Do Aliens Go Camping?

I was awoken at 4:45 AM Tuesday morning.  My daughter said, "I thought we were leaving at four."  I had overslept.  That was OK.  I needed the sleep for what we were about to embark upon.  I told her to wake up her brother and head downstairs for breakfast.

The kids slept most of the way, up to the mountains.  It was early for them.  Mrs. M called around 8:00.  "Is that rain?" she asked.  "Yes, it's pouring," was my response.  It was bright and sunny back home in Connecticut.  We arrived at the trail head around 8:30.  The rain had just stopped.  We put on our overstuffed packs and began our hike.

The pace was slow, about a mile an hour.  They are young.  I am getting old.  I needed the kids to push me in the beginning.  They needed me to push them in the end.  We made camp around 11:00.

Do Aliens Go Camping?
Our little secret

For the next two days, me and two of my kids would have nothing to do - we literally had nothing to do, no TV, no Xbox, not even a cellular or broadband signal.  We were completely unplugged with nothing but a pristine pond, virgin forest, and the creatures who lived there.

For the next two days, me and the kids would have nothing to think about either - no work, no schedules, no projects - nothing, that is except, what would aliens make of all this?  I thought a lot about this.  I wondered:
  • Do aliens go camping?
  • Why do aliens abduct people?
To me, the two questions went hand-in-hand.  The second question sort of wags the dog, though.  Today, I will pontificate on just the first question.

Do Aliens Go Camping?

Really, there is no way for us to know this for sure without meeting some aliens and asking them.  But I like to analyze what humans do and compare and contrast this with the little that we know about UFO sightings and other Contact stories.  Sure, some of these are just stories.  But criminals have been convicted on a preponderance of evidence and we certainly have tremendous amounts of evidence of alien visitation to Earth.

Perhaps visiting Earth is similar to camping, for aliens.  Perhaps they go "car camping."  We did that last week, the whole family.  We loaded up the Family Truckster, the old Chevy Suburban we keep on the road for just such an occasion.  The place we camped had no electricity but we had a couple coolers and a two-burner stove, a huge tent, the kids' bikes, tubes to float in, everything but the kitchen sink - we used a bucket for that.  In all, we had hundreds of pounds of gear.

Some people forgo the tent and camp in an RV or a camping trailer.  Sleeping on the ground is no fun and it is nice to have your own bathroom.  The gear is less essential because so many amenities are built into the camper.

The alien version of this type of camping would be loading up the Family Spaceship-ster-er with all the gear and supplies they may need for interstellar travel.  There is likely a specific vehicle for this.  Why not?  Earthan people have many options to choose from.  I have already listed three, the Suburban, the RV, the trailer.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) surely must have dozens, if not hundreds of options for taking the family to space camp.  This concept is supported by the huge variety of spaceships witnesses have reported seeing, over the years.  

Instead of a campground, aliens might drop anchor, so to speak, on the far side of the moon.  Or, I heard Titan is nice, this time of year.

Our trip this week was more like survival camping.  The kids each carried 30-40 pounds of gear and supplies and I carried closer to 50 pounds.  We had only the basic essentials.  Dried food, enough water for the hike, sleeping gear.  I would like for us to collectively cut out another 20 pounds for next year.  That makes the hike in, so much easier.

We had fishing rods and worms with us to catch some of our food.  I brought the worms for bait because last year we planned on digging up worms when we got there but then found the soil was too rocky and had too many tree roots so we were unable to dig.  This meant no fishing which meant we were one meal short.  Thankfully, the kids did not complain about this.  (Do not worry, we were never in danger of starving.)  We had a grown-up-like conversation about it, reapportioned our rations, and went straight to an all you can eat buffet when we got back to civilization.  


Would aliens do this kind of camping?  Maybe.  Coming to Earth, from an more advanced solar system, would be closer to this second type of survival camping than it would be to the car camping.  Sure, aliens would have the option of taking an RV-type of spaceship here but once they got here there would not be much to do.  We do not have the equivalent of whatever broadband internet access would be for aliens.  Coming to Earth would really be roughing it.

Aliens would also have to bring tons of food with them for a trip to Earth.  I have wondered why there are strange reports of cattle abductions, now and then.  What would aliens want with cows?  Maybe it is the same thing we want cows for - they are delicious!  It would be like me hiking in to the wilderness, planning on catching a fish for dinner.  Aliens "hike" in, planning on catching a cow.

I brought my fishing rod on our back-to-basics camping trip.  Maybe aliens bring a tractor beam to beam up some cows, for dinner.  Sometimes, a rancher will find a dead cow without a drop of blood in it or they will find just an empty carcass.  When I am done with a fish I will discard the carcass.  I do not leave the remains in the same condition as a rancher would find his cow but then, I do not have an interstellar RV with lasers.

I wonder what they would use for worms.  Maybe one of those vegan burgers.  I still have not tried one - sounds gross - the vegan burger - and the worms.  Both gross.

This may explain why aliens abduct cows.  But why do they abduct people?  I will dig into this in my next article, Why do Aliens Abduct People?

Darkness falls across the land

Bedtime comes early, in the wilderness.  We make a fire before sundown but it is too warm out to enjoy the heat.  The fire is really just an excuse to play with fire, in a safe, rock-lined container.  We are in our sleeping bags by 8:30 PM and out cold by 9:00.  The air cools, the crickets chirp, we sleep well, despite the lack of mattresses.  

The second night, I opened my eyes wide and looked out at a bright moon.  I looked at my watch.  It was 11:20.  It was the same time as my UFO Sighting at Gagetown, New Brunswick in 1992.  It was also only a week prior to the anniversary date of that sighting.

I do not believe in signs or omens.  Coincidences are just that.  I did not expect to see an alien spaceship gliding above the treeline just because I happened to wake up in a similar situation deep in a forest, near the anniversary date of my prior sighting, at the exact time of the sighting.  Still, I laced my fingers behind my head and looked out over the pond for several minutes.  

I simultaneously hoped to see a UFO and hoped to not see one.  I would like to think that I would not be so frightened this time around.  But I know that anyone who can get from there to here could squash me like a bug.  My children were with me.  I am fearless when it comes to defending them.  But still... aliens.

A plan was all worked out in my mind.  I would tap the kids on the arm and whisper, "Kids!  UFO!" while opening the camera app on my phone.  This time, there would be video.  But soon I fell back asleep.

I was awoken at 5:30 AM.  My son was tapping on my arm.  He whispered, "Dad!  A wolf!"  I did not turn on my camera or even open my eyes.  I told him it was just a loon.  We went back to sleep until it was time to break camp.

A loon, where we camped

Coming up in the next post, Why do Aliens Abduct People?

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