UFO Party Talk

Spring is finally here, in the Northeast United States.  We had beautiful weather all weekend - well, beautiful for the Northeast in spring.  Temperatures were in the mid 60's Fahrenheit which is great for early April.  Skies were clear and sunny which made it feel more like Shorts Weather than Sweater Weather.  Of course, my kids want to wear shorts all year round so that distinction is blurred.

Great Spring Weekend

I spent much of the weekend outside.

  • My daughter had a softball game.  We won.  
  • I did spring clean-up, which was more of fall clean-up since it was too rainy to rake last fall.  
  • I redistributed gravel my snowplow guy pushes from one end of my driveway to the other.  

It was a lot of work, especially for someone still on the tail end of recovering from cancer surgery.  But I am not complaining.  Raking leaves is better than dying.  Though I am undecided about where death ranks versus shoveling gravel.

Bass fishing in the back yard
Fishing in the backyard
I capped the weekend off with a little fishing in the backyard, with the kids.  Actually, I did not do any fishing.  I spent an hour tying rigs for three little people who kept getting snagged in the rocks or in trees or who snapped their lines by casting out without opening the bale.  We did pull in one little bass (at right).  After the kids all had a turn touching the fish we threw it back.  I think it died, though.  Food for thought, regarding alien abductions.

I took my motorcycle out for a spin around the block.  The block is a four mile circuit.  I picked up a bottle of Rye for a friend's birthday.  Basically, Rye is American Scotch, as far as I am concerned.  I know the base ingredient is different but to me Rye is as American as Scotch is Scottish.  Good stuff, no matter how you slice it - or pour it.

UFO Party Talk

The friend I bought the Rye for had a birthday party Saturday.  Mrs. M. and I went over to celebrate with him.  Captain Awesome did not make an appearance.  He was in Vegas for business - the business of being awesome.  Oh yeah!  But his wife came in his stead - mutual friends of the birthday boy.  That was good because it was one more person for Mrs. M. to chat with while I worked the crowd - I am a lot more outgoing than she is.  Same with Captain Awesome and Mrs. Awesome, so it was good the wives had each other.

I debuted my F-Cancer t-shirt.  Cancer is always a fun conversation starter at parties.  Nobody mentioned it.  But one topic that did come up several times was... now what was it?  Oh, that's right, UFOs.  Imagine that.  Me, having a few drinks and somehow the subject of UFOs enters the discussion.  Hmm...

Mrs. Awesome
Me with Mrs. Captain Awesome
To be clear, UFOs did not actually enter.  Although that might have been cool.  As long as they were friendly.  You would not want to be singing Happy Birthday and then all of a sudden a tiny UFO flies through the room and starts zapping people with death rays.  Then someone grabs a tennis racket and starts swatting at the thing.  "Oh no!  It got Alex!  Someone get some bug spray."  That would have kicked the party up a few notches, for better or for worse.

Lying to yourself until you believe it

When you talk to people you just met, at parties, you need to come up with things to talk about while you sip your Whiskey.  Usually one person tries to say something interesting and then the other person responds with a, "Yeah, something similar happened to me, one time," and then they go into a story which has no similarity whatsoever to what you said but you roll with it because you are all just there to drink and have a good time, in honor of a friend.

I told my UFO sighting story to a couple people.  One guy's response was a story about a bright light which moved erratically.  He is not sure if  he dreamed it, or not.  I wonder if that detail is something the mind does to people in order to protect them.  Seeing a UFO goes against everything you have been taught from a young age so you convince yourself you imagined it.  Like, you have told yourself, "That didn't really happen," for so long that eventually you believe it.  I have heard the opposite is true, that you can imagine something and then, over time, you come to believe your own imagination.  So why not?

The same person then told me about an out of body experience he once had.  He was on Nitrous oxide, or Laughing Gas, at the dentist when it happened. N2O, is also known as "Hippie Crack" because it can often be found at Hippie Jam Band Concerts and will make you incredibly high for a few moments but then the high wears off quickly and you want more.  You could get so high that you feel like you have left your body.  

The Dead
Grateful Dead
Like, for example, say you were at one of the final Grateful Dead shows in 1995 at, I don't know, Highgate, Vermont, and you bought some balloons full of Nitrous from some guy with a big tank in the back of a blue pickup truck and you inhaled the whole balloon.  I do not know if this has ever happened to anyone but if it did he might reach a point where he thinks, "No one should ever be this high!!!"  In that moment, he might feel like he has left his body.  Then, upon returning to his body, there was a siren noise which turned into a wah-wah sound.  Off in the distance, tribal drums played.  I will have to ask around to see if that has ever happened to anyone.

What is most interesting about that encounter, at the party, is that after a few drinks this relative stranger whom I opened up to about the UFO got really comfortable with that UFO Guy (me) and took me for that Paranormal Guy who believes in everything.  I do not.  Just UFOs.  Like, oh, we all look the same to you people.  I have no ire for anyone who does believe in everything Paranormal.  I met some great people at the Pine Bush UFO Meeting last week who believe in Bigfoots and demons, etc., and that is cool.  It is just not me.  I believe in UFOs because I saw one, up close.  I have never seen a Bigfoot.  I will write a post about it as soon as it happens.

Science behind Out of Body Experiences

I do not believe in out of body experiences either.  Although I had one.  One time when I was around 18 I was on my motorcycle, riding through a parking garage.  I went around a corner and hit some oily pavement.  The bike slid out from under me and I hit the ground running.  The bike got a few scratches but I was fine.  No part of me touched the pavement except my feet.  But as I was running in mid-air and then on pavement, trying to catch up to my feet, I saw all of this happening to myself from a perch above and behind myself.  It was like playing a Third-Person Shooter game where you can look over the shoulder of the avatar you are playing.

Out of body Running in Parking Garage
Looking at yourself having an out of body experience
Did I have an out of body experience?  I had an experience.  I do not think my soul left my body, though.  I believe there is a scientific explanation for what happened to me.  I do not know what that is.  I do not know enough about psychology and physiology in order to weigh in on that any more than I have.  But I am pretty sure nothing paranormal happened to me.  Pretty sure.

Am I wrong?  Got a similar experience which convinced you?  I would love to hear about it.

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