This morning I sat at my desk with my daughter.  I help motivate her to do her school work.  Instead of working on her assignment, she peered at my computer screen.  She asked what I was reading.  I told her it was an academic article about studying UFOs.  This is completely normal in my house.  

The article was written by Alexander Wendt.  I was reading it as background for an article I planned to write - this one.  My daughter asked what it was about.  I told her it was about how Science (whoever that is) ignores the study of UFOs.  She asked why they would do that.  I know, right?  Since I had her attention I went into the following:

Science relies on the Scientific Method.  In order for something to be proven it has to be verifiable and repeatable.  For example, we know that pandemics change people's minds about vaccines.  We can observe and measure that.  We can then set up repeatable experiments.  UFOs, on the other hand, are most reliant on eye-witness observations of one-off events.  We cannot repeat these observations (although there have been many thousands of them, over the years).  It is not currently possible to predict when the next UFO visit will occur.  If only Marty McFly could swing by with a flyer from the future, revealing the precise moment a UFO will next show up...

Save The Clock Tower Image
Hello!  McFly!

So for Scientists, UFOs get lumped into the same Paranormal category of other things we cannot prove, like Bigfoot and El Chupacabra.  These scientists are people who have spent many years earning a PhD.  This is followed by many years of building a reputation of credibility.  No one wants to risk sticking their necks out.  No one has the courage to withstand the ridicule of their peers to associate themselves with the study of, "Little Green Men."  

I find this hilariously ironic.  In Scientists' attempts to distance themselves from the Paranormal by lumping UFOs into the same category as Bigfoots and Monsters, they are in fact likening themselves to the same folks who subscribe to Paranormal activity.  It would be in Scientists' best interest to slice the topic of UFOs out of the Paranormal and set it aside for further review.

Think about it, I told my daughter.  Forget that I am an eye witness to a close encounter and I make it a point to never lie - it is extremely important to me to be honest.  Look at it mathematically.  Here is when I get, "Woah! Woah! Woah! Back up.  What about the Tooth Fairy?"  Then I reply, "That was your mother's clandestine operation.  I just provided the funding for the program."  

Mathematicians will say it is a near mathematical certainty (nothing is 100% certain in Statistics) that with the infinite number of planets revolving around the infinite number of stars in the sky there is certainly intelligent life, elsewhere.  There are probably thousands, if not millions of intelligent species.  It is also highly likely that many of those species evolved millions of years before we did.


Sure!  We had highly developed life forms on this planet over 100 million years ago: the dinosaurs.  There is no record of dinosaurs having ever built anything.  We do not know if they had language or writing.  I do not assume they did.  I am just stating they were here 100 million years ago.  They walked around, some on two legs, munching on things, chillin'.  They were probably just like my kids.  Except they probably threw the empty chip bags in the trash instead of leaving them on the counter.  

Dinosaur Eating Chips
A dinosaur walking around, chillin'

At least one dinosaur had fingers that could grasp.  In some sense they were not unlike Early Man.  Over the course of four million years, we evolved.  Who knows how the dinosaurs would have evolved if they had not been wiped out by an asteroid 66 million years ago!

Maybe the dinosaurs would never have developed the intelligence to create complex language, writing, the wheel, computers, flight, etc.  Maybe they would never have come up with the greatest inventions in history, Ring Dings and molasses cookies.  But it is very likely that with all the life that statistically exists all over the Universe, that on the thousands and thousands of planets that are the same age as ours and able to support life, that intelligent life evolved there sometime between the creation of the dinosaurs and the creation of Man.  That would be millions of years ago.

On planets that are billions of years older than ours (and there are many) it is likely that intelligent life evolved there billions of years ago.  Yes billions!

It is hard to keep the attention of a tweenager with anything that does not involve memes and trite nonsense.  But I still had my daughter's attention at this point.  Maybe it was just that she did not want to start her school work, ergo why she sits with me.  Either way, I went on.  I said, think about all the technology we rely on every day.  Most of it was created within the past 100 years.  What if we had 100,000 years or 100 million years, like some aliens have?  What technology would we have then?

All that my kids watch online

I went on.  The Internet, as we know it, is only about 25 years old.  Think about what kind of information we would have access to in 25 million years!  She giggled and said, "Really old YouTube videos."  She is probably right.  We are doomed.  Anyway...

Science, as Wendt's article states, has an anthropocentric point of view.  People think we humans are at the center of the Universe, figuratively that is.  I explained to my daughter, this is really not much different from the view The Church had 500 years ago.  That was in fact a literal point of view.  I pointed east.  They saw the Sun come up in the east and go down in the west.  They naturally assumed the Sun revolved around the Earth.  This also supported what the Bible taught about Man.  We were the center of the known Universe.  At that time it consisted mainly of our own solar system.

Then I explained, guys like Copernicus and Galileo came along.  They pointed out that the Earth is not in fact at the center of our solar system.  The Sun is!  We have not progressed much further from those days in terms of our anthropocentrism.  Science, Wendt argues, still acts as if Mankind is at the center of everything - like everything that ever occurs does so in relation to us.  We are very arrogant.  And by "we" I mean the "royal we," Science.

Now we get to the reason I was reading Wendt's paper.  I was first introduced to Wendt's work in a recent Vox article about Alexander Wendt.  I was astounded at how similar Wendt's ideas were to many of my own.  I have written much about these ideas on this blog over the past two years.  Much of what Wendt discussed in the Vox article was old business, for me.  But he mentioned his academic paper and I decided to look it up and read it.  I mean, an Academic who takes UFOs seriously!  Really!  I had to read this.  Therein, Wendt brings up this idea of Science being "anthropocentric."  That got me thinking.

What does Anthroposcient mean?

I now take this concept a step further.  I use the term anthropocentric to coin a term which succinctly herds, corrals, and brands the essence of what I have been writing about for the past two years.  It is not just that Science is anthropocentric.  True, we think Man is at the center of everything and everything happens in relation to Man.  Moreso, it is that we are anthroposcient - anthropo, meaning "of a human being" and scient being a derivative of "science" which literally means "knowledge." 

We think that Man is only-knowing.  It is like the word omniscient, or all-knowing, a term many use in reference to God.  In this case, if there is something knowable, Man knows it.  If we do not know it, it is not knowable - at least, that is what Science seems to think when it comes to UFOs.

Really?  Yah.  If you have ever read this blog before today you will have seen me use the following phrase over and over:  "If they can get from there to here (wherever there is)..."  If you can believe any of the thousands of eye-witness accounts, my own being one of them, we know aliens can get from there to here.  This is also, of course, accepting the premise that what I saw was indeed from out of this world.  That is the subject of other articles.  For now we proceed with this understanding.

If they can get from there to here they have figured out interstellar travel.  Maybe that means faster than light (FTL) travel.  Maybe it is a warp drive.  Maybe it means worm-holes.  More likely, it is the Möbiverse or Punch Tunnel Theory.  Whichever it is, is beyond the scope of this article.  We just know that they have figured it out.  

Science has a hard time with this.  We have not figured out any of these technologies.  We are the smartest creatures in the Universe (word).  Therefore, no one on any other planet could have figured these things out.  

If we cannot figure out how to get from here to there (wherever here is) then surely they cannot figure out how to get from there to here.  Anthroposcience.


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