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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Project Blue Book TV Show Review

Last night Project Blue Book premiered on History Channel.  I had to teach a night class so I set my DVR to record the series and then watched the show this morning.

The show opens with two vintage fighter planes doing a low-altitude fly-over of a small town.  One of the pilots sees a bright light race by him at extraordinary speed.  He engages the object in a dog fight, firing his machine guns at it.  Suddenly his plane is caught in a tractor beam.  He loses control of the plane.  Cut to some military and civilian commanders discussing the UFO phenomenon.

 The History of Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book TV Show Review
Blue Book is a scripted drama which tells the story of the history of Project Blue Book, the government program which investigated UFO sightings in the 1950's and 60's.  It seems to be a major departure from typical History Channel narrative voice-overs.

An Air Force captain, Michael Quinn, is tasked with recruiting a college professor, Dr. Allen Hynek, to help prove that UFOs do not exist.  Rather, the whole phenomenon is "mass hysteria."  Once Hynek is on board, he needs to convince his wife and son that it is a good thing for him to go off to Washington and participate in this.  He gets in a waiting car and leaves.  But someone is following him.

Just a weather balloon
We cut to the show's cheesy montage intro accompanied by a theme song which sounds like SyFy Channel's the 12 Monkeys theme song.  This is more of the typical, History Channel schlock.  It makes me wonder why anything having to do with UFOs or Aliens always has some creepy music to go along with it.  The viewer is supposed to feel like something mysterious is happening, a la The Twilight Zone.  This is so unnecessary.  We are watching and we are into it.  You have us.  The mystery is over.  Present these shows in the matter-of-fact manner they deserve.  The show is a soap opera and that is OK, entertain the audience.  But do not insult our intelligence with cheap, recycled mystery music.  Keep it serious and give it an opening theme song more appropriate of the serious drama you are presenting us.

 Aliens are Fake News

Aliens are Fake News
When the show resumes our two main characters investigate a sighting and conject that it must have been a weather balloon.  We are being set up for the modus operandi of all future investigations.  There is disagreement among the two main characters as to whether or not the pilot's account of things is true.  Meanwhile, back home, the wife and faithful companion is making friends while shopping.  But who is this new friend?

I will not give anything else away.  Overall the show was well produced and presented in a way which draws the viewer into the lives of the characters.  The cheese level is fairly low, especially for a History Channel production, and I felt like I was watching a serial drama that even Mrs. M. could get into.  We are going to watch it together later tonight.  I give the show a thumbs up.

If you missed Project Blue Book it will be on again tonight at 10pm Eastern and appears to also be available On Demand.  Set your DVR.

the history of Project Blue Book

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