What happened to Guard 2?

Yesterday* I posted some details of my meeting with the other witness to my sighting.

Mike and I speculated on why the guard at Pad 2, between us, claimed he did not see what either Mike or I saw.  Mike saw the bright light emanating from the front quarter panel of a seemingly stationary aircraft.  I saw a full-on spaceship.  There is no mistaking it.  Mike thought Guard 2 might have fallen asleep.  I am not so sure about that.

Sleeping on Guard Duty

Even if you take into account that he might have sat down and nodded off for a second, the benches that were provided for us had no backs.  He would have had to lay down on the ground which was cold hard-packed dirt, in order to get some real z's.

I have always thought that sleeping on guard duty was about the worst thing you could do in the military, short of maybe fragging a commander on the battlefield or deserting.  I am reading now on Reddit and other message boards that maybe it is more prevalent than I had thought.  A lot of people joke about it and the punishments for it may not be that severe, depending on whether or not any harm was caused.

My perception on this may be tainted by the fact that I received an Article 15 for sleeping in Basic Training on a day when I spent most of my time standing up in the back of a classroom in order to stay awake.  I even got down and did push-ups several times to stay awake.  It was a stiff punishment for something I do not think I did and which I definitely tried my hardest not to do.  I was certain I never fell asleep during training that day but one of my drill sergeants said I closed my eyes for a few seconds and he wrote me up for it and put me on restriction.  Since then I have been hyper-vigilant about staying awake when I am supposed to.  But maybe not everyone cares about this as much as I do because they did not have that experience.

Contractor's Bench
A Typical Contractor's Bench

That notwithstanding, my argument against the possibility that Guard 2 fell asleep is that, for one thing, the benches that were provided for us were what I call a Contractor's Bench.  I do not know if Guard 2 even had a bench but if he did it would likely have been just like the one I sat on.  A Contractor's Bench is something you slap together with scrap wood.  It is built so hastily it may not be balanced, so if you do not sit on it the right way it will rock and may even fall over.  It has no back so if you were to fall asleep while sitting on it you would fall off.

Now I have a lot of experience with sleeping in odd places and situations.  I used to sleep on the subway on my way to work.  I have the ability to sleep while sitting without falling over or snapping my neck.  I would not fall over or wake up with my head on a stranger's shoulder and I always woke up just in time to get off at my stop.  But that is on a seat with a back to lean against and other people's shoulders wedging you in place, not by yourself on a rickety bench.

Can you Sleep While Standing?

I also have the experience of having fallen asleep while standing several times in Basic Training.  I fell asleep in the chow line once and dropped my ID card.  Someone in the line picked it up and pocketed it while I was out and I had to get a new card.  I once fell asleep while standing at parade rest during a military parade.  The guy to my right started pushing on me and said, "C'mon Marceau, let's go!"

I looked to my left and the rest of my platoon was marching away.  I caught up and then turned my head to the guy who was now behind me and said, "It's over already?"

He replied, "What are you talking about?  We've been here for two hours."

It seemed like five minutes to me because I was sound asleep the entire time - on my feet.  Maybe it was not two full hours but it was definitely much longer than five minutes.

So OK, it is possible to fall asleep on a rickety bench.  But the circumstances behind me sleeping while standing were that I was in Basic Training, getting 4 hours of sleep a night, burning thousands of calories per day.  There were good reasons for me to fall asleep while standing.  I have never been able to do that since then, no matter how tired I have been.  Our Annual Training was nothing like Basic Training.  It was more like camping.  It was not that bad.  I cannot see the work we did causing anyone to be unable to keep their eyes open on a short guard duty - and we were only a few minutes into the shift.

A more likely scenario than sleeping while sitting was that maybe Guard 2 purposely laid down on the ground and took a nap.  But the ground was uneven hard-packed dirt.  The cold and the rocks would have been uncomfortable to lay on.  It would also have been a much greater risk, to lay down.  If a senior NCO or Officer came rolling down the road or snuck up on you, you would get a severe reprimand.  

It is one thing to be sitting and then nod off.  You could always say you were looking at something on the ground, or something, and maybe even pop up on your feet before anyone noticed you had your head down.  But if you are on the ground it would be harder to cover up what you were doing there, "Oh hey, Sarge.  I was just, uh... checking the treetops for thieves... on my back... with my eyes closed..."

All of that notwithstanding, the bigger issue is that we were warned to be on the lookout for civilians who might sneak on post and try to steal ammo.  Our driver told us that it had in fact happened the last time our unit did Annual Training at that location.  I would not learn the details on this until later on, that my dad was on duty when that happened.  But that is a story for another post.  At any rate, we were on high alert because of the distinct possibility that we would be robbed.  For me, that alone was enough to keep me awake and alert.

With all of that put together, how could Guard 2 NOT have seen what Mike and I saw?  Based on Mike's account of how long he saw the light I estimate there was about a fifteen minute period where the ship was either directly over Pad 2 or between Pads 2 and 3 (my location).  It would have been right over Guard 2, or very nearby, for up to fifteen minutes before gliding over my way.  How do you not see that?

By the way, it was huge.  It was larger than the one acre clearing I sat in.  And it glided slowly right over the treeline.  If you were anywhere near it, it was clearly visible.

How did Guard 2 not see it?  What happened?

What happened?

Alien Contact 

I think they got him.

Maybe he pointed his weapon at the ship and was viewed as a threat.  Or maybe he was spotted watching the ship by the creatures who were flying it and they wanted to make sure he did not report them.  Or maybe they were just curious about him.  But something happened which caused the occupants of the ship to either freeze Guard 2 or maybe they even brought him aboard.  I can only speculate.  Whatever it was, at the end they somehow erased his memory of the incident.

I know it is a stretch.  With our current technology and understanding of medicine it is not possible for humans to do something like that to other humans.  But it is also not possible for us to silently hover right over a tree line and then zip into space in a streak of light.  So we are dealing with a civilization which is thousands, possibly millions of years ahead of us.  It is plausible that if they possess the technology to create a spaceship with those capabilities they also possess the technology and understanding of biology to freeze people and erase parts of their memory.

We will likely never know for sure because neither Mike nor I can remember who Guard 2 was and I doubt anyone in our reserve unit kept records of who did what that night.  It was twenty-six years ago.

Working purely with logic, however, given the fact that intentionally sleeping on the cold dirt during guard duty (when we knew that civilians had raided the ammo in the past) or accidentally nodding off on a rickety bench on what was essentially a camping trip, is so highly unlikely, you have to allow for other options.  What other option could there be than that the spaceship, which the two guys on either side of Guard 2 saw, did something to him?

I would love to hear thoughts on this, or other suggestions from my readers.  Post your thoughts below in the Comments or on the David Marceau Facebook Page.

* This article was originally published on October 17, 2018.  It was updated and republished on December 4, 2019.

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