Climate Change and Aliens

It got cold, over the weekend.  Saturday, my two boys had flag football.  We were hoping it would get rained out because it was freezing out and also because we wanted to watch the new Marvel movie.  We could not get tickets for any of the Friday night shows but there were some available for the 11:00 am showing on Saturday.

Can Aliens Save Us from Climate Change?
Frost on my roof, April 29th
Me, I do not mind waiting a couple days to see a hot new movie.  The bigger reason for me is because it was so cold out, Saturday.  It was colder than the look on Mrs. M's face when I told her I was going out with the guys that night - too cold for football.

That's my boy (below), making that reception and TD in triple-coverage.  He scored all four of our team's touchdowns.  We won.   Proud?  Maybe a little.  OK, a lot.

I wore shorts to the football game because I help the coach out, on the sidelines, and it seems to me that coaches should wear shorts.  If I had some decent-looking athletic pants I could wear those but I am a 46 year old dad who has not updated his wardrobe in fifteen years.  Yeah, I am that guy.   You know the one.  So I put on shorts.  They were basketball shorts but from a purely functional perspective they work OK in football.

I knew it would be cold so I put on about four layers on top.  I still froze my glowing orbs off, so to speak.  At one point it even started to snow, a bit.  No joke.  On April 27.  That is not supposed to happen.  I kept moving to stay warm but I was still chilled to the bone when we got home.  Mrs. M. made hot soup for lunch, which helped.

About an hour later I was off to my daughter's softball game.  This time I was smarter.  I put on jeans with long johns underneath and on top I had so many layers on I probably looked like I just walked out of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  I had a little blanket I stole from my last flight to Vegas, draped over my lap too.  No help.  It was frigid.  One of the dads had a battery-powered electric blanket.  Only in Connecticut.

Sunday was even worse.  The early afternoon was not too bad.  I went out and skritched the front lawn and spread a bag of grass seed.  But after that the temps plummeted.  I went inside and lit a fire in the fireplace.  April 28th and I had a raging fire going.  Good thing, too.  That night it got down below freezing.  When I woke up there was frost on the roof, outside my bedroom.  It was 29°F on April 29th.  And this is Southern New England, not Canada.

Climate Change and Aliens

Is this a result of Global Climate Change?  Some would argue against that question, using the fact that it has been cold as evidence that "Global Warming" is fake news, that there is some kind of Climate Change Hoax being waged by the kind of wealthy, evil scientists you see only in movies.  Others would fight back and say that one short burst of cold is to Climate Change as winning $50 on a scratch-off lottery ticket is to poverty.  They say the climate is changing, we (humans) are causing it, and we need to do something about it.

All this got me thinking, as I saw the frost on my roof this morning, I wonder what aliens would think about all this?

Do Aliens Believe in Global Warming?

Science is not a belief system, like religion.  If you believe in God there is no amount of evidence to the contrary which can shake your faith that there are forces in the world which are greater than us, and furthermore we should not even try to understand them.  Science, on the other hand, does not care if you believe in it, or not.  It is based on observation and experimentation which can be replicated by others.  It is possible to refute scientific observations with evidence.  So far, in the decades since Global Climate Change has been discovered, not one credible scientist has been able to disprove it.

Aliens need the help of Science to get from there to here.  A spaceship with a hyper-drive does not fly on faith.  It requires people to use a scientific method of steps in order to break the light barrier.  I am trying to imagine a time on Planet XYZ when the first hyper-drive was being built.  Did people line up and protest because the hyper-drive violated their belief system?  After it was built, did people deny its existence because some politicians told them to?

That is what happens here on Earth.  People believe Global Climate Change does not exist (or that it does but it is not man made) either because it conflicts with their view that God controls everything on Earth or because a talking head on TV told them so.  It does not matter to these people that the guy they are listening to on TV has no background in Science and he receives millions of dollars in "campaign contributions" (a.k.a bribes) from the big oil companies.  As long as politicians are only interested in enriching themselves, at the expense of the survival of our species, some of them will continue denying Global Climate Change, and many of their minions will continue to believe them.  After all, it is easier to believe in something which will not cause you any immediate discomfort or financial loss than it is to do the right thing.

I do not think that aliens are swayed by this.  There are no Republican or Democrat aliens (and for the record, I am not one either - a Democrat or a Republican.  Not an alien.  I am not one of those either.  Not alien, Democrat or Republican.  Just putting that out there.)  Aliens would not care if Kevin McCarthy is discussing the subject of Climate Change or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is.  Both are irrelevant to people who live many light-years away from here.  They would be more likely to listen to what Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say about it.  The former are politicians who do not practice Science.  That latter is a scientist who is primarily concerned with facts.  Aliens do not vote.  They do not have a political dog in this fight.  All they would care about is the truth.

Would aliens get their Climate news from oil companies or from climate scientists?  If they are smart enough to get from there to here, I am going to side with the aliens.  That is not to say I would take their side on any issue.  If aliens come here to cook us for dinner then obviously I am tearing up my Alien Fan Club membership card.  But on this one particular issue, Global Climate Change, I am with the aliens.

Can Aliens Save us from Climate Change?

Recently the tabloid press began running stories on a professor at Oxford University who has something to say about aliens.  Dr. Young-hae Chi has been researching an alien-human hybrid program he believes is currently in progress.  Depending on the "news" source you read, these aliens are either here to save us or to destroy us.  I will break it down.

Britain's The Sun reports Dr. Chi believes the new hybrids "will save Earth from annihilation from climate change."  Chi has drawn a correlation between alien abductions and climate change.  He says both are on the rise and they are related.  Aliens have been abducting more and more people in order to make them part of their breeding program.  I am not so sure about that.  Alien abductions may or may not be on the rise.  Climate Change is undeniably on the rise.  But how do you link the two?  I get that a theory has to start with a hypothesis but that is a pretty big leap.

The Sun's take on the story is that Chi's claim is aliens are here to save the planet.  That does not necessarily mean they are here to save  humanity.  They are inter-breeding with humans in order to create a species which can survive the impending disaster that is Climate Change.  But if they had that capability, why would they not just use their intelligence and technology to encourage humans to stop destroying the planet?  Chi's book was written in Korean so I am thinking something is missing in the translation.

Do Aliens believe in Global Warming?
Do Aliens Believe in Global Warming?

The Sun may have had a little too much fun with this story, judging from the picture at the left, which came from their site.  The image portrays Dr. Chi's assertion that there are four types of aliens, small, tall and bold, scaly with snake eyes, and insect-like.  None of the news sources I checked could say where Chi got the information he bases this discovery on so it is hard for me to jump on board with this.  But the artist's rendition leaves me feeling like the paper is insulting its readers.  The Sun is a tabloid.  If they are going to print stories about aliens, in order to appeal to the UFO Culture, they should take the subject of aliens more seriously.

MSN took a different approach with their interpretation of Dr. Chi's book.  They claim, "Hybrids are Out to Conquer Us."  Sensationalize much?  This article goes into more detail about the aliens plans - which makes me wonder then, how the author got the point of the book so much different from what everyone else is saying.  It seems there are a lot of people who write about aliens who do not believe in aliens and so they give it the same amount of time and consideration that I would if I was commissioned to write a story about Game of Thrones.  I have never seen the show.  I would have to make stuff up and would likely jeer at its fans because I do not get it.  This is what MSN did to the subject of aliens.

What MSN does seem to get is that Chi says the aliens are already here but we cannot see them.  Hmm... sounds like an article I wrote a few months ago about the ghost in my house.  I do not believe in ghosts, but sometimes some freaky things happen which cannot be explained.  Maybe aliens are amongst us but we cannot see or hear them because observing them requires senses humans do not have.  Think about it like as if you tried to explain colors to a person who has been blind since birth.  It would be difficult for them to comprehend.  Maybe humans are blind to a sixth sense which our bodies do not have but which is required in order to observe certain aliens in much the same way that sight would be required to observe a beautiful painting.

OK, so I am on board with this one premise Dr. Chi espouses because I can make sense of it and it does not require a huge leap of faith.  Maybe aliens are here and we cannot see them.  But linking abductions to Climate Change?  I am still not seeing the connection.

India's Times Now calls Chi's story, "a bizarre claim."  Times Now likens the story to the X-Files.  Other than that, the site does not add anything new to the discussion.

Then you have the invenerable New York Post.  They were even harder on Dr. Chi.  The Post begins its article on this topic with, "The search for signs of intelligent life in the universe may have to skip Oxford University."  Really, guys?  Just because the man believes in aliens?  Or was it his leap to link aliens to Climate Change?  Either way, perhaps it is the writer at The Post who is lacking in intelligence as she missed the point of Chi's book.  The consensus on the web is that Chi believes these aliens are creating hybrids with humans in order to create a species which can withstand Global Climate Change.  The Post states the aliens are here to, "Save Earth."

The Post does go a little further and state that the new hybrids will be able to help tackle big problems because they will be so smart.  That would be nice.  What would be even nicer is if Earthans started listening to the highly intelligent humans who are already here.  Very often it is the loudest meat-heads who get their way and the smart guys are left wondering why nobody listens to them.  Why would we listen to another species which is trying to lead us down the right path when we do not even listen to our own braniacs?

Climate Change Hoax

Climate Change Denial site Watts up with that? also gets a few things wrong, namely that Climate Change is a hoax.  Can I get a face palm?  But one thing they may have gotten right, which I have to admit I did get a kick out of is the chart on the correlation between Global Warming and Pirates - er, I mean Aliens.  As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who you are, that's funny, right there."

At any rate, yes aliens are here.  That is known because of the tremendous amount of UFO sightings by reputable people all over the world, myself included.  Yes Climate Change is real and man-made.  We know that because every single reputable scientist in the world agrees with the overwhelming amount of evidence.  Is there a link between aliens and Climate Change?  I am not ready to jump on board with that one yet.  As with all Science and even Pseudo-Science, I need to see Dr. Chi's assertions about the link, stand up to some repeatable tests before I will get behind him.

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