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Friday, June 18, 2021

Are Aliens just messing with Us?

When I was a kid I had a cat.  I am really a dog person but my dad brought home this kitten when I was probably a single digit age.  We called her Puzzum Kitty.  Do not judge me, I did not name her.  And really, is any other cat name any better?  Mittens?  Snuggums?  Walter?

Puzzum was not intended to be my cat per se.  She just took a liking to me and slept on my bed every night.  Maybe it was because I fed her.  When I was in college I once slept in a girl's bed because she made me dinner.  So I get it, Puzzum.

Are Aliens just messing with Us?
Are Aliens just messing with Us?

What was interesting about having a cat, for me, was the "Cat and Mouse" games she would play with other animals out around the yard.  If she caught a mouse or a mole, for example, she would not kill it - at least not intentionally.  Instead, she would pick it up with both front paws and toss it in the air.  Then she would bat the mouse with her paw like she was hitting a baseball.  The dazed rodent would hit the ground, shake its furry little head, and take off running.  I would too!  Then Puzzum would pounce on the creature and repeat the whole process.

Naturally, this got me thinking about aliens.  

My last article posed the question, "Is Disclosure Coming from Aliens?"  I never really answered the question (though I will address it again in an upcoming article - stay tuned...) because I could not get past the Why.  Why would aliens care whether we acknowledge their presence or not?  Then I remembered Puzzum Kitty.

To a mouse, Puzzum displayed similar qualities to a UFO.  She would swoop down out of nowhere, hover effortlessly over her prey, and draw the creatures up inside her mouth.  She would then perform strange acts on her subjects which the rodents could not understand.  It must have been painful for these small creatures, as many UFO abductees have reported their experiences to be.  In the end, Puzzum may have released the animals in a random place near where she found them but not quite at the same location.  Then she would zip off into the space above the grass at incredible speeds (to a mouse), never to be seen again.  

Which brings me back to the Why.  Why did Puzzum Kitty play these games with tiny rodents?  That question is easy to answer - because she could.  This was a fun game for my cat to play.  She was a far superior being to the mice and did not care one bit about them.  She just wanted to have some fun at their expense.  She was just messing with them.  This then begs the question:

Are Aliens just messing with Us?

If I were an alien (cue the Fiddler on the Roof music) I might enjoy visiting the planets of lesser beings, like those found on Earth, and having some fun with them.  I would not be a cruel or inhumane alien, mostly.  But I would not have the same concern for humans as I do for my alien buddies.

Most people would do the same.  Nay, you say?  "I could never do something like that!"  Yes you could.  At some point, nearly everyone has crouched down over the ground to observe an ant mound.  One will swoop in out of nowhere, like a UFO, and silently hovered over the mound.  An ant may find itself pulled from its habitat, allowed to walk along the surface of your arm, and then flicked away like a booger.  When the observer grows bored of watching the ants, he may step on the ant mound and crush it.  Why?  No good reason.  Because it was there.

Some of us will grow out of this behavior.  Eventually, most people learn to feel empathy even for the tiniest creatures.  We come to value life of all forms - except spiders.  All spiders can die, as far as I am concerned.  But ants - I have no beef with them.  They can live and I will not disrupt their cities.  (For a deeper dive on this, read my article We are like Ants to Them.)

Playing God with lesser creatures seems to be in our DNA.  My children are wonderful, sensitive, people who value others' feelings and who have never killed another animal.  But they will catch them and play with them!  

We have a large pond on our property.  The kids have caught countless frogs and toads.  They try not to hurt the animals.  They hold the frogs.  They may place the frogs in a kiddie pool and watch them swim around.  When they have had their fun they let their froggies go.  They may simply place the frog on the ground and let it hop away or they may carry it to the pond, the same way some alien abductees describe being magically transported to and from their homes, even through walls.  Why did this happen to the frogs?  No reason.   The kids were just playing with the frogs.

The kids and I will catch fish in the pond that we do not intend to eat.  We are not cruel to the fish (notwithstanding the hook through the lip).  When the fish comes out of the water it may seem like an alien abduction to the fish, assuming fish have the level of consciousness to grasp such a concept.  Then the hook is carefully removed and the fish is returned to the pond before it asphyxiates.  Why?  Because we can.  It is fun to hook a fish and pull it out of the water.  People all over the world love fishing.  It is awesome!

Once, my daughter caught a beautiful brown trout in the Connecticut River.  She put a leash on it (a chain through the gills) and "walked" it in the water, like walking a dog.  She was little and did not think about the consequences of this.  I made her release it because I thought it might be uncomfortable for the fish, to say the least.  But to her, at a young and na├»ve age, it was fun to walk her fishy.

We also have a "humane trap" for pesky varmints that cause trouble.  If a raccoon learns to knock off the bricks we keep on top of our garbage can lids and get in the garbage, that little trouble-maker will need to, "take a ride."  Now, when I was a kid, "take a ride" meant my dad was going to shoot the animal and toss its carcass in the woods.  But today, we are more civilized than my redneck roots would belie.  Instead of killing an animal that is just looking for a meal, we may trap the filthy little trash bandit in a cage and release it elsewhere.

Mick West
Filthy Little Trash Bandit

That is what the trap is supposed to be for.  In practice, the trap is another children's toy for kids on the fringe of Suburbia and  Country Living.  Raccoons and possums tend to get caught in there most often.  They are not harmed in any way, though it probably really freaks them out.  After the animal is discovered in the trap the kids will observe it like little scientists.  They may try to feed it.  They may gently push a stick through the openings in the cage and watch the critter viciously attack the stick.  It is great fun.  When they grow tired of playing with this pet, they will place the cage on the stone wall with the opening facing the woods and release the animal into the forest while standing behind the safety of the stone barrier.

Why do the children do this?  Because they can.  Again, they are wonderfully kind and loving people who would never intentionally harm anything they did not then intend to eat (with the exception of catch & release fish).  But they will capture these pestilent beasts from time to time, just to check them out and play with them.

There are many other examples I could iterate through.  But I believe I have made my point.  Humans like to mess around with what we consider (perhaps subconsciously) lesser beings.  Ants, frogs, fish, raccoons, it does not matter what it is.  If we can catch it and play with it, we will, especially at a younger age.

Clearly, the analogy is, perhaps aliens are doing the same with us.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) would consider us Earthan creatures to be lesser beings.  We would hope they would mean us no harm, and so far it appears that way because surely they could have wiped out all of humanity by now if they wanted to, just the same as a human can step on an ant mound.  But that does not stop them from messing around with us.

In relation to the concept of Disclosure, aliens may be in charge of this subject to the extent that it does not matter to them if we accept them or not.  I would not care if the fish in my pond believe in me.  My children make no attempt to establish diplomatic relations with frogs.  We will not follow a raccoon back to its den to share our technology with them.  That would be ridiculous!

I am in charge of Human Disclosure with ants, frogs, fish, and raccoons.  But I am neither for nor against the concept.  I doubt any of these animals could have any kind of benefit to me.  I could not trade with them.  They are of no value to me other than to maintain the food chain.  I could care less either way if they acknowledge my existence.  And yet, I hold all the cards.

Aliens are likely in the same position.  Could aliens make Contact?  Sure!  Could aliens force government Disclosure?  Absolutely!  Could aliens establish diplomatic relations with humans, share their technology, and trade with us?  Naturally!  Would any of those things ever happen?  I doubt it.  We do not do it with animals, why should aliens do it with us?

Our visitors from other planets hold all the cards in the Disclosure department.  They could do whatever they want.  Their choice seems to be to observe and to play with us like we would do to any other lesser wild animal.  Aliens are just messing with us.  Do not count on them to intentionally cause Disclosure.

A boy and his cat
Puzzum Sleeping on my Bed

When Puzzum Kitty's playtoy arrived safely back in his burrow, presumably, the other mice would never believe his story.  They would be like, "Oh yeah?  Did you get a picture of this [muffled laughter] Puzzum Kitty?"  The other mice would all laugh hysterically.  Then the reviled debunker, Micky Mouse West, would tell him, "In the five seconds since you announced this I have concluded an investigation into the incident.  Perhaps you saw something but since I am unable to wrap my tiny noggin around this concept of a 'cat' I command you to believe that what you saw was not actually a Kitty Cat.  It was in fact a top secret test rodent."  All the other mice would turn and stare at Micky Mouse West in silence.  In the distance a car comes screeching to a halt.  Crunching metal and shattering glass is heard.  There is an explosion.  Then everyone goes back to what they were doing.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Is Disclosure Coming from Aliens?

Recently, I saw a question posed on a UAP discussion group I follow.  A member named Chris posted, 

"I hear a lot of people talk about disclosure but sometimes I wonder if the real disclosure does not come from UAPs and possibly aliens or their AI?

I mean, if UAPs are in fact ET tech, maybe they are just initiating contact progressively. In other words, they are disclosing their presence to us in a step by step way."

Interesting concept.  Let us explore this.

Are Aliens Driving Disclosure?

The term Disclosure is baited with all sorts baggage.  Conspiracy Theorists and their pseudo-science Debunker counterparts look at the concept of Disclosure as marking a moment in time.  It will be the pivotal point when some sort of announcement by The Government (whoever that is) ushers the world from not believing in UFOs to having a clear-headed awareness that we are not alone.  

Level-headed people see Disclosure as more of a process than an event.  The pending Senate Report on UAPs is evidence of that.  There is acknowledgement that there are things flying around in our airspace that the government knows about but cannot identify.  But they will not go so far as to announce that it is alien technology.

In related news, I drank a black, bitter, caffeinated beverage that I could not identify, this morning.  I will not go so far as to announce that it was coffee, though.

In my interview with Luis Elizondo in the fall of 2020 Lue stated:

"I think [Disclosure is] happening.  I think you're already seeing me having the ability to have a discussion that just even a year ago I couldn't have... It's happening now.  Again, this is a process, it's not an event.  People have to understand you have to have patience.  We only made it this far because we're running a marathon.  This isn't a sprint."

Disclosure is Happening

If Disclosure is indeed under way who is driving it?  Most people would say it is the major Influencers in the UFO Community, popular #UFOTwitter members like UFO Jesus and Ryan Sprague and Luis Elizondo himself.  I would add-in the collective force of everyone who follows and contributes to UFO news.  It is all of us.

Still, the question keeps popping up.  I asked Lue a similar question, "Who is driving the Disclosure process?"  I told him that some folks think it is aliens.  I expected Lue to laugh off the question and move on to more rational topics.  But he was ready with a response.  I wrote:

Lue likened the belief that humans are not in control of Disclosure to forces beyond our control which influence us, like the weather.  "Is it possible there's something out there that is influencing us?  Well we know the environment sure as hell does.  It's not purposely trying to hurt us or influence us but it does."  

Could there be other forces out there trying to interfere with us?  "Sure, but you have to have the evidence to back that up."

At the time, I left the question with the response Lue provided and did not revisit it.  I was satisfied with the notion that it is probably not the case that aliens are driving Disclosure but if someone has some evidence, bring it on.

Certainly, I offer no evidence of this.  Even my own UFO encounter is evidenced solely by mine and Mike's eye-witness testimony.  But what I can offer is thought - a What if?  What if aliens were driving Disclosure?

It seems the first question one would have to ask prior to answering the What if is, Why?  Why would aliens want to drive this process?  The answer to that would have to be because they want the people of Earth to know they are here, right?  

OK, but then why not just make the proverbial landing on the White House lawn?  Certainly, anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) would have the ability to do this without being shot down by fighter jets.  Maybe they have tried that in the past on other planets and all hell broke loose.  In that case they would know from experience that even if they can evade our defenses that landing on the White House lawn, or in Red Square for that matter, would be perceived as a provocative action, one which may instigate retaliation.  It would shame us and we would never forget it.  We would have to get back at them, vengeful little beasts that we are.

Imagine you just moved into a new house.  You want to meet your new neighbors.  Your options are, 

  1. Bring them a gift like a pie or a bottle of wine, or
  2. Kick the door down and yell, "We're here, biaches!"  

Option A would probably leave a better, lasting impression.

Another option aliens may consider is to take over our airwaves and make an announcement.  Surely, a society which has mastered the ability to manipulate the fabric of gravity and spacetime would have no problem commandeering our TV/Radio airwaves.  But what if humans found them grotesque to look at?  If they all looked like big hairy spiders, for example, most Earthan people would demand we immediately squash these disgusting creatures.  (Of course, we would probably be as ugly to them as they were to us, word.)

So, if aliens wanted us to know they were here they might try some covert operation to bring about a softer form of Disclosure than bursting in like Yosemite Sam.  That makes sense.  But again, why?  

We're here!  Where all the Earth girls at?

Why would aliens want us to know they are here?

  • Aliens can gain financially from us
  • Aliens see us as a threat to them
  • Aliens see us as a threat to ourselves

In How Would we Trade with Aliens economist, Dr. John Glascock, discussed trading with aliens, with me.  Glascock seemed convinced that aliens have nothing to gain from interacting with us.  Anyone who could get from there to here could produce anything they wanted without any raw materials simply by modifying the structure of any atoms, for example.  I want to believe that is not the case but I have a lot of respect for Dr. Glascock and know he is probably right.

Dr. Glascock on Interplanetary Trade

If aliens have nothing to gain financially from interacting with us why else would they?  

If they saw us as a threat to them they may want to put a leash on us.  But they have not done that, so far.  US, Russian, and other advanced defense manufacturers keep churning out bigger and badder weapons and our governments keep buying them.

If they saw us as a threat to ourselves they may want to help us but, like I wrote in the Frog Corollary, they do not seem to care.  I actually prayed, Greer-style, that aliens would heal me when I had cancer a couple years ago.  But they did not.  For the record, a hot-shot surgeon with a remote controlled laser beam took care of me.

Really, when it comes down to it, there are no good reasons for aliens to make contact with us.  They would be much better off observing us like the wild zoo animals we are and staying in their safari UFOs.

So, could aliens be driving Disclosure?  OK, sure, why not?  But why would they?

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Hatters Be Hattin'

With the release of the Congressional UFO Report in June of 2021 the UFO Community has seen a flurry of sloppy news articles on the topic.  Some media, like the New York Times, treat the subject of visits by other intelligent beings with the dignity it deserves, while rags like the Los Angeles Times continue to poke fun at the subject and its adherents.  They liken all members of the UFO Community to Tinfoil Hat People, and conspiracy followers.

The NY Times, noted for "All the News That's Fit to Print" will cite scientists and government officials, pointing towards evidence of UFOs and eye-witness accounts of UFOs while the LA Times apparently likens the belief in UFOs to belief in ghosts and Bigfoots.  A superficial LA Times article from June 2, 2021 states, "As with many conspiracy theories, UFO devotees have claimed for decades that government disclosure is imminent."  There is so much to unpack in that one sentence.

I can picture the topic assignment meeting with the editor and all the writers.  It probably went something like, "OK, next up [feigned suppression of laughter] we've got this, heh heh, UFO piece?  Um... [whispers to a senior writer] What's the new kid's name?  Blakesly?  Blasely?  Ya, Blasey!  You, Blasey!  You get to do the UFO piece. [more lightly suppressed laughter]"

Tabloids like the Los Angeles Times

Staff writer Laura Blasey whose previous accolades include producing audio for smart home devices and whose Twitter tagline begins with, "*eye roll* [typing sounds]" looks up from her phone for the first time, visibly startled, and sheepishly replies, "But... like?  I don't knowww??? Anything?  About UFOhhhs???"

The editor snaps back, "Just write about conspiracy nuts, kid!  Tin Foil Hat people!  This will all blow over in a few weeks anyway and you can go back to writing about COVID vaccines, while we can still milk that."

And onward we digress.

UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People

Tabloids like the Los Angeles Times tend to recklessly categorize the subject of UFOs alongside the supernatural.  They will liken the subject's followers to crazy people who believe in conspiracy theories and mythology.  They pen lines like, "As with many conspiracy theories," without investigating eye-witness accounts, ignoring photographic and video evidence.  Why would they do this?

The answer is because one, it is easier to hate on people than to practice journalistic integrity, and two, because the paper's writers and editors lack the courage displayed by more reputable papers like the New York Times.  Calling UFO visits a "conspiracy theory" enables the LA Times staff to distance themselves from the folks they perceive to be wackos.  It is like saying, "Hey, I don't believe in this stuff, I'm not one of those Tinfoil Hat nuts, but here's what everyone else has been talking about recently, about what's happening in Washington."  The LA Times was behind the curve in reporting on all this so they seem to feel the need to differentiate themselves from the news leaders by sensationalizing the subject.

Yes, Ms. Blasey, conspiracy theorists do indeed believe in UFOs and in government cover-ups.  But so do many scientists and scientific minded people, investigative journalists (those who spend more than a few hours writing each article, who do research by means other than Googling), and government officials, both elected and appointed.  You can joke all you want about, "The Truth is Out There," but the joke is on you.  The truth is indeed out there, you just cannot be bothered to take the time to find it.

But enough about hack writers.  What happens next?  Most leading figures in the UFO Community have taken a restrained approach to the content of the Congressional Report.  It is assumed the report will not contain any smoking guns nor an official acknowledgement that Earth is being visited by aliens.  It will contain an admission that the government does not know who built aircraft like the "Tic Tacs" nor how those aircraft are able to seemingly defy the known laws of physics.  In other words, "I'm not saying it's aliens, but..."

UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People
UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People

Will the LA Times later print a correction, saying they were wrong to belittle the greatest story of our collective lifetimes?  I am not holding my breath.  The best they will do is some type of tacit acknowledgment that there is something to the "UFO Conspiracy Theory" while continuing to shamelessly distance themselves from the topic and its proponents.

The weakest links in media will print sensationalistic dribble like, the tinfoil hat people may have been right all along.  No, tinfoil hat people are still tinfoil hat people.  I am not making a judgement about the veracity of people who cover their heads in aluminum foil to prevent aliens from manipulating their minds.  I am saying, they are a different group of people, as are people who believe in ghosts, Bigfoots, ESP, and mental telepathy.  

Just as politics makes strange bedfellows, so too does the UFO topic.  Many people who believe in the above subjects also believe in life on other planets.  But there are a number of us who advocate to normalize the discussion of UFOs who are highly rational and not prone to conspiracy theories of any type.  We take it from a scientific perspective.  Statistically it is nearly impossible for humans to be the most intelligent life in the Universe.  More likely, there are people on other planets who are millions of years ahead of us and they figured out long ago how to get from there to here (wherever there is).  

Then, there are those of us who have actually had close encounters with aircraft that could not possibly have been created by people on Earth.  For us, it is no more of a belief than it would be to believe I had coffee this morning.  I know what I poured in my coffee cup and I know what I saw in Gagetown in 1992.   And yes, LA Times, WE were right all along.  

When lazy or cowardly "journalists" lump the scientific-minded people in with what they perceive to be the crazy people, they may think they are tipping their hats in acknowledgement of a truth.  In reality, this will still be an attempt to avoid the appearance of "belief" in aliens at the expense of making the rest of us all look crazy.  There needs to be some delineation between the groups.

The Tinfoil Hat people are who they are.  The conspiracy people are who they are.  The supernatural believers are who they are.  None of them should be included in the current UFO discussion.  There are plenty of scientists, government officials, and eye-witnesses to include in legit news articles.

It is time for the folks at the LA Times and other would-be journalists to grow up and find the courage to take this topic seriously.  Or, they keep hating on a subject that will only expand from here out.  The truth is not out there, it is right in front of you.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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