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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Climate Change and Aliens

It got cold, over the weekend.  Saturday, my two boys had flag football.  We were hoping it would get rained out because it was freezing out and also because we wanted to watch the new Marvel movie.  We could not get tickets for any of the Friday night shows but there were some available for the 11:00 am showing on Saturday.

Can Aliens Save Us from Climate Change?
Frost on my roof, April 29th
Me, I do not mind waiting a couple days to see a hot new movie.  The bigger reason for me is because it was so cold out, Saturday.  It was colder than the look on Mrs. M's face when I told her I was going out with the guys that night - too cold for football.

That's my boy (below), making that reception and TD in triple-coverage.  He scored all four of our team's touchdowns.  We won.   Proud?  Maybe a little.  OK, a lot.

I wore shorts to the football game because I help the coach out, on the sidelines, and it seems to me that coaches should wear shorts.  If I had some decent-looking athletic pants I could wear those but I am a 46 year old dad who has not updated his wardrobe in fifteen years.  Yeah, I am that guy.   You know the one.  So I put on shorts.  They were basketball shorts but from a purely functional perspective they work OK in football.

I knew it would be cold so I put on about four layers on top.  I still froze my glowing orbs off, so to speak.  At one point it even started to snow, a bit.  No joke.  On April 27.  That is not supposed to happen.  I kept moving to stay warm but I was still chilled to the bone when we got home.  Mrs. M. made hot soup for lunch, which helped.

About an hour later I was off to my daughter's softball game.  This time I was smarter.  I put on jeans with long johns underneath and on top I had so many layers on I probably looked like I just walked out of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  I had a little blanket I stole from my last flight to Vegas, draped over my lap too.  No help.  It was frigid.  One of the dads had a battery-powered electric blanket.  Only in Connecticut.

Sunday was even worse.  The early afternoon was not too bad.  I went out and skritched the front lawn and spread a bag of grass seed.  But after that the temps plummeted.  I went inside and lit a fire in the fireplace.  April 28th and I had a raging fire going.  Good thing, too.  That night it got down below freezing.  When I woke up there was frost on the roof, outside my bedroom.  It was 29°F on April 29th.  And this is Southern New England, not Canada.

Climate Change and Aliens

Is this a result of Global Climate Change?  Some would argue against that question, using the fact that it has been cold as evidence that "Global Warming" is fake news, that there is some kind of Climate Change Hoax being waged by the kind of wealthy, evil scientists you see only in movies.  Others would fight back and say that one short burst of cold is to Climate Change as winning $50 on a scratch-off lottery ticket is to poverty.  They say the climate is changing, we (humans) are causing it, and we need to do something about it.

All this got me thinking, as I saw the frost on my roof this morning, I wonder what aliens would think about all this?

Do Aliens Believe in Global Warming?

Science is not a belief system, like religion.  If you believe in God there is no amount of evidence to the contrary which can shake your faith that there are forces in the world which are greater than us, and furthermore we should not even try to understand them.  Science, on the other hand, does not care if you believe in it, or not.  It is based on observation and experimentation which can be replicated by others.  It is possible to refute scientific observations with evidence.  So far, in the decades since Global Climate Change has been discovered, not one credible scientist has been able to disprove it.

Aliens need the help of Science to get from there to here.  A spaceship with a hyper-drive does not fly on faith.  It requires people to use a scientific method of steps in order to break the light barrier.  I am trying to imagine a time on Planet XYZ when the first hyper-drive was being built.  Did people line up and protest because the hyper-drive violated their belief system?  After it was built, did people deny its existence because some politicians told them to?

That is what happens here on Earth.  People believe Global Climate Change does not exist (or that it does but it is not man made) either because it conflicts with their view that God controls everything on Earth or because a talking head on TV told them so.  It does not matter to these people that the guy they are listening to on TV has no background in Science and he receives millions of dollars in "campaign contributions" (a.k.a bribes) from the big oil companies.  As long as politicians are only interested in enriching themselves, at the expense of the survival of our species, some of them will continue denying Global Climate Change, and many of their minions will continue to believe them.  After all, it is easier to believe in something which will not cause you any immediate discomfort or financial loss than it is to do the right thing.

I do not think that aliens are swayed by this.  There are no Republican or Democrat aliens (and for the record, I am not one either - a Democrat or a Republican.  Not an alien.  I am not one of those either.  Not alien, Democrat or Republican.  Just putting that out there.)  Aliens would not care if Kevin McCarthy is discussing the subject of Climate Change or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is.  Both are irrelevant to people who live many light-years away from here.  They would be more likely to listen to what Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say about it.  The former are politicians who do not practice Science.  That latter is a scientist who is primarily concerned with facts.  Aliens do not vote.  They do not have a political dog in this fight.  All they would care about is the truth.

Would aliens get their Climate news from oil companies or from climate scientists?  If they are smart enough to get from there to here, I am going to side with the aliens.  That is not to say I would take their side on any issue.  If aliens come here to cook us for dinner then obviously I am tearing up my Alien Fan Club membership card.  But on this one particular issue, Global Climate Change, I am with the aliens.

Can Aliens Save us from Climate Change?

Recently the tabloid press began running stories on a professor at Oxford University who has something to say about aliens.  Dr. Young-hae Chi has been researching an alien-human hybrid program he believes is currently in progress.  Depending on the "news" source you read, these aliens are either here to save us or to destroy us.  I will break it down.

Britain's The Sun reports Dr. Chi believes the new hybrids "will save Earth from annihilation from climate change."  Chi has drawn a correlation between alien abductions and climate change.  He says both are on the rise and they are related.  Aliens have been abducting more and more people in order to make them part of their breeding program.  I am not so sure about that.  Alien abductions may or may not be on the rise.  Climate Change is undeniably on the rise.  But how do you link the two?  I get that a theory has to start with a hypothesis but that is a pretty big leap.

The Sun's take on the story is that Chi's claim is aliens are here to save the planet.  That does not necessarily mean they are here to save  humanity.  They are inter-breeding with humans in order to create a species which can survive the impending disaster that is Climate Change.  But if they had that capability, why would they not just use their intelligence and technology to encourage humans to stop destroying the planet?  Chi's book was written in Korean so I am thinking something is missing in the translation.

Do Aliens believe in Global Warming?
Do Aliens Believe in Global Warming?

The Sun may have had a little too much fun with this story, judging from the picture at the left, which came from their site.  The image portrays Dr. Chi's assertion that there are four types of aliens, small, tall and bold, scaly with snake eyes, and insect-like.  None of the news sources I checked could say where Chi got the information he bases this discovery on so it is hard for me to jump on board with this.  But the artist's rendition leaves me feeling like the paper is insulting its readers.  The Sun is a tabloid.  If they are going to print stories about aliens, in order to appeal to the UFO Culture, they should take the subject of aliens more seriously.

MSN took a different approach with their interpretation of Dr. Chi's book.  They claim, "Hybrids are Out to Conquer Us."  Sensationalize much?  This article goes into more detail about the aliens plans - which makes me wonder then, how the author got the point of the book so much different from what everyone else is saying.  It seems there are a lot of people who write about aliens who do not believe in aliens and so they give it the same amount of time and consideration that I would if I was commissioned to write a story about Game of Thrones.  I have never seen the show.  I would have to make stuff up and would likely jeer at its fans because I do not get it.  This is what MSN did to the subject of aliens.

What MSN does seem to get is that Chi says the aliens are already here but we cannot see them.  Hmm... sounds like an article I wrote a few months ago about the ghost in my house.  I do not believe in ghosts, but sometimes some freaky things happen which cannot be explained.  Maybe aliens are amongst us but we cannot see or hear them because observing them requires senses humans do not have.  Think about it like as if you tried to explain colors to a person who has been blind since birth.  It would be difficult for them to comprehend.  Maybe humans are blind to a sixth sense which our bodies do not have but which is required in order to observe certain aliens in much the same way that sight would be required to observe a beautiful painting.

OK, so I am on board with this one premise Dr. Chi espouses because I can make sense of it and it does not require a huge leap of faith.  Maybe aliens are here and we cannot see them.  But linking abductions to Climate Change?  I am still not seeing the connection.

India's Times Now calls Chi's story, "a bizarre claim."  Times Now likens the story to the X-Files.  Other than that, the site does not add anything new to the discussion.

Then you have the invenerable New York Post.  They were even harder on Dr. Chi.  The Post begins its article on this topic with, "The search for signs of intelligent life in the universe may have to skip Oxford University."  Really, guys?  Just because the man believes in aliens?  Or was it his leap to link aliens to Climate Change?  Either way, perhaps it is the writer at The Post who is lacking in intelligence as she missed the point of Chi's book.  The consensus on the web is that Chi believes these aliens are creating hybrids with humans in order to create a species which can withstand Global Climate Change.  The Post states the aliens are here to, "Save Earth."

The Post does go a little further and state that the new hybrids will be able to help tackle big problems because they will be so smart.  That would be nice.  What would be even nicer is if Earthans started listening to the highly intelligent humans who are already here.  Very often it is the loudest meat-heads who get their way and the smart guys are left wondering why nobody listens to them.  Why would we listen to another species which is trying to lead us down the right path when we do not even listen to our own braniacs?

Climate Change Hoax

Climate Change Denial site Watts up with that? also gets a few things wrong, namely that Climate Change is a hoax.  Can I get a face palm?  But one thing they may have gotten right, which I have to admit I did get a kick out of is the chart on the correlation between Global Warming and Pirates - er, I mean Aliens.  As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who you are, that's funny, right there."

At any rate, yes aliens are here.  That is known because of the tremendous amount of UFO sightings by reputable people all over the world, myself included.  Yes Climate Change is real and man-made.  We know that because every single reputable scientist in the world agrees with the overwhelming amount of evidence.  Is there a link between aliens and Climate Change?  I am not ready to jump on board with that one yet.  As with all Science and even Pseudo-Science, I need to see Dr. Chi's assertions about the link, stand up to some repeatable tests before I will get behind him.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation

At the end of May 2019 the world will be treated to the premiere of an important new series on the History Channel called Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation.  By that point, I will have known about it for nearly a year.  Here is what I know.

Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation

Why is nobody doing anything about UFOs?

It all began with the New York Times article.  I was compelled to do some research on Luis Elizondo and To The Stars Academy (TTSA).  I decided the time had come to tell my UFO sighting story to some new people.  Up to that point I had reported the story to MUFON and NUFORC and I had told my closest friends and family.  From time to time I had made throw-away comments to people like, "Yeah, I've seen a UFO," and most people moved on in the conversation without stopping to ask, "Really?  Tell me details," because most people do not want to hear about it.  To the average person, the statement, "I've seen a UFO," might as well be the same as saying, "Elvis is living in my pantry."  It is just crazy talk.

For those who are new to this blog, the ship I saw looks like the illustration on the left.

I have always thought of myself as a credible person.  I try to be truthful.  It is a mantra, a way of life.  There is no occasional lying, when it suits you.  You either are or are not truthful.  It is pretty black and white.  Bearing that in mind I have withheld my sighting story from most people, not because the story is untrue but because most people will have difficulty believing it and will therefore think that I am not truthful, that I am not trustworthy.  I had always thought I would rather keep my mouth shut about aliens than have people think I was a liar or a nut-job.

Why is nobody doing anything about UFOs?
The Marceau Ship
My attitude changed after reading about what Elizondo and TTSA were trying to do.  At the time I had no idea how far down the rabbit hole I would eventually go.  There was no plan of action other than the spark of an idea that finally there was someone out there who would be interested in my story and who  might have the ability to use the information for the benefit of society.

I sent TTSA a General Inquiry email on June 13, 2018, briefly mentioning that I am a former US Army Reservist and I had a close encounter while on a training exercise in Canada in 1992.  I mentioned that the sighting was witnessed by another soldier and asked if there was any interest in hearing my story.  No response.  It was just like my previous reports to MUFON and NUFORC.  Nobody cares, I thought.  I was just another wacko who sees "little green men."

Just over a month went by before I finally received a response.  It was from the same General Inquiries email address.  It asked:

We have kept your email on file for future reference and a team member from TTSA would like to reach out. Can you please provide a bit more detail on your experience as well as your contact information so that we can pass it along?

The message was not signed by any individual so I was skeptical that this would lead to anything.  But it was a response.  It does not take a genius to recognize that a pattern had been broken.  I should move forward.

I responded with the following message:

Thanks for the response.  It was sometime during the second week of August, 1992 on a Canadian Army base in Gagetown, New Brunswick.  I’m estimating it at August 13th based on the phase of the moon – it was full that night.

At around 11:20pm an extremely large aircraft rose out of the woods a couple hundred yards to the right of my guard post, deep in a forest, and moved slowly away.  It had no wings or obvious forms of propulsion and no markings or safety lights.  It appeared to be metallic.  It was flat and oval shaped and tapered slightly towards the rear.  There were three large lights or windows in about a 120 degree arc around the front of the vehicle.  It was silent but I could detect a faint white noise which may have been outside most people’s hearing ranges – I hear very high and low tones.  The air was charged with static electricity which made the hair on my arms stand up.

The event was also witnessed by Specialist Michael [REDACTED].  He was posted further away but saw the same thing from his post.  He later recanted his story because other Army Reservists made fun of us.  But I’m sure this has haunted him ever since and he’d likely be willing to talk about it now.  I have not kept in touch with him.  I found him on Facebook recently but he has not responded to a message I sent.

I have written down a more detailed description of the event and the days leading up to it which I would be happy to share.  I would suggest you try to get a hold of [REDACTED] and document his story so that it’s clear he and I did not collude in making the whole thing up, which was essentially what we were accused of by the other soldiers in our unit.

Call or reply with any questions.

I will note, for those who are paying close attention, that there are a couple details of the sighting which I have updated since speaking with the other witness.  He was able to fill me in on his perspective which provided additional insight I had not been previously aware of.  The dates have also changed, since originally reporting the story on MUFON and NUFORC because I found my official orders which had the correct dates of deployment.  More on that, in a future article.

The next day I received another response which read:

Thank you so much for the reply and for sharing your experience. Mr. Luis Elizondo will be in touch with you very soon.

Wow!  Really?  The guy from the Times article?  Be still, my beating heart.  I told my wife.  Her response was something like, "Mmm hmm, we're out of milk."  I went about my day, setting up interviews for candidates for jobs I was trying to fill.  Later I rode my motorcycle out to Ansonia for a doctor's appointment.  I did not check email again that day.

Luis Elizondo and The Producer

The next day was busy.  I had a lot of interviews to conduct and a million emails to go through.  It was near the end of the workday when I noticed a message from a "Lue G."  I had not read it yet because I did not recognize it as anything from anyone I knew or any business issues I was actively working on.  I was clearing my Inbox of junk, checking each message to make sure it was indeed not junk.  I read the following message:

Greetings Mr. Marceau,

My name is Luis “Lue” Elizondo. I left a voicemail for you earlier. At a time of your convenience, I would love an opportunity to discuss with you your experience in Canada when you were with the U.S. Army.  I have a little experience in this area and would like to learn more details about your observations.

Please feel free to contact me directly at [REDACTED] Best Regards, Lue

This was more than a little forward progress.  For me, this was huge.  I called Lue right away.  I do not remember if we spoke right there and then or if I left a message and he called me back but I do remember our first conversation was lengthy.  It began with Lue thanking me for my service.  I always feel a little awkward when people do that because, while I served during time of war, I was a Reservist who was never deployed other than for training.  I feel like the accolades belong more to the folks who risk their lives in a combat zone.  I am not taking anything away from other Servicemen who do not see combat.  Everyone plays their part and it is nice when they can get some appreciation.  I just feel like, me personally, I do not deserve any atta-boys from anyone.  That is to say, I do not expect it.

Lue went on to assure me that he intended to take my story seriously and I would not be ridiculed.  He told me that this is very common amongst Servicemen and Women and it is why most stories go unreported.  I then gave Lue more details of my sighting.  I think we spoke for about an hour.  He told me I was a "trained observer" and then thanked me and told me I would hear from someone named "[REDACTED]".

Luis Elizondo and Jessica Philipps
My original crude sketch of the ship I saw
I sent Lue some more information along with this crude computer sketch (at right) I had made of the ship I saw, back in the 1990's.

Lue did not say who this person was so I assumed she was part of the office staff and Lue was passing me down to one of his subordinates.  Self-esteem much?  Ya.  Normally I am pretty confident but given the history with this topic, up until then, I was not expecting much.  I could not have been more wrong about this person.

A couple weeks went by and I was again feeling like my story had fallen into a black hole.  Then I received the following email:

I hope you’re having a great week. My name is [REDACTED], I am a producer working with Lue Elizondo on a documentary film for A+E Originals. He gave me your contact information after your recent correspondence and I hope he had also mentioned that I was going to reach out to you. 

If you have a moment, I would appreciate talking with you over the phone about what Lue and I have been working on over the past several months. I know this topic can be sensitive and I would like the chance to talk with you not only about my background, but also about your experience. Hope to hear back from you soon! 

Nice!  A TV producer.  Where is this going?  It was around 6:30pm when I wrote back, telling the Producer I was available right then.  She was available too and she sent me her cell number.  I think I spoke with the Producer for about an hour too.

Like Lue, The Producer wanted to assure me she would take me seriously.  She gave me some credentials so that I would take her seriously.  The Producer had been embedded with the US Army when we took back Mosul from ISIS, as part of Nat Geo’s “Chain of Command,” a documentary series that showcased the global fight against extremism.  That was all she needed to say to earn some instant "street cred" with me.  Now the Producer was working on a production for the History Channel, documenting UFO sightings by US Servicemen.

Uh-oh.  History Channel?  I am not dumping on the History Channel, they do a lot of good work.  But I had some concerns.  Is this going to be some kind of cheesy, dramatic re-enactment thing where the audience is wowed with shock and awe but in the end we feel like we did not learn anything new.  The Producer assured me that this was not the case.  For one thing, she was working on it.  OK, I said, keep talking.

Together with TTSA, the History Channel was putting together a short documentary which would be the most credible and compelling production yet, detailing encounters with alien spaceships.  At the time, nobody was using the name, "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation."  That would come much later.  She asked if I had heard of the Nimitz Incident.  I had not.  Remember, until I started this blog I was not into UFOlogy whatsoever.  I had more urgent interests like running a business and taking my kids to sports and music practice.  I knew very little about other people's sightings or about Alien Philosophy and UFO Culture.

Having been assured that this was going to be a quality production, I agreed to proceed with a recorded interview at some point in the future.  The Producer thanked me and I told her I was happy and eager to help legitimize this subject.  We then made high-level plans to return to the scene of the crime, so to speak, and do a video shoot in Gagetown, New Brunswick, the following month, in September.

I was very excited that it seemed like things were about to kick into high gear at that point.  I suggested that we go to Gagetown during a full moon because then the audience could see the woods the way I saw them the night of my sighting.  It was dark and scary in the trees but in the clearing where I sat it was bright as day, thanks to the full moon.  The Producer ran it by the team and they liked the idea.  She sent me an appearance release, to look over.

The Producer and everyone else I dealt with was great about setting expectations.  When I told her I was unsure of what to expect she replied:

Totally understand, I know it’s weird. There aren’t a lot of expectations, we just want you to tell us what happened- the truth and that’s it. We’ll probably do and walk and talk with you and Lue, preferably where it happened so we can be in that space. My Associate producer has reached out to the base to see if we can get access.

Lue will ask you questions about that night and go through it step by step with you. We’ll find an appropriate place for us all to be. It’ll also be a very small crew, all of whom I’ve worked with and know well. Good people who care about what we’re doing.

It probably won’t take more than a few hours front to back. I’ll make sure to talk with you about this again once I know we’re good to go for the trip. I promise to let you know as soon as possible.

After that, though, the logistics started to get tricky.  The Producer said they had to move things back due to Lue's schedule.  I told her September was going to get dicey for me because, amongst other things, I was considering accepting an offer to teach a few business classes, on the side.  My schedule with Ridgefield One has always been pretty flexible but when you teach a class you need to be there for the class.  Some professors call in, for petty reasons, and expect that a sub will fill in for them.  I do not play that.

Then, The Producer was interested in making contact with Mike, the other witness to my sighting.  At the time I was still unable to find him.  I had tried Facebook, LinkedIn, and countless Google searches.  I looked at my official orders to report to Gagetown, which I had received from the National Records Archive.   They had the names and addresses of everyone I traveled with but the addresses had been redacted.  I visited my old Army Reserve unit in Plattsburgh, New York.  They would not let me in the building.  I tracked down a recently retired First Sargent who is about my age and was the same rank as me when we were in.  He did not know anything about Mike, although he was able to help me pinpoint the part of the base in Gagetown where we had camped.

They were pushing hard to track Mike down.  I redoubled my efforts.  I tried looking through the redacted information on my orders by holding the paper up to a light but since it was a photocopy I could not see through the magic marker.  I tried some new Google Searches - a lot of Google Searches - and finally stumbled onto a lead.  Deep in the recesses of Google, I came upon a link to what I thought may have been the right guy.  Meanwhile, I learned I had a secret weapon, a friend of a friend who was working at the college Mike and I had both attended.  I called this person.  For confidentiality reasons they were not able to volunteer the information I was looking for.  But in a round-about way there was a confirmation that the information I had may not be invalid.

I called Mike's house and left a voice message.  I do not remember my exact words but it was something like, "Hi Mike, my name is David Marceau.  I was in your Army Reserve unit, back in the '90's.  When you have a minute I was hoping to speak with you about our Annual Training in Gagetown," and then I left my phone number.  He did not call back.

Is To The Stars Academy Legit?

September rolled around and the Producer was off to San Diego to meet with Lue.  I am assuming that they were working on the Nimitz story, since I now know it happened in San Diego.  The Producer put me in touch with her associate producer, David Simpson, who was working on trying to get us onto the base at Gagetown.  He sent me some maps which had more detail than Google Maps does and with the help of the former First Sargent and also from my dad (who was a Sargent in my unit and was there with me at Gagetown) I was able to figure out where the incident had taken place.  That was very exciting because I had looked at Gagetown on Google Maps and Mapquest for decades and had never been able to determine where it was.  Gagetown is huge.  It could take an hour to drive from one end to the other.

I made a new computer sketch of  the spaceship I saw, from overhead, with the ordinance sites we were guarding.

Is To The Stars Academy Legit?

Simpson continued to push for contact with Mike.  I tried him again.  This time Mike picked up.  I explained who I was.  At first he did not remember me.  Then it all started to flood back to him.  The content of that call and its repercussions is lengthy and will take another blog article to detail.  Suffice to say we established contact and Mike agreed to get involved in the project, as long as he could remain anonymous.

Simpson spoke with Mike and I had at least one other phone conversation with Mike.  Meanwhile, the schedule got pushed back further and further.  By the end of September I was thinking this was not going to happen.  I was also reading some negativity about TTSA all around the Web and had some concerns about whether or not this thing was for real.  I began to question, is To The Stars Academy Legit?  Luis Elizondo and The Producer both seemed credible and they were truly working on a project but what was up with these delays?

At the end of October I sent the Producer a message which read:


It's been a while since I've heard from you or David. Is there still interest in including my story in your documentary?


The Producer called me to explain the situation.  The project was indeed legitimate.  What seems to have happened was that the Producer's little production turned into a two-hour documentary which then turned into a six-part series.  Still, with all that time to fill they had found so many compelling examples to include in the season that they no longer needed my story.  The Producer left things off with, perhaps in Season II.

Summing things up, while I was a little disappointed that I would not be featured in the documentary, overall I am happy that stories like mine are finally being revealed to the public.  I have wondered for decades, how can I be the only one who knows about this?  Why is nobody doing anything about UFOs?  At last, someone is.  That is good.

I can also say, with confidence, that all the people who are trashing TTSA should be in for a surprise when the series airs in May.  I know that my story is astonishing.  If they were able to find enough other stories to fill six episodes, that were all better than my story, this should be nothing less than amazing.

Here is the full trailer for the series:

*** UPDATED 5/7/2019 ***
The name of the producer I was working with has been removed at her request and replaced with "The Producer."  All other information about her and the upcoming documentary has been published with her approval.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

First Date with Aliens

The next US Presidential campaign field is heating up.  As of today 683 people have declared their candidacy.  Wait, what?  Out of those, currently twenty-two candidates are considered notable elected officials and public figures.  One of those noted notables is US Representative Seth Moulton, of Massachusetts.

As always, I will preface any further discussion with the disclaimer that this is not a political post and I do not currently endorse any candidate or political party.  This is a post about one person, irrespective of any topic other than, you guessed it, aliens.

Today in the news, Representative Moulton is being quoted about his plan for how to handle alien contact.  The man has a plan.  Well, somewhat.  The details of that plan are secondary to the fact that the Congressman actually acknowledges that aliens are real and our government should have plans for interacting with them.  Score one for the Rep from Massachusetts.

Rep. Moulton just declared his candidacy this week but he is already stirring up a media storm with his words about aliens.  A Buzzfeed reporter asked what would Moulton do in response to an alien invasion, if he were president.

First Date with Aliens
Seth "Beers & Burgers" Moulton
Moulton took the question seriously, as one should, and provided a clear and dignified response.  He started off with a light-hearted joke, "I would not build a wall between here and Mars."  Then Moulton got real, “I would not do that. No, you got to start — and this is serious, guys — you got to start with diplomacy. You always have to start with diplomacy.”

So far, so good.  Moulton went on to say, “What I would do with this alien, I’d give him a classic American meal."  Food?   You have my attention, sir.  "I’d serve a beer and a burger.”  Huh?  Yes, that is right, a beer and a burger.

I reached out to Representative Moulton's office for some comments but they did not return my calls and emails.  So instead, I will have to make some inferences and projections on my own.  Maybe next time he will call back, if he is still in the race.  Buckle up, folks.

Hopefully the burger is from In-N-Out, the best burger joint on the planet.  The meeting might not go so well if he had as little taste as the current McPresident.

Do Aliens like Beer and Burgers?

Again, not taking sides here - just how do you serve McDonald's and brag to everyone that you got burgers?  Why not just get a suitcase of White Castle?  Yes, White Castle may be lower on the burger pecking list than Micky D's as far as taste and quality go, but when it comes to the coolness factor it is White Castle all the way, baby.

Do not believe me?  One time I went to a party.  It was a class party; it was in Queens.  I wanted to impress so I wore my DEA hat, which is always good for a laugh, and carried in a suitcase full of White Castle burgers.  Everyone did indeed laugh at me, for the White Castle though, not for the cool hat.  But five minutes later, there was nothing left but an empty box, a few reconstituted onions, and smoke.  I think someone even licked the box.  He was on something.  Later on he peed in a house plant.

Seth Moulton
Bear in mind that everyone at that party was already drunk when I got there.  (I was in my twenties.)  When you are drunk, there is nothing better than a few dozen White Castle burgers.  When you are the President of the United States of America, you should serve In-N-Out.  "That's what a hamburger is all about," as they say.

Unfortunately, we do not have In-N-Out, here on the East Coast.  Moulton has probably never even heard of it.  They do have 5 Guys up in Moulton's neck of the woods.  5 Guys ain't no In-N-Out, but it beats The Golden Arches any day.

Do Aliens Like Beer and Burgers?

Wherever the burgers are from, what would aliens think of being served beer and burgers?  They might think we are cheaping out on them.  In a way, meeting aliens for the first time would be kind of like going on a first date.  I have had lots of first dates, back in the day.  I was a pioneer in online dating, plus I was a young professional in New York City during the Dotcom Boom.  I was always out.  I know a few things about first dates.

There are two approaches for a first date.  You go big or you go cheap.  Each has its merits.

When I first started dating I would go cheap.  This was because I was new at it and I lacked the experience and imagination to do anything other than meet a girl out for a beer.  This took a wrong turn when I arranged to meet a crazy woman from Staten Island.  They say Staten Island is the Florida of NYC.

I wanted to check out this bar in Greenwich Village, I had heard about, which I was told had a cool and funky vibe.  My date was paranoid about meeting strangers through online dating so she refused to give me her cell phone number.  That should have been a red flag.  The trains were messed up that day so I had to take a cab.  I hit mad traffic on Flatbush Avenue, heading towards the Manhattan Bridge.  I should have been at least twenty minutes early but instead was twenty minutes late.  Since I could  not call my date she thought I stood her up and she left.

I had a beer by myself.  No biggie.  The place really was cool and funky.  I thought it would have been a good first date.  But apparently my date did not think so.  When I got home later that night I turned on my modem and dialed up my Internet Service Provider to send the girl an apology email, explaining my situation.  She would not hear it.  Apparently I was a bad guy for experiencing MTA problems and traffic in the largest city in the country.

I was even more of a scoundrel for choosing to meet my date in what she described as a "dive bar."  She said that usually guys would take her out for a nice dinner on a first date.  The email thread then digressed into some nasty back and forth retorts.  It got ugly.  I think I won but really, who wins in those situations?

What would aliens think of this?  It depends if aliens are more like Staten Island girls or like normal people.  They might look at a greasy burger and be like, "I few 90 light years for this dreck?"  Surely, by the time everyone sat down the burger would be cold and the beer would be warm and flat.  But on the plus side, given that Moulton is from the Boston area, there is a good chance the aliens would be served a Sam Adams.  I am not a huge Sam Adams fan but at least it is not Bud or Heineken or God-Forbid, some kind of IPA, so there is that.

First Date with Aliens

After my Dive-Bar-with-a-Staten-Island-Chick fiasco I started taking a different approach with first dates.  I would go to a nice-ish place for dinner or I would ask my date if there was a place she wanted to go to.  This got expensive.  I had to stop doing this when one date chose a place with white table cloths, chandeliers, and waiters in tuxedos carrying silver trays.  It turned out she had more interest in a free meal at a fancy restaurant than in me.

When you are actively dating you go on more first dates than second dates.  Dining at Five Star restaurants all the time can put a crimp in your budget.  If you can afford it then who cares, you are having a nice time.  But it should be something you do with someone whom you can share the memories with, later on.  When you are playing the field you never know how things will turn out long-term and chances are you will never see that person again after the first date.  So I learned to not spend a lot of money on the first date.  If the girl has a problem with that it is telling; that first meeting should be about getting to know each other not about how much you spend.

What if the first date was an alien?  An alien delegation comes down to meet with the President and we have to pick a restaurant to meet them at.  On the one hand, you would not want to be accused of being cheap or trashy so you would want to pick a place that befits the image you want to project.  That rules out any burger joint, no matter how nice it is.  On the other hand, you would not want to go too fancy either.  We do not know if this first alien delegation is "the one."  Maybe if we play a little hard to get and make these aliens work for it (if you know what I mean) some better aliens will come along, a few weeks later, and we will want to meet with them.  If that were the case, we would have wasted a lot of time and money on a first delegation with some aliens who just wanted a free dinner.  It would have been better to go less formal until we got to know them better.

Obviously, I am mostly joking.  Mostly.  There is a middle ground, as there is in most situations.  The choices are not between greasy burgers and fine dining.  We could just meet the aliens between meals and go for a walk in the park.  If things go well, we could move on to drinks or coffee, which could be very nice but not too expensive.  If the conversation continues to flow then you make a second date, er uh, summit meeting and choose a nice mid-range place.  Not a chain restaurant, definitely not Applebee's, but not a five star place either.

And that is how you set up a first date with aliens, or delegation, as it were.
What would Moulton do?
Forget'em, we'll have beer and burgers

Seth Moulton's approach?  I think what Moulton was going for with his beers and burgers comment was his attempt at appealing to the American Everyman - Joe and Josey Six-pack.  Hoo-wah!  'Merica!

Ya, nice attempt Moulton, but our alien visitors were unimpressed and they got back in their spaceships and took their gifts of technology and medical advances with them.  On the way out, they do a few donuts on the moon, which are visible to us at night.  They lay on the horn and flip us the bird.

One comments, "I can't believe the guy served us Boston Lager."
The other alien guy says, "Yeah, but at least it wasn't an IPA."

Here is the Buzzfeed interview in its entirety:

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Do Aliens Migrate?

The geese came back, a week or so ago.  We have a little pond next to the house.  Migrating Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks love it.  Just off the center of the pond is a little island with a gazebo.  Behind the gazebo is a safe and quiet, overgrown spot where a mother goose can nest.  After about a week of grazing, the geese disappeared.  That tells me they are now nesting.

Do Aliens Migrate?
In Canada, they are just called Geese
My kids hate the geese because geese are mean and nasty.  When you approach a mating couple of geese the male will spread his wings and approach you, hissing like a snake.  For me, this is not frightening.  We had domesticated geese when I was a kid and I learned how to grab them by the neck so they could not bite me and extend my arm so they could not flap me.  I am also over six feet tall now.  Oh, and I had a close encounter with an alien spaceship so pretty much nothing scares me at this point in my life.  My kids are not as comfortable around these vicious wild animals as I am.  They stay away when the geese are around.

We had not seen geese in several years.  There was a pair here which arrived soon after we bought the house, ten years ago.  They mated for several  years before something got the male.  Once the male is down it is not long before the female is no longer able to defend the nest.  She goes down and then all the babies are eaten.  We would hear things in the night, terrible other-worldly screeching sounds along with goose honking and splashing on the pond.  I can only guess it was probably a fisher cat.  We have foxes, bob cats, and a lot of other small predators here in southwestern Connecticut but only the fisher cat makes that almost-paranormal screeching, like someone being killed.

When we hear the screeching and the splashing we know the kids will no longer be menaced by the geese.  I also know they will no longer be ruining my lawn.  You should see the mess these things make.  Once their young hatch it is like owning 8-10 large dogs.  We cannot use our yard until the goslings are big enough to fly away because the yard is covered in fecal landmines.  It is awful.

A Friendly Fisher Cat
But the loss is bitter-sweet.  I like the geese.  They are nice to look at and I feel good knowing that I am helping to preserve a little piece of nature in a time when more and more natural habitats are being consumed by development.  I deal with the geese.  But I am happy when they leave.

The geese fly south and then back north again every year.  They like it up North but there is nothing to eat once the ground gets covered in snow.  So they seek food and warmth elsewhere.  If a habitat like my pond becomes inhospitable due to fisher cats, for example, eventually other geese will spot the pond on their annual migration north and drop in to make it their home.  Hopefully we will see a brood this year.

All of this thinking about the migrating geese got me thinking about, you guessed it, aliens.

Do Aliens Migrate?

I wonder if aliens migrate.  I am not talking about what they do on their home planets, right now.  One would assume that anyone with the ability to get from there to here has mastered the technology behind the air conditioner and electric heat.  They can insulate their homes and create comfortable places to live without worry that winter cold or summer heat will kill them.  I am talking about migrating from planet to planet.

Perhaps Earth is a candidate for a migration destination and that is why aliens come here and check us out.  Although I would think that if that were the case they would have stopped and stayed longer than they have, by now.

More likely, we are on the migration trail.  Earth is a rest stop on the way to somewhere else.  We have a seemingly endless supply of water here.  I do not know if aliens drink water but there is wide consensus in the scientific community that water is an essential fuel for life.  It could also be a fuel for spaceships.  If you separate the components of water,  you have hydrogen and oxygen, both good fuels.  Earth may be a free fuel depot for aliens.  We should start charging.

Why would aliens need to migrate to other planets?  If life was so perfect back home, why would they ever want to leave?  I could think of a few possible reasons:
  • God Commands Aliens to Migrate
  • Aliens are Pre-Programmed for Migration
  • Aliens Spawn at the Place of their Birth

God Commands Aliens to Migrate

A few months ago I wrote about how a year on planet LongYear could be much longer than our own.  Perhaps a planet has a highly elliptical orbit around its sun so that over the course of, say ten of our years, the planet approaches close to its sun for 2.5 years, then far away for 2.5 years.  Then it comes back on the other side for 2.5 years and again travels away for 2.5 years.

Life on LongYear would have evolved to make migration an essential survival technique, even for advanced bipeds like us.  They would have made migration part of their culture over the course of thousands, or perhaps millions of years.  Over time they would have developed the ability to grow food indoors and to tame their habitats, somewhat, like we have.

But by that point, migration may have been ingrained into their culture to the point where it is simply what they do.  This did not happen to us because our planet is small and has short seasons.  We adapted to our environs.  A planet with seasons measured in our years would require most animals to migrate, even the smart ones.

In ancient days, humans developed certain rituals which they deemed essential for life.  Today, many of those ancient rituals are no longer necessary, with the advances in Science and Medicine we enjoy, but people still practice them because they are a religious requirement.  For example, animals like pigs may have been deemed unclean because they caused illnesses like trichinosis, which can make someone violently ill.  Pigs were put on the Not Kosher List.  Jews and later Muslims decided not to at pork.  Today, trichinosis has been virtually eliminated in domestic pigs.  But pork is still not Kosher or Halal.  It never will be.

Aliens may migrate because the gods tell them to.  It sounds far-fetched but there are many things we do on our planet simply because of a belief that God commands us to do these things.  Even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, some people still believe what the bible tells them and will not hear another word about it.  Evolution, for example.

Aliens are Pre-Programmed for Migration

It could also be physiological.  What tells my geese it is time to leave whatever warm, sunny place they spent the winter at and come here to my little pond?  A goose's brain is the size of the fingernail on your pinky.  They are not putting a tremendous amount of deep thought into migrating.  Somehow they just know.  Millions of years of evolution and habit have somehow hard-wired geese for migrating.

Changes to the levels of serotonin may trigger migration, on Earth.  We get serotonin from the sun.  When the days lengthen and our part of the planet gets more direct sunlight, serotonin levels increase.  This may then release a hormone which instructs certain animals to pick up and move.  Humans do not get this urge, probably because by the time Man left warm and sunny Africa, we had tools and fire.  We could take care of ourselves.

This may not have been the case on a planet like LongYear.  Over millions of years, certain Alien species may have become hard-wired, through evolution, to move somewhere else when their serotonin levels change.  This urge to move may be a drive, like to drive to eat or procreate, which they are aware of but cannot (or will not) control.

Once these people developed the ability to inhabit more areas of their home planet, on a permanent basis, they still felt this primal need to move when the seasons change.  Once they developed the ability to travel the Universe, this instinct then caused them to periodically leave their planet and reside elsewhere for a couple years.  In essence they have become Snowbirds.

Anyone who has been to Florida in the winter has probably noticed the abundance of license plates from Quebec.  You may have also noticed a lot of restaurants employ French-speaking waiters, down there.  The Quebecois love to go to Florida for the winter.  In the summer they go home to Canada.  We call these people Snowbirds because they migrate like the birds.  For Quebecers, this is probably not a hormonal instinct, it just makes common sense.  Quebec is cold in the winter and Florida is warm.  The point is, it is not so far-fetched to think that people with the ability to get from there to here might just exercise that ability and travel vast distances across the Cosmos, to live out the winter (or some other temporary change) and then head back home when conditions improve.

Aliens Spawn at the Place of their Birth

Not all animals migrate in search of food or warmth.  Some will travel incredibly long distances because, well, that is where the girls are.  Salmon do this.  They even switch over from fresh water to salt water and back to fresh again.  But aliens are not anything like fish, right?

Yes?  No?

The movie March of the Penguins told the incredible story of birds which do not need to move in search of food - they live year-round in the harshest conditions on Earth.  Yet, every year, penguins travel hundreds of miles on foot just to mate.

Boy, penguins sure are dumb, right?  Are you with me, folks?  Highly-evolved, intelligent creatures would never do the same, would they?  Perhaps.

Many humans do not drink alcohol and yet at some point they may find themselves in a bar, searching for a mate.  That is often where people go.  Bars where single people hang out are referred to as Meat Markets, and for good reason.  The Internet makes it easier to meet people without going to bars or other unsavory places but the main difference is the lack of a bar tender.  You can still drink at home and online dating places are still meat markets.

Could it be that some aliens are aliens on their own planets and are compelled to go home to mate?  If a race of aliens began conquering or colonizing the galaxy millions of years ago, they may need to periodically return home to find a mate.  Think about it like this.  Suppose we Earthans colonized Mars.  Just like when the first Europeans went to Alaska, there would likely be a shortage of women on Mars.  If settlers on Mars want to mate, they either need to bring women with them, try to hook up with the few female astronauts they can find there, or they would need to return home to find a suitable spouse.  Why would it be different for aliens?

Perhaps, after millions of years, they no longer even remember why they travel many light years to get married, it is just what they do.  If so, maybe Earth is not a rest stop along the way.  Maybe aliens come here on their honeymoon.  Earth is like Niagara Falls to aliens.

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