Why are we being visited now? Part 3

Today's post is the third and final (for now) post on why we are being visited more now than ever.  It seems like there has been a large uptick in sightings lately.  It started in the 1950's but over the past few years the number of sightings seems to have exploded.  Why is this?

Why are there no photos of aliens?
Why are there no photos of aliens?

Part 1 of this series of posts suggested it could be from all the radio waves we are blasting into space.  Maybe we are inadvertently calling people from other planets.  A friend of mine texted me after I posted that and said the movie Contact was based on a similar idea.

I looked it up and it did not look familiar.  I looked for it on Netflix but did not see it listed.  I still have a Blockbuster Video card.  Now, if only I had a time machine...

Part 2 went into all the nuclear tests which began in the 40's and continued for decades.  Perhaps all these blasts got the attention of passers-by or even of observers elsewhere in the galaxy.

Today the focus is more on current technology, specifically smartphones.  We think of the smartphone as something that has always been a part of our lives, these days.  My three kids cannot imagine a world where this did not exist.  They have always had access to computers and tablets.  The phone on our wall is somewhat mysterious, a relic from "back in the 1900's" which is how they refer to the last century.  Am I that old?

But we forget that it has only been a decade since we began carrying mini computers / movie studios in our pockets.  Prior to that most phones pretty much only made phone calls.  Sure, there were cameras in phones for several years before the iPhone came out but the quality was not very good.  For the most part, if you wanted to take a picture of something, you would use a separate, higher-quality device for that, which was only used for taking pictures, which meant you did not carry it around all the time.  It was a pain to get the pictures off too because you could not just text them or email them to people.

Alien Photos
Alien Photos

Alien Photos

In 1992 when I saw the Gagetown UFO I saw, I had two cameras.  My favorite was a 35mm SLR Chinon with a 200mm zoom lens.  It took incredible photos.  It also weighed at least five pounds and was far too bulky to carry around.  It would not even come close to fitting in a pocket, not even in the large cargo pockets I had on my Army BDU's the night I saw the spacecraft.  I would have had to wear it around my neck.  People would have wondered why I was taking a camera out into the woods at night while I was on guard duty.  Today you would think nothing of someone taking their smart phone (with built in, high-res camera) with them everywhere but in 1992 you would have drawn a lot of attention and raised many questions by carrying a camera with you on an 11pm guard duty.
Disposable Camera
Disposable Camera

Back then I also would often pick up a disposable camera for when I did not want to carry around the big bulky SLR with the zoom lens.  Disposable cameras did not take the best pictures but they were pretty cheap and rugged so they were great for times when you did not want to risk losing or damaging your nicer, better camera.  This would have been a much better option for me to carry into the woods on guard duty because it would have easily fit into my cargo pocket - maybe even into my hand pocket.

But again, people just did not think to carry cameras around with them everywhere they went, in the 90's.  What would I have expected to take a picture of, out there in the dark?  Bigfoot?  I have never believed in such things.  I certainly never imagined I would see a UFO - never even crossed my mind.

Alien Videos
Ancient video camera

Video cameras?  Forget about it.  They were even bigger.

When I think back on it, what if I did have a camera that night?  Certainly, having a picture of a gigantic UFO that was only 100-150 yards from me would have been life-changing for me and perhaps for people around the world.  But I also cringe when I think about what might have happened to me, there and then.  If I had had my 35mm camera, the mechanical auto advance function may have drawn the attention of the ship's occupants and caused them to want to come over to me and destroy the evidence.  The disposable camera would have been even worse because although it was not mechanized, it would have had a flash on it.  The flash would not go off unless you first charged it by pressing and holding a button, but sometimes those buttons would get pressed and the flash would get charged unintentionally.  What if I had tried to take a photo using only the moonlight and the stupid flash went off?  Surely that would have gotten the flight crew's attention.

In the end, as much as it would have been great to have a photo of the spaceship, it is probably best I did not have a camera on me that night or else I might not be here to tell people about it.

But what if I had had my current cell phone with me?  If my sighting had occurred two decades later I would certainly have been carrying a camera in my pocket.  I do not know if there is a cell phone signal as far out into the woods as I was that night but maybe just out of habit, I would have had my phone on me.  Maybe I would have wanted to play a game on it, to pass the time.

Even  though, at the time, I was paralyzed with fright and did not want to even turn my head too quickly, I am thinking that if I had a camera on me I probably would have wanted to capture some video of this thing.  Barely a day goes by that I do not snap a picture or a video of something.  How could I have watched an enormous spaceship from another planet gently glide by me for 5-7 minutes and NOT have pulled out  my phone?  I am pretty sure I would have.

This brings me to the premise of today's post.  With over two billion smartphones out there in everyone's pockets every day, there are now ample opportunities for people to capture a spaceship siting in still or video images.  We have more chances of getting proof and therefore more chances that people will tell their stories.  Maybe we are being visited more that ever - or maybe it is just that we are capturing more of these visitations and disseminating the information more easily.  Using social media, those stories are getting out, around the world.  And because it is on video, sighting witnesses are no longer being viewed as crazy people, we are being taken seriously.

I went over two decades, barely telling anyone about the Gagetown UFO sighting because I did not want people to think I was a kook.  I am now hoping my story gets out.  It needs to be told.

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