Life After Isaias

I woke up earlier than usual this morning.  "Usual" is between four and five in the morning, to put that in context.  I laid there for a while thinking about ski season.  I looked at my phone for a few minutes.  Then I noticed a bright planet in the sky.  At first I thought it was Mars.  But then I looked it up and it was probably Venus.  I do not remember it ever looking so bright.

Since, by that time, it was almost time for me to get I decided to head downstairs and put up a blog post.  It has been a couple weeks.  After appearing on Unidentified last month I had intended to write more frequently, at least once a week.  Mother Nature had other ideas.

Life After Isaias
Trees down on my property after Isaias

Hurricane Isaias hit Connecticut on August 4th, 2020.  My family and I were out of town at the time.  It was a good thing we were.  Our town was pummeled.  We came home find four trees down on our property and branches everywhere.  Part of the largest tree was hanging over the road.  Somehow, we lucked out and none of the trees did any damage.  They missed the garden, my solar lights, and some cherry saplings I had planted.  I could not believe it.

We did not come out of it completely unscathed, though.  There was a prolonged blackout.  On the way home, Wednesday the fifth, I asked Mrs. M. if she thought we should pick up a new generator.  We had already heard that most of our town was without power.  We had a small gasoline generator at home but I was not sure if it would start - we had not used it since Hurricane Sandy, which left us without power for a week.  Plus, the generator was barely powerful enough to run the refrigerator.  We thought, if we ended up not needing a new generator we could either return it or we could easily sell it to someone else without power.  I said to my wife, "I'll kick myself if we get home and can't get the old generator to work and we could've easily picked one up on the way home."  We bought a new generator in Clifton Park, New York, knowing we would not find one within a hundred miles of our house.

Gas lines in Fairfield County after Isaias

I bought some gas and we ran an extension cord from the new generator to the fridge to save whatever food had not already begun to spoil.  The next day I hard-wired the generator to our circuit panel.  Then I gave the old generator to my mom and wired it up for her.

Power is nice to have but the cable was still down and without that we had no internet.  Broadband was limited because everyone was using it for streaming movies, I guess.  There may also have been a cell tower with no power.  In total, my house was without power and Internet for nine days.  Sometimes I miss opportunities out of reserved caution.  I am very happy with myself for getting the new generator.

So this is why I have not written a blog post in over two weeks.  It is also why I missed Episode 5 of Unidentified - I will have to find it online, unless it was repeated.  But the biggest upset for me was I was supposed to interview a big name in the UFO Community the day I was hooking up my generator.  I could have figured out a way to do it on my phone or at another location but hot running water for my family was a bigger priority for me at the time.  Now that things are back to normal (normal for 2020) I will reach out to this person and see if we can reschedule for this week.  Stay tuned...

Alien Parlor Stories

Leading up to my appearance on Unidentified I half expected my family to be psyched about it.  I got some big accolades from my two closest cousins and their mom but here in the little cottage in Connecticut it has been business as usual.  It was like, "Hmm... Daddy was on TV.  Can you sign me in to the Battle Pass?"

This may have just been some more of that Marceau reserved caution.  Now that power and Internet are back and I have cut up most of the trees that fell, we are resuming social (distanced) engagements.  We had some friends over Saturday night for s'mores and sparklers at the Distant Social Pit.  Once it got dark and the fire was raging, Mrs. M. was delighted to share my Z-List celebrity status with our guests.  She asked me if I would mind telling my UFO story.

C-3PO-like narrative
Telling Ghost Stories around the Campfire

I revealed that there was a time, up until about two years ago, that I would have been reluctant to do a C-3PO-like narrative of my sighting in front of my whole family and five guests - guests I like a lot but have not gotten together with much, in the seven years we have known them.  I explained to them that it used to be more difficult.  Telling my story would transport me back to the place and time when it happened and I would re-experience the terror I felt that night.  But writing this blog had helped me overcome it.  Now, telling the story is not such a big deal.  What is a big deal is who I tell it to.

Our friends' kids cozied up to their parents, on their laps or at their feet, on the opposite side of the fire from my family.  My kids turned their chairs towards me.  Everyone stopped talking.  All eyes were on me.  It was showtime.  I probably spoke for a good twenty minutes.  At times I stood up.  I used my hands.  In the light of the fire, my "ghost story" held the ten of us in its grip.  I finished satisfied that I had spread the gospel.

Alien Parlor Stories
Alien Parlor Stories at the Distant Social Pit

I told our friends I had been sitting on this information for nearly thirty years.  My primary goal behind contacting Luis Elizondo two years ago was to put this information into the hands of someone who could do something with it.  Now that this goal has been accomplished, now that I am "out" with my story, I suppose it is not such a bad thing to spend the rest of my life as parlour entertainment.

The Other Witness

One final bit of fallout from the blackout is I have been playing phone-tag with Mike, "the other witness" to my sighting.  He left me a voice message sometime after our episode of Unidentified aired.  I have been away from home for several days every week since then, camping or doing other family stuff and then a short business trip.  That plus the blackout, I have not connected directly with Mike yet.  

Mike left the first voice message to tell me he saw the episode and thought it went well.  I am eager to exchange notes with him.  I will ask him how he feels about including some of this thoughts on this blog.  He is an interesting guy.  I expect he will have some new insights to share with me.

That is my update for today.  I will post some of my usual alien philosophy as soon as I can and will also Tweet out some updates on when readers can expect to see the big interview I plan to do, mentioned above.

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