The Earth Show

Last week I wrote an article suggesting that to aliens we may be puppies in a box, or perhaps snakes in a box.  In either case, they would want us contained so we do not get out of the box.  Whether it is because we are too dumb or immature or because we are too dangerous, they would want us contained.  Would this be forever?  It may depend on how well we take to our training.

If we are more like the puppies, there is a chance we could be trained to stay in our yard, our solar system, and to walk nicely on a leash when we are allowed out into the rest of the galaxy.  I had a dog when I was a kid, who would never leave our yard unless we opened the car door.  You could not get him out of the car until you took him for a ride.  But let him out in the yard and he would not step one foot into the neighbors' yards.  I had another dog when I was in college who would wander around town visiting my friends, if she got out.  She would bark at their doors, they would let her in, she would sit on the couch and watch TV, maybe have a beer and some chips, and then move on to visit the next friend's house.  I swear I am not making this up.  I would get reports from all over town from people saying something like, "She came in and sat down and I thought you'd be right behind her.  But half an hour later I realized you weren't there."

Unscripted Life

There is a chance we can be contained.  But how?  And more importantly, why?  There could be another reason they would want us contained.  Maybe our ratings are too high.  I am reminded of the movie The Truman Show, where Jim Carrey plays a character who unknowingly grows up on a reality TV show.  The show is about him and everyone except him is an actor but he does not know it.  His entire world is a movie set contained in a dome.

Unscripted Life
Unscripted Life
Could this be our existence?  It would have to be a pretty big dome.  That is, if it was a physical structure.  It could be some kind of projection.  But we have telescopes which can see far beyond the edges of our solar system.  We have sent probes out to the edges of the system.  Would they not pierce the veil and expose the fraud?  Maybe.  If a containment system was built by a civilization which has had millions of years to design, build, and perfect such a system, there is a chance they have gotten that all figured out and have developed the technology to make it work.

One hundred years ago, most people would not have been able to comprehend the little things we do every day with Broadband, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, etc., via our smartphones.  We had no foundation to imagine these things - if we had, they would have been invented one hundred years ago.  Imagine working on developing technology for millions of years.  We cannot imagine it.  If we could, someone would build it and make a lot of money.

If this were the case, would all of humanity be the stars of a reality show?  It would be the longest running show in the history of the galaxy.  Beginning at the time of Homo Sapien's creation, people from across the galaxy have watched us grow up from cavemen to farmers to a post-industrial society.  They have watched our loves and losses, our wars and our triumphs.  Perhaps there are even product placements on our planet that we have never noticed.  Drink Stonehenge Beer!  Stonehenge, the beer of the Earthlings!

The Earth Show
The Earth Show
There are people who suffer from delusions that they are being watched on cameras all the time.  This is aptly named the Truman Show Delusion or TSD.  It is real medical diagnosis.  But what if these people are not crazy.  Or, what if they are crazy and they are also right.  It could be both.  Aliens could be watching our every movement right now.  A lot of books have been written about this over the years.  I am thinking I should read a few of them.  South Park even did an episode about the subject where a satellite dish has been inserted by aliens into Cartman's butt so that aliens can watch the people of Earth.  The hijinks ensue.

Zoo Hypothesis

This is all part of a broader concept called the Zoo Hypothesis.  I'll visit this more, over the coming weeks and months.  It may be the most plausible explanation for the Marceau Paradox - they don't want the show to end.

Truman Show Delusion
Truman Show Delusion

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  1. All I want to know is what (or who) brought me to this Website ? btw it was episode #1 where Eric Cartman was probed !!! lol !! I saw it way back then and said , about the show .... "What the Heck was that?" hahahahaha !!

    1. A classic! I started on S1 E1 with one of my kids recently and we're on season 15 now.


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