UFO Community Meeting

Since going to my first UFO Conference last fall I have learned there are two types of people who believe in extra terrestrial life.  The first needs to see hard evidence for everything.  If there is no photographic proof then there must at least be some theories which have been vetted by peer review.  I call this group the Scientific Methodists.  The second group follows the testimonies of eye witnesses.  They draw conclusions based on what makes sense given the information provided and then build upon those conclusions with further deductions.  I call this group the UFO Community.

Pine Bush UFO Meeting

Last night I attended a UFO Community meeting in Pine Bush, New York.  Pine Bush is the epicenter of UFO activity in the Northeastern United States.  Ever since a string of UFO sightings was reported back in the 1980's people have flocked from all over to Sky Watch in Pine Bush, in hopes of seeing a UFO.  Every spring, for the past decade, the town has hosted a UFO Fair which will be held on May 18th, 2019.  It is also home to the United Friends Observer's Society which some people refer to as, "The Pine Bush UFO Meeting."

My journey to Pine Bush began with a frantic drop-off of my daughter at an after school lesson followed by a mad dash down I-84 and across the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.  I got off the highway, and drove 17 miles until I reached the middle of Nowhere.  Cute town.  I then turned right on Main Street and then left on Main Street and drove until I lost my broadband signal, or about 11 miles.  From there, I had difficulty finding the little building where the meeting was held.  Waze had me drive past it and I then drove around the area for ten minutes trying to figure out where I was supposed to be.  I was worried I would be joining the meeting late because I had it on my calendar for 6:00 pm and it was nearly 6:20 by the time I found the little old school house where the group meets.
United Friends Observer's Society
Little Old School House, Pine Bush, NY
After all that, I pulled in to an empty parking lot and walked up to a building with a locked door.  Oh, the curses I thought up!  At that point I was extremely thirsty from having raked leaves for two hours prior to leaving home and I was nearly out of gas so I drove down to a Stewart's I had seen a few miles back.  I love Stewart's.  Only people from Upstate New York will know what I am talking about.  I filled up my tank and went inside to buy myself a Stewart's Cream Soda, because by then I deserved a nice treat, and a bag of Stewart's Salt and Vinegar Chips for my kids because they're the best.  The chips.  And my kids.  Both the best.

I drove away from the gas pump and sat in the Stewart's parking lot to look at my phone and figure out my next move.  I quickly drank half of my soda and Googled the United Friends Observer's Society, which does not have a lot of information available online.  I found their Facebook page.  Huh, I thought.  The meeting starts at 7:00, not 6:00.  I was not late I was very early.

I headed back to the little old school house.  By the time I got there, a few members of the group had arrived and the door was unlocked.  I went in and was warmly greeted by the group members.  They all knew each other but no one treated me like an outsider.  I was offered snacks which included Entenmann's Donuts, cheese, and macaroons.  I sat down and started taking notes on my surroundings like, "Tin ceiling," and, "no [inter]net," and, "Padded Folding Chairs."  Nobody asked me what I was scribbling in my black and white composition notebook.

Pine Bush UFO Meeting
Pine Bush UFO Meeting Snacks
The group's charismatic leader is Bill Wiand, the only member of the group whose last name I will print.  Bill has a beard which looks remarkably like the one I recently shaved off, only much whiter, and long white hair which he wore in a ponytail.  He started the meeting by sharing some current events with the group.  Scientific Methodists will agree with some of the information but will dismiss other points as Conspiracy Theories.

Here are some of Bill's pronouncements:
  • A lot of airplanes are flying overhead and there is a new moon which he surmises tends to be "the start of things" and something big will happen soon, maybe in Israel or Venezuela.  A group member asked if strife attracts visitors from outer space.  Bill replied that there needs to be "blood and guts" before the Reptilians will come.  
  • He then moved on to telling the group that Climate Change is not caused by us, that all planets (presumably in our solar system) are experiencing this change.  
  • He said that meteors are becoming more prevalent and the government is taking down the old Space Fence and building a new one.
  • Bill told the group there is a Space Warden and we have had ships in space which can do anything that alien ships can do, since 2005.  
  • He said we have a base on the Moon and one on Mars which we built with the Russians in 1964.  Some contractors who worked on the Mars base told him they went through age regression and had their memories erased (but some memories are coming back).  
  • NASA is paying someone $19,000 to lay in bed for a long time in order to find out how astronauts will react to our first trip to Mars.
I did not raise my hand and ask Bill where his information comes from.  I got his card at the end of the meeting so I could sit down with him sometime and have a longer, one-on-one conversation with him.  He is a fascinating man and I am eager to find out more about him.

The floor was then yielded to group members who one by one introduced themselves and shared whatever they wanted to, with the rest of the group.  The group consisted primarily of people who appeared to be older than me, except one member.  All seemed to be employed in a professional job or recently retired from one.  This second part of the meeting felt like an AA meeting.  Like, "Hi, my name is David and I'm a UFO Witness," and they're all like, "Hi David."  That did not really happen but it felt like that.

Ray spoke first.  He wore a baseball cap belonging to some type of First Responders team.  He did not have much to say, just a few recent findings and an endorsement of the movie Passengers.  I smiled because I recently watched it three times, with my family, on Netflix.  Bill suggested getting it on Blu-Ray because Netflix is moving to a model where they will only have their own programming.  Ray then passed the baton to me by jokingly handing me a plastic fork.

Everyone seemed eager to find out who the new guy was and what he had to say.  I believe I did not disappoint.  I gave a brief introduction, saying that I had a close encounter 27 years ago and did not tell many people until my wife sent me the New York Times article about Lue Elizondo leaving the Pentagon and joining To The Stars Academy.  I emailed Lue and he called me a few times and that got the ball rolling to start this blog.  I skipped over the whole part about how I was being considered for a documentary TTSA is working on and how initially this blog was intended to support a Podcast I wanted to set up.  I just said that Lue's contact was what inspired me to start the blog and that it has evolved into writing about Alien Philosophy and UFO Culture and if anyone wanted to talk more about that with me I would like to speak with them after the meeting.
UFO Community

I realized at that point that everyone was intensely staring at me like I had just announced I had a close encounter with an alien spaceship, or something - but in a good way.  And I had done it like, "I'm pregnant, pass the salt, Dad."  I had not anticipated nor intended to steal the show but several people then fervently asked me to share my sighting story.  Apparently, this news was gold to the group members.  I sat up in my chair and asked if they wanted to hear the whole story.  They said, "Yes!"  I asked if there was time.  Again, "Yes!"  I then told my UFO sighting story.  Everyone seemed fascinated.  A few people asked questions during the story and when I finished there where several more questions, discussion, and cross-talk.  Bill had some theories about how and why some details happened.

It was cool to be the center of attention for a few minutes although that was not why I went to the meeting and I was relieved when Steve took the floor.  He may be the oldest member of the group.  All he said was, "As usual, I haven't seen anything."

Another Steve, perhaps the youngest in the group, then said he once saw something flying erratically, in ways a jet cannot fly.  But then it came up close to him and it was a jet.  He surmised that it must have been a UFO that had cloaked itself to look like a jet.  Bill agreed that they can do that.  Young Steve then told a story about a bright orange light which stopped above him at Mountain Creek.  It split in two.  One light went one way and then went out and the other light went the other way.  At the time he was with a friend who does not believe in aliens and his friend was freaked out.

Bill chimed in with a story about how there is a "Class 4 Toxin Lab" in Middletown and how sometimes satellites need to be refueled and then restarted.

Next up was Linda.  She once saw a "box" in the air with lights on all four corners.  I began to think that maybe I had set the tone for the meeting, with my sighting story, since people were relating their own UFO sighting stories.  Linda then talked about how people at work tease her a little about her belief in aliens but two of the attorneys there will ask her questions in private because they are curious but they do not want to experience the same ridicule.

Bill said there is no privacy anymore.  You can buy thermal imaging hardware and see anything.

Rohann, a woman with pink hair, talked about a shared consciousness and gave an example of raccoons on one island who started washing their food and then hundreds of miles away raccoons on another island started washing their food.  She saw a UFO in 1998.  It looked like an animal in the sky with something pulsating around it.  It was evening twilight, in the winter.  She also saw something with bright lights rise out of a lake.  As it rose it "squished down" and then two bright white lights on the ship zoomed off in different directions.  She also saw triangles over the trees which were not solid objects but were made of light.

Jeannette has seen spirits, UFO's, and Bigfoots.  One Bigfoot recently walked close by her house.  Young Steve asked if it left footprints in the snow.  She said sometimes they do sometimes they do not.  Often they leave only one footprint.  Debbie, a Bigfoot Researcher, agreed.  Jeannette often feels taunted by many different dimensional beings.  She heard about how Steven Greer calls aliens by using flashlights so she did it and was unpleasantly surprised when a spaceship showed up.

The final member to take the floor was Debbie.  She is really in to Bigfoots and brought several photos, in digital and print formats, which she used as visual aids to describe the Bigfoots she encounters.  She once saw an orb with a beam of light which left a red circle on the ground.

The meeting broke after that and everyone got up and mingled.  Nearly everyone had a question for me or some information to share with me.  I asked everyone if it was OK to use their first names on my blog and they all agreed.  Young Steve invited me to go Sky Watching with him and some other members.  I checked the time on my phone and saw that my wife had already texted me, asking where I was.  I knew that meant, "What ditch are you lying in, should I call the police?"  I told Steve I would like to go but would have to wait until next time.  I needed to get permission ahead of time.

I had a great night at the Pine Bush UFO Meeting.  I look forward seeing my new friends again at the Pine Bush UFO Fair, next month.

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