Three years of Writing

Three years ago on September 24, 2018, I started a blog.  This first post was a simple narration of how and why I got into UFOlogy, titled Post One.  I have discussed my story many times on this blog, other people's podcasts, and History Channel's Unidentified so I will not go into that now.  What is significant about that post was that it was a pivot point for me and perhaps by extension for the UFO Community.  As this blog approaches 300,000 views, I can say the world is much different than it was three years ago.

I posted blog articles every day that first week.  I wrote about my pending 15 Minutes of Fame.  I wrote about one of the biggest Charlatans in UFOlogy at the time in I'm Not Steven Greer.  I wrote a simple blurb about how a friend had continuously encouraged me to come forward with my story in Why am I doing This?  I wrapped up that first week discussing the competing terms UAP versus UFO.

UFO Blog

My Blog

Since that first week of writing, my 15 Minutes of Fame has thankfully come and gone, for the most part.  It peaked when my episode of Unidentified premiered nearly two years later.  Friends and family congratulated me on finally getting my experience publicized.  I was then featured on That UFO Podcast, Punk Rock and UFOs, and numerous online forum posts.  Things got quiet for a while until recently when I was contacted by Reddit's UFO Believers podcast, The Singularity Lab, and finally Podcast UFO.  I suppose it will continue like this indefinitely, waxing and waning periodically.  That is fine.  I do not want to be famous but I am comfortable discussing my encounter.

charlatan Mick West

Moving on to Steven Greer - we do not hear as much about this joker lately as we did three years ago.  It makes me wonder if it is because people are on to him and are not giving him as much oxygen as previously or if it is because he has bilked unfortunate "Believers" out of enough money and can retire now.  I wonder if he ever feels guilty about that.  

Maybe we do not hear as much about Steven Greer these days because he has been supplaced by an even bigger charlatan Mick West.  This is a guy who bills himself as a "Debunker" or someone who tries to dispel conspiracy theories.  However, he comes at the subject with the forgone conclusion that all UFO sightings are lies or mistakes.  He attempts to prove his points using a combination of pseudoscience and re-enactments akin to parlor tricks, thereby making him a purveyor of conspiracy theories himself, as it were.  Irony is fun!

I am still good friends with the guy who urged me to come forward with my story.  I have referred to him as "G-Man" in several articles.  These days he urges me to buy NFTs like Save The Martians.  I sold one that made me a 750% profit and paid for all the others I bought so it was not bad advice.

Save The Martians
Save the Martians

The UAP versus UFO debate rages on, three years later.  The US Government continues to propagate the term UAP while people in the UFO Community seem OK with keeping the old term alive.  Me too, I prefer UFO, generally speaking.  When I talk about my own sighting I use "alien space ship" because that was what it was.  It was not "unidentified" it was indeed identified as something humans were incapable of building.  That sighting was nearly 30 years ago and we still cannot replicate most of the technology that ship exhibited.

One subject I did not write about during that first week was what the government was doing about alien visitations.  This was probably because, as far as I knew, they were doing nothing.  Since then, there have been some new developments.  In June of 2020, US Senator Marco Rubio and others on the Senate Intelligence Committee began demanding answers to questions, questions which regarded national security.  Are we being visited?  If so, by whom?  Is someone penetrating US airspace using technology which far surpasses anything in the US arsenal?

Finally, three decades after I first asked myself the question, "Why does nobody in the government care about UFOs," someone was taking notice.  About a month after Rubio announced his investigation was under way, my episode of Unidentified aired.  I texted the show's host former AATIP Director at the Pentagon, Lue Elizondo to let him know I enjoyed the episode, especially seeing my incident being discussed by him and Chris Mellon.  That was all I had ever hoped for by going public, to get my information into the hands of people who could do something with it.  Lue texted back, "And you are making a difference! People in D.C. are watching!"  Awesome.

A year later, the Senate released the results of their investigation in a UFO Report.  Most of the report was classified and it included the classic and ridiculous mention of balloons being mistaken for at least one sighting.  (That one may have legitimately been a balloon, for once.)  But still, there were a lot of questions the investigation could not answer.  They could not say that UFOs are Russian or Chinese.  They could not rule out extraterrestrial origins, either.  That was a step in the right direction.  Just having an open and honest discussion without giggling was a step in the right direction.

Did I have anything to do with that?  I would like to think so, though I am not taking credit by any means.  I would say the folks involved with the Nimitz Encounter do deserve a lot of credit, as do the team at To The Stars Academy, Tom DeLonge, Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon, etc.  But still, I smile a little when I think I may have helped in some small part.

UFO Sighting in Gagetown

Three years...  I could not have imagined how those years would have gone.  I cannot imagine how the next three will go.  But I am setting the course today.  I now have about 55,000 words written in my memoires.  The story will, of course, feature my UFO Sighting in Gagetown.  I cannot wait to finish it.  Stay tuned...

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.