Alien Health and Beauty

Yesterday I wrote about the technology aliens might share with us after Contact is established.  If it were up to our government, we would probably ask for military technology before anything else.  But what if it were up to the people?  What would most individuals ask for, if aliens offered to share their knowledge with us?

The first two things most people would ask for would be health and youth, in that order.  Some people would, no doubt, believe rather that it is better to look good than to feel good.  But most would want to first ensure their health.  What good is beauty if you are going to die young?

Aliens Could Improve our Health

The Top 10 Causes of Death account for 75% of all deaths in America and of 50% of those are caused by the top three

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Lung disease

There is an obvious correlation between those three.  Not smoking would cut down each of those significantly.  However, there are many causes of disease which are difficult to control.  As of right now it is not possible to prevent certain kinds of cancer which are passed on by heredity, unless one decides not to reproduce.

Aliens could improve our Health
Aliens could improve our Health
People with a family history of life-threatening diseases would certainly clamor for help.  In the short term there would be requests for a cure, to help people already afflicted, to prevent their deaths.  Longer-term we would ask for help from our alien benefactors to prevent these diseases.  This may come in the form of altering the DNA of living people to turn off certain genes which could trigger diseases.  Or maybe we already have the ability to fight off everything and we just need a way to accelerate the body's current abilities.

Ideally, this help for our species would come in the form of a knowledge transfer which would make the technology available to all people.  It would be a shame if the ability to prevent life-threatening diseases through a gift from The Stars was put into the hands of the rich and powerful and not provided to Earth's poorest.

Aliens have the Fountain of Youth

Now, with improved health and the ability to live longer, people would want to look good doing it.  People have sought out The Fountain of Youth for thousands of years.

Aliens have the Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth
Every year we spend millions of dollars on moisturizers marketed as beauty creams and prescription medicines which claim to remove wrinkles.  Eventually most men will lose their hair and women's hair will lose its soft and shiny luster.  We will get fat in places we want to be lean and lean in places we want to have some meat on our bones.  Our voices will creak.  Sex drives will diminish.  Our noses and ears will continue to grow and grow and grow.  Maybe this is why aliens are typically depicted without ears and noses.  Could you imagine how big they would get after a thousand years?  You could fly away with those ears, that is if you could see past your huge honker.

The Cure for Old Age

What if there was a cure for old age?  How much would you pay for this?  Nothing against old people (I'm becoming one myself) but if you could live for thousands of years at some point you would get tired of looking like an old person and would want to regain your youth.  I know I would.  Right now I do not care.  Twenty years from now I might.  One hundred years from now I most definitely would.

Again, one would hope this technology, if it exists, would not end up solely in the hands of the rich and powerful.  Everyone should get to benefit from it.  I would expect this would be a condition aliens would set prior to sharing it with us - assuming they shared it in the first place rather than sold it to us.  If Youth was sold to humans there is no doubt some people would give anything to have it.  What would you give?  What would you not give?

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