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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Not another conspiracist!

I do not know what is better, picking apart a conspiracy theory or reading the Twitter and YouTube comments under them.  Conspiracy theories are the modern day Greek Mythology.  When we do not or cannot understand something, people simply make up answers for things.

Jimmy Roberts conspiracistSome people, like myself, will present these findings as the conjecture that they are.  Where possible, I will provide supporting evidence to back up the information I present.  If there is no supporting info, it must be stated as such.

Others, like this dude, Jimmy "CreekJumper" Roberts, come up with some far out assumptions and present it as the truth.  Case in point, this morning I watched a video Roberts made of images from the Dark Side of the Moon.  Note, I am not ready to jump on the new bandwagon of calling it the Far Side of the Moon.  I am a huge Far Side fan and a huge Dark Side of the Moon fan and the new terminology turns my world upside down.  Eventually I will come around.  It took me years to start calling the WWE by their current name instead of the WWF and I do not even watch wrestling. 

 Far Side of the Moon PhotoShopped?

far side of the moon PhotoShopped
What?  In case you are not familiar with him, Roberts is a mop-topped conspiracist out of The Republic of Texas with a penchant for signature hand gestures - you know, those signs the girls at summer camp would make with their hands, during song session, when you were 13?  That notwithstanding, the guy has over five million views of his video about the Dark Side of the Moon so the blogger in me is slightly envious, TBH.  But to be even more honest, let us take a look at what he is purporting.

Roberts reports that "the Image Doctors" (whoever they are) have PhotoShopped out parts of NASA photos "they" do not want "us" to see.  Mmm hmm.  Because the Adobe company, founded in 1982, apparently provided NASA with a Beta copy of PhotoShop, two decades earlier.  I am assuming that Steve Jobs also provided NASA with an early prototype of the Apple computer.  Since, Mr. CreekJumper is smarter than all rocket scientists at NASA, he was able to see what they missed and can now report it to the public, and using his own copy of PhotoShop he is able to digitally enhance NASA's sloppiness - you know, NASA, the screw ups who landed people on the moon before most of my readers were born - and show what "they" did  not want us to see.  What that is, of course, is a bunch of spaceships and maybe some kind of base on the other side of the moon.

Not another conspiracist
I like CreekJumper's other video, about water on Mars, better.  It has not had nearly as many hits, although a quarter million is nothing to sneeze at, but it appears like Creek's photo enhancement and video production skills have improved since the earlier video.  Even the music is better, or at least not as creepy.  Still, I have to shake my head as I watch it.  Ole Creeky wants us to believe that not only are there vast amounts of water on Mars, much more than NASA has told us about, but that in fact there is a hydro-electric dam gushing water through an unseen spillway.  Wow!  On a barren planet, devoid of any other recognizable structures, somehow a hydro dam has survived.

Adobe CompanySurvived what, you ask?  Great question!  Mr. Jumper states, as fact, that there was a nuclear war on Mars which wiped out civilization, tens of thousands of years ago.  He does not say how knows this.  He also calls it a genocide.  Genocide means one party wipes out another party.  There is a surviving party to a genocide.  Just a suggestion, Creek, pick an apocalypse.

He also wants us to believe there is a team of either people or robots, he does not say which, that are helping the rovers to get around the planet.  This is possible, no doubt, because according to CreekJumper, there is breathable air on Mars!  Indeed, this guy makes Steven Greer look like a conformist.

Do not get me wrong.  Anyone who has read my previous articles over the past few months knows that I believe aliens exist.  They must, since I have seen a spaceship.  But water on Mars?  Secret alien bases that the government is keeping secret?  Hmm, I don't know about that, Alexa.

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You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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