Podcast Updates

Today I have two basic messages to get out to my readers.

Go Vote

1. Go Vote!

It is election day and you need to put down your phone or get up from your computer and go vote.

Then finish reading this.

Lybsyn website builder
Lybsyn website builder

2. I selected a podcast host, finally, and redirected davidmarceau.com there.  I decided to go with Lybsyn, in part because it seemed like an easy way to just point davidmarceau.com to a site.  Now I'm finding Lybsyn's website builder is not so intuitive.  I may need to put up another site at some point and then just include the podcasting as a widget on the site.  But as they say, "Perfect is the enemy of Good."  I have the rest of my life to perfect the presentation of the site.  For now, functionality is more important.  I need to start publishing the podcast.

I am going to start with editing the first interview I did, a couple weeks ago.  I want to split it into a three part series.  There is a lot of good stuff there and I want to make it short enough that people can listen to the whole episode on their way to work, in the morning.  I still have a couple other folks I want to interview and I also now have over a month and a half of content from this blog that I can talk about.

I am ready to start producing the podcast.


Watch  Facebook or Twitter for updates on the first podcast episode.

That is all for today.  I know it is a short one without much content but more than anything I wanted to get the word out that everyone should go and vote.  Get up and go vote.

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