Luis Elizondo the Man

I had a special visitor to my house on February 29th of this year.  Luis Elizondo of To The Stars Academy, the host of Unidentified, the former Director of AATIP, came over to interview me.  It was surreal.  October 1st I reciprocated and interviewed Lue.  As of this writing I am working on writing up the information gathered from this most recent interview.  Today's post was mostly written in March about our previous meetings.  This is just a teaser while I prepare the rest of the information.

For decades, I had wondered, why does no one in our government care about UFOs.  Why does no one care that we are being visited by technologically superior people with unknown motives?  People who come and go as they please, including violating military airspace with impunity.  I had a story to tell about a UFO sighting I had on a foreign military base.  Why were we not doing anything about this?

The answer to my question came three years ago when the New York Times broke the AATIP story about the government program that studied UFOs.  The article featured a man, previously unknown to the public, named Luis Elizondo.  It took a while for the article to find its way onto my phone but when it did, I was suddenly filled with hope, long after having given up.  

I tracked Lue down and got on his RADAR.  The rest of this story about how I got here has been documented in other articles.  Today I want to talk more about Lue Elizondo the man.  Who is he?  What makes him tick?

Lue has a commanding presence.  I think years in government service does that to you.  I have a friend who is in the FBI and he is similar in that way.  For some people this is a way of compensating for a bit of social anxiety.  Initially I did not get the impression this is the case with Lue.  He seems like a genuinely confident person.  So I was surprised when Lue told me he is an introvert.  He likes to keep to himself.  You would never know it.

Lue is a really down-to-earth guy.  After my first interview for Unidentified my wife asked me if Lue was nice to the crew at A&E.  I laughed and told her he is not an actor; he is a guy who was in the military and government service.  He is no prima donna.  Lue likes to emphasize that.  He likes to talk about how he is a blue-collar guy from humble beginnings who had to grind it out the whole way to get where he is today.

When Lue came over in February we hit it off right away.  Of course, this was not the first time we had met.  We met last fall in my old 'hood in Brooklyn to record my first interview and have spoken on the phone and traded texts and emails many times over the past two years.  But our meeting in February was our first time really talking about anything of substance beyond my UFO sighting.

Lue and I found common ground on quite a few things.  He admired my house.  We talked a bit about how I oversaw all the construction directly and did quite a bit of work myself.  Lue also did some construction when he was a young man, and could relate to some of what I went through.

Connecticut Style Pizza

As I poured him some coffee, Lue admired my kitchen.  He pointed out my kitchen mixer and said how much his wife loves hers.  I told him that I probably used ours more than my wife does.  I then found out that Lue likes to make pizza from scratch.  We traded some of our little tricks.  Lue uses pizza stones while, at the time, I had gotten pretty good at making a nice crust without one.  I had recently begun putting my pies on slate tiles but was considering admitting defeat and buying some decent stones.  I did.

The following night I made the pizza pictured.  It is a Connecticut-style pizza crust, fairly common around New Haven.  It is flat and crisp.  The mild burn marks are intentional.  This pie was half barbecue chicken and half Buffalo chicken.  It was a big hit with the kids.  They had the leftovers for breakfast.

I texted Lue these pictures the next morning - thought he would appreciate what went into making them.  He wrote back that the pics made him hungry.  He said he would send me some the next time he made his pizza.

Lue shared that he did his basic training at a much worse place than I did.  I hated Basic (does anyone really like it?) but I should be grateful I did not go to some other places, which I have heard were worse.  Lue confirmed that.  His location was worse.

Lue was wearing a Bigelow Aerospace jacket.  I told him it was cool and I would like to get one of those.  He told me he would try to get me one.  Fortunately, I did not hold my breath.  Maybe he can introduce me to Bob Bigelow and I can just ask him myself.

After my interview for Unidentified, I joined Lue out on my porch as he wrapped up a phone call.  I mentioned my concern for my kids possibly being bullied because now people will know their dad is, "That weird UFO guy."  I was preaching to the choir with Lue about that.  He mentioned his concerns for his daughters.  Clearly, he gets it.

We chatted a lot whenever there was a break in the interview due to the dog barking, the sun shifting, or other normal interruptions in recorded interviews.  I told Lue I am trying to steer clear of guys like Steven Greer, and focus more on science-based theories.  Lue shared some of his thoughts on others in the UFO Community.  He has great disdain for one of the other big charlatans of #UFOTwitter and shared some information which I will not repeat.  I tried to find a citing online of where the two of them got into a tiff but could not find anything.

After several hours Lue kept saying he wanted to wrap it up and give me my house back.  That is a nice way of saying I am done here, I want to get going.  But I did not take the bait.  I was enjoying the experience and wanted to extend it a little longer.  I told him all my family had gone out except my one son who was playing video games.  Lue admitted to video games being a guilty pleasure for both him and his wife.  I told him I could not get my wife to play any video games with me.  Lucky!

After my interview, as the crew packed up the truck they all rode up in, Lue and I stood by the door saying our goodbyes.  Somehow we got on the subject of motorcycles.  I mentioned my bike to Lue.  It is a Triumph T120.  He told me that was the exact bike he wanted.  I took him to the garage to show him.  We walked down the stairs, dusty from a steady traffic stream of firewood, into my garage.  Lue said, "That's the bike!"

He asked me how much I wanted for it, ha ha!  I told him if I ever decide to sell it I will call him first.  Months later we were exchanging texts and I told him he could buy it for "one million dollars" and attached a picture of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.  Maybe I will sell it to him cheap if he can get me one of those Bigelow jackets.  

Dr Evil

He then showed me pictures of, "My buddy Tom's bike."  I asked, Tom DeLonge?  He said yes.  It was funny because the way he said, "my buddy Tom" was like I would not have known who he was talking about.  I recognized the bike from the first season of Unidentified.  Lue confirmed it was the same bike.  He also showed me some pics on his phone of a couple other prized toys including his bike.  Good times.

I really wanted to ask Lue a bunch of UFO questions for this blog but there simply was not enough time.  He is a busy guy.  He was gracious enough to let me take a selfie with him.  Then Jason, the site producer, offered to take some pics for me.  He made sure to get one of me holding his print-out of The Marceau Ship.  I included it in another story about Unidentified.  The one here was the first one I took.

Luis Elizondo the Man

A couple months after Lue was here the government officially released the three UFO videos that Lue helped bring to the public.  They admitted they did not know the origin of the aircraft.  Prior to that, some people doubted the veracity of the videos.  I texted Lue, congratulating him on the release.  I said, "Must feel vindicating."  He said not yet, there are still a few "Lue haters" at the Pentagon but it is a great step forward.  I told him there are a few of those in the UFO Community too but it seems like most people are behind him and TTSA and he should, "Keep your chin up."  He wrote back, "Thank you, sincerely."

Coming up next week I will write about the recent conversation I had with Lue via video conference.  Stay tuned...

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