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Friday, November 2, 2018

Why are we being visited now? Part 2

Yesterday's post pondered on why we are being visited now.  Does it seem like UFO sightings are on the rise?  Going back through history there are accounts of sightings, here and there.  The first recorded sighting in the US was by the governor of Massachusetts in 1639.  Internationally, the UFO list goes back 3500 years.  But in recent decades the number of sightings seems to have skyrocketed.

As discussed in yesterday's post on Why are we being visited now, UFOs came into popular culture in the 1950's, around the time TV became popular.  There was one other major event, other than TV that may have drawn the attention of our friends in space.  In 1945 the US detonated the first nuclear bomb.

Nuclear bomb blast

This event alone may have been enough to draw the attention of other civilizations around the galaxy.  But it did not stop there.  Since 1945 there have been over 2000 nuclear bomb tests by eight nations.  At least 500 of them have been above ground.  It is possible that these blasts were detected by sensors on other planets or by spacecraft in our vicinity.  You can see nuclear blasts from space with the naked eye.

Nuclear blasts from space

If you were flying through space and your highly advanced ship, built with technology millions of years ahead of ours, detected a nuclear blast on a primitive planet, would you not want to fly over and check it out?  You would probably also want to call it in to your base and let other people know about it.

Once the word got out, others would come too.  After the World Trade Center bombing in 2001 reporters flocked to "Ground Zero" to do news stories.  Tourists came in droves to see the damage.  I went down there about a week after it happened, to take a look for myself and saw a young couple speaking a foreign language taking pictures of each other in front of the destruction, in wild poses, making goofy faces, seemingly oblivious to the pain the event caused to so many people.

If aliens have any "human nature" they might respond to 500 above ground nuclear detonations with the same curiosity.  First would come the First Responders, then the reporters, and later on, the space tourists.  This could account for the variety of UFO Shapes that are reported - not only are they coming from different civilizations, but the ships all have different purposes including police, medical, military, commercial, and civilian recreational vehicles.
UFO Shapes

Those that are here on some official business would probably be the ones that fly in a slow, controlled manner, like the spaceship I saw.  The tourists are likely the ones that zip around chaotically, out on a joy ride around our planet in the same way we might ride a dune buggy through an open desert.

Sound plausible?  Sound ridiculous?  Post your thoughts in the comments below or on the David Marceau Facebook Page.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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