What does Lue Elizondo Know?

Luis Elizondo possesses more knowledge regarding UFOs than nearly any other person on Earth.  He worked in the Pentagon heading its UFO investigation program AATIP prior to joining the private sector.  He knows about government investigations into UFOs.  He knows about Disclosure.  However, I believe having spoken with Lue many times that people tend to think he knows more than he does on a variety of tangential subjects.  

Yes, he was privy to extensive amounts of Classified information, enough he says to convince any skeptic we are indeed being visited.  But there are many other subjects related to UFO investigations which he is assumed to know about which he is simply out of the loop on.  This includes most conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs and their purported connection to government.

We began this most recent conversation talking about how much things had changed since we last met.  When Lue came to my house to interview me for Unidentified on the History Channel that was less than a week before we went into complete lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  He told me my interview was the last one he was able to do with a full camera crew.

What does Lue Elizondo Know?
What does Lue Elizondo Know?

After Lue interviewed me in February, A&E Networks was not able to put anyone on a plane and send them on location to finish Unidentified.  Lue was given some equipment which he had no experience with and told to do the work himself.  He was apologetic about the "poor camera work and sound engineering" quality of the last few episodes.  I had not noticed but joked with him that I would go back and re-watch the series so I could scrutinize it.

Since then, the news media has been consumed with everything Coronavirus, on top of everything that is going on politically and economically.  Regarding Unidentified and other news about UFOs, Lue said, "In any other time had this information come out we would probably be seeing a tsunami of people who are interested... maybe even Congressional hearings."

This article is Part II of a video conference interview I had with Lue on October 1, 2020.  The first article focused on who is Lue Elizondo, as a person.  This article will detail some of what Lue knows, some breadcrumbs he dropped during the course of this and other discussions and some conclusions I drew from that data.  I will go over:

  • Is Lue Elizondo an Agent of Disclosure?
  • Why does the Government keep secrets about UFOs?
  • When will Disclosure Happen?

I wrap up the Disclosure section at the end with some conclusions based on this and other conversations I have had with Lue.

Is Lue Elizondo an Agent of Disclosure?

There are a small number of people on social media who believe Lue is still working for the US government.  Some believe he was put out there as an "agent of Disclosure" to ease the public into a big announcement confirming that aliens exist.  The rest seem to think he is tasked with spreading disinformation, for some reason.  

Lue casually defended himself without seeming defensive about it.  "You're entitled to your opinion," he replied.  "Hopefully you have an open enough of a mind to look at the facts and data and see what we've done over the past three years."  This is logic people on #UFOTwitter have expressed, as well.  I am a good example.  I was able to get the story of my UFO sighting out to those who can do something with it after having sat on this information for nearly three decades.  My experience is contrary to the notion that Lue would be in the business of spreading disinformation.  So if I seem a little biased it is with good cause.  But I am one person with one story.  I will let Lue tell his own story.

"I'm not asking for credit for this," he goes on to say.  "Look at this and rather than reflexively saying, 'Oh, this is a Government Op,' well, what does that even mean?  You haven't even worked for the government.  How do you know what a Government Op looks like?"  

"We don't do these things to our own people."  Lue acknowledged that at one time many years ago the US government did some terrible things to its own citizens.  The Tuskegee Airmen is a prime example.  When these stories came to light things changed.  Laws were passed to prevent that.  He is not aware of anything like that today.  "If I were to do that I would have been fired and put into jail, lost my badge, lost my Security Clearance."  This does not convince some people.  Lue shrugs it off, "People are ultimately entitled to believe what they want to believe."

Lue Elizondo on Government Ops

There may always be a category of people who will never believe Lue.  He does not concern himself with that group.  "These are individuals that have their own minds made up," he says.  "They have come to some preconceived conclusion, some narrative that they feel comfortable with and nothing is gonna dissuade them."  Instead, Lue will, "Continue to do my job: Collect the truth and speak the truth, that's it."

The job Lue does now for TTSA is not much different from what he did while working in the Pentagon.  He collects information and presents it, "in a consumable manner," for the American People to process and draw their own conclusions.

While explaining this, Lue falls back into some old personal history.  He begins a narration with a projection of the UFO Community ("#UFOTwitter") as the "jury" which judges his presentations.  In mid-sentence this morphs into that jury being his former colleagues in the government, "At the end of the day I don't care what it means to them.  It's their decision.  If they want it to be a national security priority, 'You know what, this is interesting but, yeah, not worth spending tax-payer dollars on,' fine.  I'm fine with either decision, but at least let them have that conversation and the decision.  Don't squelch the conversation because you don't like where it's going.  

"And that's my biggest concern and probably my biggest challenge I had when I was in the government is that some people didn't even want to have the conversation.  That to me, I think it's disingenuous.  I don't think we have the best interest of the American People when we do that.  When we hide the truth inevitably the truth is gonna come out either way."

Why does the Government keep secrets about UFOs?

One of the criticisms often levied against Lue and others whom #UFOTwitter considers to be in a position of authority is there is too much secrecy.  Responses to simple questions are enigmatic.  These authorities stand above the peasants obfuscating their data - they say much and reveal little.  People simply want to know do we have evidence of alien visitations?  For example, do we or do we not have crashed spaceship materials?  If so, why not have a transparent public examination of these materials?

From the conversations I have had with Lue it seems like if it were up to him he would dump most if not everything he knows onto the public.  The reason he cannot explicitly declare everything he knows is because he is bound by the covenants of his Secret Clearance.  He colloquially calls it an "NDA" or Non-Disclosure Agreement because that is the vernacular most private citizens are familiar with.  In actuality it is the SF86 form he was required to sign while in the service of the government which gives very specific limits on what information you can and cannot share with the public.  

Lue can never talk about information declared Classified until that designation expires.  That expiration date is up to the government, not him.  Sometimes it is twenty-five years, sometimes seventy-five.  It is out of Lue's hands.  Even though he is no longer working for the US government he is still bound by federal law to abide by the secrecy terms of that contract.  The consequence of breaking that contract could mean prison time.  He has a family to consider.  Prison or exile à la Edward Snowden are not options.

Lue has been forthcoming in this interview.  That includes the admission that there is a level of deliberate secrecy on the UFO Phenomenon in the government.  His explanation again is National Security, however, he provides further details - he lifts the covers on this blanket reason.  Our government does not want to acknowledge what it knows because that would give American adversaries the impetus to "build against it."  If we had a game-changing technology in our hands, like a crashed UFO, other countries would attempt to replicate it, just like they did after the development of the nuclear bomb.  This, to me, implicitly declares we do indeed have something.  But he did not say that and would not be able to say what it was, if asked.  

This is a segue into Lue's then upcoming blog post about the time Soviet Russia shot down a U2 spy plane.  "It wasn't until the Russians were able to shoot down, successfully, a U2 spy plane did they admit to their own people, 'Hey, the Americans are flying a reconnaissance aircraft over our country.'"  The implication is that perhaps there are some people in the US government who know UFOs are observing us but for national security reasons the information is being withheld - the detailed reason being that they do not know what to do about it.  

Lue Elizondo on Keeping Secrets

In the case of the U2, "They didn't have a solution.  Why do you tell your people you have a problem and that you don't have a solution.  That's a bad thing."  Lue disagrees with this approach though, "The problem is, the longer you sit on that secret, it has a perishable shelf-life - the longer it becomes a liability, because at some point when the truth does come out people are gonna look back and now that secret that you used to protect yourself is now being used as a weapon against you."  He wraps up with glints of hope for those yearning for Disclosure, "Keeping secrets from your own people can only last for so long before the advantages start getting outweighed by those disadvantages of keeping something secret."

If the government does have a crashed UFO or some materials alien to our planet, as many in the UFO Community assert, perhaps those who are studying it do not understand it.  They do not want to admit there is a problem without a solution.  Or they do not want to admit the solution is too complex to implement.  "Governments are paid to have answers.  Governments are paid to protect their people and ensure national sovereignty."  These metaphors provoke further tacit implications.

Lue Elizondo on Secrecy

Who is driving the Disclosure Process?

Some #UFOTwitter folks question the National Security "excuse".  Conspiracy theories say that we, here on Earth, are not the ones driving this UFO Disclosure process.  Most others would say that notion is absurd.  Lue took the question seriously.  He said before the interview began that no question was off limits.  Apparently, he had already put some thought into this one.

Lue likened the belief that humans are not in control of Disclosure to forces beyond our control which influence us, like the weather.  "Is it possible there's something out there that is influencing us?  Well we know the environment sure as hell does.  It's not purposely trying to hurt us or influence us but it does."  

Could there be other forces out there trying to interfere with us?  "Sure, but you have to have the evidence to back that up."  He says you need data to support the hypothesis, otherwise it is just a belief.  To be clear and to dispel any new conspiracy theories before they start, he does not seem to be aware of any data which would confirm this hypothesis.  "It doesn't mean you're wrong, you could still be right.  Lots of people take an educated guess on something and wind up being right.  I'm not criticizing them.  I'm just saying be very careful when someone states something as a fact when indeed it's not really a fact; maybe it's a belief, 'I think,' right?  Versus, 'I know.'"

Lue does have some "I thinks" in addition to the "I knows."  A few of his beliefs may have been changed after he read the book Chains of the Sea.  He has mentioned this to the public before.  Lue says, we may be asking the wrong question.  The question is not, where are UFOs from?  Lue emphasizes that our concept of who or what is visiting us should not be thought of as either human or alien.  It is not a black and white issue.  There may be a third or even fourth option.  He does not say what those options are but the book talks about AI and "Others".  He is ambivalent towards concepts expressed in the book.  He draws no explicit connections between the book and real life.  He simply states that his mind, his way of thinking, was expanded by reading this short story. 

Lue Elizondo on Chains of the Sea

When will Disclosure Happen?

The times, they are a changing.  I recapped Season I of Unidentified with Lue, how no one used the term "UFO".  They said "UAP" which means the same thing but is the preferred nomenclature in Government.  It is an attempt to remain distanced from people in tin-foil hats and discussions of little green men.  There was some mystery as to what the "Tic Tac" and other spaceships were, on the show.  They continuously asked, did a foreign government leap-frog us?  I intended to challenge that and perhaps change it with my interview in Season II.  I came right out and said that what I saw was indeed, "an alien spaceship."  Then, watching Season II, I heard Lue use the term "UFO" for the first time.  There was less mystery throughout this season.  What changed?

Lue said, "We're beginning to see a shift in the openness of people to have the conversation."  People in Congress and the highest levels of government are starting to talk about this.  Some Congressmen have even privately shared their own personal UFO stories with Lue.  "We've helped destigmatize the conversation... 'We' collectively, all of us, even the 'UFO Twitterverse' that's out there."  

There are now regular classified briefings by the new UAP Task Force.  They are viewing real hi-fidelity data that they can look at, classified data, "not just 'fuzzy images' that people see on a video.  Really, real good data on this."  He credits sighting witnesses who have come forward with their stories rather than himself or TTSA.

In addition, there are many of what I will call "Lone Wolf" reporters trying to bring forth whatever information they can uncover.  Lue gives them much credit and says, "There are serious people now finally taking this topic seriously."


How does one usher in Disclosure when bound by Non-Disclosure.  It happens slowly.  The door to a vault does not swing with ease.  It is pulled with great effort.  When it is first cracked open not much can be seen inside the vault.  The more time that passes the more the contents are revealed.  When that effort stops the door stops and nothing more is available.  Lue is pulling on that door with all his might.  We have seen the results of his (and others') efforts since 2017.

In addition to what Lue has explicitly shared by way of helping people like me get our stories out to the public, there are breadcrumbs being spread for the public to draw their own conclusions thereby revealing what Lue is unable to say.  It just takes some astute people to collect, analyze, and interpret the data and extrapolate the correlations.  

For example, if Lue knew the government was in possession of a crashed UFO, due to his NDA he would not be able to report that.  If he wanted the public to know about it he would have to introduce the topic in some other way, say by urging his current employer to acquire their own metamaterials suspected to have come from a crashed UFO.  

This would then imply that perhaps there are more crashed UFO materials out there somewhere in a government facility.  Then it would be up to the American People to draw these conclusions and submit specific FOIA requests for more information.  Of course, this is just an educated guess like Lue stated above.  He never told me the government has a crashed UFO.  

But this is how we need to view the pictures Lue paints in broad strokes.  The common criticism of him saying much and revealing little is valid but perhaps we need to listen more closely.  He is not showing us what we want to see, he is not able to, but he is tacitly pointing out what should be in plain sight.  Picture two kids playing Hide-and-seek.  You know where one is hiding.  The other one, the Finder, comes and asks where he is.  You cannot come out and say, "He's next to the wardrobe."  But you can point in the direction of the wardrobe and wink your eye.  From there it is up to the Finder to figure it out.

Lue said he will collect information and present it, "in a consumable manner," for the American People to process and draw their own conclusions.  He has done that.  Now we need to start drawing those conclusions and asking each other the right questions based on those results.

Lue's U2 story obviously correlates to current times.  I asked Lue, "What's our U2 Moment?"  He does not refer to a specific incident in the past or future.  Instead, he comes back to the notion that a small handful of people believe he is not genuine and ties it in to the times we are living in right at this moment.  Regardless of people's beliefs about him he says cheekily, "You're getting what you wanted anyways, right?  You wanted Disclosure, here you go.  And you wanted your government to take this seriously, here you go.   You wanted people to come forward and the media to talk about it.  Here you go.  OK.  Happy birthday!"

#UFOTwitter has been waiting for an official announcement about Disclosure.  The Disclosure process may indeed be happening right now.  It seems to have begun when Lue resigned from the government.  It will not conclude fast enough for many people.  Even once the vault door is completely open there will be smaller boxes within the vault which can only be unlocked using two keys, one from the owner of the vault, the US government, and one from the owner of the box's contents, many many individuals.  Lue and others are coaxing those individuals to reveal what they know, to unlock their safe-deposit boxes.  I am a prime example.

Disclosure is Happening

Lue feels confident this will continue to happen.  "I think [Disclosure is] happening.  I think you're already seeing me having the ability to have a discussion that just even a year ago I couldn't have."  Little by little he is able to reveal more of what he knows.  "It's happening now.  Again, this is a process, it's not an event.  People have to understand you have to have patience.  We only made it this far because we're running a marathon.  This isn't a sprint."

What happens next?  "I think there's a lot more to come," Lue told me.  "In fact I know there's a lot more to come."

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