Is Disclosure Coming from Aliens?

Recently, I saw a question posed on a UAP discussion group I follow.  A member named Chris posted, 

"I hear a lot of people talk about disclosure but sometimes I wonder if the real disclosure does not come from UAPs and possibly aliens or their AI?

I mean, if UAPs are in fact ET tech, maybe they are just initiating contact progressively. In other words, they are disclosing their presence to us in a step by step way."

Interesting concept.  Let us explore this.

Are Aliens Driving Disclosure?

The term Disclosure is baited with all sorts baggage.  Conspiracy Theorists and their pseudo-science Debunker counterparts look at the concept of Disclosure as marking a moment in time.  It will be the pivotal point when some sort of announcement by The Government (whoever that is) ushers the world from not believing in UFOs to having a clear-headed awareness that we are not alone.  

Level-headed people see Disclosure as more of a process than an event.  The pending Senate Report on UAPs is evidence of that.  There is acknowledgement that there are things flying around in our airspace that the government knows about but cannot identify.  But they will not go so far as to announce that it is alien technology.

In related news, I drank a black, bitter, caffeinated beverage that I could not identify, this morning.  I will not go so far as to announce that it was coffee, though.

In my interview with Luis Elizondo in the fall of 2020 Lue stated:

"I think [Disclosure is] happening.  I think you're already seeing me having the ability to have a discussion that just even a year ago I couldn't have... It's happening now.  Again, this is a process, it's not an event.  People have to understand you have to have patience.  We only made it this far because we're running a marathon.  This isn't a sprint."

Disclosure is Happening

If Disclosure is indeed under way who is driving it?  Most people would say it is the major Influencers in the UFO Community, popular #UFOTwitter members like UFO Jesus and Ryan Sprague and Luis Elizondo himself.  I would add-in the collective force of everyone who follows and contributes to UFO news.  It is all of us.

Still, the question keeps popping up.  I asked Lue a similar question, "Who is driving the Disclosure process?"  I told him that some folks think it is aliens.  I expected Lue to laugh off the question and move on to more rational topics.  But he was ready with a response.  I wrote:

Lue likened the belief that humans are not in control of Disclosure to forces beyond our control which influence us, like the weather.  "Is it possible there's something out there that is influencing us?  Well we know the environment sure as hell does.  It's not purposely trying to hurt us or influence us but it does."  

Could there be other forces out there trying to interfere with us?  "Sure, but you have to have the evidence to back that up."

At the time, I left the question with the response Lue provided and did not revisit it.  I was satisfied with the notion that it is probably not the case that aliens are driving Disclosure but if someone has some evidence, bring it on.

Certainly, I offer no evidence of this.  Even my own UFO encounter is evidenced solely by mine and Mike's eye-witness testimony.  But what I can offer is thought - a What if?  What if aliens were driving Disclosure?

It seems the first question one would have to ask prior to answering the What if is, Why?  Why would aliens want to drive this process?  The answer to that would have to be because they want the people of Earth to know they are here, right?  

OK, but then why not just make the proverbial landing on the White House lawn?  Certainly, anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) would have the ability to do this without being shot down by fighter jets.  Maybe they have tried that in the past on other planets and all hell broke loose.  In that case they would know from experience that even if they can evade our defenses that landing on the White House lawn, or in Red Square for that matter, would be perceived as a provocative action, one which may instigate retaliation.  It would shame us and we would never forget it.  We would have to get back at them, vengeful little beasts that we are.

Imagine you just moved into a new house.  You want to meet your new neighbors.  Your options are, 

  1. Bring them a gift like a pie or a bottle of wine, or
  2. Kick the door down and yell, "We're here, biaches!"  

Option A would probably leave a better, lasting impression.

Another option aliens may consider is to take over our airwaves and make an announcement.  Surely, a society which has mastered the ability to manipulate the fabric of gravity and spacetime would have no problem commandeering our TV/Radio airwaves.  But what if humans found them grotesque to look at?  If they all looked like big hairy spiders, for example, most Earthan people would demand we immediately squash these disgusting creatures.  (Of course, we would probably be as ugly to them as they were to us, word.)

So, if aliens wanted us to know they were here they might try some covert operation to bring about a softer form of Disclosure than bursting in like Yosemite Sam.  That makes sense.  But again, why?  

We're here!  Where all the Earth girls at?

Why would aliens want us to know they are here?

  • Aliens can gain financially from us
  • Aliens see us as a threat to them
  • Aliens see us as a threat to ourselves

In How Would we Trade with Aliens economist, Dr. John Glascock, discussed trading with aliens, with me.  Glascock seemed convinced that aliens have nothing to gain from interacting with us.  Anyone who could get from there to here could produce anything they wanted without any raw materials simply by modifying the structure of any atoms, for example.  I want to believe that is not the case but I have a lot of respect for Dr. Glascock and know he is probably right.

Dr. Glascock on Interplanetary Trade

If aliens have nothing to gain financially from interacting with us why else would they?  

If they saw us as a threat to them they may want to put a leash on us.  But they have not done that, so far.  US, Russian, and other advanced defense manufacturers keep churning out bigger and badder weapons and our governments keep buying them.

If they saw us as a threat to ourselves they may want to help us but, like I wrote in the Frog Corollary, they do not seem to care.  I actually prayed, Greer-style, that aliens would heal me when I had cancer a couple years ago.  But they did not.  For the record, a hot-shot surgeon with a remote controlled laser beam took care of me.

Really, when it comes down to it, there are no good reasons for aliens to make contact with us.  They would be much better off observing us like the wild zoo animals we are and staying in their safari UFOs.

So, could aliens be driving Disclosure?  OK, sure, why not?  But why would they?

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.


  1. The disclosure itself is for Aliens, not for Humans, 'cause we don't care what this disclosure will influence our life, but they care because we don't understand who they are, or why they're gonna try to disclose their existence ... I personally hope they won't be hesitant to show up in public, as I'll never be afraid of their appearance !


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