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Friday, May 31, 2019

Why Now Aliens?

It is Friday and that means it is time for The Light Side, my light-hearted philosophical look at why aliens do the things they do.  Seems like there have been an awful lot of UFO sightings, recently.  What is that all about?  Are we just becoming more observant?  In other words, were they always there and we just did not notice them?  Or is there a new wave of visitations and if so, what might cause this?  Why now aliens?

I believe it is us.  We have caused this.  Humans or Earthans are causing aliens to visit in greater and greater numbers.  We are not doing anything wrong - probably not.  We are just being ourselves.  That must be fascinating to aliens.

Walk down the imagination corridor with me.  Suppose we humans were the most intelligent and technologically advanced creatures in the Universe.  We are not, but suppose we were.  Our civilization, in this imaginary scenario, is something like it is today except we have developed the ability to travel faster than the speed of light.  All you physicists bounded by Relativity will have to bear with me on this one.  We are using our imaginations.  That imagination is fueled by the fact that there are thousands of documented sightings of ships of all different shapes and sizes.  They must be coming from different planets all over the place.  And the one I saw was reported to have zipped off in a streak of light, by the other guy who saw it.

Why are so many UFOs Visiting?

Back to our story, we have this "Tachyon Rocket" for lack of a better term (like alien spaceship, for example).  It was built in a joint venture between SpaceX and Tesla.  The Tachyon can travel at, let us say 100 times the speed of light - because if you are going to break a barrier like light speed, why stop at twice the speed.  We are going all the way to 100.  "Ludicrous speed," as it were.  So we get in our rocket, you and me bub, and we turn on Waze.  We use Waze in the Tachyon to get around traffic, not to find out where the cops are hiding.  I mean really, who would do that?  You say, "Hey Google, take me to Zeta Reticuli with Waze."  And your phone says, "Going to Beta Fraternity to be hazed."  And then you pick up your phone and type it in manually with your thumbs, "Z-E-T-A Space R-E-T-I-C-I-L Backspace Backspace U-L-I Enter."  Waze thinks about it for what seems to be an eternity and we say, "Forget this," and put the Tachyon in Drive.

why are so many UFOs visiting
Our "Tachyon Rocket"
So now we are flying away from home.  I remark, "I can see my house."  Waze kicks in with the directions.  We cannot tell if it wants us to go left or right, from my house, which is weird because Waze directed us to my house from your house.  It should be able to tell me which way to turn out of my driveway.  But we kind of know where we are going so we think we turned the right way.  If not, the directions will recalculate and redirect us.

Now we turn on the Tach-drive and in a streak of light we are gone, man.  Ludicrous speed.  We take a selfie together, of us breaking the light barrier, and post it on Spacebook.  It is OK to do this while driving because it is a Tesla.  The thing practically drives itself.  We see a lot of cool stuff but we are traveling so fast it is hard to recognize most of it.

We had planned on driving straight through but about three quarters of the way there, you need to stop.  I take a deep breath and exhale.  I told you to go before we left but you were like, "I don't have to go," and I was like, "But you might have to later so go now," yadda yadda yadda.  We pull over on some no-name planet to take a leak and lo and behold, there are people on it.  They look funny, with giant heads and skinny little bodies, but still, they are humanoid. 

I say to you, "Yo, are those people?" 
And you go, "Dude, just find me a spot to go.  I got to go.  Like, right now."

After doing what we need to do, we take a walk around.  We find that the people on this planet, which I will call Planet Marceau (because that is how I roll, yo) are kind of similar to us, though far more primitive.  They live in houses but they have no running water or electricity.  They seem to be a few hundred years behind us.  Still, they seem intelligent.  Maybe we could become "trading partners."  That is the term we Earthans use to mean that maybe we can come in and buy up all the land, cheap, and build a bunch of McDonald's and Hilton Hotels and then exploit the natives for their labor.

We take a few more selfies of us with the natives.  Well, actually, the pictures are of us in front of the natives, pointing at them, while they look on at us with contempt.  We post the pictures on Spacebook and get back into our rocket ship and zip off in a streak of light.  One native, Gronk, says to the other, Sperndia, "Did that really just happen?"  And Sperndia says, "No one will believe us.  Let's just never speak of this again."

We continue on our way to Zeta Reticuli.  Little do we know that back home on Earth, those pictures of Gronk and Sperndia are going viral.  It took a couple weeks for your messages to get posted because despite our ability to physically travel faster than the speed of light, your phone company has throttled your Internet speed because you exceeded their ridiculous bandwidth limits.  Those crooks!

People are posting responses like, "OMG they are so cute," and "WTF, dude, you're like jeering at them."  Everyone is a critic.  We do not check the Spacebook while we are driving, though, because we are too busy playing with the controls for the ship.  This touchscreen can do everything.  It is amazing!   That Elon Musk...

People back home get in their Tachyons and set Waze for Planet Marceau.  They can do this because, like a fool, you had your location turned on and Spacebook automatically checked you in when you posted those pictures. 

It is not a lot of people that go, maybe only about a dozen.  Most people have real jobs or school and cannot just take off for a couple weeks like you and I can.  But a few folks are able to head out to Planet Marceau and check it out.  They also post some pics but at this point it is old news and not many people take notice.  So one guy, this artist dude, makes a design in a big open field.  He posts a picture of it on Spacebook.  It goes viral.  Some people are like, "Cool design, brah!"  Others are more like, "Dude, is that some farmer's field?  Did you even get permission?  What's wrong with you?"

are we causing aliens to visit
Gronk and Sperndia
Meanwhile, Gronk is like, "Hey Sperny, what's up with yon wheat field?"
And Sperndia goes, "Huh!  Must be some kids playing a joke.  Darned kids!"
"I think it was aliens, Spern."
"What is it with you and aliens?  You got to stop talking about that.  People are going to think you are crazy."

Soon, just making simple crop circles is not enough to get Likes on Spacebook.  Newer visitors make ever more complex designs.  When that is not enough to garner the adoration of random strangers on the Internet, people start posting video of areal acrobatics in their Tachyons. 

And then there is Kyle.  Kyle is that guy with the receding hairline who has a pony tail.  He wears a faded Rush World Tour baseball-type jersey every day.  He always seems to be jamming out to music, even when none is playing.  Kyle takes a long weekend and heads out to Planet Marceau.  The pictures he posts are very disturbing.  He posts selfies in front of dead cattle.  Some of the animals appear to have been dissected.  The Internet reacts with responses like, "Gross!" and, "Dude, did you go up there and mutilate some cattle?"  Kyle's response is, "No, they were like that."  But no one is certain.  After all, this is Kyle we are talking about.

Are we causing aliens to visit?

Time goes on.  Years pass and people seem to forget about Planet Marceau until one day when you and I are out on a joy ride, flying around in the Marceau neighborhood, and we pick up a strange signal in the Tachyon.  This is years later, so we are driving a Tachyon IV which I have to say, as good as the original was, the Model IV is Tesla's best yet.  We dial in on the signal and realize it is music.  It is terrible music but nonetheless music.  We realize it is coming from Planet Marceau.  We decide to zip over there and take a closer look.

What the... we see lights all over the planet.  They have discovered electricity!  Not only that, but when we slowly drop down closer we can see that the Marceans have built great cities and they travel around in horseless carriages.  They have entered the Industrial Age.  But how did this happen?  It has been only twenty Earth years but they have achieved over 100 years of progress.  We shoot some video and post it.  The videos go viral.

Over the course of the next twenty Earth years, more and more rockets from Earth visit Planet Marceau.  By now, Tesla has shared its Tach-drive technology with its rivals and everyone is able to fly around at hyper-light speed, if they can afford it.  First, the scientists roll in to Marceau in their vans and step truck rockets.  Then, some military personnel cruise in, driving military rockets.  All of these people fly slowly and carefully, observing but not interacting, the same way one would observe animals in the safari or enemies from a spy satellite.  All sorts of other people head up there, driving a variety of vehicles.  Some of these vehicles have a specific purpose, others are family rockets, others are sports rockets.

Why are so many UFOs visiting?  The Marceans are fascinating creatures.  They have strange customs and yet they are so like us.  In some ways it is like traveling back in time and watching people the way we were, years earlier.  It is also beautiful to gawk at.  When we first visited Planet Marceau there was not much to look at.  But now there are cities with skyscrapers all lit up at night.  Cars crisscross in every direction with white lights in the front and red lights in the back.  It is something to behold.  Everyone wants to get a look at the Marceans.

People down on the surface of Marceau start to take notice of all these alien spaceships, er I mean UFOs which are probably now alien, they just cannot be identified.  By now, Gronk's story has become an urban legend, though Sperndia denies it ever happened - she could not take the ridicule.  She says she does not believe in Earthans.  But Gronk has always insisted he knows what he saw.  Other Marceans have seen things too, though there is no consistency in the stories.  Some people who see the science vehicles report aircraft which look and move different from the military aircraft which look and move different from the others.  Many stories are discounted because they are so unique.

Diplomats attempt to make contact with the Marceans but they are greeted by fighter planes which lock their missiles on to the diplomatic rockets.  The diplomats flee.  Adventures hear about this and fly up there in their sports rockets.  They have fun engaging the Marcean military and out-maneuvering them.  It is easy when you are in a Tesla with a Tach-drive.

And now we come to the point in the story where the parallel to our own reality begins to take shape.  Is every word of what I wrote, exactly what happened here?  We will not know until we are able to communicate with our visitors and get their side of the story.  But I feel strongly that this is what has happened.  It is a culmination of many theories I have written about which attempt to answer the question I posed last fall, "Why are they hiding from us?"  If aliens exist, and I know for certain they do because I have seen an extra-terrestrial spaceship, up close, then why do they not just make contact with us?

Part of the reason is likely because we appear hostile; our fighter jets lock on to them.  Part of it is because we have not believed they were out there so we have ignored what are probably some obvious attempts at communication.  Part of it is because we were not ready for contact; we were not advanced enough.  And a big part of it is because aliens did not know there was anything worthwhile here - many people on other planets knew Earth was here but there was nothing going on for billions of years.  Only within about the past 150 years have we demonstrated a grasp of science and technology deeming us worthy of note.  We now have pretty lights to look at, amongst other things.  If our planet was overrun with primitive people, carrying spears, or even worse, dinosaurs, no one would want to come here and risk their lives or waste their time.  But we have come of age.  Why now aliens?  We are ready and now everyone out there knows it.

Most likely, the majority of our visitors are not 100-200 years ahead of us.  They are many thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of us.  They probably come from dozens or even hundreds of other planets, not just one.  Are we truly ready to interact with people like this?  Time will tell.  But we do not have much choice in the matter.  They will decide when to make contact.  Maybe now it is time.

Watch out.  Here they come.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kathleen Marden, What to do when you've been abducted

The latest YouTube video has been posted.  I decided to try something different this week.  I produced the video in a late night talk show type of format.  I do not know if I will stick with this - just having some fun, trying something new.

The reason for going that route is because the video I recorded for my interview with MUFON Researcher Kathleen Marden was not great and I needed something to spice it up.  It needed salt.  This does not fall on my guest, Kathleen.  She was informative and interesting, though it was the day after the announcement of the death of her friend and colleague Stanton Friedman.  The issues lied with the technology, Skype, and with me.  Skype is not the best way to record an interview because the frame rate (individual pictures per second) is too low to use professional editing software so there are limitations on what you can do with the video once it is recorded.  And me, it was the first interview and I am still feeling my way through things.  I am learning, though.

David Marceau YouTube page

I tried some jokes.  Some people think I am funny.  I never know what will work.  I do know that this kind of thing works better in front of an audience.  I toyed with the idea of using a cheesy laugh track but thought that would be too beaucoup.

But maybe I am on to something with this format?  Let me know.  Post comments below or on the David Marceau YouTube page under the video and let me know if I should do more of the talk show format or stick with more of a magazine-type of video.

So who is this guest, Kathleen Marden and why spend two of my first three YouTube videos on her?  To tell Kathleen's story we need to go back further to 1961.  Kathleen's Aunt and Uncle Betty and Barney Hill were on their way home from a road trip to Canada.  They dropped in to northern New Hampshire and were heading to their home near the coast, late at night.

That northern part of the state has the highest mountains in the northeastern United States.  The terrain is challenging and the weather unpredictable.  I have hiked and skied Mount Washington, in that area, several times and know first-hand it is rugged and dangerous country.  The area is sparsely populated even today, over fifty years later.  The Interstate Highway system was in its infancy and the highways in that area were two-lane roads.

MUFON Researcher Kathleen Marden
MUFON Researcher Kathleen Marden

The Hills were cruising through the narrow mountain passes when they saw a bright light in the sky.  It seemed to be following them.  A spaceship then landed in front of their car and they were taken away.  Several hours later the Hills found themselves driving a bit further down the road.  Under hypnosis they would later come to tell the story of an alien abduction.

Through the years there have been believers and non-believers who have attempted to prove or disprove the Hills' story.  One of the most widely cited pieces of evidence (for and against) is a star map which Betty Hill drew from memory.  She said she saw the map inside the spaceship.  It was from the perspective of the aliens on their home planet, looking at our solar system and others around it.

Betty Hill Star Map
Betty Hill Star Map
A few years later an amateur astronomer named Marjorie Fish took up the mission of proving Betty's star map was real.  Her finding was that the aliens who abducted the Hills were from the region of space known as Zeta Reticuli.  Fish's findings were well received by many in the UFO Community including UFOlogist Stanton Friedman.  Years later, using more recent astronomic discoveries, others have cast doubt on Marjorie Fish's work.  Still, the Betty and Barney Hill story is upheld as a milestone in UFOlogy.  It is one of the first and most famous alien abduction stories.

Kathleen Marden is Betty and Barney's niece.  As a teen, visiting her aunt and uncle, she had many opportunities to ask about the abduction.  Later in life she would go on to study hypnosis and would work closely with other abductees, documenting their experiences and analyzing the data.  She has written several books on the subject including her latest, "What to do when you've been abducted," due out in September 2019.

Here is the video of the book portion of my interview with Kathleen in its entirety:

Please like the video and subscribe to the channel.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Pine Bush UFO Fair Video

I took a little time off from blogging this week to work on the David Marceau YouTube Channel.  That was a lot more work than I had anticipated.  It took three days to produce ten minutes of video.  Part of that was because I had to teach myself how to use the editing software, in the process.  But once you get started on something like that you have to see it through.  I had a goal of completing the Pine Bush UFO Fair Video by Wednesday and indeed, I got it posted on YouTube just before midnight Wednesday.  Then I slept in until 6:00am yesterday, rather than getting up and writing like usual.

Pine Bush UFO Fair Video
Making the Pine Bush UFO Fair Video
I think it turned out well for a first real attempt at video production.  I am certain that a professional video producer will watch it and chuckle, "What is this dreck!"  I will not win any awards for cinematography.  But I am pretty happy with the results.  As time goes on it will get better.

I learned a lot, on the project - the hard way.  The sound quality was terrible.  That was an opportunity to learn how to create subtitles.  I then invested in some better microphones.  They should arrive today.  The tripod worked well, though.  This obviated the need for me to bring along a camera operator, a.k.a. one of my kids.

Alien Abductees???
Alien Abductees???
Towards the end of the project I started to get more comfortable with the narration - maybe too comfortable.  As I edited the clips I began to worry I was sounding too much like Keith Morrison, in the last couple minutes of the video.  But when I played back the whole thing I thought I sounded more like Warren Miller.  Whichever it is, I seemed to have found my voice.  The ending of the video should be a good indication of how future videos will turn out.

Here it is, the Pine Bush UFO Fair Video.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it:

The next video is scheduled to be the remainder of my interview with Kathleen Marden, niece of abductees Betty and Barney Hill.  She has a new book coming out and some speaking engagements coming up.  That video will not have the production quality of this last one because the frame rate on the video was too slow to use in the better editing tool.  Live and learn.

After that, future shows will include:
  • UFO sighting witnesses 
  • Alien abductees
  • The interesting people who make up the UFO Community
  • Current events in UFOs
  • A little bit of science
  • And why does Bigfoot keep popping up?

I mean, really, what is the deal with Bigfoot?  I have a stated goal to not give anyone a hard time when it comes to telling an eye-witness story.  I had a close encounter with a UFO!  I know how whacked out that sounds, how unbelievable it is to the non-believers.  So far be it from me to question the validity of someone else's crazy story.  In most cases it is the story that is crazy, not the person.  But I am having some trouble with the whole Bigfoot connection - just being honest.  We will see what that is all about.

I am also open to other people's ideas.  What am I missing here?  Contact me (info below) and let me know.  There are so many interesting people in the UFO Community.  I want to meet as many as I can and hear their stories.

Now that the YouTube Channel is taking off, I will likely take down the Libsyn podcast site at  I had thought that I could just take the audio from the YouTube videos and make podcasts out of them but have now realized it will not translate well from one medium to the other.  There will be more value to the videos and I do not think anyone wants to listen to me pontificate on aliens for a half hour every week.  Better for me to show people what is out there than to tell it.  I will redirect to something else.

Final update is, I was pretty psyched when the blog reached 4000 page views about a month, or so, ago.  It is now over 10,000.  About 400 people are reading this blog every day.  That is incredible!  Thank you for joining this growing community of people who enjoy alien philosophy and UFO Culture.  If you have not done so already, please subscribe to this blog at and the YouTube Channel by going to and clicking the big red Subscribe button.

That is it for this week.  I will get back into more writing next week, now that I am over the biggest hump with the video production.  In the meantime, it is Memorial Day Weekend, here in America.  I have a jam-packed weekend.  A friend is taking me sailing later today and then I will be watching my kids play sports all weekend and march in the parade Monday.  I will have a few buddies over, one evening, for drinks out by the fireplace.  I might even squeeze in an interview with one of the UFO Sighting witnesses.

We should all also take some time to think about the men and women who have lost their lives, serving their country, this weekend.  Happy Memorial Day to the folks here in America and thank you to everyone around the world for reading.  Stay tuned and keep your eye on the sky!

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Destination, Pine Bush, New York

The street fair brings together all types of people.  There, we shed our political affiliations, drop our anger towards "those people," whoever they are, and come together to celebrate.  The focal point of what we celebrate is less important than why we celebrate - because we need to.  We need to take a day off and wander aimlessly through a crowd, perusing the wares of vendors who would probably prefer to be in the crowd themselves but have come to earn a living.

Saturday morning the sun came out and the clouds scattered like roaches in a Bronx kitchen when the light comes on.  It would have been a great day to watch the kids play sports and do a little yard work.  Instead, I placed my new tripod in a backpack made for snowboarding and hopped on the motor bike.  Destination, Pine Bush, New York.  Interstate 84 was sparsely trafficked, enabling me to keep the speed down and enjoy a carefree ride.  Despite the brilliant sun it was still chilly at highway speeds.  I wore a waterproof ski jacket as a wind breaker.  The bike has electric hand warmers built into the handlebar grips but my leather gloves were enough to keep the chill off my hands.

I turned off the highway, just past Newburgh and headed north.  Here, the country roads resemble any other in "Upstate" New York.  I put Upstate in quotes because the people to the north, where most of the land in New York is located, would consider Orange County to be "Downstate."  But the majority of people in the state live south of there and call it Upstate.  Most people outside of the state would never imagine how rural it is there.  I traveled stretches of road where you could not see another person, past acres of farmland and lonely houses yearning for a neighbor.

Pine Bush, New York
Pine Bush, New York
Walden was the first big town I drove through.  This is not the Walden of Thoreau.  That is in Massachusetts.  Walden, New York would not attract elites from the big city, looking for a quaint country setting to spend the summer.  My first impression of the town was imprinted upon me by the scent of fabric softener gushing from a drier.  Someone was doing laundry.  I wound my way through the sleepy village, over the Wallkill River, past the Angry Orchard Cider Brewery, to my destination:

Pine Bush New  York

The town of Pine Bush is growing on me.  On my first visit in April, I drove through and completely missed it, on my way to the Pine Bush UFO Group meeting.  Saturday I spent four hours there and enjoyed my stay, tremendously.  The Pine Bush UFO Fair corralled me onto Main Street, leaving its storefronts inaccessible.  But stores are only a small variable in the equation which makes a town what it is.  The people I met were wonderful.  Granted, many of the folks at the UFO Fair came from out of town, either as a speaker or a vendor, or like myself, as a guest who traveled many miles for this oddly-specific event which occupies far too much real estate in my mind.  Yet, this could only happen in a town like Pine Bush.

I arrived ten minutes before the UFO Fair began.  Main Street was closed to traffic.  Police directed cars to locations far from the action.  That was why I took the bike - that and what a beautiful day for a ride!  A cop suggested I take a closed street I was able to navigate on the bike.  There, I slowly weaved around pedestrians to a recessed parking lot and found a spot only a bike could fit in.  I stuffed the ski jacket in my backpack and pulled out the tripod.

Barry Mangione Blue Alien Mystic Musician
Barry Mangione Blue Alien Mystic Musician
Like any street fair, food played a major role.  Far from Walden, I smelled hot oil, frying something delectable.  It does not matter much what you put in hot oil.  You could batter roadkill and drop it into hot oil and it would taste delicious.  I would not know, first-hand.  A friend told me that.  You do not know him.  He is in Canada.

I passed a petting zoo and a paranormal sculpture booth on my walk to Main Street, via a parking lot lined on both sides with booths selling street fair staples like Italian Ice and grilled peppers and onions.  There was a trailer with Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Veggie Kettle Corn.  The barbecue booth, complete with barrel smoker, was the most tempting treat but I was determined to hold off on eating until I got back home.  Still, that BBQ looked and smelled like something out of a Southern backwoods cookout.

There was a cupcake vendor and an artisan bread baker.  No street fair would be complete without artisan pickles.   You heard me.  Artisan pickles.  I took my kids to the City last summer and they insisted on each buying a six dollar cucumber.  Not today, Mack - though they looked good.

Blue Alien Mystic was playing at the bandstand when I arrived.  They played a couple cover songs.  I got some video and said hi to Barry, the lead singer.  Then they played The Other Side of Space, which is my Outro theme song for the David Marceau YouTube Channel.

Another musician, Israel Sanchez was set up on Main Street.  He also played a combination of covers and originals.  I took some video.  He ran into me later in the twenty-minute line for the porta-potties.  He told me it would be OK to use the video on my YouTube channel.  Nice!   The guy traveled all the way from California for the event.  I should have interviewed him, to ask why, but it would have been awkward doing this in the line for the toilets.  I would not appreciate if someone got me on camera, doing the pee-pee dance.

Roger Phillips Gray Zone Artist
Roger Phillips Gray Zone Artist
Most of the non-food vendors sold Alien and UFO-related art or tchotchkes.  One booth featured aliens hiding in barns or sneaking up on astronauts.  The artist, Roger Phillips, is also a cartoonist.  He does a Larson-esque cartoon every day for the Roswell Daily Record, called The Gray Zone.  He was there selling his books.  I checked out some of his work.  It is really funny.

A couple booths down, artist couple Allie and Alex displayed a combination of paintings and carpentry on reclaimed pallets.  Joan the Knitter had items from her crochet club.  Steve Heller had some beautiful pieces made from chromed auto parts, complete with taillights for eyes, which really lit up.  But at $4000+ they were way out of my price range.  Steve is a big Sci-Fi fan.  He has been on a UFO kick lately but that is not necessarily his thing - just for this event.

One artist, Brooklyn resident Tim Kelly, paints and draws blue aliens.  This led me A. to buying an interesting piece of art that I could not leave without, and B. making the connection that I had to introduce this guy to Barry from Blue Alien Mystic.  They ended up meeting later in the day.

Tim Kelly Similar Alien Artist
Tim Kelly Similar Alien Artist

Tim's work comes purely from imagination, he has never had an experience with aliens.  He believes people should not be afraid of aliens.  He wants to make people feel better about something that is pretty scary.  He draws them with gender and wearing clothes, as opposed to many other artists who draw aliens that abductees describe, sans clothing or genitalia.  He does not have to think about this much, the work just flows out of him.  I was captivated.  Most of his work seemed to be paint on canvass but my eye was drawn to a sketch of The Grady Twins, the two girls from the Shining, depicted as aliens.

Then there was the kid who made some hats and t-shirts with his friends, just for fun.  Matthew from Montgomery decided to add in an alien head onto the original design his gang of buddies all wear.  It was a special edition just for this event.  He never had any experiences with aliens or UFOs.  He just wanted to come to Pine Bush and make a few bucks - nothing wrong with that.

I spoke, at length, with a couple UFO witnesses, Thom Reed and Travis Walton.  I will include some clips from those interviews, along with a montage of the sites and sounds of the 2019 Pine Bush UFO Fair in my next blog post and YouTube episode which should be released Wednesday of this week.

I made my way back to where I had parked the bike. The Italian Ice cart called out my name.  By this point in the day it had warmed up to the mid-70's Fahrenheit and my backpack was stuffed with my coat, sweatshirt, and a framed illustration of alien Shining twins.  I really wanted one of those Italian ices.  But the line was longer than the line for the toilets.  Kids did the Icy Dance which involves placing a death-grip on a parent's wrist and dropping to the pavement.  I did not want it that badly.  Perhaps I will get one at the next street fair.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Stanton Friedman Memorial Tribute

Today, the UFO Community mourns the loss of nuclear physicist and eminent UFOlogist, Stanton Friedman.  The Canadian Press reports Mr. Stanton was on his way home to Fredericton, New Brunswick following a speaking engagement in Ohio, when he died at the airport.  He was 84.

Stanton Friedman Memorial Tribute
Stanton Friedman 1934 - 2019
Friedman is best known for investigating the Roswell Incident, one of the most famous UFO-related cases of all time.  Friedman's research into the incident concluded that an alien spaceship had indeed crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and the US government was covering it up.  The government officially denies both claims.

A New Jersey native, Friedman earned a Masters degree in nuclear physics from the University of Chicago in 1956.  He then began a career in Industry, working for some of the largest manufacturers including GE, GM, Westinghouse, and TRW.  Some of the projects he worked on, during those years, included classified nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and mini nuclear power plants for use in space.

In 1970 Friedman left his full-time career to devote himself to UFOlogy.  His numerous books, published papers, and speaking engagements, helped publicize alien visitation.  He brought the subject out of the fringes of society, into the mainstream.

Friedman co-authored the book Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, with the Hills' niece Kathleen Marden, a UFOlogist herself.  I had Ms. Marden scheduled to speak with me today, to talk about her new upcoming book.  She was kind enough to say a few words about the passing of her friend including, "Stanton was an outstanding and meticulous researcher.  He helped many many people.  He was kind-hearted, he was a true intellect, and he was a very kind person.  I will miss him greatly, as I know that all of his colleagues will."

I had planned on holding back Marden's interview until after the Pine Bush UFO Fair.  But given the passing of her friend, I spliced together a few snippets of that interview, as a tribute to Stanton Friedman.

This is an ISOT exclusive:

I will put out the disclaimer that this is my first video so the production quality is not the best.  I realized after the interview that the frame rate on the video conference tool is too low for professional-quality editing software.  Future videos will be better produced.  Bear with me :)

Be sure to watch the rest of that interview, featuring details on Marden's new upcoming book, Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You’ve Been Abducted on the David Marceau YouTube Channel.  I expect to upload that video in a couple weeks, after the Pine Bush UFO Fair.

Friedman steadfastly supported Marden's Aunt's recollection of a star map she was shown during her alien abduction, which appeared to be created from the perspective of Zeta Reticuli, 39 light-years away.  The pair worked together on other books including Science was Wrong and Facts, Fiction, and Flying Saucers, all of which are available on their respective websites.

Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden
Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden
Coincidentally, Mr. Friedman lived not far from Gagetown, the site of my own close encounter.  I wish I had had the opportunity to speak with him about this.  He was likely familiar with the area where it took place.

A well-respected figure in the UFO Community, Friedman was sometimes at odds with other experts.  He clashed with SETI Institute Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak over the fact that UFOs are alien spaceships and we are indeed being visited and he has been criticized by Astronomy Magazine Editor, David Eicher, for his work on the Zeta Reticuli project.  But overall Mr. Friedman was a highly regarded UFOlogist and Physicist, valued for approaching his research from a scientific perspective.

He will be missed by the UFO Community and Scientists alike.  Stanton Friedman 1934 - 2019.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions

What does the US government know about UFOs?  I have wondered that since the time of my sighting in 1992.  Apparently some people, high up in government, have known a lot for a long time according to formerly SECRET, declassified documents, released by the NSA.

This is not breaking news.  One particular document which I have re-imaged below, has been available for some time.  However, given recent current events in UFOlogy it is now more important than ever that we, the public, review these documents and question what it is we should do.

The seven-page document dated 1968, titled "UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions" lists several arguments against the existence of UFOs and then goes on to assert that these arguments are invalid.  As supporting evidence, the document references Dr. Allen Hynek, the recent subject of History Channel's Project Blue Book.

Arguments the paper attempts to debunk include:


A transcription and commentary follow each image.


UFOs Are Hoaxes

The document states:

From the time when hoaxes were first noted in history, they were characterized by infrequency of occurrence and usually by a considerable restriction of their geographical extent. Rarely have men of science, while acting within their professional capacities, perpetrated hoaxes. The fact that UFO phenomena have been witnessed all over the world from ancient times, and by considerable numbers of reputable scientists in recent times, indicates rather strongly that UFOs are not all hoaxes. If anything, rather than diminishing, the modern trend is toward increased reports, from all sources. In one three month period in 1953 (June, July and August) Air Force records show 35 sightings whose nature could not be determined. If UFO’s, contrary to all indications and expectations, are indeed hoaxes--hoaxes of a world wide dimension--hoaxes of increasing frequency, then a human mental aberration of alarming proportions would seem to be developing. Such an aberration would seem to have serious implications for nations equipped with nuclear toys--and should require immediate and careful study by scientists.

My thoughts:
Yes, some UFO reports are without doubt hoaxes.  Some people are in need of negative attention.  Others get a perverse joy from watching a hoax unfold while they quietly laugh in the shadows.  But we cannot all be lying.  With all the thousands upon thousands of UFO sightings, some of us must be telling the truth.


UFOs Are Hallucinations

The document states:

People, of course, do hallucinate. Although groups of people hallucinating is rare, it has been known to happen. Machines have their own form of hallucination; the radar, in particular, “sees” temperature inversions. But a considerable number of instances exist in which there are groups of people and a radar or radars seeing the same thing at the same time; sometimes a person and gun camera confirm each other's testimony. On occasion, physical evidence of a circumstantial nature was reported to have been found to support witnessed sightings. A continuing high percentage of reports of unusual aerial objects are being reported by people in responsible positions in science, government, and industry. The sum of such evidence seems to argue strongly against all UFOs being hallucinations. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, if UFOs did turn out to be largely illusionary, the psychological implications for man would certainly bring into strong question his ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. The negative effect on man's ability to survive in an increasingly complex world would be considerable--making it imperative that such a growing impairment of the human capacity for rational judgment be subjected to immediate and thorough scientific study so that the illness could be controlled before it reaches epidemic proportions. (For comments on mass hysteria and UFO’s see source 8 below which contains a statement by Dr. Robert L. Hall, a social, psychologist formerly with the Personnel and Training Research Center and the Program Director, Sociology and Psychology, National Science Foundation.) 

My thoughts:
Some people see all kinds of things that are not there and they cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy.  But again, we cannot all be wrong.  Some of the thousands of reports, mine for instance, must be taken seriously.  I myself have never seen any other UFOs or any paranormal activity (notwithstanding the ghost in my house, whom I do not believe in, just saying) but I most definitely saw an alien spaceship, up close, in 1992.  So did another soldier.


UFOs Are Natural Phenomena

The document states:

If this hypothesis is correct, the capability of air warning systems to correctly diagnose an attack situation is open to serious question.
  1. Many UFOs have been reported by trained military observers to behave like high speed, high performance, high altitude rockets or aircraft. The apparent solidity and craft-like shape of the objects have often been subject to radar confirmation. If such reports can appear to trained military men as rockets or aircraft and if such objects should come over the Arctic from the direction of Russia on the United States, they could trigger “false reports of missile attacks”.
  2. Many responsible military officers have developed a mental “blind spot” to objects which appear to have characteristics of UFO’s. Such an attitude is an open invitation to the enemy to build a replica of the phenomena in order to penetrate the “hole” in his adversaries’ defenses –Was this the purpose of the lens shaped reentry vehicle tested by the USAF in 1960 and recently featured in the Washington, D.C. Evening Star, dated 24 September 1968, page A4?
  3. Sometimes the phenomena appear to defy radar detection and to cause massive electromagnetic interference. Surely it is very important to discover the nature of these objects or plasmas before any prospective enemy can use their properties to build a device or system to circumvent or jam our air and space detection systems--Any nation certainly could use a system or device to penetrate enemy defenses.

My thoughts:
This point leaves me the most disturbed.  Military Officers have developed a mental "blind spot."  Uh, ya!  I have been talking about this, recently, on this blog and in my recent interview on The-Unidentified.  You do not go far in the military if you believe in "flying saucers."  So people ignore what is right in front of them out of fear of being labeled a nut-job, something which can end a military career.


UFOs Are Secret Earth Projects

The document states:

The above-referenced U.S. Air Force reenetry vehicle and an often publicized Canadian “saucer” project leave little doubt as to the validity of this hypothesis. Undoubtedly, all UFO’s should be carefully scrutinized to ferret out such enemy (or “friendly”) projects. Otherwise a nation faces the very strong possibility of being intimidated by a new secret “doomsday” weapon.

My thoughts:
This one is the silliest.  People have asked me if the ship I saw might have been some secret technology being tested, like the Stealth Bomber, which was a product of that era.  Well, it is now 27 years later and we have had a Stealth Bomber for decades but we still do not have planes which can hover silently above a treeline without creating a downwash or which can move at the speed of a man strolling on the beach, without the use of visible engines or propellers, or wings for that matter.  If we had that technology it would be used against our adversaries in places like Afghanistan and possibly Russia, China, North Korea, etc.  Most likely, we would no longer have any organized adversaries.


UFOs Are Related to Intra-Terrestrial Intelligence

The document states:

According to some eminent scientists closely associated with the study of this phenomenon, this hypothesis cannot be disregarded. (The well documented sightings over Washington, D.C. in 1952 strongly support his view.) This hypothesis has a number of far-reaching human survival implications:
  1. If “they” discover you, it is an old but hardly invalid rule of thumb, “they” are your technological superiors. Human history has shown us time and again the tragic results of a confrontation between a technologically superior civilization and a technologically inferior people. The “inferior” is usually subject to physical conquest.
  2. Often in the past, a technologically superior people are also possessors of a more virile or aggressive culture. In a confrontation between two peoples of significantly different culture levels, those having the inferior or less virile culture most often suffer a tragic loss of identity and are absorbed by the other people.
  3. Some peoples who were technologically and/or culturally inferior to other nations have survived--have maintained their identity--have equalized the differences between them and their adversaries. The Japanese people have given us an excellent example of the methods required to achieve such survival:
    1. full and honest acceptance of the nature of the inferiorities separating you from the advantages of the other peoples,
    2. complete national solidarity in all positions taken in dealing with the other culture,
    3. highly controlled and limited intercourse with the other side--doing only those things advantageous to the foreigner which you are absolutely forced to do by the circumstances,
    4. a correct but friendly attitude toward the other people,
    5. A national eagerness to learn everything possible about the other citizens--its technological and cultural strengths and weaknesses. This often involves sending selected groups and individuals to the other's country to become one of his kind, or even to help him in his wars against other adversaries.
    6. Adopting as many of the advantages of the opposing people as you can, and doing it as fast as possible – while still protecting your own identity by molding each new knowledge increment into your own cultural cast.

My thoughts:
So here, the author is basically stating that aliens are real and we should be concerned.  Remember, this was in 1968, right around the time Project Blue Book was wrapping up with the conclusion that UFOs are not real.

This passage reminds me of the story I wrote last fall about an alien Christopher Columbus.

UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions
UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions

The document concludes with the following commentary:
COMMENT: Although this paper has hardly exhausted the possible hypotheses related to the UFO phenomena, those mentioned above are the principal ones presently put forward. All of them have serious survival implications. The final answer to this mystery will probably include more than one of the above hypotheses. 
Up until this time, the leisurely scientific approach has too often taken precedence in dealing with UFO questions. If you are walking along a forest path and someone yells 'rattler' your reaction would be immediate and defensive. You would not take time to speculate before you act. You would have to treat the alarm as if it were a real and immediate threat to your survival. Investigation would become an intensive emergency action to isolate the threat and to determine its precise nature. It would be geared to developing adequate defensive measures in a minimum amount of time. 
It would seem a little more of this survival attitude is called for in dealing with the UFO problem. 
Observations of chimpanzees while in a captive environment have shown that the animals tend to become confused and disoriented. Since they do not usually have adult chimps to teach them how to be good apes, they are not even sure of their behavior. Often their actions are patterned after human behavior and would have virtually no survival value in the wild. Lacking the challenge of environmental adaptation, the bodies of the animals atrophy and become subject to many diseases -- mostly unknown in their wild counterparts. Reactions to stimulus usually become less responsive and suitable. Sex becomes a year-long preoccupation instead of a seasonal madness. 
Do the captivity characteristics of modern civilization cause a similar lessening of man's adaptive capability, of his health, of his ability to recognize reality, of his ability to survive? 
Perhaps the UFO question might even make man undertake studies which could enable him to construct a society which is most conducive to developing a completely human being, healthy in all respects of mind and body – and, most important, able to recognize and adapt to real environmental situations.

My thoughts:
Hold on.  Back up four paragraphs.  Did they just say we have a "UFO problem?"  The author also suggested we should do something about the problem immediately.  It is now 50+ years later.  I am guessing they must have labeled that guy a nut-job and fired him.


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