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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Police and Aliens

Apparently, Season 2 of History Channel's Unidentified recently made it to Eastern Europe.  Shortly after it aired one of its viewers looked me up and found the David Marceau Facebook page.  He sent me a message.  It read, "Hello! Sorry to disturb but i need some help... i want to write to lue elizondo, but i don t know how to reach him... sorry for my english"  Interesting...

Before reaching out to Lue I decided to do a little sleuthing.  Why bother the guy if this is a big waste of time.  I checked out the Facebook profile of the person who messaged me - I will call him "John" to protect his identity.  John joined Facebook over ten years ago and has been a pretty active member since then.  There are dozens of public posts documenting John's travels, friendships, and relationships.  This is a real guy, not a fake profile someone made for nefarious purposes.

John's posts did not reveal anything bizarre about him.  There are no articles about Bigfoot sightings or El Chupacabra on his page.  He does not even post anything about UFOs.  What could he possibly want to talk to Lue Elizondo about, I thought.

John does not explicitly list his profession on Facebook but it was not difficult for me to discern what it is.  He is a police officer.  I then looked John up on LinkedIn and he had an account there too.  This did in fact list him as a cop.  That was when things got really interesting.  Odds are, a cop is not going to risk his reputation with an outlandish story.  He saw something.

Police and Aliens
From the video
"John" Eastern European Police Officer

I replied to John and asked him if I could tell Lue what this was regarding.  He replied, "Ok.. i will tell you."

John confirmed he is indeed a police officer and then gave me a high-level overview of the night he was on duty and came face-to-face with an alien.

By this point I had texted Lue, asking if I could give the guy his email address.  Lue said yes.

Police and Aliens

John went into more detail about his sighting, under the condition that, "Nobody needs to know, because it may cost me my job."  I agreed.  He began by telling me he comes from a part of the world where people are very superstitious and they believe in all kinds of paranormal folklore.  He is not one of those people.  From what I have gathered, John seems to believe in Science and he disregards anything that is outside the bounds of reality.  Just the facts, ma'am.

This faith would be tested one night in August 2011 when John was out on patrol with a colleague from the military police.  It was a slow night and the Dispatch had not given the two comrades any calls to respond to.  They needed something to put in their report of their eight-hour shift so they decided to set up a checkpoint and pull over some cars.

It was late.  Some time passed and nobody came down the road.  Finally, a little white van approached the checkpoint.  It stopped a ways down the road from them.  They waited a couple minutes to see what it would do.  Its headlights were extremely bright and they could not see past the windshield.  This gave the driver an opportunity to slip out the back door, unseen.

When the two cops realized the driver was not proceeding they approached the van.  It was empty.  They set out to find the driver.  Their search led them a couple hundred yards up a hill which had once been an orchard during the days of Communism but was now overgrown with brush.  They never found the driver.  It was too dark and too large of an area to search with just the two of them.  They gave up and returned to the van to check its registration and any other papers that may have been left behind.  On the way down, they had the shock of their lives.

A dark figure over seven feet tall rose inexplicably from a tiny bush.  It stared at the two men, blankly.  It was extremely skinny with long arms and legs and four fingers on each hand.  Its head was large and its eyes were large and black.  In a panic, the men pulled out their guns and shouted, "Don't move!  Police!"  The figure was unfazed.  It continued staring at them.  Then it took a step about seven or eight feet to the side and collapsed into another tiny bush.  The men jumped into the brush but the figure was gone.  It had completely vanished.

I asked John a number of questions.  He elaborated freely.  This was not something he had to put much thought into, in the moment.  The responses came immediately despite any lag there may have been in sending messages to the other side of the world or the latency of five people simultaneously live-streaming school and work in my house.  It seemed to me like John was replaying the memories in his mind like a movie.

When I was little my dad took me pheasant hunting a few times.  I learned that when you walk through a field of tall grass and brush gamebirds will often not immediately fly away when they hear you.  They will wait until you pass and then fly away in the opposite direction, to your rear.  I asked John if it was possible that he and his partner missed this creature on the way up the hill and they inadvertently flushed it out of its hiding spot just before turning around.  He said if it had been hiding there on his way up the hill he would have stepped on it.  It had not been there.

Was John crazy?  If he had been alone that night he might have thought so, himself.  But he had a partner with him and they both saw the same thing and reacted the same way.  Still, this was crazy.  How could they return to the cop shop and report that they had pulled their guns on an alien?  They agreed to keep their mouths shut about it.  That was nine years ago.  John had kept this to himself until he told me last week.

Having determined that John was for real I wanted to know more.  How did this experience affect him?  Luis Elizondo asked me that same question when he interviewed me here at my house.  My response did not make it into my episode of Unidentified.  I told Lue that the fear I experienced was so great, beyond anything that I can describe with words (and I consider myself a wordsmith) that I am no longer capable of feeling great fear.  It is like the first time you ride a roller coaster or try a cigarette.  There is an intensity to the feeling.  Then you never feel that intensity again no matter how many times you try.

John described something similar.  He also no longer feels much fear.  He told me about an incident on duty when a passing "gypsy" tried to hit him in the head with an ax.  John disarmed the man without ever pulling out his gun.  I related a similar story to John about how one night two men walked into my house and I ran downstairs into the darkness without any weapons, ready to do whatever needed to be done - I never thought twice about it.

There were other similarities between John's experience and my own.  We both had a second witness but never filed an official report with our chains of command.  Neither of us kept in touch with that second witness.  We went about our lives as if nothing had happened.  We kept our stories to ourselves for many years before finally having the right opportunity to share it for the first time.  We were concerned about our reputations, our credibility.  We were both regular guys, not into the Paranormal or even UFOs prior to our respective experiences.  Neither of us wanted to be known as "that weird UFO Guy."

When I first started this blog it was not with the purpose of sharing my pontifications on aliens.  It was simply to document the steps I was taking in my descent "down the rabbit hole" of the UFO Community while I attempted to set up a podcast.  The purpose of that podcast would have been to allow other "experiencers" to share their stories, both to get the information out to the public as well as to provide some therapeutic release to people who have had to keep their mouths shut about what could be a traumatic event - by far, the scariest moment of anyone's life.

Later, I decided not to bother with the podcast and just to continue writing.  I found writing to be gratifying while audio or video production is a chore I do not enjoy.  That has been changing recently, following an offer by Lue Elizondo to do an interview with me for this blog.  I put the interview on my YouTube channel and it was a big success.  Then I did another interview with a veteran of the USS Nimitz.  That was well received.  People have told me, "Keep'm coming."  So I asked John if he would also like to do an interview with me for YouTube.  He agreed.

We had to take some precautions.  John is still concerned about losing his job if he becomes known as the cop who pulled his gun on an alien.  At the very least he would never be thought of the same way by his brothers on the police force if he is found out.  I get it, I saw one too.  We arranged to do the interview at night, his time, so John could shroud his image in darkness.  I told him I could run the audio track through a program to distort it.

The interview went well.  I feel like I really captured some powerful moments.  I do not know if the same feeling will come across to viewers given the distortion of John's voice.  But I was affected by hearing him tell his tale from his own mouth.  I hope this same effect is conveyed to viewers.

John liked the first take but thought his voice was too recognizable.  I added additional distortion.  He wanted to do a re-shoot but I pushed back.  There was so much authenticity in this first telling.  I thought that if John sounded too "scripted" it would be less believable.  After over a week of messaging back and forth and couple a two-day gaps of no contact, John finally agreed.

I wrote this blog article to explain what transpired behind the scenes.  This was both for transparency as well as to fill in some details, answer some questions viewers will have.  I told John I would take any additional questions on the David Marceau Twitter page and relay them to him.

Here is the video of that interview:

Video of "John" Eastern European Police Officer

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Where do Alien Abductees Go?

One day I got in an elevator and saw something that caught my eye and left a lasting impression on me.  This was in the fall of 2005.  At the time I was working for a staffing agency in Stamford, Connecticut.  My office was in a high-rise building downtown, not far from the train station.  

The elevators had little TV screens that would show the day's weather, a few news blurbs, maybe a human interest story, and some advertisements - lots of them.  Most of the ads never registered with me.  I would look away when they came on.  But one ad was preponderous.  It featured a garden gnome and made no mention of the company the ad was promoting.

Where do Alien Abductees Go?
Where do Alien Abductees Go?

I can still remember, two thoughts entered my mind.  One was how stupid it was, what a waste of money it was, to make no mention of the name of the company.  That kind of nonsense had contributed to the Dotcom Bust just a few years earlier.  Well-funded tech companies had blown millions of dollars on poorly executed advertising campaigns which yielded no results.

The other thought I had was, hey I know that gnome!  I had seen this gnome before, had I not?  I had never paid much attention to garden gnomes.  It seemed like a silly concept, something kitschy that people did to ornament their homes instead of investing in some landscaping.  I knew there were different types but really they all looked the same to me.  Yet, I had seen this guy before; this garden gnome in the ad on the elevator, I had seen him before.

After that I started seeing this gnome in other places.  It stuck with me.  It worked.  Fifteen years later, many readers can probably remember this was an ad for a travel website.  It was very successful and even won some awards.

The premise of these Where is my Gnome ads was based on a real life prank.  Someone stole a garden gnome out of someone else's front yard, took it on a trip, snapping pictures of it in famous places, and then returned the gnome with a photo album of his journey.

This got me thinking about aliens.  Also, eating snacks, watering my plants, and walking the dog make me think of aliens.  But back to gnomes, I thought about people like Travis Walton, one of the most famous alien abduction cases.  Travis was taken from a worksite, held for a few days, and then released at another location.  This is a common theme to other abduction cases.

I cannot say I am one hundred percent onboard with alien abduction stories.  Many are just too far out there to believe and some people who tell the stories can also be a little unusual - although perhaps that is just the folks who choose to tell their stories.  They have nothing to lose by speaking up.  The more successful and level-headed abductees keep their mouths shut for fear of destroying their credibility.  At least that is the pattern with UFO sightings.  Why would it be different with abduction cases?

At any rate, tin-foil hats notwithstanding, there are a few very credible and believable abduction stories, Walton's being one of them.  What do aliens do with the people they abduct, I have wondered.  Why take someone, hold them for a few days, and them return them?  I have pondered the question of Why do Aliens Abduct People before and come up with some possible answers but really, we in the general public have no way of knowing.  So until some aliens hire a PR firm and publish an official press release, I will go on speculating about it.

Where do Alien Abductees Go?

One thought I have had is maybe abductees are Traveling Garden Gnomes, of sorts.  Maybe the reason some people are abducted by aliens and then returned home (or close to home) is the aliens think it is cool or funny to take some pictures of the humans.  They may go to different places with the human, like people do with the garden gnomes, and then when they get back they cannot remember exactly where they found the guy so they put him back a mile away.  Distance may be relative (with a small R) for someone who traveled many lightyears to get here.

It could be that there is no real travel at all, just a park the ship behind a billboard, snap a few selfies with the human, post them to Spacebook, and then put the guy back in his yard.  Do aliens snap selfies?  Clearly I am personifying aliens to an extent which is unrealistic.  Most accounts portray aliens less like the people/creatures encountered on Star Trek and more like a silent boogeyman slipping in and out of the shadows.  Although there are probably many thousands of civilizations with the ability to get from there to here (wherever there is) and statistically there should be a bell-curve of how they act, meaning that many of them may be similar but there will be some that are far different from the others.

Whatever it is, I thought it was a cool concept to liken alien abductees to Traveling Gnomes.  I am not making light of the experiences these people go through.  I have heard it is extremely traumatic and as someone who experienced a 5-7 minute long close encounter I know what terrorizing fear is and the trauma that it leaves behind.  But at a conceptual level it was funny to think about people as some aliens' Traveling Garden Gnomes.

Hit me in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

UFOs vs. Nukes

I would not say I have much free time but I do have some "down time" or some valleys between peaks of putting out fires.  When I have conducted all the business, volunteer work, and writing I can do for the day, the kids have their homework and chores done, and Mrs. M. is busy with her own work, sometimes I will play a video game.

I cannot get into the First-Person Shooters.  There is too much going on and the movement gives me vertigo.  When I sit down at the computer for non-work-related activities I want to relax.  I might pour a glass of peaty Scotch and open up a Realtime Strategy (RTS) game.  On Moderate settings I can play at my own pace and slowly build up resources, working towards the dramatic conclusion.

My Go-To for years was a game from the 1990's called Age of Empires II.  Mrs. M. asks me how I can keep playing the same game over and over.  I tell her it is like chess; it is a different game every time.  Also, like chess, the game may take hours to play but I can be done in one night.

Recently I have begun playing another RTS game, Sid Meier's Civilization VI.  It is a game of world domination.  I love this game, although it is a commitment.  I may start it on a Friday night and not finish until Sunday night.  Of course I will walk away and do things with the family or projects around the house during that time.

In Civilization, if you move several military units close to one of an AI player's cities the AI player will notify you that they are offended by your troop build-up on their border.  You then have the option of telling them you were just passing by or you can admit your aggression and declare war on them or you can simply ignore the message and go about your business without revealing your intentions.  This got me thinking about aliens and UFOs.  (What else is new?)

UFOs vs. Nukes

Much has been publicized recently about the connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons.  My appearance on Unidentified was lumped in with stories about UFO encounters at nuclear weapons facilities, titled, "UFOs vs. Nukes."  For the record, I was guarding conventional weapons the night of my UFO encounter and I know of no nuclear connection.  But maybe Lue and the guys at TTSA know something I do not - well, they probably know a lot of things I do not.  Anyway, some of the other stories in that episode clearly did have a connection to nukes.

UFOs vs. Nukes
Not me, but a darned good representation of
a young David Marceau

More than one story talks about a UFO taking over control of a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silo.  This is also discussed in the documentary The Phenomenon - it happened not only here in the US but also in Soviet Russia.  This begs the question of whether or not China has also experienced this, although I doubt they would ever admit it.  What about the other nuclear nations?

When I first saw one of these stories on my episode of Unidentified I got a chill.  I had heard this before.  My friend I will call "Falco" like the super cool German rock band from the 1980's, has an uncle who worked in a missile silo.  The uncle will not speak with Falco about what happened to him while on duty but it disturbed him so much he mentioned it to his wife.  Falco's aunt speaks freely about the time his uncle's missile silo was taken over by a UFO.  This really happens.

Falco first told me this story when I ran into him at the Ridgefield High School.  Our kids were practicing their sports in separate fields and we met in the middle.  We made plans to get together and talk more about this and about doing podcasts but the plans fell through.  I mentioned this shortly afterwards in my article Some UFO Psychology.  I am providing these details for transparency, so it is clear I am not creating a new narrative to fit the current topic.  Falco is a real person and he told me his uncle's story long before the similar stories appeared on Unidentified or in The Phenomenon.

Unfortunately, Falco's aunt and uncle do not want to talk to me about their experiences.  I will keep pestering Falco to the point of annoyance until he gets them to relent or he gets pissed off at me and tells me to drop it.  Then I will bring him a bottle of Scotch and either thank him or apologize for being a douche.  It's all good.

Alien Civilization

When I play the Civilization video game my goal is usually world domination.  In order to do that I need to build up a large arsenal of various types of military units.  Other AI players are keeping tabs on my progress and will notice my military strength relative to their own.  If I am weak they may attack me before I have a chance to get stronger.  If I am strong they will likely leave me alone.  Of course, I am doing the same with them.

When I am about ready to launch an attack I will begin moving my forces from their defensive positions towards the borders of the first foreign city I plan to take over.  I need to be careful to get everyone into place and move en masse because as soon as the first few units arrive at the neighbor's border they will ask me what is going on - why am I placing military units on their border?  If I am just passing by on my way to another civilization I will respond to let them know I mean no harm.  Otherwise, if I am ready I will acknowledge their suspicions and declare war.  If I am not ready I will ignore the question and continue amassing troops until the right moment.  This will often cause this AI player to "Denounce" me to the rest of the world which hurts my standing amongst the other players.

Alien Civilization
Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Drawing a parallel to real life, if the United States were to post 100,000 Army soldiers on the Mexican border and anchor a few dozen Navy ships off of both Mexican coasts President Obrador would likely have some questions for President Biden.  Prime Minister Trudeau would do the same if US forces approached the Canadian border.  They would react first with astonishment, "Really, America?  Is this necessary?  What are your plans for this troop build-up on our border?  Are you threatening us?"  Each of those leaders would then amass their own troops along their borders and assemble their Navies.  There would be a stand-off until one side attacked or the US stood down.  At some point, Mexico or Canada may even "lob a shot over the bow" of one of our ships - a warning shot to let us know they mean to defend themselves while also testing us to see if we actually intend to attack them.

This scenario has played out countless times around the world throughout history.  At one time it was a regular occurrence along the DMZ border between North and South Korea.  Leaders get edgy when when foreign powers threaten their sovereignty, as they should.  This is human nature.

Would aliens react the same way?  It is difficult to project "human" nature onto aliens.  We know very little about their habits, their ways of thinking, other than their general reticence.  But we do see the same behavior amongst virtually all animals on our planet.  A herd of zebras will react to the presence of a lion.  Likewise, lions fear humans.

I do a bit of hiking, sometimes deep in a wild forest.  There, I may come across coyotes and bobcats or even wolves, cougars, and bears.  Thankfully I have never seen one of these animals up close.  But I know what I would do if I did.  First, I would try not to threaten them.  If they feel threatened they may attack.  Instead, I would slowly and quietly back away until they were out of sight and then would quickly leave the area.  Hmm... this sounds exactly like what UFOs do...

If I were to inadvertently threaten a North American predator they would likely charge at me.  There is little chance I would outrun them.  Instead, depending on the size and nature of the predator, I would likely stand my ground and make myself look bigger.  I would raise my arms in the air.  I would make loud noises.  I would try to scare the animal away.  I would acknowledge their fear with a reason to be afraid.  I would not want to hurt the animal but if it comes down to him or me I would make every effort to get out of there unscathed.

This is not just human nature, it is interspecies nature.  Each species has learned over millions of years to fear other species and to react to each other in a way that will preserve their existence.  It is reasonable to assume that aliens play this same game with humans and with the inhabitants of all other primitive planets like ours.  They know it is dangerous to get out of their vehicles or even to touch down on the surface of our planet.  If we feel threatened we will defend ourselves.  We are like wild animals to them.

On a larger scale, if humans were to somehow amass troops in the orbit of an alien planet they would feel threatened.  They would ask us what our intentions are.  They would take a defensive position - perhaps they would even fire a shot over our bow.  We would react the same way to them. 

The moment the first Space Force ship arrived at "Planet X" the preceding series of events would begin.  Far prior to that, like in the game Civilization, aliens would know we were creating a space force.  They would be watching us to see what kinds of capabilities our Space Force ships had.  How do we maneuver?  What kinds of weapons can we deploy?

Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever that is) would have weapons capabilities we cannot even imagine.  There is little in Humanity's conventional arsenal that could stand up to an alien warship, just as I cannot outrun a bear in the woods.  But we do have one (not-so-secret) weapon which would create massive devastation on an alien planet.  That weapon sits at the tip of a rocket capable of leaving Earth's atmosphere - the ICBM nuke.

Interspecies Nature would tell any alien civilization that our nukes are a problem for them.  The bombing of Japan would have raised the first alien eyebrows.  (Do they have eyebrows?  They must wax because they are never depicted with any.  Maybe they do electrolysis.)  In 1945 humans did not have enough of these weapons to cause much damage to an alien planet and the payloads had to be dropped from airplanes which could not leave our atmosphere.  But soon afterwards the Cold War instigated incredible advancements in Humanity's ability to destroy ourselves (or was it the other way around?).  Aliens would likely have interpreted this as Humanity's ability to destroy them - that is just smart thinking, scanning the horizon, seeing around corners like a good business person does every day.

At one point in the mid-1980's there were over 70,000 active weapons of this type around the world.  This could have been viewed by alien civilizations as being akin to a troop build-up on their border.  We did not physically put these weapons along their borders but we equipped the warheads with the ability to travel outside our atmosphere.  We humans know that there was no intention to launch a strike against another planet; it was a stand-off between two human civilizations in a game of mutually assured destruction.  In a game of Civilization we would have told the aliens we are just passing by - no need to worry.  But still, they would want to come here and check us out.  They would want to know our intentions.

I believe this is the reason UFO sightings dramatically increased in the 1950's.  Soviet Russia kicked off the Space Race in 1957 with the successful launch of the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and subsequent launch of Earth's first satellite, Sputnik.  The US followed suit as fast as possible culminating with putting a man on the moon as well as the greatest arms build-up in history.  

Between 1947 and 1969 the Air Force's Project Blue Book investigated over 12,000 UFO sightings.  Prior to that, UFOs were practically unheard of.  The term UFO did not even exist until 1953.  It stands to reason that the dramatic increase in UFO reports following the first nuclear attack and enduring through the end of the Cold War is a result of alien concerns about Humanity's troop build-up along their borders vis-à-vis the nuclear arms race.

This is likely the reason there are multiple eye-witness accounts of nuclear missile silos being taken over by alien spaceships.  Accounts vary between completely disarming the missiles and initiating a launch sequence but the end results are all the same: aliens were able to take over the controls of our most dreaded weapon, the ICBM nuke.  They lobbed a shot over our bow to test us.  We did nothing in return - probably good that we did.

Why would aliens do this?  Clearly they were trying to send us a message.  That message is, "Don't even think of it."  They probably do not care about the real reason for the arms build-up, mutually assured destruction.  Their maps of Earth may not have national borders drawn on them.  They would just see one unified planet with 70,000 nukes.  

Witnessing this, aliens cared about their own security.  We were the bear in the woods.  Aliens wanted to make themselves appear bigger and scarier.  They wanted us to acknowledge that we were threatening them and that they were not afraid of meeting that threat.  They would meet our fear with a reason to be afraid.

Aliens can disarm our nukes or launch them if they want.  They do not want to harm us (because if they wanted to they could have by now) but they will if it comes down to us or them.  In the meantime they will continue to explore our wild planet, watching us from afar.  If they are spotted they will cautiously back away and then zip out of sight.  If they are confronted they will display a show of force to get us to back down.  If we amass "troops" on their borders they will increase their observations, investigate, and then demonstrate why we should not attempt anything stupid.

Falco's Rock Me Amadeus

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