I look out over my yard, from my desk, I can estimate that the ship must have been 250-300 feet long and maybe 100-150 feet wide.

Using my house as a gauge of height, and knowing how many feet of rod I need to assemble to clean my chimney and then doing some fuzzy math, I can estimate the ship must have been something like 50 feet high.

How big is a spaceship?
Me on top of my house

Yeah, it was huge.

You can see in the image below that the ship was taller in the front than the back.  Its tallest point was just behind the front part.  I think it was slightly boxier, more angular, not as rounded.  We will have to work on that the next time Cam comes over to touch up the image.  He is an amazing fine artist but once the image gets into PhotoShop the technology can be limiting.

You cannot see its shape from overhead.  It was somewhere between an egg shape and a rectangle with its corners cut off.  I did not see it fly directly over me so my estimates of its shape from over/underneath are based on having had close to a 270 degree view of it.  I saw most of the front as it approached, all of its right side as it floated by me, and all of its back as it cruised away.

Gagetown UFO
Draft copy of The Gagetown UFO

My memory is foggiest about the back because by that point I was so petrified with fear that I felt exposed, trying to get a better view.  All I could do initially was look as far right as I could, using only my eyes, and then turn my head as much as need be to keep the ship in sight.  I got up and watched it for a while after it left but soon had to return to the safety of my bench.  But I can still see the front right quarter panel and the right side in my mind's eye as if it were yesterday because I was able to look directly at both of these sides with both eyes for several minutes.  It was only 100, or so, yards from me.

There were no wings.  There was no tail fin.  There were no visible engines.  There were no rotors or propellers.  There were no lights other than the headlights I described yesterday.  There were no symbols, letters, numbers or other markings of any type which might identify the ship as commercial or military.

There was no sound as it approached or glided by me.  As it slowly faded from sight I thought I could hear a low static sound, like a TV makes when it is not tuned to a channel.  I suspect this may have been sub-audible for most people.  I have an usually wide range of hearing at both ends of the spectrum.  Even with my extra-sensitive hearing, the only way I was able to hear anything was because all the forest noises had stopped, i.e. crickets, tree frogs, owls, mysterious noises that send you running for shelter.  Or maybe I tuned them out.  But Mike, the other witness, noted that he also was unable to hear the forest noises for some time.

Spaceship Downwash

The other thing Mike has brought up to me several times, as we  have recently reconnected on this, is that there was no downwash from the ship.

From his vantage point, all he could see was a small bit of the bright light which he initially took to be a flare.  After the flare hung in the sky for several minutes and failed to fall into the trees he thought it must be some kind of aircraft.  But he was puzzled by the fact that there was no downwash.

The Marceau Ship lights
The color of the lights on The Marceau Ship

When he first said that term to me I was unfamiliar with the word but I was well aware of the concept - it is when the rotors of a helicopter make the trees below it sway or rustle in the wind.  As I play back the mental tape of the scene I also saw no downwash.

Downwash examples
Downwash Examples

Although, I did feel energized and the hair on my right arm stood up almost to the point of straightening out, but not quite.

Tomorrow I will touch more on how it felt to experience this.

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