Coming Up on Unidentified Season 2

Last Saturday night, my readers in the United States were treated to a surprise.  At the end of the first episode of Season 2 of Unidentified I was in the previews of upcoming episodes.  Had I anticipated that, I would have had a blog article prepared and ready to release to discuss it.  I was not expecting to be on so soon.  But shortly after the episode aired, several friends and people I am connected to on UFO Twitter reached out to congratulate me.  The David Marceau Twitter following ticked up slightly so that I now have nearly as many followers as people I am following, which is exciting.  So I guess the cat is out of the bag.

David Marceau History
Coming up on Unidentified

Currently, I am bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") which temporarily prohibits me from appearing on other shows, among other things.  Regardless of the legal implications, I gave my word that I would not give anything away so do not expect to find any spoilers here.  Also, do not contact me directly, asking for more information on the DL (however, as always, do contact me if you want to discuss something directly related to your own encounter or about one of my blog articles).  What I will do is to provide a digest and analysis of what is already publicly known.

David Marceau on Unidentified

Yes, that was me at the end of Season 2, Episode 1.  Thank you, to those who recognized me and reached out to congratulate me.  I was not expecting that.  The recognition is one of the aspects of my upcoming appearance which I have not been looking forward to.  

My grandmother always used to say, "Keep a low profile."  It is solid advice.  I first learned what that meant when I joined the Army.  In Basic Training, the soldiers who made a name for themselves did so under the false belief that they would be rewarded for standing out.  On the contrary, they soon found out they were more heavily scrutinized and held to a higher standard.

I also have found this in business.  While the idea of "friendly competition" is real and I have good relationships with many of my competitors, there are quite a few people out there who want to tear down anyone whom they believe is doing well.  It does not matter how hard you have had to work or what kind of sacrifices you made for your family, to achieve some small serving of success, there are people who want to see you fail, from the moment they hear of you.  What is most odd about that phenomenon is, often times this will come from people who do not even stand to lose anything by your success - they just enjoy taking other people down to their level.

For these reasons, I have never sought out public recognition for my UFO Sighting.  I have enjoyed putting out this blog and appreciated how much it has taken off but that is the extent of my ambition.  My daughter told me a couple months ago that I should have a YouTube Channel.  She said, "Blogs are for 'Boomers'.  YouTube is for everyone else."  I am not of the Baby Boom generation but I am OK with that characterization.  I have not ruled out doing more on YouTube and if there is demand for it I will consider it but right now I am satisfied with getting up early every day and writing.

Despite my contentment with anonymity, I am beginning to slide down the slope of renown.  Artist Andy Warhol said in 1968, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes."  My time is arriving.  I was aware of this two years ago when the producers of Unidentified first began speaking with me.  That was the subject of the second blog article I wrote, titled 15 Minutes.

At the time, I did not know what I would do with my own 15 Minutes.  All I knew was it was coming.  I decided then that I wanted to use this as an opportunity to help other people who have had similar experiences to get their stories out to the public.  That then became my mission.  I was going to do a podcast or a call-in radio show and talk to other witnesses.  I have a solid background in Radio from the early 1990's and this seemed like a great way to get back into something I used to really enjoy, while also giving back and helping people.  This blog was instantiated as a chronicle of that effort.

I soon found that:

  • Doing a good podcast is a full-time job
  • Renting radio air-time is expensive
  • Most UFO witnesses do not want to talk about their experiences

I could have gotten around the time issue.  I was running a business, teaching fifteen college credits, and raising a family.  But I only need five or six hours of sleep, a night.  Time is a figment of our imaginations.  The expense was another issue.  I was not keen on committing to paying $1200 per month to rent out a radio station for an hour each week.  Still, where there is a will there is a way.  I could have made it work if I really wanted to.  

It was the last of the above three issues which caused me to pivot with the blog.  Most UFO witnesses I have encountered do not want to talk about their experiences.  They are shy or embarrassed or traumatized - maybe they do not quite believe what they have seen with their own eyes.  As I always say in my sign-off, "I get it, I saw one too."  

I have written many times about how the moment I got into the transport truck on the night of my sighting people began to ridicule me and Mike, the other witness.  This caused both of us to immediately clam up.  I did not talk about it with anyone again for maybe five years.  I do not think Mike discussed it with anyone at all until I tracked him down two years ago, but do not quote me on that.

Coming Up on Unidentified Season 2

Here is what I can say without violating the terms of my NDA.  The photo above was taken of my own TV the night Episode 1 ran, Saturday July 11, 2020.  There are some clues in the image.  First, you can see there is a baby grand piano, some art, candle sticks, items which indicate this is someone's home.  Obviously, it is my house.  

I am seated in what used to be my dining room.  The room is really far from the kitchen and was only used about twice a year so my wife and I gave the dining set to my mom (it had been hers to begin with) and we turned the room into the kids' study lounge.  This is where they do their school work, practice their instruments, and play on their computers.  It is a pretty cool setup.  I wish I had something like that when I was a kid.

The producers from A&E chose this room because it had the best light, the coloring and background was nice, I have a little cafe table in there where I could sit close to the interviewer, there was a lot of room for the camera guys to sit, all around it was a good choice.  Prior to the crew's arrival, I had thought it would be nice to sit in front of the fire but the study lounge worked out well.

Another clue that is easily discerned from the photo is the time of year.  Snow is falling.  Clearly it is sometime in winter.  There is no green outside other than my rhododendron bushes, which stay green year-round.  So it must be mid-late winter - not too late because Connecticut went into Quarantine in early March which would have caused me to tell the camera crew to go away.  We were much more strict about the social distancing in the early part of the Quarantine, given that we were just a few miles from the epicenter of the hot spot.  I would not have allowed four people into my home.  Even today, I might have had them into the house (might not) but they would have had to mask up and I would have appeared wearing a mask too.

I will reveal the actual date of that interview at some point in the future.  I will also write more about the sequence of events and other behind-the-scenes info once more of it becomes public knowledge or I have cleared it with the folks in Legal at A&E or with my own legal team.  I will also fill in any gaps the producers may have left out of the story, if there are any, under the same legal terms mentioned.  For now, I will let the rest be a mystery waiting to be solved when I am finally featured in an upcoming episode.

Which episode?  I have been told but am not sure if I am supposed to know nor if I can reveal that to the public, so I will check with the producers and find out.  I do not see the harm in releasing that information but I will find out for sure.

That seems to be all I can reveal about the show for now, though, hit me in the Comments or the Contact Form if you have questions and I will talk about whatever I am permitted to.

I will sign off with an observation.  Even though this interview was not that long ago it is hard to recognize the guy in that picture compared to the person I see in the mirror now.  I have not had a haircut in nearly five months and have not been to the gym in the same time.  Back then, I was going to the gym 2-3 days a week, lifting weights and running 2+ miles each time.  I have put on twenty pounds in Quarantine - all of it, fat.

I have no desire to step foot in a barber shop, still.  Those places are sketchy to begin with, prior to the Pandemic.  Even the fancy-schmancy barber "club" I went to skeeves me out when I think about all the opportunities to catch the Coronavirus.  For now, I am OK with waiting for a vaccine before getting my hair cut.  So expect to see a quite different-looking person in my next public appearance.

I will, however, see what I can do about getting back into shape.  There is no excuse for the weight gain.  I have enjoyed the respite from real life but it is time to get back on the horse and shape up.

That is all for today.  Watch for me on a future episode of Unidentified at 10:00 pm, Eastern United States Time (EDT) on History Channel.

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