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I started this blog two years ago, September 24, 2018.  I was new to the community which now makes up my most avid readers.  I knew nothing about the subject other than that I had had an experience which linked me to these folks.

In the two years that followed my first blog post a lot has happened.  UFOs have gone more mainstream in large part thanks to the efforts of TTSA.  This has culminated in the founding of an official US Government UFO Task Force, to study alien visits.  That is amazing!

In an effort to create a relationship with people who are interested in my own sighting story, to further identify with this community, I have done a tremendous amount of research.  I have studied other UFO cases.  I have watched UFO current events on this topic.  I have read up on quantum mechanics.  

I will never know as much about any of those subjects as I would like to.  But I have scratched the surface enough to get a good idea of what the UFO Community is all about and also, to share some feedback on it. I have pontificated, permulated, and perseverated.  I published over 150 articles here.

Who knew this thing would take off!  It did.  By the end of this month the blog will have over 100,000 page views.  Wow!

People are reading this in over 55 distinct countries - the list is at the end of this article.  Find your country.  There are a lot of "Other" or "Unknown Region" listings so if you do not see your country listed, let me know in the Comments so I can give your country a shout-out.

The Logic of UFOs
Shout out to Uganda, Turkmenistan, and North Macedonia


Much has happened within the subject of UFOs since that first blog post two years ago.  UFOs changed their name.  My sister changed her name when I was a kid.  I am not sure why.  She was still the same person we all loved on the inside.  There was no need to change her name.  I feel the same with UFOs.  Call them UAPs if you want.  I am OK with still using the UFO moniker despite the fact that what I saw was clearly identified.

Once you change the name of something it is hard to go back.  The Interboro Parkway in Queens will forever more be the Jackie Robinson Parkway.  I am OK with that but I will never get used to calling the Tappan Zee Bridge the Mario Cuomo.  I remember hearing an interview with the guy who starred in Young Einstein.  He had changed his name to Yahoo Serious for show business.  One day decided he wanted to change his name back to Greg Pead but found it was much harder to change your name back to its original than it is to change it in the first place.  So he kept the new bizarre name.  I hope we get this UFO/UAP thing sorted out soon.


Two years ago, it took a couple weeks of writing for me to initially find my voice.  It happened accidentally when I went to watch a friend play with his band.  Between sets my friend introduced me to his friend who is a psychologist.  I do not remember how it came up but we started talking about UFOs.  It must have been the pint of pilsner in me because I opened up to this guy about the years of trauma my UFO sighting had caused.  It was not an everyday occurrence.  It was only when I would tell people the story of my sighting.  In my mind I would be transported back to the spot where the sighting took place.  People would tell me I was visibly shaken after telling them about it.  

I went home that night and wrote about this UFO PSTD and some other psychology.  That pretty much set the tone for future articles.  I decided I was not going to recreate the wheel and be the next UFO Joe, an investigative journalist.  I was not going to be the next UFO Jesus, and advocate for Disclosure.  I definitely was not going to be the next Steven Greer, a charlatan who sells UFO Snake Oil.  I was going to philosophize.  I would use my experience as a jumping off point.  I do not need to prove aliens exist, I saw a spaceship.  That gave me the liberty to say, now that we know this, why are aliens here and why are aliens hiding from us?

Then I went further on that tack.  I began thinking about aliens a lot.  Columbus Day rolled around and ignited a flame.  I imagined all of Planet Earth being like North America in the 1400s.  Perhaps there is an alien Christopher Columbus out there who will "discover" Earth.  Let us think about how that might turn out.  * Spoiler Alert * it did not turn out so well for the people who were already living in North America when Columbus arrived.

After that I wondered, what if aliens are already here walking amongst us?  I wondered, how do you spot an alien?  It reminded me of one time when I took my kids for a hike and I found some strange insects who all built the same little houses around their larvae.  I wondered if aliens disguised as insects was a thing.  I followed that up with an insinuation that maybe aliens are here and they disguise themselves as guys who look like Steve Carell.  I had a lot of fun with that.  No offense to Steve Carell.  He is a great actor.  I chose him because he is like an "every man" that a smart race of aliens would choose to emulate rather than standing out as a bunch of Brad Pitts.

Every Man Steve Carell
Every Man Steve Carell

Not long after beginning this blog I had a reunion with the guy I have often referred to here as Mike, The Other Witness.  The article I posted about this has not received a lot of views.  I wonder why.  I have always thought that Mike's reluctant cooperation with TTSA and History Channel was key to corroborating my account.  It makes me think that either people want to believe in UFOs and Mike's testimony is unnecessary or they steadfastly refuse to believe any number of eye-witness accounts and Mike's verification is irrelevant.  People are strange.  Sometimes I feel like I understand aliens better than people, even though I have never met an alien.

The Logic of UFOs

I always figured that my story alone is not enough to convince some people that we are being visited.  Maybe I can pepper in a little Science.  I took a look at some of the common reasons people list for believing there is no one else in the Universe but us Earthans.  I wrote about why the Rare Earth theory is invalid.  I wrote about why the SETI Institute is on the wrong track.  One by one I knocked off all the reasons why human beings cannot be the only people in the Universe.

So if we are not alone, and I know that is true, I have to keep coming back to why are they hiding from us?  I wondered, are humans too violent for aliens?  Or, are aliens afraid we will eat them?  Maybe they think of us like pets or zoo animals and they like us right where we are.  That would support the Zoo Hypothesis.  Or it is a combination of those topics.  We are like snakes or alligators to aliens.  In other words, Earth is like an alien reptile house at a zoo.

Of course, this is all in good fun.  I have no idea why aliens do not make contact with us.  But I like to think about it and to then share my thoughts.  So I took this a step further.  As I sipped hot coffee in the quiet predawn darkness, I stared out the window and wondered, OK, if aliens truly exist (and I know they do), what are they like?  

Again, I have no way of knowing what they are like for sure.  But I do know some basic facts.  Aliens visit - there are thousands of eye-witness accounts, mine being one of them.  They do not want to make official contact (as far as we know).  Sometimes aliens abduct people.  Aliens travel from far-away places.  

From there, I use a little logic.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) must use faster-than-light ("FTL") speed travel, or an alternative to that.  This means that unless space-faring aliens acquired this technology from people on other planets, all inter-stellar space-faring aliens are far more technologically advanced than we are.  

How much more advanced are aliens?  Again, I use data and logic.  I know how far Earthans have come in the past couple hundred years.  In Colonial Days, the most advanced technology was the steam engine and interchangeable parts.  Today, we can travel to the Moon and instantaneously share cat videos.  But we are not even close to figuring out how to shoot off into space like Mike says The Marceau Ship did or to withstand the instantaneous changes in inertia that the Tic Tac UFO(s) did.  Logically, at the very least humans are thousands of years behind any alien civilization that visits.

Could it be more?  Sure!  Maybe another planet identical to Earth did not get struck by a meteor 46 million years ago and the dominant species there was able to develop language and tools a million years later.  That would give them a 45 million year head-start on us!

All these data points and resulting logic has guided much of the writing I created in the past two years.  Here and there I have elaborated on my own sighting.  I had my brother in-law Cam Chase create a truly remarkable illustration of what I now call The Marceau Ship UFO * word *.  I did not bother to Google that term ahead of time.  Who could imagine there was already a battleship called The Marceau Ship!  I do not have a common name.  I then wrote all about, what did the Marceau Ship look like?

Mostly, though, I have enjoyed philosophizing about aliens and UFOs.  It is fun and rewarding and it gives me great satisfaction to see other people enjoying this too.  Thank you for reading over the past two years.  Please continue to follow this blog, share it with your friends, and follow me on #UFOTwitter.

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