Pine Bush Origins

Last week I mentioned the Pine Bush UFO Fair that is coming up in a couple months.  I am looking forward to attending because I have never been to one of these events and it is somewhat local so I do not have to jump on a plane and rent a hotel room.  I plan to speak with the people involved in the fair and find out what their story is.  Everyone has a story and I like stories.

UFO Capital of the East

In the meantime, I am going to find out as much as I can about Pine Bush.  Apart from being a cute little town, what is so special about Pine Bush?  I took a look at the Pine Bush UFO website.  I clicked to activate Flash.  They should really get rid of that.  Nobody uses Flash anymore.  The technology choice is indicative of the mysterious approach to the "UFO Phenomenon."  A lot of people want to lump UFOs in with the Paranormal and put the subject in the same category as The Loch Ness Monster.  If you are only trying to appeal to people who believe in fairy tails then fine, mission accomplished.  Nothing against those folks.  But for someone like me who has more of a scientific mind it is a huge turn off.  I know UFOs are real because I have seen an alien spaceship, up close, with my own eyes.  Mystery solved.  But that is just me.  Right?  No?

UFO Capital of the East
"Bird Watchers" in Pine Bush
Anyway, these guys have a fair to run and they are trying to attract attendees.  Good, let us dig in.  Right below the Flash movie at the top of the home page there is a link to report a UFO and a phone number for a UFO Hotline.  It is open 24/7.  I have a UFO Hotline at 401-315-9102 but I only answer it between 6am and 7am Eastern US time because I have other things to do.  Tempting... tempting...  OK, I am calling it.

It is 6:40am on Monday, March 11, 2019.  The phone rang four times before voicemail picked up, thanking me for calling the NY/NJ UFO Hotline.  I was encouraged to leave a message and someone would get back to me.  If it was a UFO Emergency I could hang up and text a message to the same number and someone would get back to me.  No thanks.  Just curious.

*** Update *** I called back around 9:45am and was greeted by Vinny Polise, like The Cops but with an S.  Vinny also has other things to do which is why he did not answer my call earlier in the day.  Right on.  Vinny seems like a nice guy.  He was very accommodating with my questions.  He said the hotline gets a little slow in the winter because not as many people are outside, looking up at the sky, but in the summer things heat up.  We talked for about half an hour and agreed to talk some more, later this week.  I want to find out more about him and his involvement with Pine Bush and will write about what I uncover.  In short, Vinny got involved with the town after reading Ellen Crystall's book, Silent Invasion.  Pine Bush is a hotbed of UFO activity and [clear's throat] paranormal activity.  To be continued...

Pine Bush UFO

A bit lower on the home page there is a link for a YouTube Live page.  Fun!  Let's see a UFO.  I watched several of the videos.  They are interesting and there may be something there.  But there may not be.  None of the videos actually capture something like what I saw, which was a full-on alien spaceship.  These are all videos of strange lights in the sky.  I can appreciate that and certainly some of the strange lights were hard to explain.  Most, however, moved in straight lines or gentle arcs at about the same speed which indicates they were probably airplanes.  Many of those had flashing safety lights.  The spaceship I saw had bright lights in front of it (maybe headlights?) but no flashing lights.  And why would it?  Safety lights would not help, flying through deep space.  That is an Earth thing.  One video caught my eye, though.  In the image above you can see two funky dots.  They crossed paths, flying at very different trajectories.  It is possible they were both flying on planned flight paths but this one is more difficult to explain away.  Cue Twilight Zone music.

I could get lost on YouTube all day which is why I avoid it, in general.  Today, these videos do not tell me anything about Pine Bush.  Moving on.  Further down the page there is a link to the Pine Bush UFO Facebook page.  I clicked Like and now I am following it.  More fun videos.  Links to Big Foot sightings and "mysterious stones."  That would be a good name for a band, The Mysterious Stones.  Speaking of bands, there is a link to Blue Alien Mystic.  Hey, I know that guy!  There is a notice about a Linda Zimmerman talk tonight.  She seems to be a regular in these circles.  I met her last fall.  Nice woman.  I should sit down with her and have more of an in-depth conversation.  Still nothing on what happened in Pine Bush, on the FB page.

Here is something noteworthy.  There is a link to a United Friends Observer Society Support Group, or UFOssg for short.  There are monthly meetings.  I have to check this out.  I think this is what the person at the UFO Conference was talking about when she mentioned Pine Bush.  Looks like I just missed one.  I will try to attend the April meeting.  I am picturing something like an AA meeting where I will have to stand up and say, "Hi, I'm David," and everyone says, "Hi David," and I say, "I'm a UFO witness," and then I am welcomed and encouraged and then I tell my story.  At the end they tell me to keep coming back because dammit, I am worth it.  I am sure it is nothing like that.  But I am burning up inside, to find out.  Wednesday April 3 from 6-9pm.  It is on the calendar.  This should be fun.

Still nothing about the "Pine Bush Phenomenon."  I guess you are just supposed to know what it is all about before going to the website.  A Google search showed nothing on the first page.  Even the Wikipedia entry on PB (not to be confused with Pacific Beach) barely mentions UFOs.  I will not quote the Urban Dictionary entries on the town name but they are funny.  Five pages deep on Google and still nothing.

I searched "Pine Bush UFO" and finally, halfway down the results page, I got an answer.  Weird US has an article about what happened.  The article does not list any sources but goes into detail about why the town calls itself the UFO Capital of the World (others call it the UFO Capital of the East).  Following a string of Boomerang-shaped UFO sightings further south in Westchester County in the 1980's people in Pine Bush began talking about a number of sightings in their town.  This included alien abductions and other encounters.  Within a few years the town began attracting UFO watchers.  This grew to the extent that the police had to put an end to it, to keep people from wandering onto private property and disturbing local residents.

So that is where it started but it is not where it ends.  I will go to Pine Bush and check things out for myself.  Stay tuned for more info.

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