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Thursday, February 14, 2019

What is Beauty to Aliens?

I am getting up later in the morning.  The sun is coming up earlier.  The house is still dark but I did not need to turn on a light in my office this morning.  I look out the big picture window in front of my desk and see the thin layer of snow covering everything in the twilight.  Rocks protrude, creating definition.  A stone wall runs along the road.  Trees huddle close for warmth.

There is beauty in this moment.  I gaze across my wooded vista and take it in.  It provides me great comfort, solace.  My mind goes blank as I live in the moment.  And then I think, I wonder if aliens can appreciate beauty.

I myself have never seen an alien.  I have seen an alien spaceship up close but could not tell if anyone was piloting it.  But there have been many people who say they have encountered aliens, either here on Earth or up in a spaceship, somewhere.  These aliens are rarely described as beautiful.  That could be just because they look different from humans so it is hard to recognize their beauty.  I suppose over time if we were exposed to thousands of alien faces on a regular basis we would start to see how one might be more beautiful than another.  This happened amongst ourselves as different races began to live together and eventually intermarry.

Alien Adornment

Beyond looks, I have noticed the witnesses to alien encounters have not detailed how aliens may adorn themselves.  The most common human adornment is clothing.  Some people, men and women, go to great lengths and expense to keep in style.  Even putting on jeans and a t-shirt could be a fashion statement.  Most alien encounters that I have heard of include no description of clothing of any type.

Alien Adornment
Little Miss Big Sexy Hair

Humans take great pride in their hair.  Women spend countless hours on hair treatments, coloring, styling.  Men take pride in growing a good beard and they could spend a fortune trying to turn the tide on a receding hairline.  Aliens?  No hair whatsoever.

All humans will wear some type of jewelry at some point in their lives.  At a minimum, men wear a wedding band.  Some of us have some piercings.  Many wear a watch.  Women take it a step further with all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hair thingies.  Pretty much anywhere a woman can place something shiny or sparkly on her body, she will.  Some men do too.  Aliens?  I can not think of a single case where someone has described an alien who sparkled.

That is about the extent of it for men but women will further adorn themselves with makeup, nail polish, waxings of various unwanted hairs, skin treatments, etc.  Aliens wear no makeup.  Do they?  Maybe when they are on official business they leave that stuff at home but on Friday nights they get all dolled up.  It is possible.

Are Aliens Beautiful?

Maybe aliens, the typical Grey, have evolved to a point where they consider themselves the most beautiful creatures in the Universe.  This could cause them to take a philosophical stand against adorning themselves with anything which may detract from their natural beauty.  Or maybe they have evolved to a point where, no matter how someone looks on the outside they only care about who that person is on the inside.  But then that is our ideal.  It would be arrogant to think that every species would strive for that.

What is Beauty to Aliens?
What is Beauty to Aliens?
When you think about the shape of the typical Grey the immediate reaction is they are kind of funny looking.  They tend to have extremely skinny arms, enormous eyes, and gigantic heads.  But what do we find attractive in humans?  We spend a lot of time and money trying to stay fit.  Everyone wants to be skinny.  Maybe, over the course of millions of years, aliens have taken this to an extreme and bio-engineered themselves to be permanently skinny - extremely skinny.  Why do women wear eyeliner?  It is to make their eyes look bigger.  Humans are attracted to large eyes.  That is why babies are so cute.  Perhaps, over the course of millions of years, aliens have bio-engineered themselves to have perversely large eyes.  In order to fit those enormous eyes onto their heads, they have engineered larger skulls.  This would also help them fit computer interfaces into their heads.

It is possible that aliens are attracted to the same qualities that humans are attracted to.  They have taken these traits to extremes because they have had the time to do so.  Perhaps in a million years we will look like them too.

But do they appreciate natural beauty?  We may never know until we have had the opportunity to visit one of their planets, see what it looks like, and experience their culture.

It is light now.  My vista lacks the romantic lighting it had an hour ago.  But it is still beautiful.

This will be my last post for the week.  I have a couple ski days ahead of me before my surgery next week.  I will try to get in one last blog post on Tuesday of next week.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ski-able Planets

Those who have gotten used to seeing a new blog post every weekday (thank you for reading) may have noticed the frequency of postings has fallen off, over the past few weeks.  I normally bound out of bed by 5:00am every day and head right to the computer, to write.  But a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer, pass the salt, and I think this is causing me to need more sleep.  As much as I enjoy writing the blog it is the first thing that goes if I run out of time in the morning.

Because of this, I will not be posting new articles every day for the next few weeks and will likely go into a total blackout beginning February 20th when I go in for surgery.  I will resume daily posts as my strength and energy returns over subsequent days and weeks.

The good news is, I should be able to completely recover from this and resume all normal activity within about a month after the surgery.  I hope to get on a pair of skis by mid-March and on a snowboard by the end of March.

Which Planets have the Best Ski Conditions?

I wonder do aliens ski or snowboard?  (How is that for a segue?)  Prerequisites for this would be mountains and snow.  Let us go through a short list of potentially habitable planets and see if they measure up. lists some Potentially Habitable Planets and what we know about them.  We do not know much.  Which of the following are ski-able planets?

  • Kepler-186f
  • Kepler-452b
  • Proxima Centauri b
  • Kepler-62f
  • The TRAPPIST System

Have I ever mentioned that I hate scientific planet names?  I know I have.  This planet is just a bit larger than Earth and has a year that lasts 130 days.  I could not find information on whether or not the planet wobbles, which you may know, is what causes Earth to have winter and summer.  We, in the North, tilt away from the Sun in the winter and tilt back towards the sun in the summer.  Despite no declarations about this on NASA's description of Kepler-186f I am thinking it does not wobble.  The planet is tidally locked to its star, like our moon is to Earth, which means that one side of the planet is always sunny and the other side is always dark.  Our moon does not wobble, causing winter and summer.  But the side of the Moon which faces the Sun can reach temperatures of over 250° F and the side which faces away from the Sun can swing 500° F in the other direction.

Ski-able Planets
Kepler-186f - I see Paul's Tracks
Unlike our moon, the same side of Kepler-186f always faces its sun so there is no night and day.  There is a true dark side of the planet which never sees the sun, whereas our moon experiences day and night, every 13.5 Earth days.  It may be too hot to ski on the light side of "K" but, assuming there is water on the planet (a condition for life as we know it), it should be plenty cold enough for snow on the dark side.  You would not want to go too far onto the dark side because once the temperature dropped below about 10° F it would start to be too cold.  But you would have to drive some distance past the dark line because it is likely that hot winds would blow onto the dark side, warming it at the edge.

Despite having a hot side and a cold side it is possible that people could live in most places on the hot side.  Kepler 186-f is further away from its sun than we our from ours and and its sun is weaker than ours.  It all depends on the atmosphere.  If they have a thick atmosphere it could be very warm due to the Greenhouse Effect.

The final condition needed would be a mountain.  Kepler-186f is described as likely to be rocky so it may have mountains.  On the light side of the planet, a mountain would have to be very high and close to the prevailing winds of the dark side.  On the dark side the height would not matter as much but it would need to be just far enough from the light side, to not have all the snow melt every time a wind storm kicked up.

Conditions would be better on the dark side because, being sunless, the snow would not be subjected to the constant thawing and freezing cycles we experience here on Earth.  But skiing under the lights is never as good as skiing in daylight.  It requires greater concentration to see the slight undulations in the surface and to avoid obstacles like trees and chairlift posts.  So most casual skiers would prefer skiing on the light side.  The dark side would have more of the die-hard expert skiers.

Probably too hot for snow and could even be a gas giant.

This is our closest potential neighbor.  It is tidally locked to its sun and gets less energy from its sun so conditions may be similar to that of Kepler 186-f.  But deadly sun flares may eradicate life there, periodically.  On the plus side, there would be no lift lines.

Which planets have the best ski conditions?

Possibly covered in water which may be completely frozen due to receiving less energy from its sun.  But then how did the water form in the first place?

There are seven potentially habitable planets around the star TRAPPIST-1.  Little is yet known about these planets but there is speculation that they could be rocky and tidally locked.

Which planet is the best?  So far it is Earth, hands down.  Of the others, as of this writing the best is probably Kepler-186f.  Hopefully, we will soon know more about additional planets.

Do Aliens Ski or Snowboard?

Somewhere out there, there is a planet that is just like Earth, wobbling between winter and summer, mountainous, cold enough for snow but not cold enough for immediate frostbite.  The question then, is, do aliens ski or snowboard?

I like to ski and snowboard primarily because I get an adrenaline rush from going fast.  Do aliens produce adrenaline?  This chemical is produced by our bodies in times of danger.  In more primitive times if a predator was salivating over you adrenaline would give you the sudden burst of energy to get out of there and save your life.

Do aliens ski or snowboard?
Someone went over to the Dark Side
We probably do not need adrenaline anymore, for survival.  Could aliens have evolved beyond the need for adrenaline?  Or maybe, on some planets there were never any carnivores so there was never the need for the body to evolve to produce adrenaline in the first place.  Either way, to these aliens we must look pretty silly skiing, sky diving, surfing, or doing any other adrenaline-producing diversions.

Skiing is also good exercise - it is fun exercise.  If you have to get a workout it should be a fun one.  Do aliens work out?  All the depictions I have seen have been of skinny aliens.  This makes me think that either diet or superior genetics makes them not have to exercise.  Or maybe they are that thin because of very rigid cardio exercise routines.  Would skiing appeal to aliens, as a form of exercise?

What would aliens wear on the slopes?  First hand accounts of aliens rarely mention their clothing.  They might get a bit cold on the slopes.  Does North Face make a parka in size Extra Alien?

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Better Solution

In my last article I presented a bleak picture of some possible consequences of contact with aliens.  They could benevolently bestow upon us the gift of longevity.  This would then overpopulate the planet which could put humans in the currently unthinkable position of surrendering masses of people to the aliens for use as slave labor, food, or whatever they wanted.  But it does not have to be that way.

Yesterday I read an article on about former Vermont Assistant Attorney General, Terry Lovelace, who says he has been in contact with aliens.  They told him they will soon be transporting people to Mars to form a new colony because our planet cannot support eight billion people.  I will not attempt to either confirm nor deny Lovelace's story.  Who am I, as someone who legit saw an alien spaceship, to debunk his story about Contact.  What I do have an issue with, though, is the premise that the only way to survive over population is to move away and abandon the planet.  Why is Mars a better place than Earth?  If we could create the ability to sustain life on a barren planet, could we not do it here on such a hospitable planet?

Better than Fertilizer

It is estimated that one out of every two people alive today is here as a result of the use of fertilizer.  This, along with mechanization, irrigation, and improvements in seed production, has allowed our population to grow far beyond our planet's capacity as projected a century ago.  We think we are so smart.  And with good reason. So far we humans have beat the odds and invented the ability to feed billions of additional people.

Terry Lovelace

If our planet's population were to quadruple within a couple decades, we would again be pushed to the limits of our ability to feed all these people.  Perhaps Science would find a way.  There would be great financial incentives to do so, although the greatest scientific discoveries tend happen in academic or non-profit settings.  Still, we may be pushed to the limits of human ingenuity.  Could aliens help?

You betcha!  Any civilization that can get from there to here would certainly have technology far beyond our current understanding.  Perhaps there are certain things we have that aliens do not.  I am confident that only Earthlings possess the Snuggie.  I am also guessing that no other civilization in the Universe ever bothered wasting time with fidget spinners.  Beyond that, alien civilizations would no doubt have many inventions and scientific advancements that we on Earth can not even imagine.  A society of people which evolved into intelligent, advanced lifeforms millions of years before we did would have figured out long ago how to feed their people.

Better than Fertilizer
Better than Fertilizer
On a planet the size of Earth you have only a few options for food growth.  You can do it right in the ground, as we have done for thousands of years, you can do it in a greenhouse, or you can do it in a warehouse, using artificial light, like many pot farmers are doing now in states where it has been legalized.

If we went the way of the pot farmer, the day may come when all food is grown indoors, in high-rise farm buildings.  Food would no longer need to be trucked in to cities.  It could be grown right next door to the supermarket.  This could also eliminate the need for pesticides.  Farming rooms would be clean rooms, free of all contaminants.  If a crop were to develop an infestation or some type of blight,  you could contain it and save the rest of your crops.

A Better Solution
A Better Solution
Fertilizer and grow lamps are just examples.  I am thinking aliens would have methods of food production we have never even thought of which would be even better than fertilizer.  They could be millions of years ahead of us.  If one were to go back in time, even a few hundred years, and propose growing crops indoors with artificial light and magic powder he or she would probably be tried for witchcraft and burned at the stake.  It would be difficult for most people to even imagine.  Likewise, aliens must have ways of feeding themselves which would be difficult for us to even conceive, let alone develop.  But I am sure they can do it.  And sorry, Mr. Lovelace, but if they can do it on Mars, they can do it here.

Similarly, advanced civilizations with the interstellar travel abilities would likely have ways of creating more oxygen, purifying water, or even creating water from its elements, and generally making things work.  They may also have mastered the game of population control, which brings us back to my last article.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

We have a solution. You're not going to like it.

Why are they hiding from us?  Over the past few months I have written dozens of articles asking this question.  I have attempted to answer it each time, with a different possibility.  Yesterday I set up the premise that upon Contact, aliens may come bearing the gift of long life.  This would then cause a population explosion which would tax our resources and our ability to care for all these people on what is a fairly small planet.

How to Deal with Over-Population

Aliens would, no doubt, have a solution for this.  If they had the technology to get from there to here then their civilization would have to be many thousands of years older than ours - perhaps millions of years older than ours.  If they could each live for thousands of years and have been doing so for longer than humans have existed, they would have, at some point, figured out how to deal with over-population.  They could therefore share their solutions with us.

Why are they hiding from us?
Why are they hiding from us?
Is this why aliens have not yet made contact?  Are we not yet at the point where they could provide us with a solution which would save our planet?  Are we not yet at the point where they could profit from us being in a desperate situation?

Right now we have more than enough arable land to feed our entire population (not that we do).  We still have a few decades worth of oil and plenty of other fossil fuels to power the industrial machine.  There are enough trees and plants to produce fresh air.  There is enough potable water.  We can sustain all the people on our planet, with ease - for now.

How to deal with over-population

If our population were to slowly grow to 30 billion over the course of hundreds of years we would learn to cope.  We would develop more renewable resources.  We would build up instead of out.  We would cordon off and preserve farm land and forests.

But if an extreme population boom happened within a couple decades it would be overwhelming.  Unconstrained urban sprawl would deplete the trees and take up the space required for farming.  Wildlife would have nowhere to live and would die out.  The oceans will be emptied of fish.  Roads will be clogged with slow moving vehicles.  The social order may begin to break down.

The Final Solution

In come our alien friends with a solution.  But there is a cost.  What is that cost?  It's hard to say but the mind can go to some dark places.

Extreme Population Boom

Generally, humans value human life above all else.  It is unconscionable to consider the prospect of permitting people to be handed over to a hostile species which may then enslave them or even eat them.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  We are not now desperate so why even allow your thoughts to go to that place?  But if we were that desperate, if the available resources and the ingenuity of Man were not enough to sustain all the lives on the planet, our leaders may consider the unthinkable.  We may begin loading people into cattle cars.  We may allow our "alien friends" to take them to a "better place."

Throughout human history we have engaged in genocide.  Most of us consider ourselves too civilized, too cultured, too high-minded, to ever engage in such things.  But when we are not a part of the affected group, we will stand by and allow Hitler to cart off the Jews, Pol Pot to wipe out the Intelligentsia, Karadžić to butcher the Croats.  This is not ancient history.  These incidents and many more happened within the past hundred years.  There is film and video to prove it.  And it may be happening at this moment in Myanmar.

The Final Solution

There is plenty of precedent for people of all races and nationalities to stand by and allow another group of people to be annihilated.  This has happened in times of sustenance.  If our planet was over populated, it would be easy for people to turn a blind eye to the extinction of "those people," whoever that is.

Who would that be?  Most of the precedent for genocide is against certain races or religions.  It is easy to dehumanize people who look different, who speak a strange language, who engage in bizarre religious rituals.  The justification follows a progression which goes something like:
  • They are not like us
  • We do not want them here
  • They need to go away
  • I do not care where they go, as long as it is away
  • Someone should round them all up and cart them off
  • I do not care what happens to them as long I do not have to deal with them
  • They could be dead, for all I care
  • Someone should just "take care of them"
  • I am glad they are gone
Who that race or religion is depends on who is in power and what can be gained from scapegoating any particular minority population.

How to deal with over-population

It may not start off with that, though.  It could start with prisoners, scheduled for execution.  Then it could be expanded to those serving a life sentence.  Then other prisoners.  With millions of people already serving time, our leaders may begin to advocate that it would be nice to not have to feed and house them all.

Tell me again about your proposal, Mr. Alien?

In tomorrow's post, there is a better way.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Alien-induced Population Explosion

Last week in Alien Proxy War and Alien Health and Beauty I wrote speculative predictions of what new technology aliens might introduce us to when contact is made.  Naturally, the new weapons technology would go to Iceland since they are the most peaceful country in the world and presumably the least likely to abuse their power - or would they...  Technologies to live for thousands of years would, no doubt, be given to Elon Musk who in turn would release them for free to everyone in the world.  Yes, I believe that.

Selfie Fail
Selfie fail in 3... 2... 1...

Net Population Growth

Now that we would have the ability to live for the same amount of time as all current written history I am thinking the world might begin to get a little crowded.  At current rates, every year there are 131 million births and 55 million deaths, on Earth, for a net population growth of 76 million people per year.  What if (and now I am making up a number) one quarter of the people who die each year would die no matter what you do?  This would include car crashes and other accidents, murders, drug overdoses, a typical day of hang gliding, eating at Applebee's, a selfie fail, etc.  That would add another 41 million people to the net population growth for a total of 117 million new people added to the planet each year.

As children grow and leave the house, healthy and youthful parents may consider having a second litter of children - not right away.  Most parents I know find the departure of their children to be bitter-sweet.  You are sad to see them go but also glad to have more time to yourself.  If you could live for, say 5000 years, after doing the Alaska Cruise a few times, playing a few thousand hands of Bridge, and hitting every Early Bird Special in the Tri-State Area, you might get a little bored and begin to toy with the idea of having another baby.  Then he or she would be lonely so they would need a little brother or sister.  Then there is the oopsie kid who would come along every five years, or so.

The population would grow exponentially and in only a few decades we could have 30 billion people, or more.  Could our planet sustain all these people?  Can we produce enough food to feed them?  Do we have enough natural resources to clothe them, heat and cool them, transport them from place to place?  What would we do if it started to get really crowded on Earth?

The Chinese came up with a solution to their population issue:  one child per family.  For 35 years the policy did succeed in reducing the rate of population growth but there were all sorts of unintended consequences.  The policy was amended to two children per family in late 2015.  Would this policy work, worldwide?  If a communist dictatorship had difficulty enforcing it, how could a democratic world of independent nations enforce compliance?

What would we do about our expansive population, post alien contact?  Perhaps aliens could help.  More on this tomorrow.

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