Intergalactic Messengers

Aliens are out there.  Their ships fly to our planet.  They check us out but they do not make contact.  Why are they hiding?  This is what I have termed The Marceau Paradox.  It is a next-conclusion from the Fermi Paradox (Where are they?).  I wrote quite a bit about this in mid-November 2018.  There is so much more to say about it.

The Oblivious Years

Scientists at The SETI Institute have been trying to find some signs, any signs, of life out there.  If someone is carelessly broadcasting TV and Radio signals in every direction, like we are, surely we should pick up those signals.  It is like we are playing a game of hide and seek, shouting to the Universe, "Hey everybody!  We're here!  Come find us!"  If any other civilization is foolish enough to do the same, we should intercept their signals.  Hmm... maybe others have learned not to do this because they ended up attracting the wrong kind of attention.  There are bullies on other planets who will make you regret calling out to them.  So why, after over 100 years, are we still doing this?

The Oblivious Years

People on other planets have obviously learned to not broadcast entertainment via radio waves.  Like us, they likely did this for a certain period of time, the Oblivious Years, which may have spanned about 100 of our years.  It is likely that, on other planets, as soon as alien visitors show up, people stop broadcasting their TV and Radio shows into space, for all to receive.  It is truly mind-boggling that we are still doing this.

What about point-to-point directed radio transmissions?  What about microwaves beams?  Should we not be able to pick up those transmissions?  Perhaps if they were directed straight at our planet.  Otherwise it would be difficult to grab a hold of someone else's signals with our current technology.  But the reverse could be true.  We do not know.  

Intergalactic Messengers

Our direct radio transmissions could be intercepted by advanced alien technology.  Sound impossible?  Think about secure financial transactions on the Internet.  The signals I send from my computer to my bank's servers are intended to be point-to-point.  But hackers can intercept these signals, over the Internet, and interpret them, stealing my personal information and my money.  This is why software engineers have created encryption.  Someday the encryption will be hacked and then the engineers will have to come up with a new scheme.  This will go on ad infinitum until we have a new way of banking.  It is likely that this cat and mouse game has already played out with radio transmissions by other civilizations, millions of years ago, and now they do not even bother with radio.

How do Aliens Communicate

When alien spaceships, like the spaceship I saw, fly over to observe us, how do they report their findings back to their home planets?  I think they do it the same way we would, if we wanted to get an important document across town, safely.  We would use a courier, like a bike messenger.  In this case the spaceship itself is the messenger.
How do Aliens Communicate?
If a spaceship can get from there to here, it can travel at (or faster than) the speed of light.  Therefore, there is no need to use radio or any other means of transmitted communication when the vessel itself is a communicator.  Relativists will need to sidestep the "faster than" part of this, for now, and just roll with the overall premise.  This could explain why there are so many sightings of weird lights in the sky, along with strange objects, but not many sightings of little green men or Greys.  Their ships are being used to physically transmit information about us back and forth to their home planets.

And yet, people have indeed reported seeing aliens.  Some even report being abducted and having medical experiments performed on them.  The stories are all basically the same.  How could all these people be making these stories up, independently of each other?  More on this in a future post.

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