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Friday, March 27, 2020

The Frog Corollary

The forecast Sunday called for snow, a temporary break in warming.  Already, we shelter in place.  We stream movies.  We throw another log on the fire.

How will this affect the frogs, my daughter wondered.  Millions of eggs lain in our pond.  Black dots of life, pulsing in gelatin.  The cold could kill them, she thought.  Something must be done.

The frogs are her friends, her minions.  Some of her first words were frog sounds.  She keeps them as pets in the house.  She surprises us with displays.  They croak and chirp at night.  It helps me sleep.

My daughter observes the frogs eating, mating, doing froggy things.  She cares for them.  She cares about them.

The Frog Corollary
Tree frogs mating in our kitchen
In a world of frogs, she reigns as God.  She is omniscient but she does not always watch.  She is omnipotent but she does not often act.  She could be a vengeful, merciless god if she wanted.  She is not.  What could the frogs possibly do to incur her wrath?  They are only frogs.  And she cares so much.

Clouds moved in.  Air pressure dropped.  It felt more humid, or was it damp?  You could smell the snow coming.  How will this affect the frogs?  It will not end well.

A Storm Blows In
A storm blows in
The girl did her research.  Would "saving" unborn frogs do them more harm than good?  Frog eggs are hardy, she found.  Bringing them inside for a few days would not affect their development.  Leaving them in the cold might not hurt either.  But it might.  She stepped in to help.

"Do you have any more of those containers," my daughter asked.  I had just started some seeds for my Victory Garden and placed them in a large plastic container so the pots would not leak everywhere.  I said no.  I had looked in the basement for this one.  She found more.

For hours afterwards I watched periodically through the window, as parents do.  Running here, running there, from one side of the pond to the other, the one who looks over the frogs carefully gathered up their young, the next generation.  She gently placed them into her containers, transportation vessels resembling their habitat.  She brought them inside.

Alien Intervention
One of three containers in our dining room
Days went by.  My dining room resembled a university lab.  The boys played on computers, nearby.  We played the piano and keyboard, guitars, a cello, a ukulele, the recorder.  The eggs incubated, cozy in their containers.

Thursday was sunny.  It was warm.  Spring was back.  It was time to go home.

Spring Hike in Connecticut
Spring has returned

Some of the eggs had hatched.  Tadpoles searched for food.  Their world was warm.  It was small.  It was light but not bright.  It got brighter.  Slowly, it grew colder.  It was time to move on.  The walls of the world dissolved.  The tadpoles found themselves in a new home, one with unlimited potential, with unlimited danger.

Perhaps a bass would dine well this day.  But the cold would not get them.  The One who looks over the frogs had ensured that.  In a time of need, she stepped in.  No prayers were required - simply love.

We are the frogs

The Zoo Hypothesis holds that humans are being observed by aliens as people observe wild animals in a zoo, or perhaps an aquarium.  This is why they do not make contact, some would say.  We are nice to look at but no one should jump over the railing.  They should stay out of our tank.

In the midst of a pandemic, unprecedented in history, people search for answers.  Will God save us?  Perhaps, if there is one.  Perhaps not, if there is one.  One can never tell with this Guy.

If there is a god, Science cannot prove it.  Nor can it disprove this.  But Science can prove there is a higher power, of sorts - highly advanced, intelligent life from other planets.  Aliens.  People from civilizations millions of years older than our own.  People who know everything there is to know about physics.  They can get from there to here, wherever that is.  People who know everything there is to know about biology.  They can stop our pandemic - if they want to.

Now is the time for aliens to reveal themselves, some have said.  Now, more than ever, we could use some help from a higher power.  We could use some alien technology.  These are the calls of people in fear - people desperate for help.  People who pray in hopes that someone, anyone, will listen - that someone will do something.  Anything.

Would aliens help?  Do they care?  Some of those who watch over us may care about us.  That does not mean they would intervene.  Perhaps a Prime Directive from a governing body with greater authority says not to.  I nearly stepped in to prevent my daughter from collecting the frog eggs.  I was concerned she would do more harm than good.  I was concerned our fish may lose a source of food.  I was concerned about interfering with a natural course of events.  I thought, yes, some frog eggs will die from the cold - perhaps thousands.  But overall they will be all right.

Aliens Pandemic
A late spring snow falls over our world

Perhaps the Coronavirus is simply a natural course of events, to aliens.  This is not something they feel they should interfere with.  Yes, some people will die - perhaps millions.  But overall we will be all right.

This line of reasoning is unacceptable to many people.  Human life is the most precious commodity in the world (to humans).  Perhaps some other people, far away, do not matter.  But Grandma does.  Dad does.  The ones you love, matter.

I get it.  Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  In the weeks leading up to my surgery I uncharacteristically reached my hand out to God.  Please cure me!  In desperation, I also pulled a Steven Greer and reached out to aliens.  Please abduct me!  Surely, anyone who can get from there to here can cure cancer.  Neither plea was answered.

In the end, Medical Science saved me, not God, not aliens.  I am "cured" thanks in part to my own actions, insisting that my insurance company would pay for a screening they felt I did not deserve.  This was coupled by the steady hands of surgeon who removed the threat from my body.  Life goes on, for me.  Life will go on for Earth.

Medical Science will save us again.  It will take a while.  Many will die.  This is unfortunate.  It is inevitable.  There are actions we can all take.  Sheltering in place will slow the pace of infection.  It will buy time for billions who are holding out for a vaccine.  It will allow those most vulnerable to receive help from a medical system stretched to its limits.  Others will roll the dice with their lives and return to the workforce, further spreading the disease.  They may feel they have no other choice.  They have to eat.

Indeed, now would be the time for aliens to reveal themselves.  We could use their help.  But in reality, we are not frogs - and my daughter has math homework to do.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure

A couple weeks ago my family began Social Distancing.  We started by avoiding crowds and working from home.  Some events were canceled.  This soon turned into Shelter in Place.  Shelter in Place is not much different from Social Distancing, as we are practicing it.  They both result in staying home.  

It is sort of like the difference between LA hipsters and Brooklyn hipsters.  They both result in mysterious haircuts and ironic hats.  Fortunately, this gives people on both coasts a convenient way to measure the proper distance we should maintain from each other.  When one of them trips and falls from walking while looking at his cell phone, the distance from the heels of his boots to the top of his funny hat is the same distance you should stay away from someone.

Can you kill the Coronavirus with soup?
I'm OK

I still go out when I need to.  I went to the pharmacy Sunday to pick up some poison ivy cream.  We have been doing a lot of yard work since the family is home together.  If I do not keep the kids busy they will play on their computers all day.  I wonder where they get that from...  

Today I will discuss:
  • Why government will not tell us about aliens
  • Would Disclosure create panic?
  • Can you kill Coronavirus with soup?

Can You Kill Coronavirus with Soup?

In Connecticut yard work means getting exposed to poison ivy.  Much of that exposure is due to me pulling the vines out by the root so they will not grow back.  They will grow back but maybe not so much this season.  Whenever I do this, no matter how careful I am, I get some of the poison oils on my skin.  Once, I got it in my eyes - long story.

On the rare occasion I do need to go out beyond the stone walls surrounding my property lately, I wear a mask.  It is similar to a surgical mask but is designed for painters or other tradesmen, to filter out toxic fumes.  I do not know if this is protecting me from the Coronavirus, but it feels like the right thing to do.  These days, with so much conflicting and dangerous information being passed around, sometimes you have to go on feel.

Going on feel can work when you have an education and a reasonable amount of intelligence.  Unfortunately, not everyone making gut decisions fits that description.  I read on Twitter, the other day, that if you drink a lot of water you can push the virus down into your stomach.  Then if you eat a lot of hot soup you can kill coronavirus with soup.  Can you kill Coronavirus with soup?  Is that not what everyone's grandmother has always said?  

In reality, that is not how viruses work.  Chicken soup has been said to help shorten the duration and severity of a cold.  However, just putting a hot liquid in your stomach will not kill anything, other than maybe your social life if the soup is loaded with garlic.  But then, who has a social life, these days?  

These cures being circulated online are just people making things up.  It is like when the ancient Greeks said the sun is carried across the sky in the sun god's chariot.  They did not know anything about science, so they made stuff up.  This same type of thinking is also why we have Flat Earthers and Climate Change Deniers.

Why Government will not tell us about Aliens

Riding this same misinformation train, recently memes have begun circulating on social media referencing the hoarding of supplies like toilet paper.  The memes say something to the effect of this is why government will not tell us about aliens.  In other words, "the government" (whoever that is) knows aliens are here and they are keeping it a secret and the reason is because they do not want to create a panic.

Why Government will not tell us about Aliens
Memes, SMH

There may be some truth to this.  For some people, the value of the stock market is greater than the value for human life.  But I disagree, on the whole.  Would Disclosure create panic?  Perhaps.  But if the panic simply results in people hoarding toilet paper I think we will survive it.  

I should note, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I do not believe there is a massive cover-up by the US government.  I have always wondered why no one in government was interested in hearing UFO stories from servicemen, like mine.  But I have chalked this up to individual people being afraid to stick their necks out and risk ridicule.  That was what happened to me.  This pattern has been repeated in the stories of countless other witnesses, especially those of us who were in uniform at the time.  The reason I am discussing Disclosure, despite my belief that there is not a big cover-up, is because many of my readers do believe there is more than meets the eye.  So, for those who believe and who are looking for answers, these are my thoughts.

Disclosure would not create as big a panic as the Coronavirus has.  The reason is because the simple act of telling the world that we are being visited by aliens does not carry with it an immediate threat.  Coronavirus is an immediate threat.  You go to work or school, one person there has the virus, everyone catches it, grandma brings you some chicken soup, and bam!  You just killed grandma with your cold.  

Now all your cousins are mad at you.  They give you the stink-eye at the funeral.  You never receive an invitation to the next family reunion.  Things get awkward.

Knowledge of aliens will not do that.  Knowing for sure that aliens visit, from time to time, may create some short-term panic buying.  It may create some self-imposed Shelter in Place.  But soon, people will resume their daily lives.  There is no imminent threat from knowledge of aliens, that we know of.  Life would go on.

Would Disclosure Create Panic?

What if there was a threat?  What if the reason for suddenly telling the public about aliens was because aliens were planning to attack us?  This is not a huge stretch of the imagination for a philosopher like me.  A recent UFO poll in The UK found that 50% of adults believe aliens will commit an Independence Day type attack on Earth within the next fifty year.  What?  Fifty years!  I might still be alive then.  I am way low on toilet paper.

If this were true, why is everyone in the UK not panicking?  Why can you still buy toilet paper in England?  

Disclosing an imminent attack by aliens would cause a greater stir than simply letting people know we have been visited.  This announcement would need to be coupled with a plan of action, mobilizing the masses to erect a defense.  For many, this would be too much to handle all at once.  You do not go from believing aliens do not exist to preparing to battle them.  Disclosing information like that should not be handled like the big reveal at the end of a Scooby Doo cartoon.  People would be distraught.  We need to take baby steps.

Would Disclosure Create Panic?
... if not for you meddling kids...

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure

It snowed Monday.  My kids thought this was unusual, this late in the year.  We have hardly had any snow all winter so it seems like spring has been here for months.  Last week it was nearly 70 degrees (21c).  This is why my little guy and I have poison ivy.  I was wearing short sleeves.  He was wearing shorts.  We only have it on the skin that was exposed.

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure
March 23, 2020

I told the kids it is not unprecedented for snow to fall at the end of March.  A Facebook Memory popped up on my phone over the weekend with pictures from a snowstorm a few years earlier.  Sometimes in late March, a Nor'easter will blow in and we may get three feet of snow.  A few inches is no big deal.  The kids were satisfied with this response.

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure
March 21, 2015

Kids move on quickly with simple responses.  Adults, not so much.  If Disclosure occurred it would be easy for me to tell my kids, "Yup, there's aliens now.  Whose day is it to feed the dog?"  And life goes on.  But for many adults, Disclosure would be mind-blowing.  They would not be satisfied with simple responses.  They would want answers.  It would be hard to accept.  

Whether aliens are here for peaceful purposes or not, it is incumbent upon governments of the world to disclose what they know, now.  Perhaps not every bit of knowledge should be released on Day One.  It should unfold the same way news of the COVID-19 pandemic was revealed, little by little.  If there is some bad news, this may be too much for some people to handle.  A trickle of information may be better.  We can take baby steps and build up to the reason this information is being kept from us.  But it needs to begin immediately and should conclude within a year's time.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Social Distancing

Funny, what a difference a few days make.  Last week I said I had not made any major changes in my life, in light of the Coronavirus.  Then on Thursday, everything changed.  Sports practices for the weekend were canceled.  Two separate overnight trips my kids had planned were canceled.  Religious services for the weekend were canceled.  Wait, what?  Then, that night, I finally received the cancellation my family had been watching for.  I got a text from my kids' school district.  It instructed me to check my email for an important update.  The email was curt and pointed.  It read:

Dear Parents,
As a precautionary measure, Ridgefield Public Schools will be closed until further notice. Additional information will be forthcoming.
JeanAnn C. Paddyfote, Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent of Schools

And that was that.  We were homebound from there forward.  We are now trying to figure out how to deal with Social Distancing.  One of my boys asked me how long school would be closed.  I told him, "Indefinitely."  He asked what that meant.  I told him, "Forever and ever."  He did a Fortnite dance and bounced out of the room.

Fortunately, we were prepared.  I am a bit of a Prepper.  We have staples, including toilet paper.  We also had the milk, bread, and bananas Mrs. M. and I bought last week.  We were low on eggs, though.  I made cheesy omelets on Saturday but then made pancakes on Sunday so we could make four eggs feed five people.

The weekend was quiet.  There was nearly zero traffic on our road.  We watched TV.  We played video games.  One of my kids and I took the dog for a long walk around the property.  Then we played HORSE for an hour.  It has been cold lately so we could only stay out for so long.

Home Schooling with Coronavirus

Our plan for this week is to hold classes for the kids in the morning and then find something fun to do in the afternoon, each day.  Mrs. M. is a teacher.  She will handle the academics.  She has been home from work for a week, now.  She provides support to her students, online.  Her school district is next door to the first virus case in Westchester County and close to New Rochelle so they were one of the first districts to close.

I am the one who always practices sports with the kids.  I will be the gym teacher.  Lifelong friends of mine who read this will find that ironic.  I was extremely uncoordinated as a kid, all arms and legs.  Picture the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, when he first comes down off the post.  I sat the bench in Little League baseball and in high school soccer.  In pickup sports I was always picked last.  But these days I work out and run several times a week.  I am an expert skier and snowboarder.  I practice each of my kids' chosen sports with them.  I will be their gym teacher for the next few weeks or months, however long we have to do this.

Rule #18 Limber Up
Rule #18, Limber Up
We were fairly well stocked on supplies before this thing hit.  No need to run out and buy 80 rolls of toilet paper.  But we did run out of eggs over the weekend.  Also, my wife wanted a cabbage for Saint Patrick's Day.  We are not Catholic (though we each have one Catholic parent) but Mrs. M. grew up eating corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's every year so that is what she does.  Also, people say, "Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day."  I do not protest this.  Who can say no to a nice corned beef?

Caraluzzi's Parking Lot
Lotta cars for 8am at the Mom & Pop

Coronavirus Food Shopping

I ventured out of the house, just before 8:00 a.m.  Traffic was lite for a Monday morning.  People seemed to drive faster than normally - about 15 miles (24km) over the limit rather than 5-10 miles over.  I went to the "mom & pop" grocer rather than the big chain store grocery.  It is closer.  I also thought they may have a better selection, with all the hoarding going on.  Since it was early I thought there would not be many people.  I am not very good at predicting the future.  (If I was, I would have won the Powerball a long time ago.)  The parking lot was packed!

There was one open parking spot.  Someone had left a shopping cart in it.  I pulled up to the spot to block it so no one else would take it.  I got out and moved the cart to the side.  I parked my car.  I walked out into the parking lot.  On the ground were two blue surgical gloves.  I may not be able to predict the future but I am pretty good at reconstructing the past.  A self-centered person raided the store.  They loaded up their giant SUV with toilet paper.  Then they ditched their personal protective equipment right on the ground for someone else to deal with.

Blue Surgical Gloves
Really?  Slobs...

As I was taking pictures of the gloves, a guy walked up and offered to return the shopping cart for me.  I told him thanks but I was going to use it.  Those were probably his gloves.

Despite the scene in the parking lot the store was not as crowded as expected.  The shelves in the produce section, as you walk in, were fully stocked.  I had no problem finding a cabbage.  I also picked up some bananas - they are very popular in my house.  I got them green because I did not want to clean them with bleach.  I figured I would just put them in the sun on the counter at home and tell everyone not to touch them for two days.

Beaucoup produce
Beaucoup produce

I walked to the back of the store, where the cold stuff is kept.  That was where I began to notice we are in a pandemic.  The sushi cooler was almost completely empty.  This is Fairfield County.  The store had tons of red meat that no one was touching but the sushi cooler looked like the toilet paper aisle.  There was something packed on the left side of the cooler - probably California Rolls.  Why do they always make so many of those?  And there was some seaweed on the right side.  I am always dubious of seaweed, since Fukushima.  But sometimes I close my eyes and eat it anyway.  It is delicious.

No Sushi
Where all the sushi at?

They had milk.  I probably should have gotten some, just in case, but I know that dairy cows are not getting the Coronavirus.  There will be more milk.  The same could not be said about the eggs.  I do not believe that chickens will be contracting the virus either but eggs keep longer than milk.  People must have bought up as much as they could carry.  Maybe that is what they are buying all the toilet paper for - to protect forty dozen eggs on the way home.

There were a few cartons of egg whites on the shelf.  I did some quick math and figured the amount of food in one of those cartons was equivalent to less than a dozen eggs.  However, it costs 4-10 times the price of whole eggs, depending on what kind of eggs you get - organic, free-range, college educated non-smoker, etc.  I took one carton.  I briefly contemplated getting two but thought I would leave the rest for someone else.  We can eat other food for breakfast for a day, or two.

Brontosaurus Steaks
Brontosaurus Steaks?

The checkout line was stretched all the way across the store.  All the shopping carts were overflowing.  More quick math - looked like a 30-45 minute wait to get out.  I am the kind of person who always looks for a better way.  Usually this causes me to get in the checkout lane behind the person whose debit card stopped working, or they need a price check on something, or the cash register just ran out of receipt paper.

This day was better.  I walked the length of the store looking for an express lane.  I only had three items.  There were no express lanes.  There were plenty of lanes with short lines - I guess the people at the back of the long line did not realize that on the other side of the store other people were making there own lines.  I got in a line with only a few people, with overflowing carts.  Then a store manager told me I could go to the Customer Service counter, with my three items.

No Eggs
The one thing I went out for

The woman behind me overheard this.  She ran ahead, essentially cutting me.  I let it go.  If it was a man I might have called him out.  But it really was not worth it.  Also, I was trying to avoid close contact with other people.  I was already exposing myself more than I had wanted to.  I will definitely wear a mask and gloves, the next time I go shopping.  I will not discard them in the parking lot, though.

On the way back home I stopped at a pharmacy to look for eggs.  Some pharmacies have coolers for milk and eggs - not sure why milk and eggs go with cheap "cheater" reading glasses and men's diabetes compression socks.  But then I also do not understand why folding lawn chairs and thneeds go in a pharmacy either.  These stores are turning into mini flea markets that seem to sell whatever they can get a deal on.  At any rate, the moment I walked in, the cashier called out from a distance of thirty feet (10m).  She asked what I wanted.  Eggs!  Sorry, no - maybe later, when the milk comes.  I left.

Check out line
Check out line at the Mom & Pop

As I approached my house I rolled up behind the chain store delivery truck.  It was bringing groceries to one of my neighbors.  I wondered if they would deliver just eggs...

I returned home and wiped down my carton of eggs and cabbage (the cabbage was wrapped in cellophane) with a Clorox Wipe.  I washed my hands for twenty seconds.  I told everyone not to touch the bananas.  Later in the day I saw that someone had moved them from the counter to the island.  We are all going to die.  On my gravestone, please write, "He tried.  Someone moved the bananas."

Grocery Delivery
Grocery delivery by my house

It is now Tuesday.  The first school day had some ups and downs but went mostly well.  I took the kids out for "gym" class.  We started with three laps around the pond.  The pond is about 3/4 of an acre.  I am guess-timating three laps is about a half mile (800m), the route we took.  We have one neighbor whose house is close to our property.  His dogs went nuts when the four of us ran by.  He was jovial, as always.  We have nice neighbors.

I let the kids take turns leading.  I kept telling them to slow down.  It is not a race.  They are not used to distance running.  They did not listen.  I think they also thought, "Listen to the old man, telling us to slow down, ha ha!"  Halfway through, the older two were tired out.  They began walking.  My little guy and I kept running.  Ha ha!

I had each kid practice their primary sport with one other kid while the third kid helped me with yard work.  They all switched off, every fifteen minutes.  My daughter plays travel softball, my middle son is crazy good at football, and my youngest son is getting into basketball - he is also a fantastic wrestler but the ground was wet and it was cold - just below freezing.  Also, he could hurt someone.  I did not want to go anywhere near a hospital.  We finished with another three laps around the pond.  All in all, gym class went well.

Math class was... animated today.  One of the kids kept asking our Google machine the answers to math questions.  This was supposedly because they are not allowed to use scrap paper.  My wife and I both shouted BS at the same time.  We said to use scrap paper.

I am feeling a little sick today.  That is likely just springtime allergies.  We have all felt it for about a week.  If this is the virus then it is not too bad.  But I highly doubt that.  None of us have fevers.  Most likely, it is just from the pollen.  It will get worse in April.  I will have to get some new filters for the heating system and turn on the blower for a few minutes every day.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday doing some business and catching up on email.  I got a fire going, in the fireplace.  It was a fairly normal work day.  Mrs. M. asked me to go out and grill some chicken.  I would have liked to pour a martini and sip it outside, in a heavy coat, but I had a meeting with the Finance Committee for an organization I volunteer for.  We did it online for the first time.  The technology worked well.  Then I played Minecraft with my daughter while eating cold chicken and rice.  I had my martini here at my desk.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Should We Panic About Aliens?

This week, here in America, things began to take a turn regarding the Coronavirus.  Schools are closing, all over, especially here in the Northeast or New England, as we like to call it.  Where I am, it is also on the fringes of The New York City Metropolitan Area, also known as The Tri-State Area.  It is a no-man's land, of sorts, caught between The Yankees and The Red Sox, The Jets/Giants and The Patriots, The Knicks/Nets and The Celtics - you get the idea.

Coronavirus Panic

The city of New Rochelle, NY has been placed under a loose quarantine - people can come and go but no large gatherings are permitted and residents are encouraged to stay home, though not required.  Churches and synagogues in the Tri-State Area are voluntarily cancelling services.  After-School activities are being suspended.  Overnight sleep-away trips are being postponed.  Parades are canceled.

Coronavirus panic
Coronavirus Panic closes New Rochelle, NY
Some people are asking, "Why all the panic?"  Others are asking, "Why are we not doing more!"  Who is right and who is wrong?  If the precautious actions we are taking turn out to be correct, we may never be able to appreciate their effectiveness because the virus will not take hold.  If they are incorrect then we have a bigger problem.  It may be better to err on the side of caution, bearing in mind this will never abate the venom of the nay-sayers.

In times like this, I think of aliens.  Also, in normal times, I think of aliens.  How does this relate?  What follows is a corollary.

War of the Worlds

In 1897, science-fiction writer H.G. Wells began writing War of the Worlds.  The story is better known for the first airing of War of the Worlds on the radio.  Orson Welles narrated the story on his radio show as a Halloween special.  Many people who tuned in late did not understand that this was a work of fiction.  They thought they were listening to a news broadcast. 

As the story unfolds, a UFO crashes on a farm in New Jersey and Martians emerge from the aircraft.  An actor playing a news reporter describes the aliens zapping people with a ray gun and is then himself zapped.  Further "news flashes" describe the military confronting the aliens, only to be repelled by this superior force.

Common folklore says that what followed was pandemonium on "biblical proportions," people jumping from buildings, cars crashing in ditches, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

Historians have discredited this depiction of panic, saying the panic was small and isolated.  The situation had been exacerbated by sensationalistic newspapers whose advertising revenue had been decimated by the rise in radio listening, just as the Internet further damaged newspapers in modern times.  The papers were eager to discredit this newer medium in an attempt to lure back advertisers.

Nonetheless, some people did indeed panic.  This is an example (false, as it were) that today's politicians can point to in an attempt to keep reports of alien visitation under wraps.  We do not want people to panic over reports of "Martians" so we will simply not tell them.  Others say the public needs to know, panic notwithstanding.  Again, who is right and who is wrong?

Should we panic about aliens?

As the world plunges deeper into our current pandemic we have an opportunity to see what happens when people begin to panic.  Store shelves are being cleared of cleaning products and cold remedies.  My wife and I went to BJ's yesterday to pick up bread and milk (not because we are hoarding, just because we were out of them - we also bought bananas).  Every customer other than ourselves was buying multi-packs of Clorox Wipes and mega-packs of toilet paper.

Should we panic about aliens?
Panic at my friend's Walmart
Everywhere we went, people were pushing open doors with their feet.  If someone had to touch a door with their hands, they kindly held it for the person after them who then held it open with their elbow.  People were being cautious everywhere we looked.  But no one seemed panicked.  No one was driving around like a maniac.  No one was screaming hysterically, waiving their arms in the air.  It was a calm day in Danbury.

A calm day in Danbury
A calm day in Danbury
(Not actually Danbury, but feels the same on a Friday afternoon)
This reaction of buying up staples is not much different from what happens in New England when a big snow storm is on the way.  Generally, one to two days before the storm hits, all the supermarket shelves are cleared of milk, bread, and toilet paper.  Why those three items?  I am guessing people like to eat french toast when snow is falling.  I don't know.  The toilet paper must be because most of these people are lactose intolerant?

The point is, there is mild panic but then people get over it and life goes on.  I suspect the same thing will happen with the Coronavirus.  For now, people are stocking up on supplies they think they will need, to get them through the current crisis.  In a few weeks they will realize that milk only keeps for a week or two, and bread, not much longer.  Toilet paper keeps indefinitely but storage space becomes an issue.  Things will soon return to normal.

Disclosure President

With that in mind, what is the harm in announcing other potentially panic-inducing news?  If the president got on the air tonight and announced, "There is intelligent life on other planets (not as intelligent as me...) and some of these people come to Earth and observe us," there would be some panic.  Some people would race to the stores to buy bread, milk, and toilet paper.  Added to this apocalyptic shopping list would be guns, ammunition, generators, and other survival gear.  And then things would return to normal, just like it always does.

Some would say our president lacks the courage to make this announcement because he fears the Stock Market would drop.  Yes, the Market probably would drop.  But if you believe in a "perfect market" this drop would then encourage bargain-hunters to swoop in and again, things would return to normal, just like it always does.

Perhaps our next president will go down in history as the Disclosure President.  I am not endorsing any candidate.  I would recommend that everyone interested in Alien Disclosure keep an eye on this subject.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Personal Updates

Today is the first unofficial weekday of spring, here in New England.  Officially, spring does not start for another ten days but we set our clocks ahead last Saturday night.  For me, that makes it springtime.  I also heard a morning bird whistle and chirp, precisely at 6:35am today and the other day I heard ducks in our pond.  I just heard geese.  Yup, it is spring.

Much has happened in the first few months of this year.  This seems like a good time for me to provide my readers with an off-topic update.

Coronavirus in the US

The big news around the globe is the Coronavirus or COVID-19 as many are calling it now.  I am O.G. and sticking with Coronavirus.  Locally, people are concerned but not going far out of their way to disrupt their lives.  That may change over the course of the next week.

My wife received an email last night saying to stay home from work.  She is a school teacher in Westchester County, just north of New York City.  That is kind of a big deal.  It is a wealthy school district comprised of people like investment bankers and other finance employees, doctors, and a bit of old money.  It also has a large international community of diplomats who commute to the United Nations in The City.  One teacher in the middle school tested positive for Coronavirus - just one.  So, "out of an abundance of caution"  🙄  they closed down the entire school district.

Fortunately for my family this does not change much.  I work at home so my wife will be around.  I probably will not get as much done as I normally do but it will be nice to have some company, for a change.  Maybe we will go to the gym together and inspire each other to be healthier.

On that note, I have been going to the gym quite a bit over the past year.  A year ago, I would be sitting in my recliner at this time, staring at the walls, as I recovered from abdominal surgery.  I was able to walk around within a few days of the surgery but it was a full month before I put a pair of skis on.  Afterwards, it felt like I was kicked in the stomach by a horse, until the next day.  Everyone knows what that is like, I am sure.  It was a good two months before I was really back in the thick of it.

Once I was able to, I began going to the gym.  At first, I did a little yoga and some mall-walking on the treadmill.  Over time, I amped it up to heavy weight lifting and running.  I really kicked it into high gear after my family went back to school in the fall.  If you saw me in September and did not see me again until March you would think I lost 25 pounds (11kg).  It was actually more like 10-15 but I put on a lot of muscle so I look much thinner.

David Marceau Blog
O.G. and G-minor on a diamond
Other than my wife being home, Coronavirus has not been a big disruption for us, yet.  I let my daughter play hooky last week and took her skiing on a school day - I will do the same with each of my two boys, over the next couple weeks.  Then, Saturday I took the whole family skiing.  We were careful not to touch doors with our hands, as much as possible, and we washed our hands a lot.  We wore ski gloves and masks, so that helped - if nothing else it gave us peace of mind. 

The only thing that I was a little sketched out about was pouring myself a cup of water from the community pitcher on the bar.  That probably was not the wisest move.  Sometimes in life, you roll the dice.  On that note, we all went out for all-you-can-eat sushi the other night.  Say nice things about me when I am dead.  Ha ha!

Coronavirus in the US
We ate all we could eat
I am not too worried.  Yesterday, I ran into a friend who is a doctor, here in town.  She confirmed the word amongst the medical community is that sooner or later we will all get the virus and children and healthy adults have nothing to worry about.  Part of me feels like I should just get it over with.  I am not afraid of it.  At this point, I have beat influenza, salmonella, pneumonia, and cancer.  I think Coronavirus should be afraid of catching me

Seriously, I am not purposely trying to get Coronavirus.  That would be asinine.  But I have resigned myself to the strong likelihood that the virus will spread to my area, like the flu and the common cold do all the time, and I will catch it.  Especially with three kids in school and a wife who teaches little kids, I am doomed.  I will let you all know how it goes when I catch it.

David Marceau Blog

You, the reader, may notice it is odd that I am speaking directly to you rather than sticking to a more newsy, Associated Press type of writing, today.  That is because this is also an update on this blog, a meta-blog article, if you will.  By the time most of you read this, my blog will have surpassed 30,000 page views.  That blows me away.

When I started writing this blog, about a year and a half ago, I only told a few friends about it.  I do not advertise the blog or actively promote it other than via my small social media following and on a scientific-based UFO discussion group I participate in.  Yet, I am getting over seven thousand page views per month now.  Wow!

I Saw One Too Page Views
Page views in the past 30 days

Thank you for reading and for sharing this blog.

Most of my readers, these days, come from overseas, with about half coming from East Asia.  That also blows me away.  I wonder how people over there are hearing about me.  I would love to know.

Should I take a trip to Hong Kong and make an appearance?  That would be a trip!

My kids think I should do a YouTube channel because, according to them, only "Boomers" read blogs.  Ha!  I am not a Boomer, though it does not bother me to be called one - not sure why that is an insult.  Kids... 

I do not know what I would do differently on YouTube.  I have been considering creating some type of tiered membership where I could provide premium content to subscribers but I have not yet determined what that may consist of (this blog would remain free, though).  Please send me some suggestions via the contact form or the comments section.

I will try to increase the rate of postings, over the next few weeks.  Lately, I have been putting more research into my articles, which takes some time, but I feel like for people around the world we are at an inflection point on a number of topics.  It is important for the level of truthful communication to increase.

Stay tuned, folks...

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.