The Marceau Contest

It has been two years since I first issued a challenge to Science, whoever she is.  There are thousands and thousands of eye-witness accounts of UFOs.  The US Navy has even released some UFO videos.  In many of these stories the aircraft involved is able to float effortlessly without any visible means of propulsion.  They are somehow able to repel gravity.  How do they do that?  

I have some ideas.  Bear in mind I am not a scientist and I do not suppose that my ideas have any basis in science.  They are merely ideas, hypotheses, and I would be just as happy if someone disproved them as if someone actually proved them - at least then we are narrowing down the options.

Attract Gravity,
Attract Gravity
Source: Khan Academy

I have proposed that perhaps when we are visited by aircraft from other planets their means of floating is not actually repelling Earth's gravity but rather locking on to some other, stronger gravitational pull.  Perhaps it is our sun or the sun in the solar system the aircraft comes from.  Maybe it is our moon.  Since that other source of gravity is far away, it is relatively weaker than Earth's gravity so we are not affected by it.  But a star's gravity is still absolutely stronger than Earth's.

With humanity's understanding of physics it is science fiction to suggest we can lock onto a distant star's gravitational pull and allow ourselves to get sucked into it.  But then, hand-held communicators/computers were science fiction in the 1960's and fifty years later everyone carries one around in their pocket.

Hand-held Communicator

The challenge I issued to Ms. Science was for someone, some brilliant physicist, to prove my hypothesis.  I would like someone to take up the cause and prove it is possible to lock on to a source of gravity that is absolutely stronger than Earth's gravity but which is so far away that is is relatively weaker and then to use that gravity to attract an object.  This is what I call The Marceau Contest.

When I first issued this challenge I offered the winner a grand prize of one dollar.  You could say it was a gentleman's bet, of sorts.  Second prize was an Archway Molasses Cookie.  A year later no one had won.  I cannot imagine why.  This should be an easy academic exercise and there is a whole dollar in it for the winner, or maybe even a cookie.  I upped the ante in Year 2 with a whole box of Ring Dings.  I concede that not everyone likes molasses cookies but who does not like Ring Dings?  They are fully of saturated fat and high-fructose corn syrup, also known as "flavor."  Plus, in these days of COVID, a box of individually wrapped Ring Dings is probably more attractive than one cookie from an open package.  I get it.

Still, two years after issuing this challenge no one has made a bit of headway on proving this concept.  Neither has anyone attempted to disprove it.  So once again, I will up the ante.  If a dollar or a box of treats is not enough, perhaps this time I need to think bigger.  If someone can prove my concept I will get The Beatles to reunite for a live concert.  This would be an incredible feat since I do not know any of the Beatles and I am pretty sure Ringo hates everyone.  I am joking of course.  Paul and Ringo are good friends.  Getting John and George to join will be a greater challenge, though, for obvious reasons.

As a sort of side bet in The Marceau Contest I have also proposed that light may have components similar to DNA.  I came to this realization when I thought about the light that was emitted from the spaceship I saw.  The three horizontal lights that wrapped around the front of the aircraft were intensely bright but they did not shine.  They were so bright that Mike, the other witness, thought he was looking at a flare from his vantage point.  Yet, they did not seem to illuminate anything in front of them.  (The artist's rendition below shows them shining like headlights but they actually did not.)  It was as if they were five-sided cubes of light.  I know that sounds illogical but it is what I saw with my own eyes.

DNA of Light

Somehow, whoever built that aircraft was able to manipulate light in a way we humans do not understand.  Perhaps the basis of this ability is the same foundation which allows them to get from there to here (wherever there is) in a reasonable amount of time.

If someone can identify the "DNA of Light" and map it there is a whole package of molasses cookies in it for you.  In addition, I will now sweeten the pot by getting Nirvana to reunite for a live show.

Better yet, what if Nirvana and The Beatles joined up and jammed together?  Here you go:

Video - Sir Paul Jams with Grohl & Novoselic

Back to reality, obviously I will never get The Beatles or Nirvana to reunite due to the permanent absence of some key members of each band.  But despite the light-hearted nature of this article I am serious about these Gravity Attraction and DNA of Light concepts.  I do not have much to offer.  I can make you a pizza from scratch, maybe.   You can choose the toppings.  Lue Elizondo likes to make pizza.  Maybe I can talk him into joining if it is an accomplishment this monumental.  I might have to sell him my motorcycle to get that to happen, though.  He really likes that bike.

So there are two ways to win The Marceau Contest.  Prove (or disprove) one of these two hypotheses.  Aliens can get to Earth in a reasonable amount of time because: 

  1. They lock-on to and attract far-away sources of gravity
  2. They have discovered a "DNA" of light, decoded it and mapped it

The winner gets a dollar, a box of Ring Dings, and a homemade pizza.  Also, you would probably win the Nobel Prize for Science but I have no control over that.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.