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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Are we ready for alien contact?

Aliens visit Earth.  They observe us.  They may not all be from the same civilization.  What if aliens from one of these societies decided that today was the day to make Contact?

Are we ready for contact?
Are we ready for  alien Contact?

  • Are we ready for alien contact?  
  • How do you prepare for alien contact?  
  • What steps must we take for contact with aliens?

I always have more questions than answers - like a little kid.  One time when my middle kid was two years old he asked me, "Daddy?  Why is fire so hot?"  I could not answer the question in simple terms.  So I said, "I know!  Right?"  This then became my Go-To response for most inane toddler questions.  But without questions you have no answers.  The questions must be asked.

Are we ready for alien contact?

The methods and tasks for preparing to meet alien explorers would differ slightly depending on whether or not they came in peace.  In a dream scenario, aliens are benevolent creatures who travel the Universe bestowing gifts of technology upon those ready to receive it.

Shrek like that's ever gonna happen
Ya, like that's ever gonna happen!
This premise is a human construct.  It is irrational to believe that just because humans would want aliens to share their technology with us that this would indeed happen.  They are not human.  But let us suppose for a moment that aliens were somewhat human in terms of motives.  When, in history, have humans encountered technologically inferior humans and benevolently brought them up to a higher level?

European God Overlooks Brazil
Thanks, Europe!
When Europeans encountered Africans they made slaves out of the Africans.  They were a little nicer to South Americans.  Yes, many were slaughtered, mercilessly.  However, missionaries also brought food, clothing, medicine, and education to Latin America.  But there was a catch.  The indigenous people had to give up their belief systems and follow the European God

Would either of these options be acceptable to humans if we encountered aliens?  Obviously we would not want to be enslaved - unless, that is, if the aliens paid for half of the single rate for medical insurance and provided at least 4% matching on the retirement plan.  Plus, casual Fridays.

On the whole religious conversion thing, would the people around the world abandon thousands of years of religious doctrine and learn the ways of an alien civilization if it meant taking a technological leap forward of, say, a million years?

People camp out overnight in front of the Apple store for the next iPhone, boasting marginal improvements over the previous year.  I am leaning towards Yes on that last question.

Are we ready for alien contact?
Idiots camping out for a minor upgrade
Certainly, if aliens were benevolent, humans would accept whatever upgrades aliens provided us with.  We would even jump through some hoops to get it. 

What if that technology was more than just the next hot gadget but rather something currently unimaginable.  Even Einstein would not have imagined all the uses we have created for the smartphone in the past decade.  It was out of his frame of reference. 

Einstein Instagram
Einstein's Instagram Profile Pic?
It is difficult for us to imagine where we will be fifty years from now.  It is impossible to imagine what types of devices a million-year-old civilization will be carrying around in their pockets.  Maybe pockets themselves are obsolete in an alien world.  Have you ever seen an artist's rendition of an alien standing around with his hands in his pockets?  Me neither.  Maybe they just like to look busy. 

When I was 18 I got fired from a job as a DJ at high school dances because the owner of the company saw me standing with my hands in my pockets while awaiting my next orders.  (His loss.)  Maybe, after a million years, aliens figured out it is just better to make pants without pockets.   Then again, maybe they have just done away with pants all together.  It is always Sunday afternoon on their planet.

Now, where was I?  Oh yeah, if you took an adult from the time of Christ and showed him our world, in time he would adjust.  He would learn to drive a car, dial a phone, use indoor plumbing, operate a remote controlled TV, and click 'Like' on cat videos.  Perhaps we modern folks would quickly adapt to advanced alien technology.  But we cannot say for sure because we simply do not know what we do not know.

How do you prepare for Alien Contact?

Continuing under the premise that aliens may have some human-like motives (unlikely but let us go with that for this particular article) rather than cruising the Universe looking for weak, barbaric worlds like ours on which to bestow gifts of eternal youth and flying cars it is much more likely they would come here to conquer us.  It is human nature.  If aliens have any human-like qualities, they will probably want to come here and take over. 

They may not initially want to.  But they may not be able to help themselves.  It would be like the time you invited a friend over and he mentioned it to the guy who always invites himself everywhere and then that guy comes in and changes the music and has food delivered and gets everyone gathered around him to hear his self-indulgent stories.  He basically makes you feel like a guest in your own home.  He does not mean to be an ongeblussen bulvan.  He just cannot help being in charge of everything, everywhere, all the time, and he lets you know it.

ongeblussen bulvan
Ongeblussen Bulvan
If aliens intended to subjugate or exterminate humans then we would need ensure that each country's militaries were at their peak, in terms of readiness and capabilities.  Every country would need to cooperate and coordinate with each other to ensure mutual victory.

It does not appear like the major powers of the world are ready for that.  Who knows what goes on behind closed doors - perhaps military leaders around the world already have joint plans for mobilizing against an Extra Planetary Force (EPF) or an army from outside our planet.

Given the public rhetoric of animosity between the major powers one would think that the increasing level of sophistication of military capabilities is part of a modern arms race by each country to be technologically superior to all other countries.  I am leaning that way. 

Conspiracy theorists would say the US government already knows aliens are visiting and they are keeping that information from us so as not to cause a panic among the people.  If that were true then it is possible that military escalation between world powers is indeed part of the plan to prepare for the arrival of an EPF.

At the end of the last US administration NATO forces had been built up to the highest levels since the Cold War.  This alliance has helped to maintain the balance of power throughout the world for the better part of a century.  Under the current regime the US president has vowed to withdraw from NATO.  It has been said that doing this will embolden the more aggressive countries to attack smaller, weaker countries.  It will also take the entire world in the wrong direction in terms of our abilities to work together to fight off an EPF.

If aliens did indeed come here with malintent, there would be great levels of casualties, both on the battle field as well as within civilian population centers.  Most hospitals currently are barely able to handle small surges in demand.  They have surge plans in place to handle unexpected increases in the demand for services.   These plans are more easily implemented in urban areas because hospitals can simply divert patients from one hospital to another.  It is harder in rural areas where each hospital may be several hours apart.  But what if the surge was not a few dozen people?  What if it was a few hundred?  What if 100,000 people needed medical care at once?  Could they be treated?

In war it may be better to wound a soldier than to kill him.  A wounded soldier needs to be carried off the battle field and treated.  It may take two other soldiers to carry the wounded soldier away.  So in effect you have taken out three enemy combatants with one shot. 

The same philosophy could be used by alien attackers on civilian populations.  If aliens were to somehow injure or sicken large populations of humans, say with some novel variant on a virus, this would quickly overwhelm Earth's medical infrastructure rendering treatment impossible.  Left with no alternative, patients would be forced to remain quarantined at home under the care of a family member.  This then removes these caregivers from the workforce.  The worldwide economy soon grinds to a halt.  Chaos ensues.

This is probably not the case with Corona Virus.  But what about the next Corona Virus, the next SARS, the next Ebola?  We should be more prepared.

Peace, Brother
So what if they did come in peace?  How would we know?  We would have to take aliens on their word - assuming they use words.  We would not know if their word is any good but we would also not have much choice in the matter.  They are certainly technologically superior to us. 

Typing Chim
Are... you... sure... this... is... a... life... guard... ini-tia-tion... thing?
We do not know if they are intellectually superior.  It is said that if you gave a bunch of monkeys a bunch of typewriters they could construct the complete works of Shakespeare or the Bible.  Anyone who has ever watched even a single episode of Baywatch knows there is some truth to this theory. 

Nosotros Golden Eagle Award winning show, Baywatch
The point is, if another civilization had a million year head start on us, they would not need to be smarter than us to figure out how to get from there to here.  They would just need time.  A million years ought to do it.  So it is possible that if aliens tried to pull a fast one on us we could adapt and overcome.  We might want to extend a symbol of peace to them.

While the white dove is known worldwide as a symbol of peace, this may confuse aliens.  Imagine if we went to their planet and suddenly thousands of winged beasts swarmed our diplomatic delegation.  The doves look nice to us but maybe to aliens doves look like the face-hugger from Prometheus

Face Hugger from Prometheus
What doves might look like to aliens
We would be scared to death.  All it would take is one trigger-happy commando who is afraid of birds and all hell breaks loose.  Amadou Diallo was shot at 41 times by four officers because one of the cops thought Diallo's wallet was a gun.  The first cop fired a shot and then all the other cops opened fire.  They were armed and scared.  What if it was not a wallet but a thousand peaceful birds that look like face huggers?  Bad news.

So the doves are out.  What would tell aliens (who may not understand Earthan languages), "Hi!  Welcome!  Let me give you the grand tour.  Can I get you a drink?" 

When Europeans encountered Native Americans ("Indians") it did not take the Europeans long to see the value in Wampum.  This then caused the Europeans to begin mass producing the Wampum and using it as a currency.  We need to be careful not to offer aliens Justin Bieber's latest album.

Justin Bieber Wampum
Wampum Man, Justin Bieber
The Hawaiians offered Western visitors floral wreaths called leis.  Aliens might be allergic.  But the leis are pretty and they smell nice.  I wonder if aliens can smell.

Aliens could also be lactose intolerant so we had better not offer them milk.  This was an error Europeans made with Indians here in the New World.  The Indians were lactose intolerant.  They were not used to drinking cows milk.  When it was offered by the first European settlers the Indians got bad gas, bloating, and diarrhea.  They thought they had been poisoned.  Although with the number of cattle abductions reported, maybe aliens do like milk - hard to say.

Most other symbols of peace could be misconstrued by alien visitors.  We need to find something they would like and would not misunderstand.  If it were me, I would appreciate if someone gave me a package of Archway Molasses Cookies.  Not everyone likes molasses cookies, I know.  It is an acquired taste.  But there is no mistaking the intent behind someone who gives you one.   You may grimace a bit as you swallowed.  But you would know you were loved.

Archway molasses cookies
Molasses cookies, the ultimate symbol of peace?

An accompanying glass of milk would be optional.

What steps must we take for contact with Aliens?

If aliens were to make contact with Earthans at some point in the next few years we would need to err on the side of caution and be prepared for an armed conflict.  We should, of course, approach our visitors with open arms and attempt to form diplomatic relations with them.  It would be foolish to strike first at anyone who can get from there to here (wherever that is).  But we should also be ready for whatever they may unleash on us.

In order to be prepared, militarily, the major powers of the world need to develop joint force operations plans.  I am not saying that all militaries should become one unified force, overnight.  This premise is unfathomable to the most nationalistic amongst us.  But 70 years ago, a unified Europe was unthinkable to Europeans.  They started small, with simple trade agreements and contributions to NATO, and escalated the cooperation over the course of decades until reaching the point where they are now interdependent.

This is a good recipe for the rest of the world to follow.  If we can work out better (equally fair to everyone) trade agreements and increase military support for the United Nations, perhaps in another 70 years all the nations of the world will be prepared to battle an Extra Planetary Force.

What steps must we take for contact with aliens?
Excavators in China build a Coronavirus hospital in record time
Could we handle the casualties from a fight like that?  Right now, no.  But the world can learn something from what began recently in Asia (and is now spreading around the world).  In an effort to combat the rapidly spreading Coronavirus the Chinese are building hospitals faster than anyone in the West could think of doing.  Because officials there are able to plow through bureaucratic hurdles with a snap of the fingers they can muster the forces to complete massive building projects in a fraction of the time it would take here. 

Certainly, this effort could be replicated elsewhere.  But in order to do so new laws would need to be passed enabling a Construction Corps to assemble the engineering and building teams required to complete such projects.  Then you need a place to build these facilities.  Strengthening Eminent Domain laws is anathema to Western beliefs on property ownership.  Indeed, I myself would not want my property taken, "for the good of the people."  I built my house and I do not want to leave it until my kids put me in a rest home - hopefully it is a nice facility where the orderlies do not beat me too often.  It would also be nice if it did not smell like a preschool - not sure why nursing homes and preschools both have the same stink.

You will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep!
But back to my point, these Construction Corps would need to acquire land ahead of time in order to speed up the building process.  Maybe they could build parks on these vacant properties until we needed the land for medical facilities.  That would be nice.

Are we ready for alien contact?  In a word, no.  But if I were able to speak to Congress or to the President, either in person, or via this blog, or some TV show about UFO sightings, I would advise them to have the courage to address this issue seriously and do what is right for not only the American people but also for all the people of the world - like it or not, we are all in this together.  Let us put some funding behind planning for what to do.  Let us hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Let us know that, while there is no need to panic, we need to begin the necessary legwork for what is an unstoppable eventuality.

We are being observed.  Soon we will be officially contacted.  What will we do then?

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Why don't aliens contact us?

The other day I was contacted about a contract job that sounded interesting.  The person who sent the email, "Antonio" told me he found my resume on a job board and wanted to hire me to do some work for his company.  It would be a part-time role which would allow me to still spend time running my business and doing the myriad other things I do throughout the day like dropping off large string instruments at the school and being a Soccer Mom.  I wrote back, "That sounds like the type of situation I have been looking for. Please provide additional details."

It's a trap

The person wrote back with a job description attached.  I checked out his email address and it led me to a legit website.  So far, so good.  But there was something off about this job description.  Where were the requirements?  And then things started moving too fast.  I am in the employment business.  I know how the hiring process works because I have been involved in it with dozens, if not hundreds, of companies.  This felt like someone was closing in on me, aggressively.  And it was.

Antonio Gerald
Totally legit-looking job description
With a little sleuthing I determined it was something like the Nigerian Scam where someone is trying to get your banking info so they can raid your bank account.  It did not take long to figure this out.  The difference here is that instead of a situation where the former Prince of Zamunda needs to smuggle $40 million out of the country and he chose you to carry out his plan, it is a job offer where you contact a third party that owes money to the first party and get them to send you the money.  You then take your cut and pass the rest on to the first party.  I can do that!  This sounds too good to be true!  Because it is.

Prince of Zamunda
The Prince of Zamunda
Having lived in New York City for a decade I have been trained in the art of spotting the scam, the Three-Card Monty on a rickety folding table, the electronics store in Times Square that has been having a "Going out of Business Sale" for seven years, the shady-looking dude with too much swagger, coming the other way, that I am going to cross the street to avoid.  I have a "Spidey Sense" that goes off when trouble is afoot.  I know a hustle when I see one.  Doesn't everyone?

Probably not.  I would bet the guy who sent me the fake job offer gets a lot of people with that.  It was quite sophisticated and took a bit of intelligence and life experience just for him to get me to the point of interest.  I am certain that others who take things more on face-value would get sucked in deeper and fall into the trap.

But I was a jaded New Yorker for too long.  I hang up the phone the moment I hear, "This is NOT a sales call!"  When I see the first six numbers on the caller ID are identical to mine, I do not say, "Wow, that looks like my number!  I had better answer it!"  I just hit the silence button.  When I see the Happy Garden restaurant is now called the Happy Dragon I know there was no million dollar buy-out.  The Board of Health shut the place down for multiple health code violations so the owner re-opened the next day with the business in his cousin's name.  It is just as dirty but man, the wings are fantastic!

And this, folks, is a completely natural segue into the question, "Why don't aliens contact us?"

Why don't aliens contact us?

They are here.  We know that.  Thousands of eye-witnesses have reported seeing spaceships, over the years.  Some people have even been inside them - sure, not all the stories are true but some are.  If any one of these stories is true then we know they are here.  My sighting is a true story.  Therefore, we can move past the existential question and focus on why they do not make contact.

I wrote a lot about why aliens do not make contact when I first started the blog in 2018, and then moved on to other topics.  But this question still intrigues me.  It has been the second biggest question on my mind since my spectacular UFO sighting in 1992.  The first question was, why do the US government and military not care about this?  Wait, I take that back.  In 1992 my biggest question was, why are girls attracted to meat-head guys who treat them like crap?  I was a nice guy.  And skinny.  But nowadays it is the other two questions which hog up more real estate in my mind.  That and why are Dino Nuggets chicken that is shaped like the chickens' ancestors?  Weird.

Dino Nuggets
Chicken Ancestor Nuggets
Why do aliens not make contact?  I have a million answers to this question.  I cannot say if any of them are correct.  One of them might be.  Here is today's possible answer.  Are you ready for it?  Here it is:

They know that one.

Contacting us is a trap.  We will pull the aliens in, extract all the scientific knowledge we can from them, and then use the technology against them.  Is that not human nature?  Look around.  Right now the two biggest economies in the world are vying for first place, economically, militarily, culturally, you-name-it.  We play nice, often, and in one-on-one dealings everyone treats each other with respect.  Every deal has to be a win-win for each party.  But at the end of the day, each country wants to be number one and that has to happen at the expense of the other country.  We Earthans would also do this with an alien civilization.  It is our way.

It's a trap
Using the same image twice improves download speeds.
You're welcome.
Aliens know that.  Anyone who can get from there to here has probably stopped off at a few other planets on their way over.  And it was not last week or even last year.  They have seen this game played out over centuries or even millennia.  They show up and proclaim, "We come in peace.  Take me to your leader."  The natives bow down and bestow the aliens with gifts.  They place floral leis around their necks.  They take the aliens out and get them drunk and then make rude comments about each other's women and decide it is getting late and they should all go back to their hotels.

It all goes downhill from there.  Soon the natives are cruising around in flying cars, zapping each other with plasma rays, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!  The natives eventually make the aliens wish they had never shown up.

Like my knowledge of the Nigerian Scam which clued me into the job offer scam, and my experience as a New Yorker that triggers my Spidey Sense telling me to cross the street when I see a ne'er do well, any alien delegation that shows up here is going to immediately be skeptical of us.  This is not their first rodeo, so to speak.  They know how this plays out because they have seen it before.  They will not be fooled again.

So they keep their distance.  They watch us safari animals from the safety of their Space Rovers and hope none of us try to jump into the vehicle.  Perhaps, from time to time, they will tranquilize one of us and bring us on board for an examination.  Maybe some people will be transported back to Planet X to be placed into a zoo or a circus - people go missing all the time.  What happens to them?  But by and large aliens will stay behind the white line.  It is high risk and low reward for them and simply not worth the trouble we would give them.

Aliens on Safari
Aliens on Safari

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Cow Spies

Anyone with an interest in aliens and UFOs will at some point come across stories involving cattle.  Sometimes cows disappear.  Sometimes, the story is more gruesome.  Cattle mutilation is not the most appetizing subject but one which I have not yet tackled and of which I have some ideas.  Do not worry, I will not go into many gory details.  This should be a fun piece to write and hopefully you too will enjoy it.

Aliens feeding a cow under the table
Copyright Close Encounters Studios, Used with Permission
So what is this all about.  The background, for those who have not looked much into this is, periodically farmers and cattle ranchers will file reports with their local police detailing bizarre scenes of downed or missing cattle.  These events are investigated as if they were a crime scene.  Detectives will comb the area looking for clues.  Reports will be written.

Cows pass all the time, who cares, right?  Yes, cows die sometimes of natural causes.  They get sick just like we do and it is normal to come across a downed cow from time to time.  Also, sometimes a predator will take a cow as a tasty treat.  They like steak as much as we do.  So it is normal for a pack of wolves, a cougar, or some other carnivorous wild animal to take down a cow and devour it.  And in some instances cows are poached by people who simply want some free food, ill-gotten as it were.

Here is the problem.  What makes these cases so bizarre is that the scenarios above do not fit the narrative of what some ranchers discover.  Cows will be found downed without any signs of having been eaten.  There will not even be a single bite mark.  There will be no signs of any disease.  These are typically healthy animals.

Even more strange, though, is the abnormalities which are discovered.  An NPR report on cattle mutilation says cows will be found shriveled up like a raisin without a drop of blood left in their bodies, yet there is also not a drop of blood on the ground.  And these animals may be missing their tongues, genitals, or udders.  Who would do something like this?

Could it be, maybe Satan?

Some people believe this is part of some kind of Satanic ritual.  What the blood and genitals would be used for is beyond me.  But OK, I suppose it is possible.  I have heard stories of goats and chickens being sacrificed to the Prince of Darkness.  But those are small animals which are easy to handle.  And I believe the letting of blood is part of the ritual.  Why would a cow be relieved of all its blood without a drop being spilled?  Oh, and did I mention there are no signs of how the blood is removed?  No cuts anywhere except where items were removed.  And how do entire animals disappear without any signs of carnage, footprints, or damage to fences?

People will dance around the subject of aliens without saying what they believe.  No one wants to be that nut-job who believes in Little Green Men.  But what else could it be?  We know aliens visit and observe us.  We know of countless stories of people being abducted by aliens.  Is it that much of a stretch to conclude that aliens may be interested in cattle?

For me the question is not, are aliens messing with our cows?  That is a foregone conclusion.  My question is, why are aliens messing with our cows?

Why do Aliens Like Cows?

Artist Roger Phillips whom I featured in my story of the Pinebush UFO Fair, makes a living drawing cartoons on the subject, among other alienata.  His work is featured in the Roswell Daily Record, affectionately known as the small town rag of Roswell, New Mexico.  Roger does a lot of cartoons involving aliens and cows.  It is a running gag, and a good one.

Gray Zone's take on the Far Side
Copyright Close Encounters Studios, Used with Permission
I asked Roger about the fascination with cows.  He told me:
I always thought that the connection between the grays and cattle was a humorous one. Why would a species capable of interstellar travel be interested in mutilating cows when they have such advanced technology? Besides, how many cows do they need? Even us primitive humans are capable of growing meat in a laboratory setting! I like to think about the contract that aliens are humorless, cold and unfeeling while my comic aliens have many foibles and weaknesses that we humans experience. 
I guess the only reason the aliens would be interested in cattle at all is that maybe they are distant relatives of man from the future and maybe a glimmer of our primate past still lives on inside them.
I always appreciate a new perspective on a discussion topic.  But we are still not getting to the heart of the matter - or the liver or kidneys, etc.  Why do aliens like cows?

Here is what I think:

Cow Spies

One of my first blog articles was about alien spies disguised as insects.  It was inspired by a hike in the woods with my kids where we encountered some strange insects which all built themselves identical little houses.  Each house resembled a larger insect with huge eyes.  I had never seen anything like it in my life.  What creature was capable of doing something like that?

Alien Insects
What insect builds these houses?
Since I think about aliens quite often these days, I imagined that this was something aliens could do if they wanted to slip into our world and spy on us.  Aliens could disguise themselves as insects and most people would never know the difference between these bugs and any other bug.

This assumes that a species with the ability to get from there to here (wherever that is) would also have the ability to manipulate DNA to transform themselves into Earth-like creatures.  Maybe that is a stretch of the imagination based on current human technology but just think what we could do with another million years of research.  What if people on another planet started this research a million years ago?  Or 100 million years ago!

But why stop there?  Why just insects?  What other Earth creatures would provide the perfect cover for alien spies?  What animals do humans permit to hang out with us?  Who are our friends in the animal kingdom?

Man's best friend is, of course, the dog.  Then there are cats and other house pets.  Understanding Man's complex relationship with these animals would take some study ahead of time - there are pre-requisites to this.  That is Man 400.  We need an animal that is Man 101.  I say that because, picture yourself arriving at Planet Earth.  You just flew 100 light years and you know nothing about this planet.  All you know is what you can observe from your spaceship.  What do you see?

I see cities with millions of people walking on sidewalks.  This must be who is in charge here.  What other creatures do I see milling about in large numbers?  Cows.

Dairy farmers will often have hundreds of cows.  Cattle ranchers may have thousands.  Often times these animals are set out to pasture where they just hang out, munching grass, doing what they please, in close proximity to humans.  If I were an alien and I wanted to spy on the people who were running the place, I might want to dress up as a cow to get in close.

I do not know how one would go about transforming themselves into a cow.  But maybe it involves more than just getting a mouth swab and growing some DNA in a petri dish.  Maybe they need some of the animal's organs in order to understand how it works?  This could explain the mutilation.

Why do they sometimes take just the genitals and the blood?  I am just speculating here, of course, but maybe they are good at growing the animals but they cannot get them started.  The engine cranks but it does not turn over, so to speak.  They need real cow blood to get them going.  And then, once they have a working cow (who, by the way, used to be a guy named Frednork who is now going undercover) they need a faster way to make more cows than the ole' DNA in a petri dish routine.  It is faster to incubate the cows.

Or, maybe it is a combination of the two.  They need the reproductive organs to incubate cows and the blood is used to provide nourishment through some type of umbilicus.

However it works, once aliens can grow cows or transform into them, this would be a pretty good disguise.  They could hang out on the farm and watch us come and go.  They could observe our food production technology up close.  They could listen in on our conversations - who lowers their voices around cows?  On the contrary, a working farm can be a loud place, at times.  Farmers will often need to raise their voices to be heard over machinery and mooing cows.

The alien cows would not have to worry about food and shelter.  They would be well cared for - feedings in the barn or out in the pasture.  A good scrubbing with the hose, from time to time.  "Hold on, what's that?  Are you milking me?  Seriously, guys?  Your hands are freezing!"

Some alien cattle may not fare as well as the dairy cows, though.  They would be like, "Oh, we're going for a ride?  What fun!  So, what's there to do in Kansas City?  Will I get to meet Patrick Mahomes?"  Next thing you know, they are at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn.

Peter Luger's
Peter Luger's
Spies?  Really?  OK, it is a huge stretch of the imagination.  What is a more simple explanation for aliens' seeming fascination with cows?  I always like to bring things back down to human nature and draw corollaries between us and aliens.  We are smart, they are smart - maybe we think alike on some things.

What do humans like about cows?  Um... they are yummy.  Sorry vegetarian readers, give me a moment here - in fact, just scroll down to the next article.  I love beef.  I like a nice steak.  I am a sucker for a fast food hamburger - does not really matter from where, they are all about the same, although I do wish In-n-Out would expand to the East Coast.  Maybe aliens like beef too!  Maybe they love a tender, juicy steak.

Aliens may take this a step further.  In parts of Asia, people eat blood soup and have other uses for blood.  Some people in other parts of the world will eat feet and other parts of animals that folks here in the US would turn our noses up to.  It is feasible that aliens like to eat only certain parts of the cow and they have precision tools, much more advanced than a butcher knife, to get at that food.  You have heard of shark fin soup.  How about cow udder chutney? 

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Brain Parasites

In normal, casual conversation, I do not bring up the subject of UFO's.  At best, people do not know what to contribute to the conversation and it does not go very far - I might as well be trying to discuss the difference in skiing versus snowboarding, with a person who hates the cold.  At worst, the conversation will elicit some strange looks and the provocative question, "You believe in UFO's???"  I hate that question, although it is a clear signal to me that I need to adapt to the audience and change the subject to something more banal, in support of cerebral myopia - like the latest cat memes.

Crazy Cat Lady Parasite
Crazy Cat Lady Parasite, T. gondii
There is a place, however, where serious scientific-type discussions about aliens and UFO's can take place.  I am a member of a group on social media which takes an open-minded view towards this subject.  Its members include people from all walks of life from truck drivers to physicists with PhD's, film makers, bloggers, and other Creatives, those who have experienced close encounters and those who are lucky enough to have avoided this.

Awful Cat Meme
Awful Cat Meme
We do not discuss all types of paranormal activity, though - no ghosts or demons, no Bigfoots or El Chupacabras.  It is science, not witchcraft.  Within those parameters, there is serious discussion on questions like:
  • What are the Tic Tac spaceships?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Why do they not make contact?  
  • Why are the Tic Tac ships here?
These are the very types questions I have been raising and analyzing on this blog for over a year.  So it is fun for me.  I will often respond to a question with a link to a blog article I already wrote because it will explain my thoughts better than I can do in a social media text box, using my thumbs.

The other day, a member of this group brought up a topic I had not yet put much thought into.  It inspired me to write this article.  A member named Ryan posted:

what if what we're dealing with is so intellectually superior that it's deployed psychological measures to ensure we're incapable of responding.
1/3 of the human population is infected with a feline brain parasite. If I wanted to control a large population I might do it like that.
Fascinating.  Let us take a look at that.

Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome

Some people will immediately believe anything which supports an internal narrative.  For instance, there are people who believe there is an alien city on the Moon.  The popular version of this originates from the widely debunked Alien Autopsy Video which I had a lot of fun analyzing.  Even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, once someone gets that bug in their brain, it is hard to get it out.  I pointed out to one person online that the producer of that video has repeatedly admitted it was a hoax.  Still, my antagonist simply replied:

Hard to say David, there is so much info either way, I people set to debunk at all costs as well as hoaxers....

I would insert a Picard face-palm image here but I already used a Star Trek image and I am not really a Trekkie - nothing wrong with the show, I just never got into it.  At any rate, people are free to believe what they want, Science neglected.

I am not one of those people.  When I hear something new I immediately want to look it up and see if it is true.  In the Information Age, it seems that so much information is simply made up.  Then it is posted on some blog or slip-shod website and suddenly it is a "source," whether it was initially verified or not.  Me, I go the extra mile.  When I hear that, "1/3 of the human population is infected with a feline brain parasite," I have to check this out.

It sounds ridiculous, right?  But it turns out this is true and the numbers could actually be up to half of the world's population.  Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite which all cats (from Garfield to Simba) can host in their guts after eating a rodent which carries it.  Ya think it is funny to watch little Snookums bat around a mouse and then present it to you as a sacrifice to the Gods?  Think again.  Your kitty could be ingesting a mind-altering parasite which will multiply in the walls of its intestines and then infect your brain.  No, for real!

Then, for the next three weeks, every time your Kitty walks on your dining table or kitchen counters after doing her business, she could be spreading parasites around the places you eat, causing you to ingest the bug.  Even cleaning out the litter box could cause you to come into contact with this parasite.

I like cats but I do not have one.  We had them when I was a kid but they were always outdoor cats - no litter box.  The whole litter box disease thing is one of the many reasons I am a dog person.  Sorry, Cat Ladies (and Gentlemen).

So what!  A parasite may not be that bad, right?  For instance, Giardia can enter the body from drinking out of a stream.  This is why you should always filter your water when hiking.  Giardia can cause chronic diarrhea.  In Western Nations this is not a killer.  You just drink more water and eliminate a little more often and you are good.  And there are medications which can cure you.  No biggie.

Toxoplasma gondii or T. gondii, however, infects the brain.  Right off the bat, I do not like it.  Do I even need to go further? says the parasite could alter and amplify a range of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's, oh and also cancer.  Thanks Kitty!

The one effect that really blew my mind, though, is that people infected with T. gondii are more likely to get into traffic accidents.  This is due to decreased reaction times.

Mind Blown
Mind Blown!
Is there a correlation between Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome and being a terrible driver?  Maybe one of the questions on the driver's license exam should be, "How many cats do you own?"  For the record, that is a joke - mostly.

Brain Parasites

If T. gondii a.k.a. the Crazy Cat Lady parasite, can cause people to be more susceptible to certain types of actions, like getting into traffic accidents or committing crimes (see chart below) perhaps there are other parasites which can do this.  Maybe they exist here on Earth.  Or maybe they exist on other planets.  Biology and Medicine have made great strides in the past hundred years.  What will we know in another hundred years?  Or a thousand years.  What if we had a million years to examine all organisms on our planet and a thousand other planets?

T. gondii
T. gondii
Any civilization which has had the time to develop the capabilities to get from there to here would probably have also made great medical and biological discoveries in that time.  Perhaps, before arriving at Earth, they stopped on a planet inhabited by parasites which can infect the brain and cause you to, oh I don't know, pee your pants.  Or walk around flapping your arms like a bird.  Or maybe it can cause people to become more radicalized by their political views and want to fight anyone who disagrees with them.  Hmm...

It may indeed take a million years to discover a parasite like that.  But also, within the time it takes to figure out faster-than-light-speed travel, or Worm Holes, or Punch Tunnels, perhaps genetic engineering would advance to the point where you could build this organism yourself.  It is feasible you could construct a mind-altering parasite which would cause a population to be more susceptible to acting how you wanted them to act.  If you were planning on making contact with a more primitive society you might want to infect them with this parasite ahead of time so they would be more prepared to receive you.

I am not saying this is happening - just that it is possible - on a more advanced planet.  It is not possible for us, here on Earth, but it would be for a society which has figured out how to get from there to here.

So, let us roll with that notion.  If the people on Planet X (wherever that is) were able to create this Superbug, how would they get it into the bloodstream of, say, half the population on Earth?  They would need some sort of delivery mechanism - some way to seed the planet.

I have said it before and will say it again, I am NOT a fan of conspiracy theories.  But there is one which gives me an idea.  Some people think the vapor trails produced by jet engines are actually a spray called ChemTrails, which are some type of government mind-control.  These people are the "tin-foil hat" types which give serious UFOlogists a bad name.  I say this because the concept has no basis in fact.  Science on our planet has yet to devise such technology, but if it were possible, why would it be sprayed randomly on the entire population?  It would infect the people who were trying to infect others.  Oh yeah, and there is the fact that the vapor trails or ConTrails have a scientific explanation.

ConTrails NOT ChemTrails
ConTrails NOT ChemTrails
We cannot do this.  But maybe aliens can.  And since they do not live here, they could infect the planet with a parasite and not have to worry about infecting themselves.  We may also presume that when building this organism they would have built an antidote for it.  But maybe not.

Why are the Tic Tac Ships Here?

Would aliens use commercial jetliners to spray us with this parasite?  I suppose it is possible but I say unlikely.  Air traffic controllers or the Air Force would eventually spot these planes and take action against them.  More likely, they would use some more advanced technology to administer the bug.  It would have to be an aircraft which uses stealth technology to avoid radar detection and is also rather small so it can avoid being seen with the naked eye.  But if it was detected, it would need the ability to out-maneuver Earth's best fighter jets so it would not be shot out of the sky.  And just in case we are able to shoot one down, it should be an unmanned drone so there is no loss of life.

Alien Brain Parasites
A Tic Tac Ship
What I am describing sounds like a reasonable description for the Tic Tac ships from the Nimitz Encounters.  Was that their true purpose?  Who knows!  My best guess is that they were spy drones sent here to do reconnaissance.  But it is certainly possible they could also have been sent to deliver some sort of payload.

Hopefully, someday soon we will find out.

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