The Spaceship I Saw - Part 3

So how does it feel to have a close encounter with an alien spaceship?  One word: Terrifying.

Overcoming Fear

It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me.  I overcame (most of) my fear of the dark by the time I was twelve.  I saw a bad movie with George Wendt who played Norm on Cheers, and Richard Moll who played Bull on Night Court, where the lead character is plagued by his haunted house until he reaches a breaking point and stops being afraid.  Once he stops being afraid, nothing can hurt him.

Overcoming Fear
That immediately helped me stop sleeping with a nightlight.  It helped me do night hikes through the woods without a flashlight at summer camp and at home.  It helped me get through Basic Training where I had to low-crawl under barbed wire while an M-60 shot live fire with tracer rounds right over my head.  It helped me in college when, on a couple occasions, stronger guys challenged me and threatened to fight me and I stood my ground.  I grew to be somewhat fearless as an adult.

UFO Terror

The night of The Gagetown UFO Sighting, I sat alone in a one acre clearing in the woods, guarding a large cache of ammunition and explosives.  I was at least a quarter mile away from the next ammo dump, Pad 2, which was also about a quarter mile away from Pad 1.  I was personally on high alert because I did not know how deep into the woods I was but I knew that we were somewhat close to the edge of the base and that civilians might try to sneak in and steal ammo.  They could be armed.  I was armed with a fully automatic M-16 but I had no ammo (that is another story).  I kept thinking if an armed thief should pop out of the woods and see me there, holding an automatic weapon, he would likely take a shot at me under the premise that I had superior fire power and he would have to shoot first in order to survive a fire fight.  I would not say that scared me but it definitely had me concerned about the possibility of being shot.

I sat on a little bench in the corner of the clearing.  I kept trying to look through the trees but it was too dark under the canopy to see anything.  That was unnerving.  Fortunately the moon was full or nearly full so everything within the clearing was lit up like it was daytime.  But who knew what was hiding in the trees.  I repeatedly looked over my shoulders to make sure someone was not sneaking up behind me.

By 11:20 pm I was settled into my role with my butt planted firmly on the little bench.  I held my weapon at Order Arms with my finger on the trigger guard.  It was silly because I had no bullets.  But it was habit from years of hunting and it was comforting to know I was ready to aim and fire.  That was when something in my environment changed.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up.  I felt the presence of someone or something who had snuck up on me.  The forest noises stopped.  No crickets.  No tree frogs.  No weird, unidentifiable creature noises.  Just silence in the woods.  That is scary.

I felt compelled to look to my right.  The hair on my right arm stood up.  But first I wanted to check my left to make sure nothing was there, knowing that I would probably not be looking that way again for a while.  I looked over my left shoulder. It was clear.  I slowly turned my head to the right and there, over the treeline, was an enormous spaceship.  I initially thought it had just risen from beyond the trees.  After consulting with Mike, the other witness, 26 years later, I understand that it had probably been hovering closer to Pad 2 since not long after we had arrived around 11:00 and had just crept up on me around 11:20.

UFO Terror
UFO Terror

The ship hung there for a brief moment and then began to creep forward.  Thinking about it now I am assuming they must have been observing my site for a while and once they saw me looking their way they decided to move along.  But they did not speed away.  It was more like someone out for a stroll on the beach around sunset without a care in the world.  The ship glided at maybe one mile per hour, perhaps slower, from the far side of my pad to the rear, staying just beyond the treeline to my right the whole time.

I was scared to death.  There were not many thoughts going through my mind.  I was mainly on auto-pilot.  I discussed this with a friend of a friend who is a psychologist, a few weeks ago and he told me about an instinct animals have to freeze up when preyed upon.  That was what happened to me.  I could not move.  Of the few thoughts I had, the primary one was to not make any sudden movements which might alert the occupants of the ship to my presence.  In hindsight they had to know I was there.  But in the moment I did not want to be spotted.  So I looked only with my eyes, straining them to look as far right as they could as the ship moved towards my rear.  When my eyes could not turn right any more I slowly turned my head to the right until it reached its furthest pivot point.  Only then did I begin moving my shoulders, twisting my upper body sightly to the right.  By that point the ship was disappearing beyond my field of vision due to all the trees.

While the ship was fully exposed and directly in sight my primary concern was that if I was spotted I might be beamed up to the ship.  My only other thought besides not moving went back to my concern that if anyone came out of the woods with a weapon they might see my weapon and shoot first.  Here I was, holding an automatic rifle, staring down an enormous alien spaceship.  What if they perceived me to be a threat?  Would they zap me with a laser and disintegrate me?  I really thought that.

My heart raced and pounded.  My mind kept my breathing slow and controlled but my body wanted me to breathe faster.  I struggled to keep from taking quick deep breaths.  I felt energized.  It could have been from adrenaline.  But I believe there was a charge in the air which was produced by the ship.  That would explain why the hair on my right arm stood  up almost straight on end.  I think it was caused either from the ship's propulsion system or from some type of x-ray-like scanner which was used to study the contents of the ammunition I was guarding, as well as to see me and the other guards.

Playing this all back in my mind I have always thought that I never stood up.  Although I have memories of seeing the ship slowly glide away from me so now I think I might have walked out towards the road to make sure it was gone.  I do know that I watched it for about seven minutes in total and then had to wait three excruciating minutes before calling Mike on the field phone.

Since then, pretty much nothing scares me anymore.

That was my sighting.  There is much more to the story but this is the gist of it.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I had an encounter with something maybe not of this world in a ravine in Toronto in 2006. Daylight though and four others were there. No ship. Something else that I still have trouble dealing with and try not to think about.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Charles. I'd love to hear more about your story. There's a Contact form at the bottom of this page if you'd like to send me a private message.


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