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Friday, July 31, 2020

Do Aliens Go Camping?

I was awoken at 4:45 AM Tuesday morning.  My daughter said, "I thought we were leaving at four."  I had overslept.  That was OK.  I needed the sleep for what we were about to embark upon.  I told her to wake up her brother and head downstairs for breakfast.

The kids slept most of the way, up to the mountains.  It was early for them.  Mrs. M called around 8:00.  "Is that rain?" she asked.  "Yes, it's pouring," was my response.  It was bright and sunny back home in Connecticut.  We arrived at the trail head around 8:30.  The rain had just stopped.  We put on our overstuffed packs and began our hike.

The pace was slow, about a mile an hour.  They are young.  I am getting old.  I needed the kids to push me in the beginning.  They needed me to push them in the end.  We made camp around 11:00.

Do Aliens Go Camping?
Our little secret

For the next two days, me and two of my kids would have nothing to do - we literally had nothing to do, no TV, no Xbox, not even a cellular or broadband signal.  We were completely unplugged with nothing but a pristine pond, virgin forest, and the creatures who lived there.

For the next two days, me and the kids would have nothing to think about either - no work, no schedules, no projects - nothing, that is except, what would aliens make of all this?  I thought a lot about this.  I wondered:
  • Do aliens go camping?
  • Why do aliens abduct people?
To me, the two questions went hand-in-hand.  The second question sort of wags the dog, though.  Today, I will pontificate on just the first question.

Do Aliens Go Camping?

Really, there is no way for us to know this for sure without meeting some aliens and asking them.  But I like to analyze what humans do and compare and contrast this with the little that we know about UFO sightings and other Contact stories.  Sure, some of these are just stories.  But criminals have been convicted on a preponderance of evidence and we certainly have tremendous amounts of evidence of alien visitation to Earth.

Perhaps visiting Earth is similar to camping, for aliens.  Perhaps they go "car camping."  We did that last week, the whole family.  We loaded up the Family Truckster, the old Chevy Suburban we keep on the road for just such an occasion.  The place we camped had no electricity but we had a couple coolers and a two-burner stove, a huge tent, the kids' bikes, tubes to float in, everything but the kitchen sink - we used a bucket for that.  In all, we had hundreds of pounds of gear.

Some people forgo the tent and camp in an RV or a camping trailer.  Sleeping on the ground is no fun and it is nice to have your own bathroom.  The gear is less essential because so many amenities are built into the camper.

The alien version of this type of camping would be loading up the Family Spaceship-ster-er with all the gear and supplies they may need for interstellar travel.  There is likely a specific vehicle for this.  Why not?  Earthan people have many options to choose from.  I have already listed three, the Suburban, the RV, the trailer.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) surely must have dozens, if not hundreds of options for taking the family to space camp.  This concept is supported by the huge variety of spaceships witnesses have reported seeing, over the years.  

Instead of a campground, aliens might drop anchor, so to speak, on the far side of the moon.  Or, I heard Titan is nice, this time of year.

Our trip this week was more like survival camping.  The kids each carried 30-40 pounds of gear and supplies and I carried closer to 50 pounds.  We had only the basic essentials.  Dried food, enough water for the hike, sleeping gear.  I would like for us to collectively cut out another 20 pounds for next year.  That makes the hike in, so much easier.

We had fishing rods and worms with us to catch some of our food.  I brought the worms for bait because last year we planned on digging up worms when we got there but then found the soil was too rocky and had too many tree roots so we were unable to dig.  This meant no fishing which meant we were one meal short.  Thankfully, the kids did not complain about this.  (Do not worry, we were never in danger of starving.)  We had a grown-up-like conversation about it, reapportioned our rations, and went straight to an all you can eat buffet when we got back to civilization.  


Would aliens do this kind of camping?  Maybe.  Coming to Earth, from an more advanced solar system, would be closer to this second type of survival camping than it would be to the car camping.  Sure, aliens would have the option of taking an RV-type of spaceship here but once they got here there would not be much to do.  We do not have the equivalent of whatever broadband internet access would be for aliens.  Coming to Earth would really be roughing it.

Aliens would also have to bring tons of food with them for a trip to Earth.  I have wondered why there are strange reports of cattle abductions, now and then.  What would aliens want with cows?  Maybe it is the same thing we want cows for - they are delicious!  It would be like me hiking in to the wilderness, planning on catching a fish for dinner.  Aliens "hike" in, planning on catching a cow.

I brought my fishing rod on our back-to-basics camping trip.  Maybe aliens bring a tractor beam to beam up some cows, for dinner.  Sometimes, a rancher will find a dead cow without a drop of blood in it or they will find just an empty carcass.  When I am done with a fish I will discard the carcass.  I do not leave the remains in the same condition as a rancher would find his cow but then, I do not have an interstellar RV with lasers.

I wonder what they would use for worms.  Maybe one of those vegan burgers.  I still have not tried one - sounds gross - the vegan burger - and the worms.  Both gross.

This may explain why aliens abduct cows.  But why do they abduct people?  I will dig into this in my next article, Why do Aliens Abduct People?

Darkness falls across the land

Bedtime comes early, in the wilderness.  We make a fire before sundown but it is too warm out to enjoy the heat.  The fire is really just an excuse to play with fire, in a safe, rock-lined container.  We are in our sleeping bags by 8:30 PM and out cold by 9:00.  The air cools, the crickets chirp, we sleep well, despite the lack of mattresses.  

The second night, I opened my eyes wide and looked out at a bright moon.  I looked at my watch.  It was 11:20.  It was the same time as my UFO Sighting at Gagetown, New Brunswick in 1992.  It was also only a week prior to the anniversary date of that sighting.

I do not believe in signs or omens.  Coincidences are just that.  I did not expect to see an alien spaceship gliding above the treeline just because I happened to wake up in a similar situation deep in a forest, near the anniversary date of my prior sighting, at the exact time of the sighting.  Still, I laced my fingers behind my head and looked out over the pond for several minutes.  

I simultaneously hoped to see a UFO and hoped to not see one.  I would like to think that I would not be so frightened this time around.  But I know that anyone who can get from there to here could squash me like a bug.  My children were with me.  I am fearless when it comes to defending them.  But still... aliens.

A plan was all worked out in my mind.  I would tap the kids on the arm and whisper, "Kids!  UFO!" while opening the camera app on my phone.  This time, there would be video.  But soon I fell back asleep.

I was awoken at 5:30 AM.  My son was tapping on my arm.  He whispered, "Dad!  A wolf!"  I did not turn on my camera or even open my eyes.  I told him it was just a loon.  We went back to sleep until it was time to break camp.

A loon, where we camped

Coming up in the next post, Why do Aliens Abduct People?

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Unidentified S2 E3

Last night after my appearance on History Channel's Unidentified my phone began ringing off the hook.  It was not because talent agents and booking interns were elbowing each other out of the way to get to me, as I imagined they would, though.  One of my kids opened an exterior door to let the dog out after I had set the security alarm.  The central monitoring company called to see if everything was all right.  And so concludes my Walter Mitty-esque fantasy about the results of being featured in a TV show about UFOs.

Unidentified S2 E3

The lead-up to the show was intense.  It reminded me of having pneumonia - not the coughing and gasping for air part - I had been given a high dose of Albuterol which raised my resting heart rate to three times its normal rate, while in the ICU.  That was how I felt at 9:59 last night.  Some people might panic if that happened to them.  I rolled with it.  I was excited.  This was the big moment, the one I had waited for, for decades.

My excitement was not so much about being on TV.  The notoriety may actually be the worst part of this experience.  I was ridiculed by my Army unit when my UFO sighting first happened.  I do not look forward to what acquaintances who feign friendship may say to me, or worse, what their kids may say to my kids.  

What is exciting about this is my story is finally being told and maybe some action will be taken.  I have wondered for years, why does nobody in our government care that we are being visited by people from other planets?  Someone should know about this.  Someone should do something.  How can this be ignored?  I cannot be the only one!

My vindication (for lack of a better term) came when I watched the show's host, Lue Elizondo, discuss my case with Chris Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.  Someone in Mellon's government role should have been briefed on my encounter back when it first happened.  I was happy the issue was finally being escalated.  More on that later.

Unidentified Critique

I have watched the whole show twice now, and my segment three times.  My daughter saw me re-watching it this afternoon and made me start it over again so she could see my segment - not because she is so enamored with her dad but because she wanted to see our dog on TV.  

Marceau Dog

The show was well produced and overall I am happy with how I was portrayed.  But there are so many UFO skeptics out there who will look for any crack in the dam they can find, to invalidate mine and other witnesses' accounts.  So let me be the first to point out these issues and give them the proper redress.

This Sucker's Nuclear
I was surprised to learn my story would be included in an episode focusing on nuclear weapons.  Indeed, the issue discussed in the show is real.  I have heard anecdotes about this before, including one detailed story from my friend Tom.  Last year he told me his uncle used to work in a missile silo.  Tom's uncle had shared a terrifying experience with his wife.  The uncle would not discuss it with anyone else, but the aunt would talk about it all the time - a crazy story by an otherwise rational woman.  A spaceship had come down and disarmed the nuclear warheads where Tom's uncle worked, and then re-armed them.  When Unidentified told a nearly identical story I told my wife, "That's the same story Tom told me!"  She had been at the same party with me, when Tom told it to me.

What does my story have to do with that?  It is a stretch.  I was on a Canadian Army base, hours away from any nuclear facilities.  It is further from the American SAC base they identified, Loring, than New York City is from Philadelphia.  The producers needed an overall theme and they wanted to tie my sighting into the others somehow, for continuity.  That is my take.  Whatever it was, I am OK with that.  Maybe there is a nuclear connection.  I cannot say there is or is not.  More likely, the spaceship that creeped on me in August 1992 was generally checking out our capabilities, be they nuclear or conventional.  

These people (aliens) may not even make a distinction between the two.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) may have some weapon (or a number of classes of weapons) that makes nukes look like sticks and stones.  So what is the difference to them?  And what is the difference to me?  If Unidentified wants to throw my story in with the nuke stories, c'est la vie, as long as the story gets told.

Unidentified Footage
About a year ago I met Travis Walton.  He is the subject of one of the most famous alien abduction cases.  A movie was made about his experience called Fire in the Sky.  He told me, "Hollywood got it all wrong."  I get it.  Word.

It is remarkable that I recognized the actor playing young me, from the one or two seconds he was shown in Episode I.  That was when I first got the uneasy feeling that the re-creation was not 100% spot-on.  Does this matter?  Not a whole lot.  The overall narrative was correct.  I was guarding a cache of ammunition, deep in the woods at Gagetown.  The show had me standing next to a large building - there were no buildings at all, out there.  No lights.  Nothing.  Just me in a clearing in the woods with a huge pile of ammo and explosives.

The field phone I called Mike on was lying on the ground and connected to the next phone by thousands of feet of copper wire which had been unrolled from a large spool.  Each phone was daisy chained like that.  

When I picked up the phone to talk to Mike, it was not like he was just hanging out with the phone to his ear for hours on end, waiting for someone to pick up the other phone.  We had planned on synching up every half hour.  The UFO encounter for me ended at 11:27 pm so I picked up the phone three minutes later.  At the time I thought the encounter was over for Mike too but he told me two years ago, when we reconnected at Unidentified's request, that he was still watching the ship when we were on the phone.  He had also first noticed it about twenty minutes before I did.  I was seated and he was way down the road and walking around.  We had different vantage points.

Perhaps an empty space in the woods is not as exciting as a large steel building and it needed to be "punched up" for Joe & Josée Sixpack, watching at home.  Or, maybe it was just easier to re-create this scene than to find a place to shoot which would be representative of where I was.  Whatever the case may be, I want to point this out in the event that any skeptics decide to look at a Google Maps image of Gagetown and say, in their best John Mulaney voice, "Hey, wait a minute.  There is no building like that on the map!  This story must not be true!"  Well, it is, it has just been Hollywood-ized.

Another item that some critics may point out is the photo of me standing in a rail yard full of bombs.  There is no place like that at Gagetown.  The photo was taken in Miesau, Germany, the following year.  Remember that in 1992 no one carried around a camera in their pocket all the time, like they do now.  If we had, I would have had a really cool video of an enormous spaceship, as evidence of my sighting - assuming my battery held up.  The thing seems to die five minutes after I get off-grid, struggling for its last breath of broadband.  

Unidentified Critique

Since camera phones were not a thing, there are not many photos of me in the Army Reserves and none of me at Gagetown - I thought I had brought a disposable camera up there with me but if so, I do not know what happened to it nor to the pictures.  So when Unidentified asked for pictures of me in the Army I gave them one from Basic Training, two years before Gagetown, and one from Miesau, the year after.  The casual viewer will not care about this.  For anyone who has worked at either Gagetown or Miesau and wants to point out the discrepancy, there it is.  Knock yourself out.

I was a Reservist, not Guardsman, as reported.  Both are part-time soldiers but the former is under the authority of the president and the latter by a state's governor.  The distinction is not insignificant, especially if you live in Portland right now, but it is benign as far as my UFO sighting goes.

Other than that, the rest of the encounter was well done.  They must have had up to six hours of interview footage to edit so I am sure it was a daunting process to piece the story together in such a short segment - I have tried some video editing for the David Marceau YouTube Channel and it is not fun.  I take my hat off to anyone who has the patience for it.  None of the footage from my trip to A&E's studio in Brooklyn was used, although they may have used one or more sound bites as voice-overs.  

The only part of my narrative that requires clarification germane to my sighting is the static noise I mentioned.  During most of the encounter there was complete silence.  Not even the crickets were chirping.  It was only after the ship had glided some distance away from me that I heard the static.

I used to attribute this aural experience to the animals sensing danger.  They did not want to be harmed by the same thing I feared.  But more recently I have come to believe that the ship possessed some type of noise cancellation technology designed to silence its operation.  In the process, it also silences everything within a certain radius.  Once it had traveled far enough away from me that the silencer lost its effect, the sounds around me started to slowly fade in, which is why I heard static.  I do not know for sure if this is the correct explanation of what happened, only that it happened.

I Saw an Alien Spaceship

Yeah, I said it.  Why beat around the bush?  We all know what this show is about.  Aliens!  No need to be all, "I'm not saying it was aliens, but..." à la Giorgio Tsoukalos.  I knew it was an alien spaceship and I openly use the terms "enormous spacecraft" and "alien spaceship."  But I am just a guy in Connecticut.  What is more interesting is, for the first time, I heard Lue Elizondo using the term "UFO".  Last season it was all "UAP" and talk about how maybe it is the Russians or the Chinese.  I cannot take credit for Lue's change of heart but I hope that by me (and others) being open and real about this subject, more people can begin to speak about it without feeling stigmatized.

I Saw an Alien Spaceship
I'm not... No, actually, I am indeed saying it was aliens

Watching the show proceed I became more excited about one of the other stories.  The Air Force Security Specialist from FE Warren Air Force Base describes feeling a tingling sensation when the spaceship he encountered was hovering over him.  I have written many times about a similar experience, which I detail in The Spaceship I Saw - Part 3.  I knew the ship I saw was there before I saw it.  I could feel its presence.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up.  Then the hair on my right arm stood up as if it were a hot day, but it was actually a damp night.  I believe the ship was scanning the contents of the ammo cache with something like an x-ray.  I was caught in it and could feel it - although the sensation I felt could also have been related to the ship's levitation/propulsion system.  Maybe it was something else all-together.  But I definitely felt something, a charge in the air.

Another similarity between his experience and mine was the feeling of being frozen with fear.  Terror is a better term.  I mentioned this in an article last week, recalling one of my earliest blog articles, Some UFO Psychology.  The Air Force Guy says that even after 30 years the emotions are still there, they are "raw."  I felt the same way until I began writing about my encounter and talking about it more openly, to more people.

Prior to two years ago, on the rare occasion I would open up to someone and tell my story, my eyes would tear up.  I would not actually cry, my eyes would just gloss over.  That was how traumatic it was.  I would be instantly transported back to the scene of the encounter, reliving the terror which enveloped me that night.  I have never sought counseling for this but from what I have read about PTSD, that is what it was.  It was not with me all the time, haunting me day and night.  It was always on the back burner.  But whenever I spoke about it (which was rare), I was right back there in the woods in Gagetown, staring at an enormous spaceship from another planet, fearful of being zapped by a death ray or being beamed up or of, God-Forbid, the ship landing and its occupants greeting me.  That probably sounds pretty cool to some people but you would not think that if you were alone in the woods, at night, holding an automatic weapon with an empty magazine.

The Air Force Security Specialist wraps up by saying the ship he saw shot off in a streak of light.  I did not see that happen with mine but Mike, the other witness, said he saw that happen from his vantage point.  I would love to speak with this Air Force guy and share some details of our mutual experiences, with each other.  I texted Lue this afternoon to ask if he could let the guy know I wanted to speak with him.  Lue said yes.  Hopefully he will reach out.

I understand if the guy wants to remain anonymous.  Jeremy McGowan, who was featured next said it best, "You don't necessarily want to be the guy who saw a UFO; you don't want to have that stigma."  That was me until I started this blog.  The blog was itself a product of having spoken to Lue Elizondo and the producers of Unidentified - it has been a two year saga for me.  I only got into the #UFOTwitter crowd once it looked like I was going to be on TV talking about my experience.  I decided at that point that if the cat was going to be out of the bag I should just dive into this subject head-first.

Additional Non-Sequiturs

Interesting that the four of us featured in Episode III all served around the same time, had incidents around the same time, and are all about the same age.  Are all the younger servicemen afraid to speak up?  Are all the older ones dead?  I have already beat cancer and pneumonia - maybe I will get Coronavirus soon and that will be that.  I am glad I had a chance to speak up when I did.

It was nice to be featured in the same episode as Harry Reid.  He has always struck me as a good guy, even though in his younger days he was a bit of a bad-ass.  I can relate.  I had to rewind when he said, "They're afraid because they don't want to sound like a fringe person."  I thought he said, French person.  My wife heard it too.  We were both like, what is wrong with being French?

My wife was happy that the house looked good on the show - thanks, camera guys and producers.  My kids lost their minds when they saw our dog on TV - Daddy, no big whoop, but the dog?  OMG!!!  I was just happy that I was portrayed in a positive light.  I was a bit nervous about that - I should not have been because the first thing that Lue and one of the producers each opened up with, during my first conversations with them two years ago, was to reassure me that they would take me seriously.  But you know, once bitten, twice shy. 

Lue Elizondo

Lue mentioned on the show that I reported the incident.  To be clear, I did not try to file the report, Mike did.  I do not remember if I told my direct superior but probably would have.  Mike reported it to the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge that night and that is where the report ended.  This NCOIC told him to get out of his Command Shack, like Mike was just some jerk, messing with the guy.  While this was going on, I was speaking about the encounter with our driver, who was an NCO but not in my chain of command.  He enthusiastically believed us and said he had heard of many reports of sightings near military bases.  I also told my dad, who was on duty there too, and retold him the story about five years later, but when I visited him a few days before Lue came to my house in February, he did not remember hearing about it.

Now, a day after my episode aired, a calm has come over me.  This was induced by seeing Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon discussing my case.  I know that was probably staged for the cameras but I am certain there were other real instances of this and not just between those two people.  Mellon said, "There should have been follow up.  This kind of reporting should be examined in a purely objective fashion."  Ya think?

Thank you Lue, Chris, Tom DeLonge, and the producers of Unidentified, for bringing this news to those who need to hear it.  I have waited nearly thirty years for the opportunity to get the information I have into the hands of the people who can do something with it.  Now it is up to them.

Lue's last text to me today was to assure me, "You are making a difference!  People in D.C. are watching!"  Good to know, I think.  Watching, how?  Maybe I need to invest in some curtains.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

How does it feel to see a UFO?

Two strange sensations in my chest woke me this morning around 4:30.  One was the sunburn seared on from floating in a tube on a lake while Quarantining for the past few days.  The other was anticipation for what this day will bring.  I sprung out of bed like there was a spider in it.

David Marceau Napping
Me, Quarantining at undisclosed location in New England

Coffee and excitement brewed minutes later.  This is the day I have been waiting for, for quite some time.  Days melded in a pot of memories with years, decades, half a lifetime.  

Chapter One of my life began at age nineteen, in early August 1992, nearly 28 years ago.  That story gets told tonight on a show called Unidentified.  I thought the day would never come.  Even a few weeks ago I had doubts.  I sent phishing texts and emails to people involved with the show, "Can you share any updates on Unidentified with me?"  

The first response was from Luis Elizondo.  He sent me a text in early June saying the series would air in a month.  I had expected it to premier around Memorial Day, like it did last year.  It was late.  Lue was not sure which episode I would be in but thought it might be four or five.

Next, I saw a response to a Tweet on my Twitter feed from Executive Producer Anthony Lappé, this past week.  He said he thought I would be in the next episode, number three.  I was surprised to hear from Anthony.  I did not think anyone from the show followed me.  He must have searched on #Unidentified and came across one of my Tweets.

How does it feel to see a UFO?

Final confirmation came yesterday afternoon around 3:30.  I received a call from a Massachusetts number.  I almost let it go to voicemail because I thought it was another call for "Mamma Jamma."  Someone put my cell phone number on a credit application, years ago, and opened up a bunch of accounts in the name Mamma Jamma and then defaulted on all of them.  I will not say it was identity theft because I do not think my number was used intentionally.  More likely it was a random number which worked the first time so why not re-use it over and over?  I think most crooks are lazy like that.  

Anyway, there was a time when I would get several calls a day, every day, for Mamma Jamma.  The first time I picked up the phone and heard that, I said, "WHO???"  I laughed.  It sounded like a prank.  Mamma Jamma.  Really?  It got old fast, though.  The worst was when it got automated.  I could not just tell the person calling that it was a wrong number.  Robodialers should be illegal.  It took a long time to convince each of these creditors that I was not the droid they were looking for and to leave me alone.  

The calls stopped for a few years.  Then the accounts must have been sold off to some other bottom feeders and none of the account notes were transferred.  So recently I have been getting the calls again.  Who else would be calling me at Close-of-Business on a summer Friday?  By 3:30, everyone was supposed to be in The Hamptons or The Poconos or The Catskills or The Cape Codses.  What good could possibly come from answering this call, I thought?

At first I was sorry I answered.  It was someone claiming to be a producer with A&E.  I had never heard of the guy.  The name sounded made up, one step short of Mamma Jamma.  I asked him to spell it so I could look it up.  It was a bad connection.  It sounded like he was talking on one of those Bluetooth setups where it is not clear where the microphone is, which makes the user think they look really cool.  Let me be the one to break it to these people, there is nothing cool about sounding like you are mumbling with your hand over your mouth.  Get a real microphone, you attention hound!

The call dropped.  Maybe he was calling from a sweatshop call center in Mumbai or an icy shack in Siberia.    Remember, "I am Peggy?"

I tried to look the guy up.  Nothing came up on him.  My Spidey Sense said nothing was wrong but I still held some healthy skepticism.  I went back to paying my bills and catching up on emails and waited for the guy to call back.  He called back about fifteen minutes later.  The connection was better but he still sounded muffled.  It was because he was talking through a mask while riding on a speeding train to Rochester, not because of a hotshot Bluetooth system.  OK, I could see that.

I was concerned that this guy was not actually affiliated with A&E and he was trying to extract some information from me for some unknown, nefarious purpose.  He wanted to know my branch of military service and my rank when I got out.  I had already given copies of my DD214 to Unidentified's producers.  That is the form that verifies that you served - pretty much worth its weight in gold, if you want any type of military benefits.  Why would this guy want information I had already provided?

I shared my concerns with the caller.  I probably sounded paranoid but my Twitter following has increased by 50% over the past week and I have already turned down two interview requests.  This is prior to my episode even airing.  I had to be sure this was for real.

The producer emailed me from his A&E account while we were on the phone.  Then the call dropped again.  We ultimately worked it out.  He was calling because there had been an error in the first or second episode, regarding someone's rank and branch of service, and they wanted to make sure they verified everyone else's information.  How they would correct this, a day before my episode aired, I do not know.  Regardless, I verified my rank and branch of service and he verified I would be on tonight's episode.  It airs on History Channel at 10:00pm Eastern United States time.

How does it feel to see a UFO?

This is indeed an exciting time for me.  Twenty-eight years is a long time to keep a secret - a secret that you know you should share.  I knew it at the time, as my sighting was occurring, that this was something I should tell people about.  It was monumental.  I was experiencing history.  I knew that!  So many thoughts swirled in my mind, sitting there on a little bench, deep in the Canadian woods.  Even after all this time, with my extensive vocabulary and two years of blogging experience it is difficult for me to find the words to clearly articulate how I felt, the phraseology to succinctly summarize the myriad implications I immediately surmised.  It was a big deal and I knew it, while it was happening.

Who would I tell?  What would they do with the information?  Would there be any response?  Why me?  Who would even believe this?  I was no one special.  What will people think?  What will my friends say?  Will I be viewed like the yokels the reporters dig up to explain what it is like to watch your mobile home destroyed by a tornado?  This is something I will carry around with me for the rest of my life.

Besides all the questions and implications the feeling I had at the time was one of terror.  I mention this briefly in one of my first articles, Some UFO Psychology.  I was nearly paralyzed with fright.  The whole encounter lasted up to seven minutes.  During most of that time I was afraid to move even a single muscle, lest I be spotted and then beamed up or zapped with a death ray.  I really thought that.  I know, looking at the words I am typing that saying this sounds bizarre.  But there was an enormous spaceship slowly gliding by me, close enough to hit with a "Hair Mary" football pass.  What would you think?

I am not sure if Unidentified will truly capture what I went through.  I do not see how it could.  From the few moments of preview I saw it looks like the re-creation is not right.  I feel like this is not the last time I will tell my story and that every time after this I will need to clarify a few things.  I am also concerned with how I will be portrayed.  When my second interview wrapped up, Lue Elizondo told me this is an amazing story, "if it's true."  That gave me great pause.  What did he mean, "if it's true?"  I shake my head and huffle (to sniff backwards) as I type this.  But then I smile with satisfaction.  What else can I do?

The Albatross

Tonight my story will be told.  I do not care much about how I am perceived.  At this point, I am simply relieved that I have been able to share my experience.  I feel a bit numb.  I wonder how things will change after this.  My anonymity will be lost, for some time.  Hopefully not for long; I like my life the way it is.  Whatever happens, if the information I am sharing somehow helps humanity, I will feel accomplished.  Maybe that is grandiose.  Whatever.  If it does not help anyone then, well, at the very least I will no longer have to carry this albatross around with me.  I did my part.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Coming Up on Unidentified Season 2

Last Saturday night, my readers in the United States were treated to a surprise.  At the end of the first episode of Season 2 of Unidentified I was in the previews of upcoming episodes.  Had I anticipated that, I would have had a blog article prepared and ready to release to discuss it.  I was not expecting to be on so soon.  But shortly after the episode aired, several friends and people I am connected to on UFO Twitter reached out to congratulate me.  The David Marceau Twitter following ticked up slightly so that I now have nearly as many followers as people I am following, which is exciting.  So I guess the cat is out of the bag.

David Marceau History
Coming up on Unidentified

Currently, I am bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") which temporarily prohibits me from appearing on other shows, among other things.  Regardless of the legal implications, I gave my word that I would not give anything away so do not expect to find any spoilers here.  Also, do not contact me directly, asking for more information on the DL (however, as always, do contact me if you want to discuss something directly related to your own encounter or about one of my blog articles).  What I will do is to provide a digest and analysis of what is already publicly known.

David Marceau on Unidentified

Yes, that was me at the end of Season 2, Episode 1.  Thank you, to those who recognized me and reached out to congratulate me.  I was not expecting that.  The recognition is one of the aspects of my upcoming appearance which I have not been looking forward to.  

My grandmother always used to say, "Keep a low profile."  It is solid advice.  I first learned what that meant when I joined the Army.  In Basic Training, the soldiers who made a name for themselves did so under the false belief that they would be rewarded for standing out.  On the contrary, they soon found out they were more heavily scrutinized and held to a higher standard.

I also have found this in business.  While the idea of "friendly competition" is real and I have good relationships with many of my competitors, there are quite a few people out there who want to tear down anyone whom they believe is doing well.  It does not matter how hard you have had to work or what kind of sacrifices you made for your family, to achieve some small serving of success, there are people who want to see you fail, from the moment they hear of you.  What is most odd about that phenomenon is, often times this will come from people who do not even stand to lose anything by your success - they just enjoy taking other people down to their level.

For these reasons, I have never sought out public recognition for my UFO Sighting.  I have enjoyed putting out this blog and appreciated how much it has taken off but that is the extent of my ambition.  My daughter told me a couple months ago that I should have a YouTube Channel.  She said, "Blogs are for 'Boomers'.  YouTube is for everyone else."  I am not of the Baby Boom generation but I am OK with that characterization.  I have not ruled out doing more on YouTube and if there is demand for it I will consider it but right now I am satisfied with getting up early every day and writing.

Despite my contentment with anonymity, I am beginning to slide down the slope of renown.  Artist Andy Warhol said in 1968, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes."  My time is arriving.  I was aware of this two years ago when the producers of Unidentified first began speaking with me.  That was the subject of the second blog article I wrote, titled 15 Minutes.

At the time, I did not know what I would do with my own 15 Minutes.  All I knew was it was coming.  I decided then that I wanted to use this as an opportunity to help other people who have had similar experiences to get their stories out to the public.  That then became my mission.  I was going to do a podcast or a call-in radio show and talk to other witnesses.  I have a solid background in Radio from the early 1990's and this seemed like a great way to get back into something I used to really enjoy, while also giving back and helping people.  This blog was instantiated as a chronicle of that effort.

I soon found that:

  • Doing a good podcast is a full-time job
  • Renting radio air-time is expensive
  • Most UFO witnesses do not want to talk about their experiences

I could have gotten around the time issue.  I was running a business, teaching fifteen college credits, and raising a family.  But I only need five or six hours of sleep, a night.  Time is a figment of our imaginations.  The expense was another issue.  I was not keen on committing to paying $1200 per month to rent out a radio station for an hour each week.  Still, where there is a will there is a way.  I could have made it work if I really wanted to.  

It was the last of the above three issues which caused me to pivot with the blog.  Most UFO witnesses I have encountered do not want to talk about their experiences.  They are shy or embarrassed or traumatized - maybe they do not quite believe what they have seen with their own eyes.  As I always say in my sign-off, "I get it, I saw one too."  

I have written many times about how the moment I got into the transport truck on the night of my sighting people began to ridicule me and Mike, the other witness.  This caused both of us to immediately clam up.  I did not talk about it with anyone again for maybe five years.  I do not think Mike discussed it with anyone at all until I tracked him down two years ago, but do not quote me on that.

Coming Up on Unidentified Season 2

Here is what I can say without violating the terms of my NDA.  The photo above was taken of my own TV the night Episode 1 ran, Saturday July 11, 2020.  There are some clues in the image.  First, you can see there is a baby grand piano, some art, candle sticks, items which indicate this is someone's home.  Obviously, it is my house.  

I am seated in what used to be my dining room.  The room is really far from the kitchen and was only used about twice a year so my wife and I gave the dining set to my mom (it had been hers to begin with) and we turned the room into the kids' study lounge.  This is where they do their school work, practice their instruments, and play on their computers.  It is a pretty cool setup.  I wish I had something like that when I was a kid.

The producers from A&E chose this room because it had the best light, the coloring and background was nice, I have a little cafe table in there where I could sit close to the interviewer, there was a lot of room for the camera guys to sit, all around it was a good choice.  Prior to the crew's arrival, I had thought it would be nice to sit in front of the fire but the study lounge worked out well.

Another clue that is easily discerned from the photo is the time of year.  Snow is falling.  Clearly it is sometime in winter.  There is no green outside other than my rhododendron bushes, which stay green year-round.  So it must be mid-late winter - not too late because Connecticut went into Quarantine in early March which would have caused me to tell the camera crew to go away.  We were much more strict about the social distancing in the early part of the Quarantine, given that we were just a few miles from the epicenter of the hot spot.  I would not have allowed four people into my home.  Even today, I might have had them into the house (might not) but they would have had to mask up and I would have appeared wearing a mask too.

I will reveal the actual date of that interview at some point in the future.  I will also write more about the sequence of events and other behind-the-scenes info once more of it becomes public knowledge or I have cleared it with the folks in Legal at A&E or with my own legal team.  I will also fill in any gaps the producers may have left out of the story, if there are any, under the same legal terms mentioned.  For now, I will let the rest be a mystery waiting to be solved when I am finally featured in an upcoming episode.

Which episode?  I have been told but am not sure if I am supposed to know nor if I can reveal that to the public, so I will check with the producers and find out.  I do not see the harm in releasing that information but I will find out for sure.

That seems to be all I can reveal about the show for now, though, hit me in the Comments or the Contact Form if you have questions and I will talk about whatever I am permitted to.

I will sign off with an observation.  Even though this interview was not that long ago it is hard to recognize the guy in that picture compared to the person I see in the mirror now.  I have not had a haircut in nearly five months and have not been to the gym in the same time.  Back then, I was going to the gym 2-3 days a week, lifting weights and running 2+ miles each time.  I have put on twenty pounds in Quarantine - all of it, fat.

I have no desire to step foot in a barber shop, still.  Those places are sketchy to begin with, prior to the Pandemic.  Even the fancy-schmancy barber "club" I went to skeeves me out when I think about all the opportunities to catch the Coronavirus.  For now, I am OK with waiting for a vaccine before getting my hair cut.  So expect to see a quite different-looking person in my next public appearance.

I will, however, see what I can do about getting back into shape.  There is no excuse for the weight gain.  I have enjoyed the respite from real life but it is time to get back on the horse and shape up.

That is all for today.  Watch for me on a future episode of Unidentified at 10:00 pm, Eastern United States Time (EDT) on History Channel.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Unidentified, Once Again

Season 2 of UnidentifiedHistory Channel's UFO show debuts Saturday, July 11th at 10:00pm Eastern, here in the US.  

To most people, Unidentified is just another one of History Channel's documentary-style shows.  Maybe they stop on it while scrolling through the Guide, looking for something to put on in the background while staring through their phone, in bed.  For people who are fascinated by aliens and UFOs it is much more than that.  The UFO Community eagerly awaits each episode, looking for any new information on the UFO phenomenon.  

Some of these viewers will be there for obvious reasons.  They trust the source and thirst for new knowledge.  Others have more sinister intentions.  They will watch, looking for any grain of information that does not match their pre-existing belief system so they can attempt to debunk the stories.  That is the subject of a whole other article.

The show is of special importance to me because my involvement with Season I was the catalyst which launched this blog.  Here is that story:

How Started

My closest friends and immediate family members have known for decades that I had a close encounter with a UFO in the early '90's.  For the most part, no one in my inner circle finds this to be strange, thankfully.  It has never been the focal point nor the foundation for my relationship with anyone (other than this one guy who paints himself blue).  It is just another feature of who I am, like I am tall, I ride a motorcycle, I had a close encounter with a UFO.  No biggie.

Everyone in this tight circle has heard what happened, at a high level.  It has never been something that comes up at our massive Thanksgiving dinners with 30+ people in attendance or barbecues with friends and their kids, like, "Hey Dave, tell us all about the UFO again!  Do you think it was really an alien spaceship?  Did they probe you?"  I would not hang out with people like that.  It has also never been a point of derision, contempt, or fear.  For example, no new parent has ever said, "Don't you touch my baby, you UFO believer person!"  Clearly I am not good at making up Karen dialogue, but you get the point.

UFO Blog
The #ISOT Origin Story
Screenshot of an old Messenger text from my wife, March 2018

It was no surprise, then, when I received a Messenger text from my wife about this subject two years ago.  It was a Monday evening in March of 2018.  We had been making plans to ski with Mrs. M's friend from college during the upcoming school break.  Meanwhile, over in the next town, my sister-in-law, Mrs. N., came across an article in the New York Times that made her think of me.  The article was about a "shadowy" program at the Pentagon - the first New York Times UFO article.  The program studied UFOs.  Its director, Luis Elizondo, had just left his stable government job and joined up with rocker Tom DeLonge and his private company, To The Stars Academy.   Surely, she thought, David would be interested in this.

Mrs. N. sent the link to Mrs. M. who then read it and forwarded it on to me.  It was the end of the workday and I had some time on my hands.  I pushed in my desk chair and slumped into the recliner in the corner of my home office, like a pallet of crates breaking a chain suspended from a crane.  Within the first paragraph a glistering spark was ignited inside me.  It was the same feeling you get when your name is about to be called to walk up in front of a room full of people.

By this point in my life I had long ceased posing the question, "Why doesn't the US government care about UFO's?"  I reckoned this history would become an anecdote my grandkids would tell their grandkids.  The more years that passed, the more my descendants would doubt it ever happened.  Eventually my family would stop telling the tale.  It would be lost to antiquity.  Then I received this text.  For the first time in decades, I was sodden with hope.  Somebody in government does care.

I had mostly stopped thinking about my traumatic UFO encounter.  Now, I initiated the process of connecting with the one human being I believed could make use of my information.  I reached out to the guy from the New York Times article, Luis Elizondo.  I have a knack for getting a hold of people.  I have been in Sales for fifteen years and have run my own business for ten years.  I have a way of getting to the person I want to speak with.  This is nothing special - anyone who has been in B-to-B Sales for as long as I have will tell you they can also do this.  Journalists tend to be good at this too.  I first learned this skill working as a newscaster on a Public Radio news show in the mid 1990's.  True story, bro.

Guy who writes about aliens and UFOs
Me, taking the bus to work... from the place where I bought it
Grand Isle Ferry, April 2018

I am over-simplifying the matter, though.  Looking back through my old emails I see I did not reach out to Lue immediately.  First, I let my kids play hooky and took them to Okemo Mountain in a raging blizzard, I drove the family over the Seven Mile Bridge to Key West and swam with dolphins, I bought a couple 29 foot diesel engine buses - you know, normal everyday stuff that everyone does all the time, right?  I finally attempted contact with Lue on June 13th, two months after my wife sent me the link to the Times article.  I do not remember why I waited so long but it was probably that I really did have more important things to do.

There is also another reason why I probably waited so long.  I have never wanted any recognition nor notoriety from my encounter.  I never reached out to The Enquirer or The Weekly World News, for example, seeking fame and fortune.  I have no desire -- ZERO -- for strangers to know who I am.  I even get a little freaked out about how successful this blog has become.  That means people in dozens of countries all over the world now know about me - I am huge in Hong Kong, for some reason.  

That would not be terrible if the public knew me as the guy who built his own house or who started a successful business with no seed funding or who climbed and descended Tuckerman Ravine on skis and on a snowboard - all feats I am extremely proud of.  But no, I am known as the guy who writes about aliens and UFOs.  Obviously, there is a stigma associated with this.  It contrasts everything else I have accomplished.  However, like many in the UFO Community I am now a part of, I have embraced it.

David Marceau Blog
Yeah, I skied that - and snowboarded it!
Tuckerman Ravine, April 2007

I was likely motivated to pursue Lue by a good friend of mine.  I will call him "G-Man" for this story.  G-Man had known about my encounter for years and had always said things like, "If that happened to me, I wouldn't keep it to myself.  I would tell everyone who would listen."  I would always reply that I did not want to, "Shout it from the rooftops," because I did not want to be That UFO Guy.  I had a good reputation in our community and wanted to keep it that way.  

Then one night, the two of us sat on bar stools, chowing down on a huge plate of Buffalo wings, watching a game on TV.  It was either the Yankees or the NBA finals - probably both.  G-Man told me he had just learned that his mom had also had a couple inexplicable experiences.  The woman holds two masters degrees and is a retired clinical psychologist.  She is highly credible.  She and her husband, a retired NYPD officer, both saw an unimaginably large, cloaked alien spaceship floating over the Atlantic City, New Jersey area, shortly before my night out with their son.  She also had a much older story, I believe from the 1970's, about a patient of hers who seemed perfectly sane but was institutionalized by her family for claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

Hearing these stories from a good friend, about his mom whom I know, trust, and respect, may be what pushed me over the edge.  (The mom later confirmed and elaborated on these stories for me.)  It spurred me to reach out to The Guy from the New York Times Article.  I sent Lue an email.

A month passed.  No word back.  Lue has an assistant, like many busy professionals do.  She acts like a "Gate Keeper."  The Gatekeeper needed to vet me out before putting me on her boss' calendar.  She sent me a dubious email from a nameless TTSA account.  It was a Sunday afternoon in mid-July, 2018.  

I was not sketched out at all about any of this.  I have a good "Spidey Sense" and this seemed legit - it was from TTSA, after all.  I had reached out to them first.  The assistant asked me for particulars of my encounter.  I provided concise details the following morning.  I also forwarded her message to my wife with the comment, "finally, someone's listening."  Then I went about my life.  I rode my motorcycle to a doctor's appointment that morning.  Later, I brought the family to "test-drive" an adult dog we would end up adopting.

How Started
Test-driving our new family member

I was away from my desk when Lue's assistant responded again, later that day.  She emailed me telling me that "Mr. Luis Elizondo" would be in touch with me, "very soon."  If I had been at my desk when that message arrived I probably would have felt a tingle of excitement.  This was The Guy from the New York Times Article!  Instead, I arrived back at my home office around Close of Business.  I sat down to scan through my Inbox.  Dozens of emails had arrived while I was out.  I wanted to see if I needed to deal with anything urgent before clocking out on a sunny, summer afternoon.  I noticed a strange message.

The email was from "Lue G." and was titled "Inquiry."  I get tons and tons of spam in my Inbox - never for anything sordid like male enhancement products or single-mom dating sites.  I get business solicitations.  This looked like one of them.  Just in case it is something important, I will often take a quick glance at new spam before marking it as spam, for the future - especially when the message has my name in the preview.  This one said, "Greetings Mr. Marceau, My..."  It got my attention.

After all this time, when I finally heard from Luis Elizondo he seemed as eager to speak with me as I was to speak with him.  He left me a voice message on my cell phone.  The email was a follow-up to the voicemail.  He provided his personal cell phone number in each message.  I wish I had kept the voice message because it would have been a nice little souvenir but I like to empty my voicemail as soon as I have the information I need.  Every time I have tried to call someone whose voicemail is full, that person turns out to be at least a little bit crazy.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I am diligent to not let my voicemail fill up.

I closed my office doors and called the number Lue left me.  I believe it went to voicemail and I left him a message.  I also emailed Lue, letting him know I would make myself available for him for a few more minutes or I would carve out some time for him the following morning.  Whatever the sequence was, we spoke shortly thereafter.

I think Lue and I talked for about an hour - it is possible it was only a few minutes, I never thought to log the time.  Why would I?  But my memory for fine details is amazing * word * and I recall it being a long conversation.  

I remember Lue asking me if I had ever heard of The Nimitz Incident.  I immediately felt stupid because I had not heard about it.  I was not into anything involving UFOs, at the time.  I thought something like, "Oh no!  I should know about this.  Maybe he won't be interested because I'm not informed."  But I did not try to fake it.  I learned an important life lesson right out of college while temping at Microsoft.  If you are speaking with an expert, (software development, in this case) if you try to fake expertise you will be recognized as a charlatan.  If you instead admit you do not know something, the expert will ecstatically dump their knowledge onto you, filling your mind with everything they know on the subject.  

If you do not believe me, the next time you are at a social engagement (if the Pandemic ever ends or if you decide you do not care if you cause someone's grandma to die because you do not feel like wearing a mask and social distancing) seek out the biggest nerd in the room.  This will be the person with the most esoteric job.  Ask them to tell you about what they do for a living.  Ask follow-up questions.  This person will likely be someone who, ordinarily, never talks.  You will soon find you cannot shut them up.

I readily admitted to Lue I had not heard of the Nimitz Incident.  It sounded like he wanted to tell me all about it but he was currently investigating the incident and could not divulge many details.  He tends to play his cards close to his vest.  He directed the focus of the conversation back on what happened to me.  That is what the call was about.  

My mind wandered.  In an instant, I pictured a battleship cruising far out in the South Pacific.  It is nighttime, maybe ten PM.  It is dark, out on the water, but a dazzling display of stars canopies all horizons.  A sailor goes topside for a cigarette.  The scene cuts to a wide shot of the boat, far out over the water.  The "cherry" at the end of the sailor's cigarette is seen flaring up, as he takes a drag.  Back onboard, the sailor sees some strange lights over the water.  Another sailor comes along and he sees it too.  A spaceship glides up momentarily to observe the two sailors.  It then flies off into the dark abyss.

Of course, anyone who saw Season I of Unidentified knows that is not how the story goes - not even close.  But that was what I pictured when Lue first brought it up.

At the end of our call, Lue asked me to email him some more details of my encounter.  He also said I would be contacted by a woman (whose name she has since asked me not to print).  I assumed it was his assistant, at the time, but found out later on it was one of the producers of Unidentified.  This was nearly a year before Season I of Unidentified aired so I had never heard of the show.  I did not even know Lue was working on a documentary - I just hoped, by speaking with him, that my information would be useful, somehow.

I followed up our call by sending Lue a narrative I had written up in a short-story format.  It was already written in case I ever decided to try to write a book about my experience.  I also sent a crude computer sketch I had made in the late '90's, of the ship I saw.  I told Lue, tongue in cheek, if he had other images of spaceships from other witnesses I might be able to, "pick mine out of a lineup."

A couple days went by.  I did not hear from the woman Lue said would reach out.  I emailed him again to tell him that.  I also provided more details about the size and shape of the ship I saw.  Crickets...

It was weeks before I finally heard from the person whom I thought would be Lue's assistant.  Instead, it was a producer from the yet-unnamed Unidentified.  She emailed me her cell number.  I called it.  She told me she was working on a "documentary film" for A&E Networks (owner of The History Channel).  She asked me if I had ever heard of the USS Nimitz.  I said no, only that Lue had mentioned it.  She wanted to talk to me to tell me about her background, presumably to put me at ease so I would tell her my details.  

I noticed in these first few conversations with Lue and Unidentified producers, they were very sensitive to people's fears of being "outed" about their encounters.  On the one hand, this was strange because I had waited more than half my life to tell someone who could do something with this information.  On the other hand, I recalled the ridicule I received beginning the very night of the encounter. It was so bad, the other witness, Mike, recanted his testimony the next day.  Mike now acknowledges it happened but would not talk about it for a long time.  So I get why Lue and the producers were treating me with kid gloves.

The producer had some good "street cred" and I was comfortable with her right off the bat.  It was not long before she told me she wanted to feature me in her upcoming documentary.  It was evolving from a one hour "film" to a two hour special.  I did not know what this would entail but saw no harm in it.  I said, "Why not?"  She said she appreciated my willingness to help them get these stories out.  I told her it was my pleasure.  I was happy and eager to help with the sudden momentum behind legitimizing the UFO subject, with credible stories.

Over the course of the next two months there were many phone calls and emails between me and the producers.  In the end, they decided to go in a different direction and not include my encounter in that first season.  By this point, the documentary had become a six episode series.  A focal point was the Nimitz Encounters which themselves contained so much information, there was not enough time in the series for me.  Also, my experience does not really go with the theme of Season I, so I get it.

When I contacted Lue I was not looking to get into TV.  I never even imagined I would be contacted by a producer, about being in a show.  So I was not sad about the outcome.  I did feel slightly let-down because I had been led to believe something big was about to happen.  Anyone would be filled with esperanza, imagining a new and very different future for themselves.  But I am not the kind of person who feels extreme highs and lows.  I had business classes to teach and a company to run.  It was hunting season.  Ski season was approaching.  I got over it quickly and moved on with my life.

Why I started this Blog

My involvement with Lue Elizondo, TTSA, and Unidentified, in 2018, was a catalyst.  I had always enjoyed writing.  I have never been good at writing fiction but feel I could tell a good tale when it involves something I am recalling from memory.  Like most dads, I gave up many of my hobbies when I first had kids.  Writing was one of them.  By 2018 the kids were all old enough that I no longer had to follow them around to prevent death during every waking moment.  I had resumed some of my hobbies.

When I first created the blog I did not know what I would do with it, what direction I would take it in.  I did not know what direction it would take me, nor did I anticipate it would take on a life of its own, as it has.  

My primary goal was to document what was happening to me at that time.  Maybe what I witnessed would make it into Unidentified, maybe it would not.  Either way, a one-way door had been opened and I had chosen to walk through it.  There was no going back.  My big secret was out.  I decided to roll with it.

My first few blog posts were about putting together a podcast or a YouTube Channel.  I thought it would be good to help other people get their UFO stories out to the public.  I came to this conclusion because I realized that talking about my sighting had helped me to get over its trauma.  I used to get a tear in my eye every time I recounted what happened.  It was like I was reliving the event every time I talked about it.  The ship I saw was vivid in my mind's eye.  I could see it every time I told people about it.  I felt physically transported back to the little bench I sat on, out in the woods, in the summer of 1992.  I became paralyzed with terror.

Today, there is nearly zero emotion when I talk about my encounter.  Talking about it and writing about it has caused the event to fade, for better or for worse.  I am admittedly supercilious that I had the foresight to have an illustration of the spaceship made before my memory of it began to whither, shortly after I began the blog.  If I were to attempt that today the result might not be as close to the real thing as what was produced two years ago.

The Marceau Ship
Illustration of the ship I saw
Gagetown, New Brunswick, August 1992

At first, I wanted to help others experience the benefits of what I was going through.  Witnesses would be permitted to verbalize the details of a haunting occurrence, in a safe space.  After all, I saw one too.  This would serve two important services.  

  • It would help to normalize the subject of UFO visits, to a doubting public 
  • It would also help these experiencers get over their trauma, just like I did

Very quickly, I put together a list of people I could speak with about their own sightings.  I even recorded a few interviews.  But I soon found that I did not have the patience for video editing.  I can see how some people would like it, if that were their job.  It is not for me.  

I was enjoying the writing.  Others were too.  As the page hit counter went up, I was emboldened to continue creating new posts.  I am grateful for my early followers - close friends, mostly.  Thanks, guys.

The blog really became what it is when went to see a friend's band play, one night.  (I must have half a dozen friends who are in various bands.)  My buddy Keith was playing near his home in Westchester County, New York.  I helped my wife get the kids ready for bed and then drove down to see Keith play.  He is less than an hour away but just far enough that it is a schlep to get there.

I arrived towards the end of Keith's first set.  He came over to say hi, on his break, and introduced me to one of his friends, Andy.  The two of us started talking and did not stop until after the bar closed.  Andy is a psychologist for kids who have experienced trauma.  We talked about my UFO sighting and the terror with which it had saturated me.  That conversation became the basis for one of my early favorite articles, Some UFO Psychology.  

This pivotal moment also served to adjust the course of my writing.  I began thinking about aliens and UFOs - a lot!  I thought about how they got here, why they were here, and what they were like.  I wrote about these thoughts.  As time went by, I put more time and research into these stories.  I cited sources.  I have attempted to keep everything rooted in science while pontificating on strands of philosophy which cannot be proven without actually meeting an alien.

If my exposure to Unidentified had opened a door, my conversation with Andy and the article I wrote about it blew away the walls and the roof.  There was a whole world to investigate regarding aliens and UFOs.  I was sure other people were thinking about some of the topics I thought of.  But no one was taking the same tack as me.  I will write more about that in an upcoming post.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.