We Are Being Visited

Over the past six months, since starting this blog, I have been exposed to a whole new world of UFO culture.  It is something I had never put much thought into before.  Yes, even though I had a traumatizing close encounter with an alien spaceship when I was nineteen I was never into aliens or UFOs until I began writing this blog.  The subject just never interested me.

I think what turned me off was the way the issue gets presented to the public.  TV and movie makers try to create this aura of mystique around their productions in an effort to make the viewer feel like there is some top secret info that is being kept from them but this here video is going to reveal everything.  Stay tuned to the final dramatic conclusion or you will never know the secrets the government is keeping from you.  BS.

We Are Being Visited
Phoenix Lights
There are plenty of skeptics, people who are unable to do the math and conclude that it is statistically impossible for us to be alone in the Universe, people who can not fathom that over the course of billions of years someone out there in the Cosmos was able to figure out light speed travel and then was able to get from there to here.  But are these people the majority?  Should all entertainment be aimed at this lowest common denominator?

UFO Video Review

Case in point, last night my wife was trolling the depths of Netflix, looking for something about history.  She stumbled upon a two part "series" about UFOs.  Naturally, she thought I would be interested so she queued it up for me and we began watching it.  The show was called UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever (Caught on Tape).  Even the title leaves me somewhere between cringe and chuckle.  Tape.  The show was produced in 2000 so it is clearly dated.  But that does not mean it will be bad.  The Blues Brothers was made in 1980, for example, and I will watch that from any point in the film anytime it is on TBS or AMC (even though I own it on VHS and DVD).

We are being visited
One Word: UFOs
As soon as the video began I knew it was schlock.  The narrator began presenting the video evidence in that typical, "We know something you don't" voice.  I could picture the guy in his little recording booth, leaning forward with his fingers outstretched towards me, getting ready to say, "Don't tell anyone I told you this, but..."

The show then proceeds to show amateur videos of possible UFO encounters.  It starts off with the famous Phoenix Mass Sighting case.  I've embedded an equally cheesy clip of that story, below, from another production released earlier this year, in case any of my readers are not familiar with the Phoenix Lights story.

The show then goes on to show clip after clip of lights in the sky and far off dots, moving erratically around the screen.  The video evidence is actually pretty compelling and if you are a skeptic then you may be persuaded by all of it.  It is not that any one of the clips is the smoking gun, in and of itself, but as they say in the court room there is a preponderance of evidence.  There are so many examples of Unidentified Flying Objects in this show, it is hard to walk away still wondering, are we are alone in the Universe?

It was easy to walk away from the show in general, though.  About ten minutes into it, Mrs. M. started looking at her phone.  I then soon started watching with one eye and playing Words With Friends with the other.  Within twenty minutes, she asked me if she could put on something else.  I was fighting sleep by that point and did not want to be rude and turn off the light in the middle of the show she put on so I gladly welcomed the offer.  I  was asleep about a minute later.

It would be easy to dismiss the terrible presentation by saying, "Well it was nearly twenty years ago and things are different now."  But they're not.  People are still making UFO shows this way.  Apparently there is an audience for this kind of thing.  Who is this audience?  Just read the YouTube comments from the video above.  The second post says, "Do people still believe in ufos? Not hating just curious."

Are we alone in the Universe?

OK, so a sense of mystique will appeal to some people.  But that does not mean that every production should be geared towards them.  It is time for Hollywood (and amateur Hollywood wanna-bees) to start taking this subject seriously and stop being ashamed to present it as a matter of fact.  We are being visited.  Is it really that hard to admit?  Say it with me.

We are being Visited

If someone is unable to admit that, that is fine.  Some people think the Earth is flat.  Some people think that Pop Rocks and Coke will make your stomach explode.  Some people think that wiggling your fingers under the faucet will make the water get hot faster.  You will never convince these people that we are being visited, no matter how mysterious a narrator makes his voice sound.

If I was making a documentary on this subject I would not try to appeal to that audience.  I would make it for open minded folks with enough intelligence to understand that you do not need video evidence to believe in aliens.  I would just present the information as a matter of fact.

Would this appeal to you or do you prefer the UFO mystery shows?  Leave a comment below or on the David Marceau Facebook page.

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