Strange Bedfellows

It was a beautiful ride out to see the Bigfoot Lady - sunny, warm, light breeze, the perfect day for a ride through the Hudson Valley.  We had a nice time.  She was a gracious hostess.  Songbirds chirped as I set up my tripod.  We talked about the hummingbirds visiting her bird feeders while I focused the camera on the irises.  The setting was serene.

I went Gayle Beatty's house to talk about UFOs.  That is my thing.  That is the only thing I like to write about.  We talked a bit about how the Hudson Valley is a hot spot for UFO activity.  Gayle says it has something to do with the area, there is a cave "loaded with crystals."  You can communicate with the crystals, she says.  And there are portals in the area.  It was then not long before she redirected the conversation to her favorite topic - Bigfoot.

Gayle Beatty Bigfoot Lady
Me and Gayle Beatty, the Bigfoot Lady

I had over two hours of video.  I told Gayle I would let her know when it was ready to post on YouTube.  I got on the bike and rode away, satisfied that I had asked the right questions.

That was over a year ago.  I have never produced the video for YouTube nor written about the interview until now.  There are two reasons:

  1. I hate editing video.  I would rather lean over the edge of a scaffold, twenty feet above the ground, clinging to the side of my house with my fingernails, and hang cedar shingles - doing that later today.
  2. I do not believe in Bigfoot.  Gayle was so kind to invite me to her home and take time out of her day - I left, unconvinced that there is a single Bigfoot on Earth and I did not want to make her look bad by producing something I disagreed with.

What is it with Bigfoot and UFOs?  Why are so many people who are into UFOs also into all sorts of paranormal subjects?

Is Bigfoot an Alien?

To me, the subject of UFOs is as different from Bigfoot as the Cybertruck is from Santa Claus.  It is hard to know where to even start linking the two.  I come at this from the perspectives of Science and experience.  Science, because with all the billions of stars in our galaxy and the infinite number of planets surrounding them it is a mathematical certainty that there is intelligent life, much older than us, out there.  Experience, because I Saw One Too (dot net).  

Many disagree.  For some, there is no justification for this belief; it is a matter of faith.  Others will come up with all sorts of stomach-churning conspiracy theories.  The Bigfoot Lady had a whole narrative about how the Bigfoots are themselves aliens.  It is interesting to listen to, harder to believe.

I suppose, if you think of Bigfoot as being like Chewbacca and the Bigfoots come from a place like Chewie's home planet of Kashyyyk then, why not?  Why do all aliens have to look like Greys or "Little Green Men?"  Maybe some of them look like Bigfoot.  Maybe some aliens are orange, with corn husks on their heads.  Maybe some look like Steve Carell.

Is Bigfoot an Alien?
Bigfoot, is that you?

The part I have difficulty with is that people will sometimes catch a glimpse of the big guy out in the woods - Bigfoot, not Steve Carell.  He is elusive but can be viewed.  Why?  What is he doing in the woods in the first place?  If he were truly from another planet then he would have spaceships and other technology capable of watching us without being detected, like all other aliens.  Why get out of the ship and risk danger, like Chef in Apocalypse Now?  I just do not buy it.

Is Bigfoot Real?

What if Bigfoot is not an alien but is simply an unidentified species?  OK, what happens when they die?  They must eat each other, or something, because no remains have ever been dug up.  One would think, if archaeologists can find Lucy after three million years, they can find a Bigfoot like every day.  There should be thousands (if not millions) of Bigfoot skeletons littered throughout their territory.  But all we have are footprints and grainy photos.

Paranormalists will now point at me and mutter, "J'accuse."  Gayle Beatty herself may say it is hypocritical to go on international television and tell the world about the close encounter I had with an alien spaceship and then go on to denounce the Paranormal.  Sorry about that.  I can appreciate where these folks are coming from.  But I respectfully disagree.

I believe it is important to clearly delineate the UFO phenomenon from all sorts of paranormal activity.  It just muddies the water to keep them lumped in together.  It gives food to debunkers who feel they only need to disprove one point in order to cast doubt on all arguments.  In actuality it is the opposite.  You only need to prove one UFO case in order to prove aliens exists.  However, that is beyond the threshold for most people to recognize; everything is in black and white terms.

Is Bigfoot Real?
Flying Spaghetti Monster

I am sensitive to belief systems I disagree with.  I do not care if you worship Jesus or Allah or Adonai or Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I do not care if you believe in aliens, Bigfoots, leprechauns, or El Chupacabra.  But I do care when they are all lumped together.  You would not go to a Catholic church, face east and get down on a prayer mat five times a day.  Why would you conflate UFOs with Bigfoot?

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