The Frog Corollary

The forecast Sunday called for snow, a temporary break in warming.  Already, we shelter in place.  We stream movies.  We throw another log on the fire.

How will this affect the frogs, my daughter wondered.  Millions of eggs lain in our pond.  Black dots of life, pulsing in gelatin.  The cold could kill them, she thought.  Something must be done.

The frogs are her friends, her minions.  Some of her first words were frog sounds.  She keeps them as pets in the house.  She surprises us with displays.  They croak and chirp at night.  It helps me sleep.

My daughter observes the frogs eating, mating, doing froggy things.  She cares for them.  She cares about them.

The Frog Corollary
Tree frogs mating in our kitchen
In a world of frogs, she reigns as God.  She is omniscient but she does not always watch.  She is omnipotent but she does not often act.  She could be a vengeful, merciless god if she wanted.  She is not.  What could the frogs possibly do to incur her wrath?  They are only frogs.  And she cares so much.

Clouds moved in.  Air pressure dropped.  It felt more humid, or was it damp?  You could smell the snow coming.  How will this affect the frogs?  It will not end well.

A Storm Blows In
A storm blows in
The girl did her research.  Would "saving" unborn frogs do them more harm than good?  Frog eggs are hardy, she found.  Bringing them inside for a few days would not affect their development.  Leaving them in the cold might not hurt either.  But it might.  She stepped in to help.

"Do you have any more of those containers," my daughter asked.  I had just started some seeds for my Victory Garden and placed them in a large plastic container so the pots would not leak everywhere.  I said no.  I had looked in the basement for this one.  She found more.

For hours afterwards I watched periodically through the window, as parents do.  Running here, running there, from one side of the pond to the other, the one who looks over the frogs carefully gathered up their young, the next generation.  She gently placed them into her containers, transportation vessels resembling their habitat.  She brought them inside.

Alien Intervention
One of three containers in our dining room
Days went by.  My dining room resembled a university lab.  The boys played on computers, nearby.  We played the piano and keyboard, guitars, a cello, a ukulele, the recorder.  The eggs incubated, cozy in their containers.

Thursday was sunny.  It was warm.  Spring was back.  It was time to go home.

Spring Hike in Connecticut
Spring has returned

Some of the eggs had hatched.  Tadpoles searched for food.  Their world was warm.  It was small.  It was light but not bright.  It got brighter.  Slowly, it grew colder.  It was time to move on.  The walls of the world dissolved.  The tadpoles found themselves in a new home, one with unlimited potential, with unlimited danger.

Perhaps a bass would dine well this day.  But the cold would not get them.  The One who looks over the frogs had ensured that.  In a time of need, she stepped in.  No prayers were required - simply love.

We are the frogs

The Zoo Hypothesis holds that humans are being observed by aliens as people observe wild animals in a zoo, or perhaps an aquarium.  This is why they do not make contact, some would say.  We are nice to look at but no one should jump over the railing.  They should stay out of our tank.

In the midst of a pandemic, unprecedented in history, people search for answers.  Will God save us?  Perhaps, if there is one.  Perhaps not, if there is one.  One can never tell with this Guy.

If there is a god, Science cannot prove it.  Nor can it disprove this.  But Science can prove there is a higher power, of sorts - highly advanced, intelligent life from other planets.  Aliens.  People from civilizations millions of years older than our own.  People who know everything there is to know about physics.  They can get from there to here, wherever that is.  People who know everything there is to know about biology.  They can stop our pandemic - if they want to.

Now is the time for aliens to reveal themselves, some have said.  Now, more than ever, we could use some help from a higher power.  We could use some alien technology.  These are the calls of people in fear - people desperate for help.  People who pray in hopes that someone, anyone, will listen - that someone will do something.  Anything.

Would aliens help?  Do they care?  Some of those who watch over us may care about us.  That does not mean they would intervene.  Perhaps a Prime Directive from a governing body with greater authority says not to.  I nearly stepped in to prevent my daughter from collecting the frog eggs.  I was concerned she would do more harm than good.  I was concerned our fish may lose a source of food.  I was concerned about interfering with a natural course of events.  I thought, yes, some frog eggs will die from the cold - perhaps thousands.  But overall they will be all right.

Aliens Pandemic
A late spring snow falls over our world

Perhaps the Coronavirus is simply a natural course of events, to aliens.  This is not something they feel they should interfere with.  Yes, some people will die - perhaps millions.  But overall we will be all right.

This line of reasoning is unacceptable to many people.  Human life is the most precious commodity in the world (to humans).  Perhaps some other people, far away, do not matter.  But Grandma does.  Dad does.  The ones you love, matter.

I get it.  Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  In the weeks leading up to my surgery I uncharacteristically reached my hand out to God.  Please cure me!  In desperation, I also pulled a Steven Greer and reached out to aliens.  Please abduct me!  Surely, anyone who can get from there to here can cure cancer.  Neither plea was answered.

In the end, Medical Science saved me, not God, not aliens.  I am "cured" thanks in part to my own actions, insisting that my insurance company would pay for a screening they felt I did not deserve.  This was coupled by the steady hands of surgeon who removed the threat from my body.  Life goes on, for me.  Life will go on for Earth.

Medical Science will save us again.  It will take a while.  Many will die.  This is unfortunate.  It is inevitable.  There are actions we can all take.  Sheltering in place will slow the pace of infection.  It will buy time for billions who are holding out for a vaccine.  It will allow those most vulnerable to receive help from a medical system stretched to its limits.  Others will roll the dice with their lives and return to the workforce, further spreading the disease.  They may feel they have no other choice.  They have to eat.

Indeed, now would be the time for aliens to reveal themselves.  We could use their help.  But in reality, we are not frogs - and my daughter has math homework to do.

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