I am Back

It has been nearly three weeks since my last post.  In that time I had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in my colon.  The surgery went well and I caught it early enough that it had not yet spread to other organs which would have then necessitated chemo or radiation treatments.  That is fine with me.  So it could have been better - no cancer would be my preference, but if you have to get cancer, getting it all removed with one surgery is not the worst way to go.

I had a lot of visitors in the hospital.  It was mostly family but I also saw a few close friends including a buddy of mine who beat leukemia about fifteen years ago.  He gave me a book he read.  It takes a lot of thought and consideration to give someone a book you read, expecting the recipient will get what you got out of it.  All in all the hospital stay was not that bad, especially once I stopped taking the opiates they prescribed me.  I do not know how people become addicted to those things.  They are awful.

Five days after the surgery I was released and have since been recovering at home.  The first week, there was a lot of pain.  Just sitting still, I could feel what had been done unless I was on strong pain relievers.  Coughing hurt - a lot.  A sneeze was excruciating.  I tried not to sneeze.  I tried not to shake hands so I would not catch anything from anyone which might make me sneeze.

My friends and community have provided tremendous support for me and my family.  One friend set up a meal train so Mrs. M and I do not have to cook dinner for a few weeks.  That has helped a lot.  Another friend just set up a GoFundMe for us.  Hopefully that will offset some lost income, which is substantial.  I am trying not to think about that.

I would rather be snowboarding
I would rather be snowboarding
Convalescing at home would be great if I was the type of person who can relax.  I am not.  I have probably done twenty loads of laundry in the past week.  There is still more to do.  I have found folding shirts to be unbelievably satisfying.  I refolded all of my clothes.  By the end of this week the whole house should be in shape.  Maybe then I can sit in a chair and look out the window for a few minutes.  That would be nice.

House work has been good for getting me moving.  I will start going to the gym this week and doing some lite exercise.  The doctor said I could ski a month after the surgery - no double diamonds, just some greens, but that is my goal.  I want to exercise my season pass again before the season is over.

I plan to resume my daily blogs about aliens, UFO's, and space this week.  It is hard to wake up, these days.  The doctor said that would happen.  I used to get up at four or five in the morning to do this blog.  I do not use an alarm.  I just wake up when I have had enough sleep, and start writing.  But my body is telling me it needs more sleep to recover from being hacked apart and it has been keeping me out cold until anywhere from seven to nine in the morning.  Today I woke up at six.  Time to start writing again.

Most likely I will start back up with a review of current events related to space or aliens.  I am also open to suggestions on what people want to hear about.  Feel free to reach out.

Thank you to all my readers who continued to check the blog, even though I have not posted anything new in a while.  I can see the traffic to this site has not dropped nearly to the extent I had anticipated.  It is good to know people are thinking about me.  See you tomorrow!

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.