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Friday, May 29, 2020

What Would You Ask an Alien?

After writing my last article on Anthroposcience I went through the footnotes for the article's inspiration, Sovereignty and the UFO.  I wanted to know more.  This led me down a two week-long rabbit hole in Wikipedia.  I read about Quantum Mechanics.  I read about Quantum Entanglement.  The Born Rule.  The Copenhagen Interpretation.  Schrödinger's Cat!

At this point I am feeling like Stephen Hawking.  No, I am not perpetually getting halfway to winning a Nobel Prize, nor feeling the pain of a debilitating disease.  Like Hawking in his later years, I am no longer the dashing ladies man I once was.  Wait, where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, the Cat.  That stupid cat.  Hawking once said, “When I hear of Schrödinger’s Cat, I reach for my gun.”  That is how I am like Steven Hawking.

Physics is Awesome!
Schrödinger's Stupid Cat

In brief, Schrödinger’s Cat is an attempt at explaining the concept that the only certainty is that nothing in the Universe is certain.  There is an experiment where you put a cat in a box and then try to predict if it will be dead or alive when you open the box.  Note, this is only a thought experiment.  No physical cats are involved.  Although, cats do like boxes.  And paper bags - they love them!

All of these sadistic thoughts about cats got me thinking.  One hundred years into the study of Quantum Mechanics, Science has still barely scratched the surface.  We are no closer  to figuring out how to get from here to the closest habitable planet, in one human's lifetime, than we were in Einstein's day.  It is too bad we cannot just ask someone who already knows.  Someone like, oh I do not know... an alien?

My kids ask me questions all the time.  They ask things like, "Why are the days getting longer?"  I love that one.  We go in the pantry with a Sharpie marker, an orange, and a flashlight.  I draw the equator on the orange and shine the light on the orange, at different angles.  I have done this several times with each kid.  It is great fun.  I feel like I the smartest man in the world, afterwards.   Then they will ask a question like, "Daddy?  Why is fire so hot?"  And then I am like, "I know!  Right?  How about that!"

What would you ask an alien?  If an alien landed on my lawn right now I would be tempted to act like my kids.  I do not mean that I would tease the alien until he wanted to punch me and then run around like Tom and Jerry - this quarantine can turn even the sweetest child into a little a-hole, sometimes.  I mean, I would be tempted to ask the alien a bunch of questions like, "How does your spaceship travel faster than light?" Or, "How do you hover and glide without any visible means of propulsion, like jets or propellers?"  That is what I really want to know.

In theory, the alien, oh so mystical and full of knowledge, would say, "Great question, kid!  Grab a flashlight and a Sharpie and meet me in the pantry."  But I do not think this would really happen.  I have two reasons.

How do UFOs Work?

I do not think the alien would know.  Think about how things we use every day work, now.  I know that when I flip on a light switch it closes a circuit and allows electricity to flow, which powers a light bulb.  This is the simplest, most basic concept in electricity.  Yet, most people could not tell you how the light comes on when they flip that switch.  They do it a thousand times a day and have no idea what is going on behind the wall plate.  They just know that when they flip that switch, the kitchen gets brighter.   

Then they leave the room without turning it off.  I walk in and shout across the house, "Hey!  Are you done with this light?  I'm turning it off!  By the way, the sun is out!  We really don't need lights in the broad daylight!"

Allow me to further illustrate my point.  Imagine now, you are on safari.  You drive your Range Rover out into the deepest recesses of our planet, on a mission to discover a new, isolated tribe of people.  You succeed!  The tribe is friendly.  You quickly learn to communicate with them.  You want to know everything about how they live their quaint, happy, primitive lives.  

Their first question to you is, "How does your buggy work?"  And then you are like, "Um... well you see, I uh... press the vertical pedal with my foot and then it goes."  And they respond with, "Yeah, but like, what I am asking is, how does it move without any visible means of propulsion, like a horse or an ox?"  You grimace and say, "Um... well... it takes gas."

The internal combustion engine is about as old as the light bulb.  When you strip away all the electronics in a vehicle, the engine is a pretty simple concept.  A highly flammable petroleum product called gasoline explodes in a chamber.  This explosion pushes up an arm attached to a shaft which spins and transfers power to the wheels through a box of gears (more or less).  But most drivers could never explain that concept.  They just know that they press the vertical pedal and it goes.  And it takes gas.  Keep an eye on the sticker on the windshield that says when you should have changed the oil.

Why would we expect any more from alien visitors?  We base our perception of alien visitors on our own image of Earthan astronauts.  Most astronauts are highly intelligent and highly educated.  They may be a physicist or a botanist or some other type of Ist, with a PhD.  They may have spent decades in the military, flying all sorts of aircraft, before spending more time in a flight simulator, learning to pilot a space shuttle or a rocket.  They will know all sorts of things the average human does not.

We expect alien visitors to be like our own space travelers but times ten, like super smart and all-knowing.  But they may not be.  We have not yet been to any foreign planets.  But aliens have been here many times.  I know.  I saw one of their ships, up close.

Maybe the first aliens to discover Earth had some deep knowledge of science.  But that may have been a hundred years ago.  It may have been a million years ago.  We do not know how long they have known about us.  And they could be thousands of civilizations from thousands of planets, some more advanced than others (some kinder than others).  

After that first wave, they presumably decided to leave us alone and let us go about our own evolutionary track.  The folks who came in their wake may not have been all that smart.  For example, someone on Earth could be born a rich idiot.  Maybe his dad donated a bunch of money to the University of Pennsylvania and they handed him a business degree.  

Then this boy of privilege buys a yacht, hires a crew, and sails from Nantucket to Monte Carlo.  It happens all the time.  The folks on the dock in Monaco do not expect the American to know anything about how his boat works.  Take off that ascot and the shorts with little whales on them and he is just like the rest of us dummies, binge-watching Tiger King, getting fat on buttered microwave popcorn.

How do UFOs Work?
A typical yacht owner 

The aliens who come here today could just be the adult children of the ultra-rich, out for a cruise.  Maybe there is a guy on the ship, deep below in the engine room, who knows something about how it works.  He speaks with a Scottish accent and is easily frustrated by his captain's ever increasing demands.  But the captain - he is aloof.  He does not even wear pants.  Ever seen an alien with pants?  Rich aliens do not care.  No one has ever told them, "No."

I digress - though, that is what I enjoy most about writing this blog, digressing.  I laugh at my own jokes.  I also write meta content, like this paragraph.  There I go again.

In summary, the aliens who visit us simply may not know how their ships work.  They may not know much of anything.  However, if that is the case, they probably have some really amazing wine and cheese onboard.  Rich people always have some good cheese around, like brie.  I love brie.

Physics is Awesome!

The other reason we would probably not want to immediately hit aliens with a bunch of physics questions the moment they debarked from their ships is because it is BORING.  Really, it is.  

Do not get me wrong.  I am fascinated by subjects like Special Relativity.  I could sit at my computer all day and read about how Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire on the edge of a black hole.  But if I was at a party and someone took a deep dive into Spacetime, I would probably be like, "Woah!  Brie!  Have you tried the cheese?  I LOVE brie.  Hey, where did  you get that beer?  I'll be right back."  Then I would walk around the house like I was looking for the bathroom until I found someone else to talk to.  I would also act this way if someone tried to fix the grammar in the third sentence of this paragraph.  Or the math in the previous sentence.

I think aliens would be the same - not all of them, but the guy on the space yacht, with no pants, would be like, "Nerds!  Pull anchor, we're moving on to Uranus."  And then he would have a sip of wine and laugh at his own joke.

What would you ask an Alien?

Back to the question, what would you ask an alien?  He lands on your lawn.  The guy comes from several light years away.  He is tired from the flight.  Maybe he has a little UFOlag - he took the red-eye because it was cheaper - also he has one eye and it is red.  He could use a glass of water and a sandwich.  The last rest area was closed for maintenance and he kind of has to go.  There is a bathroom onboard but it is for Number One and Number Two only.  He has to go Number Seven.

Then you roll up and say, what?  "Hey mister!  How does your spaceship work?"  

Uh-uh.  Me, I would ask, "Do you think Buffalo will lead the Division, now that Brady has gone to Tampa?"  No, wait, that is what I would ask pretty much anyone who pulled up a chair to my Distant Social Firepit.  I call it that because it is a long walk from the house.

What would you ask an alien?
The Distant Social Pit

For real, if an alien landed on my lawn I would ask, "Would you like to come in and sit down?"  Given the times we are in, I would put on a cloth mask, of course.  I would then ask, "Can I get you a drink?"  I would treat him like any other visitor, with hospitality and kindness.  "Is tap water OK?  It's filtered.  Or do you prefer seltzer?  I don't have any bottles in the fridge.  Is ice OK?"

We should not expect aliens to solve all our problems, like ending the pandemic, on our first encounter.  If you went on a first date with someone and all they talked about was their financial problems and health problems and mental health problems, you would head for the hills.  Aliens would do the same, right?

I would try to find out why the alien was here and ask what I could do to help him.  "Are you lost?  What can I get you?  What can I do for you?"  I would offer the gift of my time before asking for theirs.  Then I would put out some nice cheese and offer him some pants.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, May 15, 2020


This morning I sat at my desk with my daughter.  I help motivate her to do her school work.  Instead of working on her assignment, she peered at my computer screen.  She asked what I was reading.  I told her it was an academic article about studying UFOs.  This is completely normal in my house.  

The article was written by Alexander Wendt.  I was reading it as background for an article I planned to write - this one.  My daughter asked what it was about.  I told her it was about how Science (whoever that is) ignores the study of UFOs.  She asked why they would do that.  I know, right?  Since I had her attention I went into the following:

Science relies on the Scientific Method.  In order for something to be proven it has to be verifiable and repeatable.  For example, we know that pandemics change people's minds about vaccines.  We can observe and measure that.  We can then set up repeatable experiments.  UFOs, on the other hand, are most reliant on eye-witness observations of one-off events.  We cannot repeat these observations (although there have been many thousands of them, over the years).  It is not currently possible to predict when the next UFO visit will occur.  If only Marty McFly could swing by with a flyer from the future, revealing the precise moment a UFO will next show up...

Save The Clock Tower Image
Hello!  McFly!

So for Scientists, UFOs get lumped into the same Paranormal category of other things we cannot prove, like Bigfoot and El Chupacabra.  These scientists are people who have spent many years earning a PhD.  This is followed by many years of building a reputation of credibility.  No one wants to risk sticking their necks out.  No one has the courage to withstand the ridicule of their peers to associate themselves with the study of, "Little Green Men."  

I find this hilariously ironic.  In Scientists' attempts to distance themselves from the Paranormal by lumping UFOs into the same category as Bigfoots and Monsters, they are in fact likening themselves to the same folks who subscribe to Paranormal activity.  It would be in Scientists' best interest to slice the topic of UFOs out of the Paranormal and set it aside for further review.

Think about it, I told my daughter.  Forget that I am an eye witness to a close encounter and I make it a point to never lie - it is extremely important to me to be honest.  Look at it mathematically.  Here is when I get, "Woah! Woah! Woah! Back up.  What about the Tooth Fairy?"  Then I reply, "That was your mother's clandestine operation.  I just provided the funding for the program."  

Mathematicians will say it is a near mathematical certainty (nothing is 100% certain in Statistics) that with the infinite number of planets revolving around the infinite number of stars in the sky there is certainly intelligent life, elsewhere.  There are probably thousands, if not millions of intelligent species.  It is also highly likely that many of those species evolved millions of years before we did.


Sure!  We had highly developed life forms on this planet over 100 million years ago: the dinosaurs.  There is no record of dinosaurs having ever built anything.  We do not know if they had language or writing.  I do not assume they did.  I am just stating they were here 100 million years ago.  They walked around, some on two legs, munching on things, chillin'.  They were probably just like my kids.  Except they probably threw the empty chip bags in the trash instead of leaving them on the counter.  

Dinosaur Eating Chips
A dinosaur walking around, chillin'

At least one dinosaur had fingers that could grasp.  In some sense they were not unlike Early Man.  Over the course of four million years, we evolved.  Who knows how the dinosaurs would have evolved if they had not been wiped out by an asteroid 66 million years ago!

Maybe the dinosaurs would never have developed the intelligence to create complex language, writing, the wheel, computers, flight, etc.  Maybe they would never have come up with the greatest inventions in history, Ring Dings and molasses cookies.  But it is very likely that with all the life that statistically exists all over the Universe, that on the thousands and thousands of planets that are the same age as ours and able to support life, that intelligent life evolved there sometime between the creation of the dinosaurs and the creation of Man.  That would be millions of years ago.

On planets that are billions of years older than ours (and there are many) it is likely that intelligent life evolved there billions of years ago.  Yes billions!

It is hard to keep the attention of a tweenager with anything that does not involve memes and trite nonsense.  But I still had my daughter's attention at this point.  Maybe it was just that she did not want to start her school work, ergo why she sits with me.  Either way, I went on.  I said, think about all the technology we rely on every day.  Most of it was created within the past 100 years.  What if we had 100,000 years or 100 million years, like some aliens have?  What technology would we have then?

All that my kids watch online

I went on.  The Internet, as we know it, is only about 25 years old.  Think about what kind of information we would have access to in 25 million years!  She giggled and said, "Really old YouTube videos."  She is probably right.  We are doomed.  Anyway...

Science, as Wendt's article states, has an anthropocentric point of view.  People think we humans are at the center of the Universe, figuratively that is.  I explained to my daughter, this is really not much different from the view The Church had 500 years ago.  That was in fact a literal point of view.  I pointed east.  They saw the Sun come up in the east and go down in the west.  They naturally assumed the Sun revolved around the Earth.  This also supported what the Bible taught about Man.  We were the center of the known Universe.  At that time it consisted mainly of our own solar system.

Then I explained, guys like Copernicus and Galileo came along.  They pointed out that the Earth is not in fact at the center of our solar system.  The Sun is!  We have not progressed much further from those days in terms of our anthropocentrism.  Science, Wendt argues, still acts as if Mankind is at the center of everything - like everything that ever occurs does so in relation to us.  We are very arrogant.  And by "we" I mean the "royal we," Science.

Now we get to the reason I was reading Wendt's paper.  I was first introduced to Wendt's work in a recent Vox article about Alexander Wendt.  I was astounded at how similar Wendt's ideas were to many of my own.  I have written much about these ideas on this blog over the past two years.  Much of what Wendt discussed in the Vox article was old business, for me.  But he mentioned his academic paper and I decided to look it up and read it.  I mean, an Academic who takes UFOs seriously!  Really!  I had to read this.  Therein, Wendt brings up this idea of Science being "anthropocentric."  That got me thinking.

What does Anthroposcient mean?

I now take this concept a step further.  I use the term anthropocentric to coin a term which succinctly herds, corrals, and brands the essence of what I have been writing about for the past two years.  It is not just that Science is anthropocentric.  True, we think Man is at the center of everything and everything happens in relation to Man.  Moreso, it is that we are anthroposcient - anthropo, meaning "of a human being" and scient being a derivative of "science" which literally means "knowledge." 

We think that Man is only-knowing.  It is like the word omniscient, or all-knowing, a term many use in reference to God.  In this case, if there is something knowable, Man knows it.  If we do not know it, it is not knowable - at least, that is what Science seems to think when it comes to UFOs.

Really?  Yah.  If you have ever read this blog before today you will have seen me use the following phrase over and over:  "If they can get from there to here (wherever there is)..."  If you can believe any of the thousands of eye-witness accounts, my own being one of them, we know aliens can get from there to here.  This is also, of course, accepting the premise that what I saw was indeed from out of this world.  That is the subject of other articles.  For now we proceed with this understanding.

If they can get from there to here they have figured out interstellar travel.  Maybe that means faster than light (FTL) travel.  Maybe it is a warp drive.  Maybe it means worm-holes.  More likely, it is the Möbiverse or Punch Tunnel Theory.  Whichever it is, is beyond the scope of this article.  We just know that they have figured it out.  

Science has a hard time with this.  We have not figured out any of these technologies.  We are the smartest creatures in the Universe (word).  Therefore, no one on any other planet could have figured these things out.  

If we cannot figure out how to get from here to there (wherever here is) then surely they cannot figure out how to get from there to here.  Anthroposcience.


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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Calm

I have taken the last month off from blogging.  This was not intentional, at first.  As I wrote in my last post, my dad died on April 9th, 2020.  I took the following week off from pretty much everything.  I spent a lot of time with my kids.  I spent a lot of time sitting in a chair, staring through the walls.

The following weekend, my sister and I took a trip to South Carolina to pick up some of my dads remains and possessions.  I plan to write a separate post about that.  I captured a lot of video and have been trying to find the time to edit it.  It includes an impromptu interview with a random stranger who had something to say about UFOs.  That should be a fun one.

When I am not scouring the county, looking for food items that are sold out at our normal markets, or disinfecting those food items, or rearranging those items in the pantry, or counting rolls of toilet paper, I have been spending a lot of time on my yard and garden.  It snowed, here in Connecticut, over the weekend, so that did not help.  I had to cover the raised beds with tarps.  Hopefully, everything will survive.

David Marceau unmasked
Me, picking up tree saplings in Katonah

Mostly, though, I have taken over the role of a school teacher for my kids.  They each have great teachers at school and they have adapted well to the online curriculum.  But during our quarantine we have an excellent opportunity to do more.  I am doing that.

My middle-schooler takes a lot of time with her work.  That requires a lot of my attention.  My two elementary school kids usually finish all their school work by 11:00am.  After that, I work on US and world geography with them.  This is something schools tend to do a poor job at.  The boys are preparing for the GeoBee contest.  My older son tied for first place in his grade earlier this year, with very little preparation.  This year, both boys are getting a head start.  This is going to be good.

After Geography, we have music.  I get the sense that the kids have a decent music program but there is only so much individual attention a teacher can provide each student.  And then it is often rudimentary.  I want my kids to have a love for music.  I have placed over a dozen instruments in their study lounge so they can feel comfortable with just picking up the instruments and playing them, anytime they want.  I also do piano lessons and help the kids find YouTube lessons for the ones I cannot play (which is most of them).  Sometimes it sounds like Bugs Bunny killing the bagpipes, in our house but they are learning and having fun.

After I am done being a geography teacher and a music instructor I become the gym coach.  I try to get the kids out of the house for at least two hours every day.  That has been difficult lately because this is the coldest, wettest spring I can remember since 1983.  When we cannot go out I try to get the kids to use the elliptical machine.  That is a fun novelty for them but it is no substitute for playing outside.  

Sometimes I will have a specific agenda planned for the kids.  They hate that.  But there were many things my dad made me do that I hated and now appreciate.  There is a meme that says, "Some of you never got yelled at by your dad for holding the flashlight in the wrong spot, and it shows."  My kids will learn to do the things my dad taught me to do and they will learn to be good helpers in the process.  A good leader is first a good helper.  This is all going somewhere.

I am hoping the weather has finally broken, for good, and it will be warm enough to resume our gym classes outdoors.  Maybe Mrs. M will also take a lunch break with us and do some mid-day hikes.  The irony of me being the kids' teacher is my wife is a teacher in one of the best school districts in the world.  If anyone should be home-schooling our kids it should be her.  But she is working harder than ever, doing the job she gets paid to do.  I cannot speak for all teachers.  There may be some who have completely checked out, with the online learning.  But from what I have seen, teachers are working harder than ever to be in over twenty homes at once.  If everyone could see what I see my wife doing each day they would have more appreciation for their kids' teachers.

My afternoons have been less structured.  That is my time to finish up any business I was not able to do while the kids were doing their school work.  My business is still functional, though much less so because of the quarantine.  I am also trying not to get involved in any new big projects because I have a couple other irons in the fire.  Stay tuned for that.

Regarding the overall subject of this blog, there has been a lot going on in the public eye, with the government acknowledging the veracity of the UAP videos released by TTSA.  I do not even know where to start with all this.  But I do plan to start writing more over the next few weeks.  Big things are happening.

Speaking of big things, I am looking forward to the next season of Unidentified on History.  I keep checking its site to see when they are going to announce Season 2 of Unidentified.  But so far, the only acknowledgement I have seen of it is this video, below, by Tom Delonge.

As soon as I see the official announcement, I will write more about this.  In the meantime I will continue to enjoy this brief moment of calm, with my family, before the summer heats up.  These are exciting times we are living in.  History will tell our grandchildren much about what is happening right now.  I will try to enjoy it.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.