Police and Aliens

Apparently, Season 2 of History Channel's Unidentified recently made it to Eastern Europe.  Shortly after it aired one of its viewers looked me up and found the David Marceau Facebook page.  He sent me a message.  It read, "Hello! Sorry to disturb but i need some help... i want to write to lue elizondo, but i don t know how to reach him... sorry for my english"  Interesting...

Before reaching out to Lue I decided to do a little sleuthing.  Why bother the guy if this is a big waste of time.  I checked out the Facebook profile of the person who messaged me - I will call him "John" to protect his identity.  John joined Facebook over ten years ago and has been a pretty active member since then.  There are dozens of public posts documenting John's travels, friendships, and relationships.  This is a real guy, not a fake profile someone made for nefarious purposes.

John's posts did not reveal anything bizarre about him.  There are no articles about Bigfoot sightings or El Chupacabra on his page.  He does not even post anything about UFOs.  What could he possibly want to talk to Lue Elizondo about, I thought.

John does not explicitly list his profession on Facebook but it was not difficult for me to discern what it is.  He is a police officer.  I then looked John up on LinkedIn and he had an account there too.  This did in fact list him as a cop.  That was when things got really interesting.  Odds are, a cop is not going to risk his reputation with an outlandish story.  He saw something.

Police and Aliens
From the video
"John" Eastern European Police Officer

I replied to John and asked him if I could tell Lue what this was regarding.  He replied, "Ok.. i will tell you."

John confirmed he is indeed a police officer and then gave me a high-level overview of the night he was on duty and came face-to-face with an alien.

By this point I had texted Lue, asking if I could give the guy his email address.  Lue said yes.

Police and Aliens

John went into more detail about his sighting, under the condition that, "Nobody needs to know, because it may cost me my job."  I agreed.  He began by telling me he comes from a part of the world where people are very superstitious and they believe in all kinds of paranormal folklore.  He is not one of those people.  From what I have gathered, John seems to believe in Science and he disregards anything that is outside the bounds of reality.  Just the facts, ma'am.

This faith would be tested one night in August 2011 when John was out on patrol with a colleague from the military police.  It was a slow night and the Dispatch had not given the two comrades any calls to respond to.  They needed something to put in their report of their eight-hour shift so they decided to set up a checkpoint and pull over some cars.

It was late.  Some time passed and nobody came down the road.  Finally, a little white van approached the checkpoint.  It stopped a ways down the road from them.  They waited a couple minutes to see what it would do.  Its headlights were extremely bright and they could not see past the windshield.  This gave the driver an opportunity to slip out the back door, unseen.

When the two cops realized the driver was not proceeding they approached the van.  It was empty.  They set out to find the driver.  Their search led them a couple hundred yards up a hill which had once been an orchard during the days of Communism but was now overgrown with brush.  They never found the driver.  It was too dark and too large of an area to search with just the two of them.  They gave up and returned to the van to check its registration and any other papers that may have been left behind.  On the way down, they had the shock of their lives.

A dark figure over seven feet tall rose inexplicably from a tiny bush.  It stared at the two men, blankly.  It was extremely skinny with long arms and legs and four fingers on each hand.  Its head was large and its eyes were large and black.  In a panic, the men pulled out their guns and shouted, "Don't move!  Police!"  The figure was unfazed.  It continued staring at them.  Then it took a step about seven or eight feet to the side and collapsed into another tiny bush.  The men jumped into the brush but the figure was gone.  It had completely vanished.

I asked John a number of questions.  He elaborated freely.  This was not something he had to put much thought into, in the moment.  The responses came immediately despite any lag there may have been in sending messages to the other side of the world or the latency of five people simultaneously live-streaming school and work in my house.  It seemed to me like John was replaying the memories in his mind like a movie.

When I was little my dad took me pheasant hunting a few times.  I learned that when you walk through a field of tall grass and brush gamebirds will often not immediately fly away when they hear you.  They will wait until you pass and then fly away in the opposite direction, to your rear.  I asked John if it was possible that he and his partner missed this creature on the way up the hill and they inadvertently flushed it out of its hiding spot just before turning around.  He said if it had been hiding there on his way up the hill he would have stepped on it.  It had not been there.

Was John crazy?  If he had been alone that night he might have thought so, himself.  But he had a partner with him and they both saw the same thing and reacted the same way.  Still, this was crazy.  How could they return to the cop shop and report that they had pulled their guns on an alien?  They agreed to keep their mouths shut about it.  That was nine years ago.  John had kept this to himself until he told me last week.

Having determined that John was for real I wanted to know more.  How did this experience affect him?  Luis Elizondo asked me that same question when he interviewed me here at my house.  My response did not make it into my episode of Unidentified.  I told Lue that the fear I experienced was so great, beyond anything that I can describe with words (and I consider myself a wordsmith) that I am no longer capable of feeling great fear.  It is like the first time you ride a roller coaster or try a cigarette.  There is an intensity to the feeling.  Then you never feel that intensity again no matter how many times you try.

John described something similar.  He also no longer feels much fear.  He told me about an incident on duty when a passing "gypsy" tried to hit him in the head with an ax.  John disarmed the man without ever pulling out his gun.  I related a similar story to John about how one night two men walked into my house and I ran downstairs into the darkness without any weapons, ready to do whatever needed to be done - I never thought twice about it.

There were other similarities between John's experience and my own.  We both had a second witness but never filed an official report with our chains of command.  Neither of us kept in touch with that second witness.  We went about our lives as if nothing had happened.  We kept our stories to ourselves for many years before finally having the right opportunity to share it for the first time.  We were concerned about our reputations, our credibility.  We were both regular guys, not into the Paranormal or even UFOs prior to our respective experiences.  Neither of us wanted to be known as "that weird UFO Guy."

When I first started this blog it was not with the purpose of sharing my pontifications on aliens.  It was simply to document the steps I was taking in my descent "down the rabbit hole" of the UFO Community while I attempted to set up a podcast.  The purpose of that podcast would have been to allow other "experiencers" to share their stories, both to get the information out to the public as well as to provide some therapeutic release to people who have had to keep their mouths shut about what could be a traumatic event - by far, the scariest moment of anyone's life.

Later, I decided not to bother with the podcast and just to continue writing.  I found writing to be gratifying while audio or video production is a chore I do not enjoy.  That has been changing recently, following an offer by Lue Elizondo to do an interview with me for this blog.  I put the interview on my YouTube channel and it was a big success.  Then I did another interview with a veteran of the USS Nimitz.  That was well received.  People have told me, "Keep'm coming."  So I asked John if he would also like to do an interview with me for YouTube.  He agreed.

We had to take some precautions.  John is still concerned about losing his job if he becomes known as the cop who pulled his gun on an alien.  At the very least he would never be thought of the same way by his brothers on the police force if he is found out.  I get it, I saw one too.  We arranged to do the interview at night, his time, so John could shroud his image in darkness.  I told him I could run the audio track through a program to distort it.

The interview went well.  I feel like I really captured some powerful moments.  I do not know if the same feeling will come across to viewers given the distortion of John's voice.  But I was affected by hearing him tell his tale from his own mouth.  I hope this same effect is conveyed to viewers.

John liked the first take but thought his voice was too recognizable.  I added additional distortion.  He wanted to do a re-shoot but I pushed back.  There was so much authenticity in this first telling.  I thought that if John sounded too "scripted" it would be less believable.  After over a week of messaging back and forth and couple a two-day gaps of no contact, John finally agreed.

I wrote this blog article to explain what transpired behind the scenes.  This was both for transparency as well as to fill in some details, answer some questions viewers will have.  I told John I would take any additional questions on the David Marceau Twitter page and relay them to him.

Here is the video of that interview:

Video of "John" Eastern European Police Officer

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