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Monday, June 7, 2021

Hatters Be Hattin'

With the release of the Congressional UFO Report in June of 2021 the UFO Community has seen a flurry of sloppy news articles on the topic.  Some media, like the New York Times, treat the subject of visits by other intelligent beings with the dignity it deserves, while rags like the Los Angeles Times continue to poke fun at the subject and its adherents.  They liken all members of the UFO Community to Tinfoil Hat People, and conspiracy followers.

The NY Times, noted for "All the News That's Fit to Print" will cite scientists and government officials, pointing towards evidence of UFOs and eye-witness accounts of UFOs while the LA Times apparently likens the belief in UFOs to belief in ghosts and Bigfoots.  A superficial LA Times article from June 2, 2021 states, "As with many conspiracy theories, UFO devotees have claimed for decades that government disclosure is imminent."  There is so much to unpack in that one sentence.

I can picture the topic assignment meeting with the editor and all the writers.  It probably went something like, "OK, next up [feigned suppression of laughter] we've got this, heh heh, UFO piece?  Um... [whispers to a senior writer] What's the new kid's name?  Blakesly?  Blasely?  Ya, Blasey!  You, Blasey!  You get to do the UFO piece. [more lightly suppressed laughter]"

Tabloids like the Los Angeles Times

Staff writer Laura Blasey whose previous accolades include producing audio for smart home devices and whose Twitter tagline begins with, "*eye roll* [typing sounds]" looks up from her phone for the first time, visibly startled, and sheepishly replies, "But... like?  I don't knowww??? Anything?  About UFOhhhs???"

The editor snaps back, "Just write about conspiracy nuts, kid!  Tin Foil Hat people!  This will all blow over in a few weeks anyway and you can go back to writing about COVID vaccines, while we can still milk that."

And onward we digress.

UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People

Tabloids like the Los Angeles Times tend to recklessly categorize the subject of UFOs alongside the supernatural.  They will liken the subject's followers to crazy people who believe in conspiracy theories and mythology.  They pen lines like, "As with many conspiracy theories," without investigating eye-witness accounts, ignoring photographic and video evidence.  Why would they do this?

The answer is because one, it is easier to hate on people than to practice journalistic integrity, and two, because the paper's writers and editors lack the courage displayed by more reputable papers like the New York Times.  Calling UFO visits a "conspiracy theory" enables the LA Times staff to distance themselves from the folks they perceive to be wackos.  It is like saying, "Hey, I don't believe in this stuff, I'm not one of those Tinfoil Hat nuts, but here's what everyone else has been talking about recently, about what's happening in Washington."  The LA Times was behind the curve in reporting on all this so they seem to feel the need to differentiate themselves from the news leaders by sensationalizing the subject.

Yes, Ms. Blasey, conspiracy theorists do indeed believe in UFOs and in government cover-ups.  But so do many scientists and scientific minded people, investigative journalists (those who spend more than a few hours writing each article, who do research by means other than Googling), and government officials, both elected and appointed.  You can joke all you want about, "The Truth is Out There," but the joke is on you.  The truth is indeed out there, you just cannot be bothered to take the time to find it.

But enough about hack writers.  What happens next?  Most leading figures in the UFO Community have taken a restrained approach to the content of the Congressional Report.  It is assumed the report will not contain any smoking guns nor an official acknowledgement that Earth is being visited by aliens.  It will contain an admission that the government does not know who built aircraft like the "Tic Tacs" nor how those aircraft are able to seemingly defy the known laws of physics.  In other words, "I'm not saying it's aliens, but..."

UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People
UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People

Will the LA Times later print a correction, saying they were wrong to belittle the greatest story of our collective lifetimes?  I am not holding my breath.  The best they will do is some type of tacit acknowledgment that there is something to the "UFO Conspiracy Theory" while continuing to shamelessly distance themselves from the topic and its proponents.

The weakest links in media will print sensationalistic dribble like, the tinfoil hat people may have been right all along.  No, tinfoil hat people are still tinfoil hat people.  I am not making a judgement about the veracity of people who cover their heads in aluminum foil to prevent aliens from manipulating their minds.  I am saying, they are a different group of people, as are people who believe in ghosts, Bigfoots, ESP, and mental telepathy.  

Just as politics makes strange bedfellows, so too does the UFO topic.  Many people who believe in the above subjects also believe in life on other planets.  But there are a number of us who advocate to normalize the discussion of UFOs who are highly rational and not prone to conspiracy theories of any type.  We take it from a scientific perspective.  Statistically it is nearly impossible for humans to be the most intelligent life in the Universe.  More likely, there are people on other planets who are millions of years ahead of us and they figured out long ago how to get from there to here (wherever there is).  

Then, there are those of us who have actually had close encounters with aircraft that could not possibly have been created by people on Earth.  For us, it is no more of a belief than it would be to believe I had coffee this morning.  I know what I poured in my coffee cup and I know what I saw in Gagetown in 1992.   And yes, LA Times, WE were right all along.  

When lazy or cowardly "journalists" lump the scientific-minded people in with what they perceive to be the crazy people, they may think they are tipping their hats in acknowledgement of a truth.  In reality, this will still be an attempt to avoid the appearance of "belief" in aliens at the expense of making the rest of us all look crazy.  There needs to be some delineation between the groups.

The Tinfoil Hat people are who they are.  The conspiracy people are who they are.  The supernatural believers are who they are.  None of them should be included in the current UFO discussion.  There are plenty of scientists, government officials, and eye-witnesses to include in legit news articles.

It is time for the folks at the LA Times and other would-be journalists to grow up and find the courage to take this topic seriously.  Or, they keep hating on a subject that will only expand from here out.  The truth is not out there, it is right in front of you.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Courage in Silhouette

Following my last article I received a flurry of compliments on Twitter and elsewhere, some using the word "courage" and its derivatives.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Usually, I gratefully thank the people who say it even though I have never thought it accurately described me or my actions.  Today, I want to push back.  

Luis Elizondo quit a government job with a pension to do what he is doing.  Chris Mellon is risking the Mellon family name and his future political career.  Stanton Friedman surely missed out on countless opportunities as a nuclear physicist in a time before the aforementioned people helped make talk of UFOs mainstream.  These are just a few folks in the UFO Community who have exhibited great courage.

Me, I have never felt like I was doing anything extraordinary by tracking down Lue Elizondo.  It was an act I had wanted to do for decades, if only I knew whom to contact.  When Lue introduced me to Jessica Philipps, a producer on the then secret TV show Unidentified, he never mentioned Jessie was a producer or that I might be featured in a documentary.  Still, at this point, no courage was required.  Things progressed slowly and I never felt like I was taking a leap.

I was (and still am) a small business owner and was also teaching some business classes on the side so I had no fear of ruining my career by going on TV.  Maybe I have been passed over for some opportunities to re-enter the workforce because I am a UFO nut, but these days my business is recovering from the Pandemic and I think I will be OK.

My wife has known of my sighting since a week or two after we first met seventeen years ago and she still married me - I am a lucky guy.  She has been supportive of this entire process.  It was her sister who first sent us the infamous New York Times Article on UFOs which kicked off this whole adventure.  No one in our family has ever expressed an issue with any of this (at least not to me).  A couple people in the family and their close friend have a UFO story of their own, a mass-sighting, of sorts.  I have started making a video about it for my YouTube channel.

I had also told some of my closest friends.  One of them, referred to as "G-man" in other articles, told me for years that if my experience had happened to him, "I would tell everyone who would listen."  You could say he was encouraging.  Even recently, when he and I were talking about the mutual acquaintance I mentioned in my last article, who has publicly ridiculed me, G-Man asked me, "Did you really see a UFO?"  I said yes.  He said, "Then what do you care what this guy says?"  Point taken.  G-man's parents, coincidentally, had their own sighting too - both highly credible people.

You may say that it took courage to hang in there in the two year period between first speaking with Lue and when my episode aired on History.  No, that took perseverance for which I will take credit.  One friend told me it took guts to start this blog.  I would disagree with that statement too.  Once the process was in motion it was like dominoes falling.  I just went with it.

Courage in Silhouette

Courage, is what Mike, the other witness to my sighting did.  Now, wait, you may say.  Those who have followed my saga know that Mike has never been willing to reveal his identity.  He "appeared" on my episode of Unidentified over the phone, with his voice disguised.  He has given permission to use his first name but not his last.  How courageous is that?  Read on.

Alex Dietrich Silhouette
Alex Dietrich in Silhouette

Mike, you could say, is my Alex Dietrich.  When David Fravor went on Unidentified in Season 1 the whole world learned his name.  Backing up his story was another Naval airman who would not appear on TV because she was still serving in the military.  Alex Dietrich did not want to risk her career by speaking out publicly about what she saw in what is now known as The Nimitz Incident.  Today, thanks to a recent 60 Minutes Story about UFOs we now know who Dietrich is.

On the night of the Gagetown Incident, my Dietrich, Mike, got picked up by the transport truck at the end of our guard shift before I did.  By the time I got in the truck everyone was talking about the UFO we saw.  The third guard who was out on our shift was already making jokes and doubting our stories, even though Mike and I both talked about our own perspectives of the same sighting and those accounts jibed.  This was at 1:00am.  The rest of the camp was asleep.  We went to bed having only told a handful of people.

By the time we went to breakfast, the entire camp was abuzz about the two kooks (us) who "claimed" to have seen a UFO the night before.  The story had become embellished by the game of "telephone" before Mike and I even had the opportunity to tell more than a handful of people.  The jokes were harsh.  We were humiliated.  We were embarrassed and shamed.  I quickly stopped telling people about it and stopped answering questions early that next morning.  Mike went as far as completely recanting the story.  He said it never happened even though he had tried to report it the night before.

I resented Mike for that.  In the decades prior to going public, I had written and rewritten many accounts of our encounter.  Some of these were told in the first person as historical non-fiction, just the facts.  Other versions were told in third person with slightly fictionalized dialogue to make it a more interesting read in hopes I could get the story published.  In every account, Mike was my Brutus, the guy who turned on me at the end and made me look like a liar.  I made him the bad guy in all these stories.

In reality, I now know that Mike could not be a nicer guy.  I will go on a limb and say he is a kind and gentle man.  He is extremely polite and respectful.  These and other associated character traits are surely what led him to pull back the reins and deny what happened back in 1992 because he simply could not stand up to the ridicule.  I no longer blame him for that.  It is who he is.

But still, he will not reveal his identity.  There is a reason for that and I respect it.  Since becoming reacquainted with Mike he has shared with me that he has struggled over the years.  The biggest thing in his life right now, other than the love of his family, is his church.  Mike is a strong adherent to his religion and a loyal and dedicated member of his church.  He does not want to jeopardize that.  It would ruin him.

After searching for years I finally tracked Mike down in the fall of 2018.  When I asked him if he would go on Unidentified and back up my account of our sighting he initially declined.  I asked him why and his response surprised me.  I thought he would say it was because he did not want to relive the humiliation we had endured as young soldiers.  

Instead, Mike told me about his involvement with his church and said that talking about UFOs within his circle of peers would be considered, "a distraction" from their mission.  I can understand that.  I do not agree with it per se but that is the crux of his belief system.  I would not want people to tell me my religious beliefs are wrong.  They are beliefs.  They are neither right nor wrong, just beliefs.  Mike has a right to shelter his beliefs.

Now, putting all of this together, despite Mike's strong association with his religion and its mission he knows what he saw that night in August 1992.  His own eyes told him something that contradicts his belief system.  There are those in Washington whose religious beliefs have prompted them to put up roadblocks to the work that Luis Elizondo was doing while working at AATIP.  Lue had documentation of flyovers in restricted airspace from people whose technologic abilities were thousands of years ahead of our own.  These higher-ups would not set aside their religious convictions to accept the undeniable evidence of what Lue was showing them.  

Mike did.  Mike would not show his face for fear of repeating the past ridicule we both suffered and fear of losing what is currently most important to him, his affiliation with his church.  But he did come forward and support me.  He said he was there that night and he saw something too.  He even added in some details I did not see from where I was stationed.  He summoned the courage to validate something that went against his core beliefs.  That was a leap.  It took guts.  For that, Mike is now the hero of my story.  Mike defines courage.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Mission Accomplished

Over the course of the next month I may be posting more blog articles.  In case you do not follow #UFOTwitter or UFOlogy in general, many people in the UFO Community eagerly await the results of a Senate investigation into what the US Government knows about UFOs.  Some are hoping for full Disclosure.  Others anticipate lies and secrecy.  Me, I am ambivalent.

Much progress has been made over the past few years in bringing this subject out of the shadows of conspiracy theory and into the mainstream spotlight.  Four years ago I only mentioned my own UFO sighting to a few close friends and family.  I never spoke openly about alien visitation.  Writing this blog would have been out of the question for me.  I did not even follow anyone on Twitter other than maybe a dozen friends from college.  None of them was into UFOlogy.

Then, people like Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon began moving the ball forward, with the help of Tom DeLonge and others too many to list.  I jumped into the fray and brought my story to the public.  It was then in the two year period leading up to my appearance on Unidentified that I decided to finally dive into this thing head first.


Two hundred thousand page views later, I am proud of what I did and what I have accomplished.  Yesterday one of my kids asked me, "Are you famous?"  I laughed and said, "Um... in certain circles, but not really."  Only a few days earlier I had joked with someone on a Facebook UFO discussion group that my "15 Minutes of Fame" had recently expired.  Fame was something I had not ever sought out; quite the opposite and I am glad it is about over.  All I ever wanted in regard to my sighting was to find someone in government who would document what I experienced and alert their chain of command that we should be concerned.  

We are being visited by people with the ability to move over restricted airspace at low speeds without any visible means of propulsion, completely evading radar.  These same individuals then have the ability to zip off in a streak of light without any sonic boom.  It was three decades ago that my colleague Mike and I saw this.  It is still happening today, around the world.

I did finally get my chance to tell my story.  It did not go down the way I had expected.  I had always envisioned something like what you see in the movies where I would go into an ugly, lowest-bidder office building, be ushered into a small conference room with cheap metal furniture and no windows, and be questioned by a couple "Men in Black" with Steno Note pads.  Maybe they would do something with my information and maybe they would not - I could see the notebooks going into a crate which would get wheeled into an enormous warehouse, like at the end if Raiders of the Lost Ark.  But at least I would have done my part.

Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished

This fantasy was an alternative to a competing vision of me growing old without having ever told anyone about my encounter, other than my closest friends and family.  Then, the fantasy ends with a guy like James Fox (who I had never heard of until a year ago, but someone like him) showing up to interview me shortly before I died.

The reality was, I never did get my chance to speak to someone currently in a government role but I am told that my story is known by those who need to know about it.  Shortly after my episode of Unidentified aired Lue Elizondo and I exchanged a few texts where he said, " are making a difference!  People in D.C. are watching!"  OK, mission accomplished.

I assume that means that Marco Rubio and others who are behind the current Senate investigation have read the details of my encounter or at least watched my episode of Unidentified.  It makes no difference to me how the information flowed to where it did.  I am completely satisfied that it got there.  I did my part.

In the two year interim between when I first reached out to Lue and my TV appearance I started writing.  I did not know how those years would go but I did know that it was important to begin documenting what was happening.  Sometimes, in the day to day struggle of life, extraordinary events can seem mundane.  Indeed, most of the build up to Unidentified was a lengthy series of calls and emails with various producers and their assistants, scheduling and canceling meetings, elaborating on small details between business calls and teaching classes.  These details would have been overlooked by most people.

I knew it was a big deal.  Most people will not appreciate it today but years from now historians will want to know the timeline leading to Disclosure (assuming it indeed happens).  What happened and how?  My thinking was not that grandiose at the time.  I did not know where this journey would take me.  I just knew I had to document it.  So I began writing.  This blog was initially intended to be sort of a diary that I would share with the public.  If a post got seven views I was psyched - people are reading it!  Now, most of my posts get hundreds of views and some have thousands.  I am no UFO Jesus but I am happy that some folks seem to enjoy my writing.

Given the pace of progress it was not long before I ran out of updates.  But by that point I had begun opening up to a larger circle of friends about my experience.  They introduced me to other UFO nuts like me and they introduced me to others.  I also began following some influencers on Twitter and researching the subject of UFOs.  This led me down one rabbit hole after another.

Much of what I initially encountered online was conspiratorial.  Being an apolitical, rational person, with a strong proclivity for logic, I was immediately turned off by the conspiracy theories.  My third blog article was about this.  I was not sure if I was committing blasphemy in the UFO Community by taking a stand against people like Steven Greer, the subject of that article.  Perhaps there would be repercussions.  But I wanted to do what was right.  If going against the conspiracy guys meant going against the audience I was writing for, so what!  I was not looking to build a big following.  I just wanted to share the truth.

Fortunately, it seems I made the right choice.  It took a while to find others with a similar stance as me, but they are out there.  Thousands if not millions of people view the topic of alien visitation with a purely scientific view point and they do not fall prey to conspiracy theories.

That, I decided, was my audience.  I wanted to speak to people who were curious about UFOs but who did not believe in Bigfoot and demonic possessions.  These people had questions.  They probably had few others with whom they could discuss these questions.  I had questions too.  I wrote about those questions.  Why do aliens hide from us?  Why are we being visited now, more than ever?  What is a day in the life of an alien?  This quickly became an obsession for me.  I wrote nearly every day for months.

Ridicule over UFOs

In the beginning I was not so concerned with reducing the stigma of reporting UFOs.  If that has happened then I am happy to have contributed.  God knows, I have faced my share of the results of this stigma.  The reason I kept my experience to myself for so long was because of the ridicule Mike and I faced from our fellow soldiers immediately after our sighting.  I never told my fraternity brothers or other friends back home.  I do not even know if I ever even mentioned it to the girl I soon dated for four years afterwards.

Since going public, most people are kind to me about it.  Some are fascinated and want to talk more about it, knowing that I am a credible and lucid person with an education, actively involved in my community.  Others are skeptical; they may believe I believe what I saw but they are not so sure themselves.  A few others are downright hostile towards any mention of visits to Earth by people from other planets.  They can be cruel with their disdain for it.  I recently had to defriend someone on Facebook, in part for publicly chiding me as an "alien" (amongst other trite comments) and for trying to rally others around his disdain for me, the guy who "sees UFOs."

Whatever...  I actually do not care what people think about me for telling my story, nor should anyone else who has had some sort of encounter.  People can believe you or not believe you.  Again, I just wanted to get my info into the hands of someone who could use it.  That is done.  I can now resume my life.  Also, one only needs so many friends.  True friends will respect you.  The others, the immature debunkers, you can do without.  Besides, the tide is turning.  Even former president Obama chimed on UFOs and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich added his two cents recently, further validating the subject.  History will show that the debunkers were on the wrong side.  I am content with that.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Is the Universe Falling?

Here is a crazy thought - well, maybe more radical than crazy.  That is to say, here is something I have never heard before.  Perhaps it is new.  I doubt I am the first to think of it.  I am probably also not the first to express this thought.  As the Internet has shown all of us, whatever batshit nonsense someone can come up with, there are likely many others out there who have also thought the same thing.  So here it is:

Scientists say the Universe is expanding.  OK.  When I hear that, in my mind's eye I picture an even expansion either two-dimensionally on a plane or in all directions like the Death Star getting destroyed.  But what if neither of those is true?

Last night I was lying in bed, scrolling through Twitter while fighting a losing battle against sleep.  As I drifted in and out of consciousness I scrolled up to a picture of Yosemite Falls.  The picture made me think of aliens.  Also, eating toast or watching my grass grow makes me think of aliens but that is a whole other story.  In this case, I thought more specifically of the Universe.  I pondered the question, is the Universe really expanding or is the Universe falling?  What if we were flowing down a waterfall or a Space Falls?

Is the Universe Falling?

Is the Universe Falling?

We have all heard the the theory that our planet may be an atom in someone else's Universe.  Some would even say the Sun is the atom and all the planets in our solar system are electrons flying around it.  It is an interesting thought to ponder but you would have to be puffing on some serious stuff to actually believe it.  Still, that kind of free thinking opens the mind to entertain new ideas.  Humans do not know everything - we barely know how to make popcorn in an office microwave without making the whole building smell like burnt popcorn; how are we supposed to solve the mysteries of the Universe?

Back to my premise, last night I looked at that picture of Yosemite Falls and all sorts of ideas began to swirl in my mind like the swirling drops of water falling from the Falls.  My half-asleep mind overlaid the Universe on the Falls.  I pictured our planet as a drop of water, swirling around other drops of water, among our galaxy and an infinite number of other galaxies.  All these galactic particles were falling at the same rate and in the same general direction and yet they were expanding away from each other at the same time.

In the picture of Yosemite Falls, the water starts in a narrow channel at the top and ends in a wide spray at the bottom.  It is like the scatter-shot of a shotgun except the water is not being propelled by an explosive force, it is simply falling due to gravity.  As the water falls it expands out in every direction.  It goes a little more to the left, right, and straight ahead than it does to the back, and some portions of the water shoot off in an unpredictable manner.  This could be due to wind or to the shape of the exit chute above.  

If the Universe were the same, to us it would seem like everything was expanding away from an initial source.  Perhaps then, the Big Bang was not an explosion after all.  Perhaps something is causing the Universe to be drawn in a certain direction like gravity draws water off a cliff.  We would not be aware of what is outside the Falls.  We would only observe water, like an astronomer observes space.  

There would be finite boundaries to our Universe in this scenario.  These boundaries are not physical; nothing would constrain us from penetrating the boundaries of the Universe other than Newtonian principles.  Occasionally "a drop of space" would drift away from the path on a gust of wind.  But for the most part all particles of our Universe would adhere to each other while also expanding away from each other.

In the picture, the water that is farthest from the top is expanding farther than the water at the top.  If our Universe were the same, would it seem like the expansion is increasing in velocity the farther we got from The Source?  Is our Universe not expanding at a more rapid rate as time goes on?  Perhaps this rate is relative.

What would be The Source, in this case?  A water source is derived from a weather cycle.  Are there similar cycles in space?  Perhaps, rather than everything expanding from a single point, the "weather" cycles of space eventually bring everything back to that "mountain stream" where we have perceived the Big Bang to have taken place.  My Möbius Universe theory could be adapted to accommodate this new Space Falls theory, congruently.

What happens when the waterfall expands to the point that there are air pockets in the stream?  Is this the Dark Matter that Science (whoever that is) has observed in space, pockets of an outside substance seeping into our ever expanding drift from The Source.

We're gonna need a bigger boat

If this were all true, what consequences does this bestow upon space travel?  If we wanted to travel away from The Source it would be easy.  We would just need a ship.  Our ship would be buoyant in the Falls, in a weightless environment similar to that created by a Reduced-Gravity Aircraft, also known as a "Vomit Comet" where there is gravity but its effects are not felt.  Perhaps in space, it is not really a zero-gravity environment.  Rather, there is a tremendous amount of gravity - we just cannot feel it because everything we know is within the stream, all falling and expanding somewhat in unison (though, not quite).

Traveling towards The Source would be another story.  In this case we would need a ship that could in  a sense fight gravity.  A rocket-propelled ship could travel to other water particles in our Space Falls but there would be extremely low limits on its range.  Eventually, the ship would run out of fuel or its occupants would die of old age.  Current technology would not ever allow us to reach The Source by traveling towards it.

We could, conceivably, reach The Source by traveling away from it.  If we view our Space Falls as part of either a space weather system or as something like a Möbius Strip, traveling in the direction of the fall/flow would eventually transport us back to The Source.  But that could literally take forever.  There would have to be a better way.  After all, aliens can get here and leave here.  If they can get from there to here (wherever there is) we know that somebody solved the problem.

If you stand at the top of a waterfall, right near the edge, your face will get wet.  How does that happen?  As water shoots off the cliff, scattering in every direction, some drops of water get mistified.  Gentle winds may then carry these droplets of mist in the opposite direction of gravity, back towards The Source, or even in an entirely different direction.  Could similar processes be at work in space?  Is there a way to escape the Flow of space expansion and ride a breeze (or preferably a gust of wind) back towards The Source or away from The Flow to a whole other Flow?

I have never been a fan of the Multiverse theory but what if these concepts are related?  Yosemite Falls is not the only waterfall in the world, and certainly not the only river.   What if these Space Falls were all over the place, all part of a space ecosystem, eventually flowing out to a space sea?

Comment below.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Are Humans like Dolphins to Aliens?

Last summer, 2020, I had the good fortune to be included on a TV show about military service people who had witnessed UFO sightings.  The show was called Unidentified.  It was exciting for me to see my story told to an international audience.  This was not why I did the show, in fact I never wanted any publicity from this event.  I had kept it somewhat of a secret between me and a few close friends and family members for three decades.  Nevertheless, it was indeed exciting to see myself on TV and to hear my story told.

Not long after the show's airing I received a few calls and emails from friends telling me, "I Saw One Too," as it were.  One of them stood out because it came from a very credible person whom I had not spoken with, other than on social media, in probably ten years.  She is an educated, senior-ranking professional with a major corporation.  I have known her since the 1990's and we have dozens of mutual friends.  I have no reason to doubt this person or her stories.  

Yes, stories, plural.  I do have skepticism when I hear that someone has had multiple UFO experiences.  What are the odds?  I had one close encounter, out in a forest while guarding an ammunition cache on a military base.  There are numerous reasons why I was in the right place at the right time.  There is no reason anything like this would ever happen to me a second time.  Most people never have one encounter.  Why is it that some people would have two or more?

Skepticism notwithstanding, I approach every conversation about a sighting with an open mind.  After all, my story itself is unbelievable to anyone who has not gone down the #UFOTwitter rabbit hole.  Who am I to say that my story is true and all others are not.  I want to listen and learn.  Maybe there is some good information that should be shared with others, like the YouTube interview I did about cops and aliens.

The subject of this blog post today wanted to keep her anonymity.  That is the main reason I have kept this to myself for the past half year.  Also, I was waiting for the right time to tie it in with some analysis and further pontification.  That time is now.  

Red Flying Orbs

I will call my friend "Mrs. Grey" to protect her identity.  Our call started off the way any call between two old friends would start.  How you doing?  Good!  How you doin'?  OK!  OK!  How are the kids?  Good, how are you?  Busy working...  I saw your show... 

One of Mrs. Grey's stories was about several lights that came out over a field in Somerset County, New Jersey around dusk every night in the summer of 2007.  The lights were red and about the size of the globe at the World Trade Center.  I asked if she meant the one that was moved to Battery Park.  She said yes.  We guessed it was somewhere between twenty and thirty feet (7-10 meters) in diameter.  There were multiple witnesses.  One night there was some interaction between the lights and a motorcycle rider. 

Red Flying Orbs

I asked if Mrs. Grey thought the lights were some kind of being or some kind of craft or ship.  This question seems to have never occurred to her.  She could not answer.  She seemed to think they were looking for something or gathering information, "Just checking it out."  One thing she was certain of was, "They could see me, I could see them."

There was nothing conclusive about this but it was interesting to listen to my friend recount her memories.

The better story, the one that gave me a slight chill took place in the spring of 1978 outside Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Around age sixteen, Mrs. Grey and her friend were driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike heading home from a drum and bugle corps show.  There was much less light pollution at the time, making it quite dark in that part of the state.  She says you could see the Northern Lights, it was so dark.  "And all of a sudden... this... sphere..."

Mrs. Grey's friend noticed a light coming up on the two girls from behind them and said, "What the hell is that?"  It was colored, more like a taillight than a headlight.  Then, one light became two.  The girls freaked out.  They sped up.  The lights sped up.  This continued for several miles.  Then the lights were, "Boom, gone!"  

All these years later, Mrs. Grey says, "It was bizarre.  It was bizarre," almost doubting her own story.  I asked if the lights dissolved or disappeared.  She said they flew away, "You know, up and out."

Over the years, Mrs. Grey would see her friend and ask if she remembered the incident.  The friend would reply, "Yup, I remember that night."  Other than that, she had never told anyone this story until calling me.

We talked more about the lights.  "It was just these round, red, spheres.  That's all I can say," Mrs. Grey continues.  "I guess they could see our red taillights; maybe they thought we were their friends?"  The lights were probably about the size of a basketball, small enough that she could not imagine there was anything (or anyone) in them.

To clarify, I asked if they looked like the size of a basketball in the mirror or they were actually the size of a basketball.  Mrs. Grey confirmed they were the size of a basketball.  She knows because at one point the lights actually came up on either side of the car.  At this point, Mrs. Grey struggles to describe what she saw.  "You couldn't see... I'm not going to say you couldn't see through it.  You could see through it but..."  She fumbles through the words in her mental thesaurus, "Opaque," and "Translucent," discarding both before settling on, "Milky.  But red."  It was bright.  "To me, it felt like it was energy," Mrs. Grey offers.

I asked if she had a good feeling or a bad feeling about it at the time.  She said good.  Were you scared?  She indicated the girls were a little scared but the lights approached them too quickly to have had time to think anything other than, "What the hell is that and how long is this going to be here?"  Then when the lights went away the girls were left dumbfounded and curious.  "Intrigued," is the word Mrs. Grey uses.

Because there were two incidents, I asked Mrs. Grey if she thought there was something significant about her.  She said no, she was in the right place at the right time.  Going back to '78 she returns to the thought about being the only ones driving on a very dark road in a big car with red taillights.  Maybe the lights following them identified with her taillights.  It is clear she has thought about this many times over many years, just as I have about my own incident.  She is not sure what drew the lights to her car but keeps coming back to the color of the lights and her taillights and that perhaps there was a feeling of kinship on the part of the flying orbs.

The lights moved at the same speed the car did.  Mrs. Grey did not think it was anything man-made.  She could not determine if they were beings or crafts - maybe both.  But they were definitely not something from Earth, "yeah, like, 'Oh, UFO...'"

Oddly, I remembered my mom had told me about UFO sightings on the Pennsylvania Turnpike during that same time period.  She did not personally see anything but remembered hearing about it on the radio on a night when she and my dad were driving down that same stretch of road.  I asked her about it afterwards but we could not conclude definitively that there was any connection to Mrs. Grey's story.

I mentioned to Mrs. Grey that she was not the only old friend to tell me a sighting story now that people know about my story.  She replied, "We live in a big old fat galaxy - people are really stupid to think we're the only ones here.  With all these planets???  Come on, now."

We continued talking about other UFO incidents for a while and wrapped up with a chat about my real favorite subject, skiing.  We made loose plans to meet up during the ski season sometime.  I agreed not to use Mrs. Grey's real name if I ever published any of this.

Are Humans like Dolphins to Aliens?

One of the first blog articles I wrote in 2018 analogized humans to aliens the same way dolphins relate to humans.  In other words, perhaps humans are like dolphins to aliens, I wrote.  In each instance, a ship full of intellectually superior beings floats overhead, sometimes abducts one of the lesser beings, and shoots off at incredible speeds.

I got thinking about this dolphin analogy again after hearing my friend Mrs. Grey's story.  I remembered how I took the family to Key West a few years ago.  We drove over the Seven Mile Bridge to the southern most point in the continental United States.  We made some of our favorite memories.

Key West is known as a party town, the Bourbon Street of Florida.  There are more bars on one block than in my whole town.  My family did  not partake in these festivities.  One of our plans in The Keys was to swim with dolphins.  That sounded like a lot of fun.  It is also pretty expensive and we began having moral issues debating how humane it is to do that.  In the end we opted to go on a dolphin-watch boat ride instead.  But still, many people do this swimming-with-dolphins thing.  Why?

Why do people like to swim with dolphins?  Well, they are cute, for one thing.  They are incredibly smart, for animals.  They seem like animals we would like to befriend and make pets out of.  They are like dogs but wetter - probably smarter too.  Maybe we could make a connection and be friends!  Swimming with dolphins sounds like a lot of fun.  I am told it is.

When Mrs. Grey tells me her story about red flying orbs I am reminded of other stories.  I think of Foo Fighters, shadowing early fighter planes.  I think of the similarities between the stories.  The lights appear out of nowhere, like humans do to dolphins.  They seem to tag an airplane, or in Mrs. Grey's case, a car.  They fly along at the same speed as the plane or car, maintaining a certain distance.  Maybe to a flying orb, following us around is like swimming with dolphins.  It is fun.  It makes great memories.  Maybe they could even make a connection with us and be friends!

Earth just may be the last habitable planet in the Continental Milky Way.  We do not know.  We are definitely not at the center of the galaxy.  Perhaps Earth is the Key West of the Milky Way and we are like dolphins to aliens.

Does that make Earth a party planet?  Every answer spawns a new question.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, February 5, 2021

What do I do if I meet an alien?

The other night I woke up at precisely 2:00 a.m.  Eyes sprung open like a mouse trap and stared at the clock.  I was cold.  The thermostat in the master bedroom read 64.  Single digit temperatures outside make it hard for the heating system to keep up in a ridiculously large house.  I should have made it smaller.

I looked around the room in the blue light of a full moon.  I could take it.  I like the cold.  But maybe the kids could use some more heat.  I got up and put on my slippers and favorite blue hoodie, the one from the motorcycle shop.  It has a stain on the sleeve and has shrunken in the wash but I still wear it around the house.  I went downstairs to load up the wood stove.

I was careful not to wake the dogs.  I did not want to be up long, waiting for them to come inside after begging to go out.  I stirred the coals and stacked the stove full of logs.  I took the opportunity to visit the bathroom.  The fire was catching.  I walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Sipping water from a porcelain tea cup, I looked out the windows over the sink.  The bright moon lit up everything.  It reminded me of the night of my UFO encounter in Gagetown, New Brunswick.  So bright, it was almost like the day.

Sometimes on nights like that I will think about aliens.  Sometimes on nights not like that I will think about aliens.  I stood there staring through the blue haze and wondered what I would do if a spaceship touched down on the lawn right at that very moment.

If it were summer I would probably be upset that they were messing up my grass.  I have about the worst lawn in my neighborhood but I put a lot of work into it each week.  It is winter, though, so I would not worry about the grass right now.

I should get a camera, I thought.  If I saw another spaceship no one would believe me.  I myself am skeptical of people with multiple sighting stories.  What are the odds?  It was a freak occurrence that I saw even one spaceship, let alone as close as I was and for as long as I did.  It is extremely doubtful anything like that would ever happen to me again.  I would certainly need photographic evidence this next time.  Otherwise, I would probably just keep it to myself like I did with the first sighting for so many years.

But what if it took off while I was running up the stairs to grab my phone?  Would it be better to go out and greet the ship's occupants without any photos or to risk missing that but possibly get a clear photo of it?  I have thought of this many times.  When you have a close encounter in your past you tend to think about things like this with some frequency.  I have had this internal debate before.

I have vacillated on this more times than I can remember.  Sometimes I think having the photo would be better.  Sometimes I go with greeting the visitors.  This night I decided I would go outside, freezing as it were, and try to make contact.  This led me down the rabbit hole to my next thought:

What do I do if I meet an alien?

The few credible alien abduction stories I have heard do not sound like positive experiences.  People are scared out of their minds.  They are cold.  They are uncomfortable.  They may be in pain.

Fear, I understand.  During my encounter I experienced a level of fear few will ever comprehend.  I responded to a Twitter follower recently that it was as if every nerve in my body was screaming.  This went on for the majority of the five to seven minute encounter.  It subsided only after the ship began gliding out of view and I summoned the courage to get up and follow it.

Cold?  Well, see above.  I grew up six miles from Canada.  When I was a kid we played soccer before school every morning regardless of the temperature.  We usually did not have hats and gloves.  The one kid who wore gloves would be the goalie.  Getting hit by a frozen soccer ball is like getting hit by a cannonball.  For the record, I have never been hit by a cannonball but it cannot be much worse than playing goalie in sub-zero temperatures.

Discomfort, I can do - I am over six feet tall with arthritis in my knees and have flown cross-country in coach dozens of times.  It is not a pleasant experience.  But I suck it up and do it.

And pain, well, I am not a fan of that but I have broken bones in a motorcycle accident, fought off cancer and pneumonia, and been married going on fifteen years now.  I suppose I can deal with some level of pain.

I do not say all of this to brag.  It is merely to make the point that I am prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at me if I had the opportunity to board an alien spaceship.  I may eat those words if it were to ever happen but right now I am willing to take the chance.

If I ever did see another UFO, unlikely as it were, I would flag it down and try to hitch a ride.  I would want to meet the people inside and find out what they were like.  I would want to initiate Contact.  I am doubtful they would stop and pick me up.  I once tried to hitchhike around Valencia in Spain and no one picked me up.  I must have walked thirty miles before jumping on a train back to Xàtiva.  (There is a lot more to that story but it will have to wait for another time.)  I would expect things to be different if a spaceship landed on the lawn.  But who knows?

So, OK, what if I did manage to make it aboard an alien spaceship?  What would I do?

I think the first thing I would want to do is to make sure my hosts did not perceive me as a threat.  Think about how a strange dog acts.  He will mirror your reaction to him.  If you are scared or aggressive, he will be scared or aggressive.  If you are calm and kind, you can put your hand out and he may come over and sniff it.  This may not be the case with every dog but it is a fair generalization.

What you do with your hands in that situation matters a great deal.  Dogs know that hands can harm the same way their teeth can harm.  People know this too.  It is why Western gentlemen have shaken hands for thousands of years, to show each other there are no weapons in their hands.  Easterners do something similar before sparring with martial arts - they wave their arms across their bodies and stand with their hands at their sides, fists open, prior to taking a combative stance and opening up a can of whoop-ass on  you.

I would to the same with aliens.  Not the part about opening up a can of whoop-ass - I would want them to see that my hands were not hiding anything and were also not to be used as weapons themselves.

Next, I would want to show respect.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) must be thousands, if not millions, of years more advanced that humankind is.  They would be highly intelligent.  They would have had much time to work out a complex and advanced culture.  They would be my superior in every way.

This is difficult for many people to accept, especially here in America.  Humans are the dominant species on our planet and Americans are the dominant people in the species - that is to say, Americans believe we are the best, whether that is true or not.  Surely we must be the baddest daddies in the Universe.  

Hollywood leads us to believe that any invading cosmic army can be defeated by human/American grit and ingenuity.  But in reality, we need to face the likelihood that with aliens we are like ants to them.  They could squash us or study us or simply ignore us.  If we were graced with their interest in communicating we would have to accept our position in the pecking order.  We are way down towards the bottom of that list, probably somewhere just above a planet full of dogs.

Perhaps over time we could work towards a more equal footing.  We could meet other civilizations and find out where this first one ranked in the cosmic pecking order.  Are they more like the EU nations or Afghanistan?  Imagine if we were visited by the Afghanis of space?  We would be screwed.  I hope they are more like the Europeans - modern Europeans, that is, not the ones that came to America and killed off most of the Indians and started the slave trade.

In order to show my respect for my alien hosts I would take a deep bow.  This is common across most human cultures.  Bowing one's head is a sign of respect and courtesy no matter where you are from.  Bowing at the waist is even more respectful and taking a knee, even more so.  

Initially, I would not look them in the eye.  Even between species it is often advised to not look a predator in the eye.  This may cause the animal to charge at you and attack you.  Instead, you should look away and slowly back away.

My first demonstration of respect and peace would be to open my palms, bow my head, and take a knee.  I would hold this pose for some time before slowly returning to a more natural stance and gradually looking my hosts in the eye.

What do I do if I meet an alien?

Eye contact is something I am less certain of.  In my interview with "John" the European police officer who had a close encounter he was extremely frightened by the eyes of the creature.  He said the eyes were big and black and looking at it inspired fear, no other emotions, just pure fear.  I wonder if I would have the courage to look an alien in the eyes and maintain my stare.  John had a pistol which he drew on the creature.  I would be unarmed, most likely.

Once both parties had established that we are mutually peaceful my next instinct would be to start asking a bunch of question like, "How does faster-than-light travel work," and, "Why do men have nipples?"  But I would have to squelch that urge.  As I wrote in What Would You Ask an Alien no one travels across the galaxy to be greeted by primitive people with a bunch of questions about physics or anatomy.  I probably would not understand the answers anyway.  I have only the most rudimentary understanding of physics.  I would have to hold my questions until a more appropriate time.

I would also want to ask for something but that too would be wrong.  Right now, if an alien granted me three wishes I would wish cure humanity of all diseases, eternal life for all those who want it, and then I would have to think fast and come up with something more personal just for myself.  Being on the spot I would likely ask for something stupid like an alien-designed snowboard.  It would be cool to have something like that but then people would mock me for all eternity for screwing up one of the wishes, like, "Why didn't you ask for wealth or your own spaceship or three more wishes?"  And then I would have to be like, "It was aliens, not a genie, you fool!"  I would get tired of this after a while.

I wrote in Alien Proxy War that our leaders would want aliens to share military tech with us.  Then I wrote in Alien Health and Beauty that most individuals would want health and youth, as restated above.  But if I were to actually meet an alien I would not ask for anything right off the bat.  Sure, people would ask me afterwards why I did not ask a bunch of questions or ask for any gifts but that is not how diplomacy works.  I am not a diplomat but I did see Dances with Wolves and I am pretty sure that relations with people of a highly different culture should begin with an offering rather than a request.

Alien Diplomacy

In time, I would ask many questions and make many requests but initially I would offer something instead.  What would I have to offer aliens that they would not already have?  Anyone who can get from there to here would be able to produce anything they wanted.  Like Dr. Glascock said in the Trading with Aliens series of video clips I recorded, aliens would likely not need any of our commodities or products.  Maybe they would have a curiosity about some native wares, the same way I was interested in buying a wooden mask when I went to Africa.  But otherwise we would not have much to offer, as a people.

The one thing I could offer to alien visitors that is more valuable than any product is myself.  In an effort to further spur official Contact and intergalactic relations I would offer to be an ambassador or a liaison between our peoples.  

I am pretty good with languages.  I picked up Spanish in two weeks - do not test me, that was twenty years ago, but it came pretty naturally.  I already had a background in French.  Spanish is like French but with different pronouns and an O at the end of everything.  German was pretty easy too.  It is like English with a German accent.  I think I could pick up Klingon or whatever they speak on Kepler-62f pretty quickly.  Obviously, I am exaggerating a little, but not much.

I am also good at blending with different cultures.  I come from a small farm town, got an education, lived in good and bad parts of New York City, and traveled the US and the world.  I have employed or found jobs for hundreds of blue collar workers and highly educated professionals alike and gotten along well with each of them.  I could chill with some aliens, brah.  It would not be long before I would be sporting the alien versions of a Dashiki and a Sombrero with a Kilt and some Wooden Shoes.  Certainly, I would look ridiculous to my Earthan brethren but I would represent my new friends from space, y'all.  

Ambassador to Aliens

Perhaps aliens would scoff at me being their ambassador.  I mean, who am I, really?  After hearing my offer they may look around the room at each other, uncomfortably scoping for any note of approval or a sign of how to let me down easy.  The head alien guy would be like, "Actually, puny Earthan (* ahem *, no offense, like, you're just puny, you know?), we were hoping you could introduce us to Luis Elizondo."  And then I would be like, "Ya, I could text him for you but you see, I left my phone at home.  What had happened was, I was going to grab it so I could get some pictures of you guys but then I thought it would be more important to like, you know, make contact?  How about you give me your number and I'll put you guys in touch."  Then I would probably crumple up the number and never call it like every Saturday night in my twenties.  It was all about getting the digits.

Perhaps these are delusions of grandeur.  But I think it would be pretty cool to be an ambassador to aliens.  I have been looking for a career change recently.  Running The Best Staffing Company in the World is hard work.  I am pretty sure that Ambassador to Aliens would be an easier job.  It would be a fun challenge, anyway.  

Before heading home I would ask the aliens if I could use the bathroom.  It does not matter if I had to go or not.  I would just want an opportunity to pocket something I could use later to prove I was there.  Maybe it would be one of those fancy soaps that you put out for guests that are shaped like rose blooms.  I would not take one of the monogrammed guest towels, though.  That would be way overboard, like petit larceny or criminal mischief.  Maybe I would just snatch a piece of alien toilet paper.  I bet it is super soft and absorbent.  It does not matter what it is, just something little, a trinket to prove I was there.

I then would ask the aliens to return me to my house - not a few miles away like they did to Travis Walton.  What's up with that?  It is too cold out for me to be put to sleep in a snowbank far away from home  I would freeze to death if I were not able to make it back inside within twenty minutes.  My friends would all be like, "So weird, he went out in his pajamas and no shoes.  What, was he chasing another UFO, or something?"  Then they would all have a good hearty laugh.  They know me.

Back at my kitchen sink my daydream faded and the windows came back into focus.  They need to be cleaned, I thought.  I finished my water and put the empty cup aside to reuse later.  I walked back into the living room to check the fire.  It was raging.  I closed the flue and the damper and went back to bed.  Confident I will know what to do the next time, I fell fast asleep.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.