Kathleen Marden, What to do when you've been abducted

The latest YouTube video has been posted.  I decided to try something different this week.  I produced the video in a late night talk show type of format.  I do not know if I will stick with this - just having some fun, trying something new.

The reason for going that route is because the video I recorded for my interview with MUFON Researcher Kathleen Marden was not great and I needed something to spice it up.  It needed salt.  This does not fall on my guest, Kathleen.  She was informative and interesting, though it was the day after the announcement of the death of her friend and colleague Stanton Friedman.  The issues lied with the technology, Skype, and with me.  Skype is not the best way to record an interview because the frame rate (individual pictures per second) is too low to use professional editing software so there are limitations on what you can do with the video once it is recorded.  And me, it was the first interview and I am still feeling my way through things.  I am learning, though.

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I tried some jokes.  Some people think I am funny.  I never know what will work.  I do know that this kind of thing works better in front of an audience.  I toyed with the idea of using a cheesy laugh track but thought that would be too beaucoup.

But maybe I am on to something with this format?  Let me know.  Post comments below or on the David Marceau YouTube page under the video and let me know if I should do more of the talk show format or stick with more of a magazine-type of video.

So who is this guest, Kathleen Marden and why spend two of my first three YouTube videos on her?  To tell Kathleen's story we need to go back further to 1961.  Kathleen's Aunt and Uncle Betty and Barney Hill were on their way home from a road trip to Canada.  They dropped in to northern New Hampshire and were heading to their home near the coast, late at night.

That northern part of the state has the highest mountains in the northeastern United States.  The terrain is challenging and the weather unpredictable.  I have hiked and skied Mount Washington, in that area, several times and know first-hand it is rugged and dangerous country.  The area is sparsely populated even today, over fifty years later.  The Interstate Highway system was in its infancy and the highways in that area were two-lane roads.

MUFON Researcher Kathleen Marden
MUFON Researcher Kathleen Marden

The Hills were cruising through the narrow mountain passes when they saw a bright light in the sky.  It seemed to be following them.  A spaceship then landed in front of their car and they were taken away.  Several hours later the Hills found themselves driving a bit further down the road.  Under hypnosis they would later come to tell the story of an alien abduction.

Through the years there have been believers and non-believers who have attempted to prove or disprove the Hills' story.  One of the most widely cited pieces of evidence (for and against) is a star map which Betty Hill drew from memory.  She said she saw the map inside the spaceship.  It was from the perspective of the aliens on their home planet, looking at our solar system and others around it.

Betty Hill Star Map
Betty Hill Star Map
A few years later an amateur astronomer named Marjorie Fish took up the mission of proving Betty's star map was real.  Her finding was that the aliens who abducted the Hills were from the region of space known as Zeta Reticuli.  Fish's findings were well received by many in the UFO Community including UFOlogist Stanton Friedman.  Years later, using more recent astronomic discoveries, others have cast doubt on Marjorie Fish's work.  Still, the Betty and Barney Hill story is upheld as a milestone in UFOlogy.  It is one of the first and most famous alien abduction stories.

Kathleen Marden is Betty and Barney's niece.  As a teen, visiting her aunt and uncle, she had many opportunities to ask about the abduction.  Later in life she would go on to study hypnosis and would work closely with other abductees, documenting their experiences and analyzing the data.  She has written several books on the subject including her latest, "What to do when you've been abducted," due out in September 2019.

Here is the video of the book portion of my interview with Kathleen in its entirety:

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