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Friday, August 28, 2020

I saw a UFO. Who cares.

An old friend called me last night.  We will call him "Fred" which is not his real name.  It was after 9:00 pm.  All the kids were in my room with me and my wife, watching Coming to America for the umpteenth time.  I wanted to sit around the iPad and watch Shay's Cooking Show but we voted and I lost.  

Normally I would not answer the phone that late, especially when I am settled into my bed, we are into a movie, school is starting the next day.  The stars were not aligned for being distracted by the phone.  But I had not spoken with this guy in a couple years.  When an old friend you do not keep in touch with regularly, calls at an odd hour, you pick up the phone.

I got out of bed and walked into my closet, for privacy and so I did not disturb the movie.  It is a large walk-in closet, really more like a dressing room but that sounds pretentious so we just call it the closet.  I asked him, "What's up," fearing the worst.  The connection was staticky.  I could not understand what he was saying.  He said he would call back from his land line.  It must be something important, I thought.  I hung up, eager to find out what was up, while dreading it at the same time.

I told Mrs. M., "I think someone died."   Then I went back in my closet to look for a place to sit.  My chair had some clothes lying on it, shorts that I wore once and did not want to wash yet but also did not want to fold and put away.  I stood in the doorway to my room to watch some more of the movie.  It was the part where Akeem leaves New York and goes back to Zamunda, dejected, African drums playing over the motorcade on Park Avenue.

Fred called back.  The connection was better.  I walked out of the room and sat on the top step of the stairs, bracing myself for the sad news Fred was surely about to deliver.  He went right into the old catch-up routine.  "How's it going, how's it been, what've you been up to," etc.  Huh?

I came right out and asked if someone had died.  We can talk like that with each other.  He is a dear friend from college, a fraternity brother.  He said no.  He was just sitting in his garage, watching the thunder storm, and thought of me.  I could hear in his voice that he had been drinking.  I asked him if he was drunk.  He said yes.  He just wanted to catch up.  I was drunk-dialed on a Thursday night.  I told him, "OK.  Let me go get my glass."

Why are UFOs a Secret?
"Fred" at Alumni Weekend

I went back into my room.  I had a nice, etched, weighted glass on the night stand, from a nightcap I had polished off, earlier.  I would have told Fred to call back another time but there was only a minute, or so, left in the movie, all the popcorn had been eaten, it was time for the kids to get to bed, and it was early enough that I could prepare myself a second drink.  I told Mrs. M., "It's OK, he's just drunk."  I went downstairs, made a dirty martini, and sat in my recliner in my office.

Fred and I probably talked for an hour and a half.  There were not many lulls in the conversation.  We covered a lot of topics, our kids, the pandemic, politics, mutual friends, old times back in school.  It was a good conversation.

Since the call was so random I wondered if Fred had just seen me on Unidentified and that was the reason he was calling.  I would not have cared.  It is not like he was someone I barely knew and then became Facebook friends with but never saw or spoke to him in person, like many of my Facebook friends.  This was a good good friend, albeit somewhat estranged by the hands of time.

When you are close enough to bluntly ask someone, "Who died," you can ask just about anything without them taking offense.  I chewed on an olive and asked Fred, "Did you call because you saw me on TV?"  He was clearly baffled.  Unfazed, Fred moved on to another subject.  He was loaded.

Now, I was itching to let the cat out of the bag.  I let Fred go on for a few more minutes and then circled back around and said sheepishly, "When we were in school... did I ever tell you I saw a UFO?"  He paused, to think.  Then he said no and immediately went into a time he saw some weird lights and then changed the subject to something else.  And this is why more UFO stories do not get told.

Why are UFOs a Secret?

A lot has been reported, since Unidentified first aired, about the ridicule US Servicemen face when trying to report a UFO.  It happened to me immediately, forcing me to stop telling my fellow Army Reservists afterwards.  It happened to Mike, the other witness, compelling him to completely recant his story for the rest of our Annual Training exercise.  He did not talk about it again until I tracked him down two years ago, for Unidentified.  I can say with certainty (without knowing any actual statistics) that it has happened to every sane, rational person who surrounds themselves with sane, rational people.  It is just the way it is.

But it is not like we witnesses never talk about it with anyone - most of us.  I have been keeping track, anecdotally, of what the other folks on Unidentified have said about this topic.  There were one or two people who said they had never told anyone in their lives (though I doubt that) but most of them said they had only told close friends and family.  It was the same with me until I started this blog.

Last night I asked Fred if I had ever told him about it before.  My recollection was that the first time I told anyone outside my reserve unit was when I told my cousin's girlfriend six or seven years later.  I remember my eyes welling up with tears as I relived the terror.  It was a cold winter's night and we were outside, smoking.  She said she would never have believed such a story but could see the trauma in my face, the water in my eyes, I was visibly affected.  I know now, it was PTSD.

I did not think I would have told my frat brothers.  Even though we were so close; we could comfortably confide our feelings to each other in a way that most men are unable to do.  But as much as we all loved each other, telling everyone I saw an alien spaceship would have caused them all to start calling me, "UFO Boy" or some other stupid nickname.  Most of us had a nickname.  One guy was Hoover, one was Loaf, one was Mackto Jackson.  Everyone called me, "Marceau."  That was fine with me.

So, fear of ridicule kept me from telling my closest friends right after the incident happened, despite a level of intimacy shared only by fraternity brothers or combat veterans.  If I had told anyone, Fred would have been one of the 3-5 people in my inner-most circle that I would have told.  Then again, maybe I did.  Maybe I said something and it went like our phone call last night went.

I know this has happened before, with other people.  I can remember several times, through the years, when I have tried to tell someone and did not quite get through to them.  Maybe alcohol was involved, maybe not.  But the message often does not result in ridicule, it simply falls on deaf ears.

Why is that?  Why do people not pay attention when someone is pouring their heart out, providing such valuable information?  This information is so important, I felt for three decades that I needed to speak with someone high-up in the US government, to let them know our airspace is being invaded and our military bases are in danger of being overrun.  How could someone not listen when trying to tell them about this?

Trying to tell someone you saw a UFO can be treated like saying, "I was driving down the road one day and someone hit a possum."  Uh-huh.  You want to say more about this mundane experience but they jump in with something equally trivial like, "I saw something flattened out on Route 7 today, could have been a raccoon, then when I got to the store they were all out of what I went for.  So I kept driving and then my wife called.  So where did you go on vacation last summer?"

But wait!  I had something important to... oh, nevermind.  He probably would not have believed me anyway.

Sometimes you do manage to tell someone and you think it registers but it does not.  For example, when my sighting occurred, I told my dad the next day.  He was there, in Gagetown in 1992.  He was the Mobilization NCO in my unit so he was there for the entire three weeks, like I was.  He knew about the sighting.  Years later, when I told my cousin's girlfriend, my dad was there too and he did not remember me telling him the first time.

I mentioned the incident again to my dad two summers ago.  I wanted to see if he could fill in some missing fragments of my memories of Gagetown, in anticipation of possibly being on Season I of Unidentified.  He had no memory of me telling him about the UFO.  I know I had told him at least twice before, at this point.

How could someone simply forget something so big?  Is it because my dad did not experience it himself?  I told my dad I earned an MBA a few years ago.  He was not there for the ceremony but he remembered afterwards.  Why not this?  I am sure there is a psychological reason for why people remember a recounting of certain events and not others.  Maybe he thought I was kidding.  Like, "Hey Dad, there's a snake under the couch.  Ha ha!  Made you look!"

I tried to tell Fred about the UFO one more time last night but he had other things on his mind.  It was strange because this was about such a huge moment in my life.  Now, with the appearance on Unidentified and the success of this blog and with interviews coming up, so much has changed.  Fred just wanted to talk about the old times.  Glory Days, as it were.  That was OK.  It was good to catch up and now we are making plans to get the families together at my Distant Social Firepit.  Fred moved up this way last year and is only 20 minutes away now.  And really, what difference does it make, anyway.  I had a close encounter.  I saw a UFO.  Who cares.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Are Aliens Helicopter Parents?

My wife and I have three wonderful children.  Like most parents, from the moment my firstborn was handed to me everything in my life changed.  I went from being a career-focused newlywed who stays up all night on weekends playing AOE II, who goes on trips to Vegas and snowboarding with friends, who follows rock bands on their tours, to simply being a dad.  That one word sums it up.  I am now just a dad.

I still do some of the things I enjoy doing but it is almost always with the kids.  They are my raison d'etre.  I also do a lot of things that are just for them.  I would not have thought I would enjoy that, a few years ago.  But I do get great pleasure out of watching them compete in sports and academics, or just being with them.  Who would have thought that the guy I described in the first paragraph would ever turn into the guy in the second paragraph!

Are Aliens Helicopter Parents?
Me, helicopter parenting

Still, until recently I have been pretty "hands-off" with the kids.  What I mean by that is, I try not to micromanage them.  I have tried not to hover.  I believe that one of the reasons I will so eagerly dive into something new and scary, the reason that appearing on Unidentified did not cause me a second thought, is because my parents did the same for me.  

I was allowed to make mistakes.  I was allowed to get hurt.  In both instances, instead of running to Mommy for consolation, I sat in my blood, analyzed what happened, and figured out what not to do the next time.  I try to do the same for my kids.

For example, a few years ago, my wife and I went to a barbecue at an old friend's house.  Our three little ones ran out to the swing set and took over the place.  We turned our backs and grabbed some chicken and potato salad.  I cracked open a home brew beer that someone brought.  It was like old times.  My ear was cocked in the direction of the kids but I did not constantly watch over them.  I chilled out and enjoyed myself.

Another set of parents took turns following their little one around the yard.  The dad constantly had his hands up, a few inches from the kid, in case the kid lost his balance.  The mom stayed a few feet away and looked scornfully at the dad if there was a close call.  These are called "Helicopter Parents."  They hover around their kid(s) trying to protect them from every little mistake, trying to make sure they never get hurt.

Helicopter Parents mean well.  I do not disparage them for caring.  It is just not my style.  I have been asked by people like that, how do you ever know if the kids need your help?  It is easy.  

Whenever I hear a loud bang, I count to three.  If I do not hear agonizing wailing by three, I know they are OK.  You also learn, after a while, that there are different kinds of cries.  There is the cry that says, "I need to go to the Emergency Room and get stitches," which will get me out of my chair.  Then there is the cry that says, "I'm OK but I need a hug," in which case I call the kid to me.  

When I hear shouting, I encourage the kids to work it out themselves.  If they cannot, then I will preside over a tribunal but I would rather not.  When my office doors are closed they know not to come in unless someone is bleeding or on fire.  When I hear a knock I will mute the phone and ask them, "Are you bleeding or on fire?"  It is never fire.  If it is a cut I tell them to clean it and put a Band-Aid on it and I will take a look when my call or meeting is done.  My kids are now good at administering first aid, just like I was, as a kid.

This parenting style has gone through a metamorphosis, recently.  Living in Quarantine has forced changes in everything my family and I do.  For the first few months of Quarantine, we wiped all our groceries down with Clorox Wipes before bringing them into the house.  We quarantined our mail for three days in the guest room before opening it.  We kept our kids from seeing any friends in-person.  In a way, we became  the Helicopter Parents.

"Wash your hands!"
"Don't touch that!"
"Where is your mask???"

An invisible marauder was trying to invade our home and infect all of us.  Maybe it would not kill us but it could kill others we came into contact with.  We were on High Alert.

That mentality has eased tremendously, now that we know more about how the Coronavirus is spread and we know which of our friends take it as seriously as we do.  We have some socially-distanced get-togethers in the back yard or out at the Distant Social fire pit.  We have permitted the kids to participate in limited, unsupervised social engagements.  Sports will be starting soon.  We will see how it goes.

Where do humans come from?
The Distant Social Pit

School starts tomorrow.  We are keeping the kids home for Distant Learning.  I would like for them to see their friends but they have gone this long, what is another month, or two?  By then, either the schools will be closed again and we will know we dodged a bullet, or everything will be fine and the kids will catch up with their friends at that point.  Kids are resilient.

Thinking about all this makes me wonder about aliens.  Also, thinking about pretty much anything these days, makes me think about aliens.  I wonder, are aliens Helicopter Parents?

Are Aliens Helicopter Parents?

When I ponder this question I am not thinking about what aliens do on their own planets.  I could speculate but there is no way of knowing for sure, without asking one, and I am guessing they do not speak English.  What I am thinking of is more related to The Marceau Paradox, "Why are aliens hiding from us?"  We know aliens are here (at least sometimes) because we have thousands of eye-witness accounts and even some video.  I have my own verified UFO sighting which allows me to take a step beyond the Fermi Paradox, Where is everybody?, and emphatically say, they are here, Why are they hiding from us?

Perhaps one reason may be because they are parenting us.  Why?  Maybe we are them.  

Maybe, millions of years ago, people from another planet planted Homo Sapien here on Earth.  Why?  Could be that: 

  • Aliens depleted all their natural resources 
  • There was a pandemic
  • They simply wanted to colonize another planet

For today, let us go with Door #2.  It is a timely topic.  Maybe a pandemic was raging across some other planet, out there in The Milky Way, and they took a group of the uninfected and transplaneted them here.  They could have already been living off-planet, on a moon or a large space station, and were unaffected by the virus.  They were still dependent on the home planet for food and other resources but were afraid to go back or accept any new shipments for fear of catching the virus.  So they took off and colonized a new planet.

I am not the first to suggest that humans may have origins on another planet.  I lean against that line of thinking because of evolution.  We are so similar to other primates who came before Homo Sapien.  And yet, there is a missing link.  We know that we existed alongside Neanderthal and there is now evidence that Neanderthal DNA persists in some people today.  I actually have a friend from college who is part Neanderthal.  I spent a few days hunting with him at his cabin in Northern New York last year and he told about the DNA test he bought.  Once I knew that, I could actually see it in his face.  It was pretty cool.

The evolutionary record shows what led up to Neanderthal.  Then it ends.   Somehow, along the way, Homo Sapien just magically appears, alongside Neanderthal.  How did that happen?

Going with the "we are them" premise, perhaps aliens wanted to colonize Earth but they were not able to live in Earth's conditions.  They could have required a different level of oxygen or some other gas.  Maybe their bodies were not able to process the amino acids and sugars required to derive nourishment from Earth's plants and animals.  But with a little genetic engineering (a simple process for anyone with the technological ability to get from there to here, wherever there is) they were able to adapt themselves or their next generation, to be like Earth's existing primates - a more advanced version, capable of reproducing with the existing version.

Or vice versa.  Maybe Neanderthal was adapted to be more alien-like so that aliens could reproduce with this new human, creating a hybrid.  Or maybe Homo Sapien is itself the hybrid of Neanderthal and aliens.  That would explain how we just magically appeared alongside Neanderthal one day.

Whatever the case, it is possible that there is a link between humans and aliens.  I am not saying this is definitely the case.  But if it were, then we come back to the Marceau Paradox.  Why are aliens hiding from us?  If we come from them (and we may or may not - just philosophizing) why would our "parent species" not want to make contact with us?

If aliens did colonize Earth because they were trying to get away from a pandemic then it could be that some of the folks who visit us still carry the virus and they do not want to infect us - a reverse War of the Worlds thing.  Or maybe we were the ones with the virus, outcast, banished to a remote part of the galaxy.  Now, aliens are afraid we will get them sick, in a true War of the Worlds sense.

More likely, they have better things to do.  We children are here, playing on our Earthen swing set while our alien parents are flying around the cosmos, getting some chicken and beer, talking with the other grown-ups out there.  They are listening for the cry when they hear a loud bang come from Earth.  But otherwise they are doing their thing while we do ours.  Essentially, aliens are not helicopter parents.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, August 24, 2020

My Second Interview for Unidentified

"I can't believe the guy from the New York Times article is here in my dining room," I said.  It was surreal.

Two years ago my sister in-law sent my wife a link to an article about a guy named Luis Elizondo.  It made the front page of the Times.  It was about UFOs or UAPs as they are now often called, and how people in the US government were taking the subject seriously.  There was even mention of video footage.

Luis Elizondo and David Marceau
Me and Lue in my Dining Room

We now know that video footage by names like Go Fast, Gimbal, and FLIR.  We saw them on Season One of Unidentified on the History Channel.  And we got to know a little more about Lue.  Today I had the pleasure of getting to know Lue a little better.  It was during a video shoot for Unidentified, Season Two.

The reader is probably seeing this article after May 2020.  But I am writing it on February 29th, 2020.  I want to document the day while it is still fresh in my head.  It was a big day - one of the biggest of my life.  My family and I cleaned the house for the past two weeks.  It was overdue.  

Since I had cancer a year ago I was never able to do a good thorough spring clean-up around the yard last year.  By the time I was healthy enough to do that it was too much and there were more important things to do.  Dried weeds lined the stone walls which encase my property.  Leaves which had fallen or blown into my yard after the fall clean up, littered the yard.

We had some unseasonably warm temperatures last week and I used the opportunity to get a lot of raking done.  The inside of the house also had many years of clutter and dust which needed tending to - with two working parents it is hard to keep up.  Finally, with the prospect of our house being on national television and downloadable worldwide on the Worldwide Web, we got our butts in gear and gave the place a good scrubbing.  I wonder sometimes if we would ever bother to tidy up if no one ever came to our house.  That is one reason I like to have people over from time to time - it is a good excuse to de-clutter and clean up.

It was a typical late February day in New England.  The temperature hovered around the freezing mark all day.  The sun was out, which helped warm the house but was not enough to prevent a few snow flakes from flurrying about, here and there.  I wondered if it would get heavier.  Snow was not in the forecast.  I did not notice the cold, so much.  I was hot.  I had spent the morning rallying with the family to finish up the last few clean up projects.  They were all great.  I was impressed and pleased with how supportive everyone was, on this.  They all knew how important this was to me and also I think it felt good to get the place in shape.  One of my kids, who often whines about this kind of thing, told me afterwards that it was not that bad - kind of easy.  Hoo-wah!

Lue and the camera crew arrived more than an hour after expected.  They wanted to have a bite in town at Dmitry's Diner (they have great stuffed grape leaves) and get some footage of Lue driving around town.    That was fine with me because it gave me some extra time to get ready.  I continued cleaning, right up until a few minutes before they arrived.

When they got here we did some video of me doing things around the house.  I fed the dog.  I put some wood on the fire.  We went outside.  I walked around my pond.  I wore just a sweater, despite the frigid temperatures.  I had not expected to be out long.  One of the camera guys had me stand on the edge of the pond and stare at the house.  The producer, Jason, asked me to get a couple soccer balls out of the yard.  I kicked one right at him and the other at the house.  He called me a show-off.  I told him, just do not ask me to shoot a basket.  Although, I do have a mean left-handed layup. * word *

I asked Jason to be kind about how the house was presented.  I always have a dozen construction projects going on.  Outdoor projects have to be timed with the weather and then they compete with yard work and gardening.  Indoor projects compete with kids' sports and skiing.  Everything competes with repair projects.  I commented to Jason that it was like a game of Whac-a-mole.  He laughed but he lives in Brooklyn so I am not sure he could really appreciate it.

We went in and scoped out a few potential sites for my interview with Lue.  I had initially envisioned us sitting in front of the fireplace, Jimmy Carter style.  Jason thought the kitchen table might be a better spot because of the large restaurant-style banquette in there.  Living in Brooklyn, Jason may have had a little kitchen envy.  I lived in Brooklyn for six years so I get it.  The kitchens there tend to be tiny.  My kitchen in this house is larger than a lot of apartments in The City.  My wife and I do a lot of cooking.

Jimmy Carter Fireplace
Jimmy Carter Style

In the end, we settled on the room we call the dining room.  I took the dining table out of that room a couple years ago because we never used it.  We always sit in the kitchen.  The dining room has since become the kids' computer room / music room.  I suppose we should rename it.  Sometimes I call it the Kids' Study Lounge.  I have a little cafĂ© table in there that used to be in a Border's Books store.  I bought it when they went out of business and sold everything in the store.  Thanks Amazon!  Coincidentally, my friend Elisa Zuckerberg got their industrial-sized coffee grinder that I had been eyeing.  I should have bought it when I had the chance.

Lue pulled up and came in the house.  It was good to see him again.  We had spoken on the phone several times and then met in-person last fall when I did my initial interview at A&E's studio in Brooklyn.  We did not get to talk much then.  A director or producer did most of that first interview (might have been Anthony LappĂ©) and later on Lue and I kibbitzed in the kitchen for a few minutes.  But today we had quite a bit of time together.  Lue conducted this entire interview.

My first contact with Lue was about a month after my wife forwarded me that Times article.  For decades, I had resigned myself to the fact that (at the time) nobody cared about my sighting and I would take my story to the grave, notwithstanding the few friends and family who knew about it.  But after reading that article I thought, here is a guy who could do something with this information.  I should reach out to him.  And I did.

My story did not make it into the first season of Unidentified.  I never asked anyone why but I suppose it is because they had so much content with the Nimitz Incident and the similar Atlantic sightings that they did not need me.  I did not have any hard feelings about it.  It was just another year in a three-decade saga.  Maybe they would use me in Season Two.  Maybe there would not be a Season Two.  Whatever.  In the meantime, that initial interest by Lue had compelled me to begin this blog and I am better off for it because all this writing about my experience has relieved me of the trauma I used to relive when recounting my tale.  Although I still felt a bit of that when going over it with Lue today.

It was a long interview.  I am sure they will have to edit it down considerably for the show.  Lue asked me a lot of questions.  We kept getting interrupted by the setting sun changing the lighting.  And my dog caused a bit of commotion.  I had to put her in another part of the house.  It was a good excuse to get up and pour myself some more coffee.  I probably drank too much of it.  I started feeling a little jittery towards the end of the interview.  The temperature in the house also dropped several degrees as the fire died out and the light and heat from the sun went down over the hill, just outside the room we sat in.  I got a chill.  I hope it was not obvious on camera.  It ended up getting down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit that night.

Other than the dog and the sun there were no interruptions.  I had thought my kids might be interested in what was happening on my end of the house but no one snuck in for a peek.  At some point my wife took my little guy to play in a basketball game and the other kids found things to quietly occupy themselves with.  Perhaps if a YouTube star like PewDiePie or MrBeast were in my dining room, they would have been more curious.  But this was just face of the UFO Community.  Big deal!

I do not know if this will make it onto the show or not but Lue told me the ship I saw has been sighted as far back as the 1950's.  That was news to me.  I have searched for it online and never seen anything like it.  He said he knew about it from his "past life" with AATIP.  They called it a "School Bus" because of the windows.  I prefer the name I gave it, "The Marceau Ship" but what is in a name?  He also revealed quite a few other things to me, here and there.  I am not sure how much of it I should talk about so I will keep it to myself until I speak with Lue again.  Suffice to say, Lue is a wealth of knowledge.

School Bus UFO
The School Bus UFO or The Marceau Ship?

Lue told me a lot of people in government would be watching this.  He asked me what I would tell them.  He also asked, if the president was watching this what would I tell him.  I pictured myself locking eyes with the president.  I looked at the camera and said to him, this is happening.  It does not matter if you believe it or not.  Science does not care if you believe in Global Warming or Vaccinations and it does not care if you believe in aliens, or not.  They are observing us and we should prepare for Contact and then do what we can to make Contact.

It took me a few seconds to think of that (maybe they will edit out my pause).  I had not anticipated being asked to speak to the president.  Really, I never anticipated any of this.  All I wanted to do, two years ago, or 28 years ago for that matter, was to get my story into the hands of someone in the US government who could do something with it.  Had Lue told me on our first call that I would end up on a TV show and maybe talking to Congress or the President (either in person or vis-a-vis the TV show) I probably would have taken longer to think about it.  I have been commended on my courage but really, I never imagined it would be all this.

That is my summary of the day Lue Elizondo came over for coffee.  I still cannot believe the guy from the New York Times article was here in my dining room.  It was surreal.  I will write more about Lue and my experiences with A&E Television in upcoming articles.  Hit the Subscribe button below to be the first to see it.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Strange Bedfellows

It was a beautiful ride out to see the Bigfoot Lady - sunny, warm, light breeze, the perfect day for a ride through the Hudson Valley.  We had a nice time.  She was a gracious hostess.  Songbirds chirped as I set up my tripod.  We talked about the hummingbirds visiting her bird feeders while I focused the camera on the irises.  The setting was serene.

I went Gayle Beatty's house to talk about UFOs.  That is my thing.  That is the only thing I like to write about.  We talked a bit about how the Hudson Valley is a hot spot for UFO activity.  Gayle says it has something to do with the area, there is a cave "loaded with crystals."  You can communicate with the crystals, she says.  And there are portals in the area.  It was then not long before she redirected the conversation to her favorite topic - Bigfoot.

Gayle Beatty Bigfoot Lady
Me and Gayle Beatty, the Bigfoot Lady

I had over two hours of video.  I told Gayle I would let her know when it was ready to post on YouTube.  I got on the bike and rode away, satisfied that I had asked the right questions.

That was over a year ago.  I have never produced the video for YouTube nor written about the interview until now.  There are two reasons:

  1. I hate editing video.  I would rather lean over the edge of a scaffold, twenty feet above the ground, clinging to the side of my house with my fingernails, and hang cedar shingles - doing that later today.
  2. I do not believe in Bigfoot.  Gayle was so kind to invite me to her home and take time out of her day - I left, unconvinced that there is a single Bigfoot on Earth and I did not want to make her look bad by producing something I disagreed with.

What is it with Bigfoot and UFOs?  Why are so many people who are into UFOs also into all sorts of paranormal subjects?

Is Bigfoot an Alien?

To me, the subject of UFOs is as different from Bigfoot as the Cybertruck is from Santa Claus.  It is hard to know where to even start linking the two.  I come at this from the perspectives of Science and experience.  Science, because with all the billions of stars in our galaxy and the infinite number of planets surrounding them it is a mathematical certainty that there is intelligent life, much older than us, out there.  Experience, because I Saw One Too (dot net).  

Many disagree.  For some, there is no justification for this belief; it is a matter of faith.  Others will come up with all sorts of stomach-churning conspiracy theories.  The Bigfoot Lady had a whole narrative about how the Bigfoots are themselves aliens.  It is interesting to listen to, harder to believe.

I suppose, if you think of Bigfoot as being like Chewbacca and the Bigfoots come from a place like Chewie's home planet of Kashyyyk then, why not?  Why do all aliens have to look like Greys or "Little Green Men?"  Maybe some of them look like Bigfoot.  Maybe some aliens are orange, with corn husks on their heads.  Maybe some look like Steve Carell.

Is Bigfoot an Alien?
Bigfoot, is that you?

The part I have difficulty with is that people will sometimes catch a glimpse of the big guy out in the woods - Bigfoot, not Steve Carell.  He is elusive but can be viewed.  Why?  What is he doing in the woods in the first place?  If he were truly from another planet then he would have spaceships and other technology capable of watching us without being detected, like all other aliens.  Why get out of the ship and risk danger, like Chef in Apocalypse Now?  I just do not buy it.

Is Bigfoot Real?

What if Bigfoot is not an alien but is simply an unidentified species?  OK, what happens when they die?  They must eat each other, or something, because no remains have ever been dug up.  One would think, if archaeologists can find Lucy after three million years, they can find a Bigfoot like every day.  There should be thousands (if not millions) of Bigfoot skeletons littered throughout their territory.  But all we have are footprints and grainy photos.

Paranormalists will now point at me and mutter, "J'accuse."  Gayle Beatty herself may say it is hypocritical to go on international television and tell the world about the close encounter I had with an alien spaceship and then go on to denounce the Paranormal.  Sorry about that.  I can appreciate where these folks are coming from.  But I respectfully disagree.

I believe it is important to clearly delineate the UFO phenomenon from all sorts of paranormal activity.  It just muddies the water to keep them lumped in together.  It gives food to debunkers who feel they only need to disprove one point in order to cast doubt on all arguments.  In actuality it is the opposite.  You only need to prove one UFO case in order to prove aliens exists.  However, that is beyond the threshold for most people to recognize; everything is in black and white terms.

Is Bigfoot Real?
Flying Spaghetti Monster

I am sensitive to belief systems I disagree with.  I do not care if you worship Jesus or Allah or Adonai or Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I do not care if you believe in aliens, Bigfoots, leprechauns, or El Chupacabra.  But I do care when they are all lumped together.  You would not go to a Catholic church, face east and get down on a prayer mat five times a day.  Why would you conflate UFOs with Bigfoot?

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Life After Isaias

I woke up earlier than usual this morning.  "Usual" is between four and five in the morning, to put that in context.  I laid there for a while thinking about ski season.  I looked at my phone for a few minutes.  Then I noticed a bright planet in the sky.  At first I thought it was Mars.  But then I looked it up and it was probably Venus.  I do not remember it ever looking so bright.

Since, by that time, it was almost time for me to get I decided to head downstairs and put up a blog post.  It has been a couple weeks.  After appearing on Unidentified last month I had intended to write more frequently, at least once a week.  Mother Nature had other ideas.

Life After Isaias
Trees down on my property after Isaias

Hurricane Isaias hit Connecticut on August 4th, 2020.  My family and I were out of town at the time.  It was a good thing we were.  Our town was pummeled.  We came home find four trees down on our property and branches everywhere.  Part of the largest tree was hanging over the road.  Somehow, we lucked out and none of the trees did any damage.  They missed the garden, my solar lights, and some cherry saplings I had planted.  I could not believe it.

We did not come out of it completely unscathed, though.  There was a prolonged blackout.  On the way home, Wednesday the fifth, I asked Mrs. M. if she thought we should pick up a new generator.  We had already heard that most of our town was without power.  We had a small gasoline generator at home but I was not sure if it would start - we had not used it since Hurricane Sandy, which left us without power for a week.  Plus, the generator was barely powerful enough to run the refrigerator.  We thought, if we ended up not needing a new generator we could either return it or we could easily sell it to someone else without power.  I said to my wife, "I'll kick myself if we get home and can't get the old generator to work and we could've easily picked one up on the way home."  We bought a new generator in Clifton Park, New York, knowing we would not find one within a hundred miles of our house.

Gas lines in Fairfield County after Isaias

I bought some gas and we ran an extension cord from the new generator to the fridge to save whatever food had not already begun to spoil.  The next day I hard-wired the generator to our circuit panel.  Then I gave the old generator to my mom and wired it up for her.

Power is nice to have but the cable was still down and without that we had no internet.  Broadband was limited because everyone was using it for streaming movies, I guess.  There may also have been a cell tower with no power.  In total, my house was without power and Internet for nine days.  Sometimes I miss opportunities out of reserved caution.  I am very happy with myself for getting the new generator.

So this is why I have not written a blog post in over two weeks.  It is also why I missed Episode 5 of Unidentified - I will have to find it online, unless it was repeated.  But the biggest upset for me was I was supposed to interview a big name in the UFO Community the day I was hooking up my generator.  I could have figured out a way to do it on my phone or at another location but hot running water for my family was a bigger priority for me at the time.  Now that things are back to normal (normal for 2020) I will reach out to this person and see if we can reschedule for this week.  Stay tuned...

Alien Parlor Stories

Leading up to my appearance on Unidentified I half expected my family to be psyched about it.  I got some big accolades from my two closest cousins and their mom but here in the little cottage in Connecticut it has been business as usual.  It was like, "Hmm... Daddy was on TV.  Can you sign me in to the Battle Pass?"

This may have just been some more of that Marceau reserved caution.  Now that power and Internet are back and I have cut up most of the trees that fell, we are resuming social (distanced) engagements.  We had some friends over Saturday night for s'mores and sparklers at the Distant Social Pit.  Once it got dark and the fire was raging, Mrs. M. was delighted to share my Z-List celebrity status with our guests.  She asked me if I would mind telling my UFO story.

C-3PO-like narrative
Telling Ghost Stories around the Campfire

I revealed that there was a time, up until about two years ago, that I would have been reluctant to do a C-3PO-like narrative of my sighting in front of my whole family and five guests - guests I like a lot but have not gotten together with much, in the seven years we have known them.  I explained to them that it used to be more difficult.  Telling my story would transport me back to the place and time when it happened and I would re-experience the terror I felt that night.  But writing this blog had helped me overcome it.  Now, telling the story is not such a big deal.  What is a big deal is who I tell it to.

Our friends' kids cozied up to their parents, on their laps or at their feet, on the opposite side of the fire from my family.  My kids turned their chairs towards me.  Everyone stopped talking.  All eyes were on me.  It was showtime.  I probably spoke for a good twenty minutes.  At times I stood up.  I used my hands.  In the light of the fire, my "ghost story" held the ten of us in its grip.  I finished satisfied that I had spread the gospel.

Alien Parlor Stories
Alien Parlor Stories at the Distant Social Pit

I told our friends I had been sitting on this information for nearly thirty years.  My primary goal behind contacting Luis Elizondo two years ago was to put this information into the hands of someone who could do something with it.  Now that this goal has been accomplished, now that I am "out" with my story, I suppose it is not such a bad thing to spend the rest of my life as parlour entertainment.

The Other Witness

One final bit of fallout from the blackout is I have been playing phone-tag with Mike, "the other witness" to my sighting.  He left me a voice message sometime after our episode of Unidentified aired.  I have been away from home for several days every week since then, camping or doing other family stuff and then a short business trip.  That plus the blackout, I have not connected directly with Mike yet.  

Mike left the first voice message to tell me he saw the episode and thought it went well.  I am eager to exchange notes with him.  I will ask him how he feels about including some of this thoughts on this blog.  He is an interesting guy.  I expect he will have some new insights to share with me.

That is my update for today.  I will post some of my usual alien philosophy as soon as I can and will also Tweet out some updates on when readers can expect to see the big interview I plan to do, mentioned above.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Why do Aliens Abduct People?

The 2.7 mile (4.3km) hike in to camp was not even one quarter completed when the kids began to play with the wildlife.  Orange salamanders dotted the trail.  The recent thunderstorm and ensuing sunshine had brought them all out to bask on the warm, wet, rocky soil.

The sky was bright blue and mostly clear when we arrived at camp.  Temperatures were in the mid-80's (30°C).  It was the perfect summer day, just right for diving into a crystal clear mountain lake.

David Marceau Dacks
Me, sporting a serious case of Pandemic Hair

The water was close to the air temperature - cool enough to be refreshing without being a shock, as mountain lakes tend to be.  The kids and I spent hours playing in the water.  I finished the day with a wicked sunburn.  The kids were OK because they have more melanin than I do so they never burn - although Mrs. M. would have still insisted they wear sunscreen anyway.  I hope she does not read this :)

We spent two days at our secret mountain getaway.  There was not another soul in sight - only three humans and an infinite amount of wild critters.

Baby Dragon Fly Nymph
Baby Dragonfly - Got one!

Without anything else to do, no electricity, no broadband, no toys, the kids found ways to entertain themselves.  This came mostly by way of collecting anything that moved.  That made me think about something.  As usual, I thought about aliens.  More specifically, I thought about alien abductions.

Why do Aliens Abduct People?

My last post discussed whether aliens go camping, or not.  If they did, Earth might be considered roughing it, just like a three mile hike into the mountains, carrying few supplies, might be roughing it for humans.  What would aliens do when they got here?

Earth does not have whatever the alien equivalent of broadband or cable TV is.  If we did, surely the people at SETI would have picked it up by now.  (What do those guys do all day anyway?)  So when aliens arrive here, and we know they do, what is there for them to do?

Me, I like to be bored.  I like to unplug.  I like to sit and do nothing.  That is what I love most about going out into the wilderness.  I can sit and just sit.  My phone does not ring.  I am not tempted to play a video game.  I do not check social media.  I do not need to talk to anyone.  I do not even bring a pen and paper to write - and I love to write.  Sitting, with my mind void of thoughts is fine for me.

The Quiet Place

At home, the kids have computers, phones, tablets, game consoles.  They have broadband, WiFi, and Ethernet.  It is an understatement to say they are wired.

Surprisingly, it is easy to unplug the kids - especially when we have no power or internet.  They too can sit - an inch away from me, as it were, despite the vastness of the outdoors.  I like that.  Someday they will outgrow this lack of boundaries.  For now, I enjoy the closeness.

The kids cannot sit still for as long as I can.  Eventually, they need to get up and do something.  The activity they like most, in the wilderness, perhaps even more than swimming is catching critters.

We have lots of frogs in our pond at home.  The mountain frogs did not interest the kids much.  What fascinates them is the one tiny creature we do not have in our pond.  They go crazy for the newts.

Why do Aliens Abduct People?
Abductee in its holding chamber

Newts are basically salamanders that live in water.  They are amphibians.  They are fairly easy to catch - they put up a bit of resistance but they are not too fast or wily.  My kids are gentle with them.  They take great care not to injure the newts in the capture.  They placed the creatures into a container we found and made sure there was water, so the little guys would not dry out.

Imaginations run as wild as the environment.  The newts all get names.  Somehow, my daughter is able to tell which ones are male and which are female.  She knows way more about animals than I do.  The newts are given gender-appropriate names.  They are assigned personas.  Stories are told.

Eventually, the kids grow tired of this game.  They also know that the creatures they have captured must be returned to their habitats or they will die.  We do not have the means to properly care for a newt while we are camping.  We did not bring any gear to transport them home with us without them dying on the way.  Plus, we have enough critters at home, both as pets and out in the yard.  The newts are flown back to the pond in a saucer, perhaps not to the same place they were captured, but not far away, relatively unscathed.

Captives in a flying saucer
Captives flying home in a saucer

Hopefully by this point, the reader sees where I am going with this.  Watching this IRL show, for hours on end, with nothing else on my mind, I think about aliens.  Is there a parallel?  Could this be what is happening when aliens abduct humans?

There are many reasons aliens may take humans.  It is often thought that it is for scientific or medical examination.  But maybe, once in a while, it is just for fun.  Aliens come here, they look around, they unplug, they chill, and then they get bored and need something to do.  They beam up some humans and put us in an air chamber.  They play with us.  They give us names.  They tell each other stories about us.   Then they release us, terrified, but mostly unharmed.  (For the record, I have never been abducted - just a close encounter.)

Photo of alien abduction
The kids, hunting for critters to play with

To the newt, being abducted by children would be similar to a human being abducted by aliens.  The world above the water is as foreign to a newt as the world outside our atmosphere is to us.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, a hand plunges into the water and captures the newt in a child's tractor-beam-like hands.  The newt swims around in a tiny pocket of water but is bound on all sides, unable to escape the beam's powerful grip.  It must be frightening.  Are their brains big enough to process terror?  Aliens may ask the same about us - or maybe they do not care.

Why don't Aliens return People to the same Place?

Reports of alien abductions show that sometimes humans are not returned to the exact same place they were taken from - it may be nearby but not exactly the same.  Maybe it does not matter to them.  We are just wild animals.  Does it matter if we are returned half a mile from home?  We will scurry about and find a place to live our cute little human lives.

My kids collect newts from all around our little section of the lake.  But all the newts are returned to the water in the same spot.

Why don't Aliens return People to the same Place?
Go home, critters, and be critters

They will probably finds their way back to wherever they need to go.  Do newts even have anywhere to go?  They always seem busy, swimming here and there.  But they cannot possibly have any real agenda.  Surely they do not have houses and families to return to.  Do aliens think the same about us?

It is clear that we have homes to return to, but what about families?  Does the term "family" even mean anything to aliens?  Travis Walton was taken from a work crew.  They were not his family, at least not in the truest sense - I understand how one can develop a feeling of kinship with their workmates over time but I am talking about real family.  Maybe the aliens who took Walton figured he was just with a bunch of other stags and none of them would miss each other if he were to leave for a few days and then return to a place nearby.

Some people say they are levitated from their beds and drawn through solid walls during alien abductions.  I have more difficulty wrapping my head around those stories.  On the one hand, it is hard for me to doubt anyone because I myself have a fantastic story.  I get that it may be perceived as hypocritical.  On the other hand - Science.  I do not see how someone can pass through a solid wall.  But then again, I do not see how any of these people get here in the first place.  They come from light-years away, defying physics as we understand it - as we understand it.

Abducted from bed
Strange Eggs, Abducted from Bed

Anyway, those guys seem to be put back in their beds rather than in some other weird place.  My kids followed this same practice, oddly.  We found some strange round eggs in the water.  I was OK with taking them out and handling them because it is no longer strange egg hatching season and the eggs were covered with algae.  No doubt, whatever was supposed to hatch from those eggs never made it, long before we got there.  Despite this, when we were done examining them, the kids put them back in the same exact spot they were taken from, just like alien abductions from beds.  I suppose if I were going to be abducted by aliens I would want it to happen while I was in bed.

Aliens and cows

My last article mentioned cattle abductions/mutilations.  One theory I proposed for this was that aliens are interested in cows because cows are yummy.  When my kids were little I used to tell them cows were made out of hamburgers.  True story.  Sorry vegans.

Speaking of vegans, there is another possibility for why aliens sometimes take cows.  Maybe aliens think that eating animals is barbaric.  They take cattle simply because it is a crime of opportunity.  The cows are just sitting there, out in a field, with no adult supervision.  They are ripe for the picking.

Likewise, while I was helping my kids with the newts, I spotted a tadpole.  That was not on the kids' menu but when Daddy helps out, Daddy sometimes does his own thing.  I caught the little sucker, mainly just to see if I could wrangle him.  

Aliens and cows
One of these things is not like the other

I placed him in the pan with the newts.  They all seemed to get along OK.  We knew the tadpole would have to be returned to the lake sooner than the newts because my daughter, the frog expert, said his lungs had not developed yet.  The water in the pan was shallow.  But there he was, mixed in with the others like a steer with some humans in a spaceship.

I heard an abduction story a couple years ago.  I do not think it was Travis Walton.  I think it a guy named Shane Sirois, at a "UFO Conference" at the Danbury Library.  The source is not important.  The point is, the subject of the story said there were some main aliens who had interacted with him but then there was a leader who was taller and dressed differently.  He had like a cape and a robe, like a king.  Maybe that was the dad.  

Sometimes my friend and ski buddy, Captain Awesome wears a cape and his kids seem totally cool with it.  Sometimes I dress totally normally (as far as I am concerned) and my kids look at me funny, so...  Maybe, in the story I heard, the part that was not reported was that the dad alien came in and told the kids, "Put that Earthan creature back before you kill the poor thing.  And wash your hands when you're done.  Dinner is ready."

Some people have stories of being abducted by the aliens repeatedly throughout their lives.  Are they chosen?  Maybe not.  Maybe the aliens who take them like to vacation at the same spot and those people just happen to live there.  Although, I have heard of people moving and continuing to get abducted.  I know my kids would get a kick out of catching the same newt every time we go to our special mountain spot.  If there was one with some cool markings on its back, they would give it a name and would look for it the next time we went back there.  It would not be the newt's fault it was so unique.

David Marceau Hiking
Me, packed for the hike out

So that is what I think about alien abductions.  Maybe this does not explain every episode.  I have heard some bizarre tales that do not jibe with this scenario.  But it could be one of the reasons.  The parallels to what my kids did just seem way to similar.

Either way, it was a fun couple days in the woods visiting our secret little slice of heaven.  We were all by ourselves with no concerns about masks or social distancing.  For a while, we forgot there was a pandemic.  And it was good.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.