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Friday, October 9, 2020

What does Lue Elizondo Know?

Luis Elizondo possesses more knowledge regarding UFOs than nearly any other person on Earth.  He worked in the Pentagon heading its UFO investigation program AATIP prior to joining the private sector.  He knows about government investigations into UFOs.  He knows about Disclosure.  However, I believe having spoken with Lue many times that people tend to think he knows more than he does on a variety of tangential subjects.  

Yes, he was privy to extensive amounts of Classified information, enough he says to convince any skeptic we are indeed being visited.  But there are many other subjects related to UFO investigations which he is assumed to know about which he is simply out of the loop on.  This includes most conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs and their purported connection to government.

We began this most recent conversation talking about how much things had changed since we last met.  When Lue came to my house to interview me for Unidentified on the History Channel that was less than a week before we went into complete lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  He told me my interview was the last one he was able to do with a full camera crew.

What does Lue Elizondo Know?
What does Lue Elizondo Know?

After Lue interviewed me in February, A&E Networks was not able to put anyone on a plane and send them on location to finish Unidentified.  Lue was given some equipment which he had no experience with and told to do the work himself.  He was apologetic about the "poor camera work and sound engineering" quality of the last few episodes.  I had not noticed but joked with him that I would go back and re-watch the series so I could scrutinize it.

Since then, the news media has been consumed with everything Coronavirus, on top of everything that is going on politically and economically.  Regarding Unidentified and other news about UFOs, Lue said, "In any other time had this information come out we would probably be seeing a tsunami of people who are interested... maybe even Congressional hearings."

This article is Part II of a video conference interview I had with Lue on October 1, 2020.  The first article focused on who is Lue Elizondo, as a person.  This article will detail some of what Lue knows, some breadcrumbs he dropped during the course of this and other discussions and some conclusions I drew from that data.  I will go over:

  • Is Lue Elizondo an Agent of Disclosure?
  • Why does the Government keep secrets about UFOs?
  • When will Disclosure Happen?

I wrap up the Disclosure section at the end with some conclusions based on this and other conversations I have had with Lue.

Is Lue Elizondo an Agent of Disclosure?

There are a small number of people on social media who believe Lue is still working for the US government.  Some believe he was put out there as an "agent of Disclosure" to ease the public into a big announcement confirming that aliens exist.  The rest seem to think he is tasked with spreading disinformation, for some reason.  

Lue casually defended himself without seeming defensive about it.  "You're entitled to your opinion," he replied.  "Hopefully you have an open enough of a mind to look at the facts and data and see what we've done over the past three years."  This is logic people on #UFOTwitter have expressed, as well.  I am a good example.  I was able to get the story of my UFO sighting out to those who can do something with it after having sat on this information for nearly three decades.  My experience is contrary to the notion that Lue would be in the business of spreading disinformation.  So if I seem a little biased it is with good cause.  But I am one person with one story.  I will let Lue tell his own story.

"I'm not asking for credit for this," he goes on to say.  "Look at this and rather than reflexively saying, 'Oh, this is a Government Op,' well, what does that even mean?  You haven't even worked for the government.  How do you know what a Government Op looks like?"  

"We don't do these things to our own people."  Lue acknowledged that at one time many years ago the US government did some terrible things to its own citizens.  The Tuskegee Airmen is a prime example.  When these stories came to light things changed.  Laws were passed to prevent that.  He is not aware of anything like that today.  "If I were to do that I would have been fired and put into jail, lost my badge, lost my Security Clearance."  This does not convince some people.  Lue shrugs it off, "People are ultimately entitled to believe what they want to believe."

Lue Elizondo on Government Ops

There may always be a category of people who will never believe Lue.  He does not concern himself with that group.  "These are individuals that have their own minds made up," he says.  "They have come to some preconceived conclusion, some narrative that they feel comfortable with and nothing is gonna dissuade them."  Instead, Lue will, "Continue to do my job: Collect the truth and speak the truth, that's it."

The job Lue does now for TTSA is not much different from what he did while working in the Pentagon.  He collects information and presents it, "in a consumable manner," for the American People to process and draw their own conclusions.

While explaining this, Lue falls back into some old personal history.  He begins a narration with a projection of the UFO Community ("#UFOTwitter") as the "jury" which judges his presentations.  In mid-sentence this morphs into that jury being his former colleagues in the government, "At the end of the day I don't care what it means to them.  It's their decision.  If they want it to be a national security priority, 'You know what, this is interesting but, yeah, not worth spending tax-payer dollars on,' fine.  I'm fine with either decision, but at least let them have that conversation and the decision.  Don't squelch the conversation because you don't like where it's going.  

"And that's my biggest concern and probably my biggest challenge I had when I was in the government is that some people didn't even want to have the conversation.  That to me, I think it's disingenuous.  I don't think we have the best interest of the American People when we do that.  When we hide the truth inevitably the truth is gonna come out either way."

Why does the Government keep secrets about UFOs?

One of the criticisms often levied against Lue and others whom #UFOTwitter considers to be in a position of authority is there is too much secrecy.  Responses to simple questions are enigmatic.  These authorities stand above the peasants obfuscating their data - they say much and reveal little.  People simply want to know do we have evidence of alien visitations?  For example, do we or do we not have crashed spaceship materials?  If so, why not have a transparent public examination of these materials?

From the conversations I have had with Lue it seems like if it were up to him he would dump most if not everything he knows onto the public.  The reason he cannot explicitly declare everything he knows is because he is bound by the covenants of his Secret Clearance.  He colloquially calls it an "NDA" or Non-Disclosure Agreement because that is the vernacular most private citizens are familiar with.  In actuality it is the SF86 form he was required to sign while in the service of the government which gives very specific limits on what information you can and cannot share with the public.  

Lue can never talk about information declared Classified until that designation expires.  That expiration date is up to the government, not him.  Sometimes it is twenty-five years, sometimes seventy-five.  It is out of Lue's hands.  Even though he is no longer working for the US government he is still bound by federal law to abide by the secrecy terms of that contract.  The consequence of breaking that contract could mean prison time.  He has a family to consider.  Prison or exile à la Edward Snowden are not options.

Lue has been forthcoming in this interview.  That includes the admission that there is a level of deliberate secrecy on the UFO Phenomenon in the government.  His explanation again is National Security, however, he provides further details - he lifts the covers on this blanket reason.  Our government does not want to acknowledge what it knows because that would give American adversaries the impetus to "build against it."  If we had a game-changing technology in our hands, like a crashed UFO, other countries would attempt to replicate it, just like they did after the development of the nuclear bomb.  This, to me, implicitly declares we do indeed have something.  But he did not say that and would not be able to say what it was, if asked.  

This is a segue into Lue's then upcoming blog post about the time Soviet Russia shot down a U2 spy plane.  "It wasn't until the Russians were able to shoot down, successfully, a U2 spy plane did they admit to their own people, 'Hey, the Americans are flying a reconnaissance aircraft over our country.'"  The implication is that perhaps there are some people in the US government who know UFOs are observing us but for national security reasons the information is being withheld - the detailed reason being that they do not know what to do about it.  

Lue Elizondo on Keeping Secrets

In the case of the U2, "They didn't have a solution.  Why do you tell your people you have a problem and that you don't have a solution.  That's a bad thing."  Lue disagrees with this approach though, "The problem is, the longer you sit on that secret, it has a perishable shelf-life - the longer it becomes a liability, because at some point when the truth does come out people are gonna look back and now that secret that you used to protect yourself is now being used as a weapon against you."  He wraps up with glints of hope for those yearning for Disclosure, "Keeping secrets from your own people can only last for so long before the advantages start getting outweighed by those disadvantages of keeping something secret."

If the government does have a crashed UFO or some materials alien to our planet, as many in the UFO Community assert, perhaps those who are studying it do not understand it.  They do not want to admit there is a problem without a solution.  Or they do not want to admit the solution is too complex to implement.  "Governments are paid to have answers.  Governments are paid to protect their people and ensure national sovereignty."  These metaphors provoke further tacit implications.

Lue Elizondo on Secrecy

Who is driving the Disclosure Process?

Some #UFOTwitter folks question the National Security "excuse".  Conspiracy theories say that we, here on Earth, are not the ones driving this UFO Disclosure process.  Most others would say that notion is absurd.  Lue took the question seriously.  He said before the interview began that no question was off limits.  Apparently, he had already put some thought into this one.

Lue likened the belief that humans are not in control of Disclosure to forces beyond our control which influence us, like the weather.  "Is it possible there's something out there that is influencing us?  Well we know the environment sure as hell does.  It's not purposely trying to hurt us or influence us but it does."  

Could there be other forces out there trying to interfere with us?  "Sure, but you have to have the evidence to back that up."  He says you need data to support the hypothesis, otherwise it is just a belief.  To be clear and to dispel any new conspiracy theories before they start, he does not seem to be aware of any data which would confirm this hypothesis.  "It doesn't mean you're wrong, you could still be right.  Lots of people take an educated guess on something and wind up being right.  I'm not criticizing them.  I'm just saying be very careful when someone states something as a fact when indeed it's not really a fact; maybe it's a belief, 'I think,' right?  Versus, 'I know.'"

Lue does have some "I thinks" in addition to the "I knows."  A few of his beliefs may have been changed after he read the book Chains of the Sea.  He has mentioned this to the public before.  Lue says, we may be asking the wrong question.  The question is not, where are UFOs from?  Lue emphasizes that our concept of who or what is visiting us should not be thought of as either human or alien.  It is not a black and white issue.  There may be a third or even fourth option.  He does not say what those options are but the book talks about AI and "Others".  He is ambivalent towards concepts expressed in the book.  He draws no explicit connections between the book and real life.  He simply states that his mind, his way of thinking, was expanded by reading this short story. 

Lue Elizondo on Chains of the Sea

When will Disclosure Happen?

The times, they are a changing.  I recapped Season I of Unidentified with Lue, how no one used the term "UFO".  They said "UAP" which means the same thing but is the preferred nomenclature in Government.  It is an attempt to remain distanced from people in tin-foil hats and discussions of little green men.  There was some mystery as to what the "Tic Tac" and other spaceships were, on the show.  They continuously asked, did a foreign government leap-frog us?  I intended to challenge that and perhaps change it with my interview in Season II.  I came right out and said that what I saw was indeed, "an alien spaceship."  Then, watching Season II, I heard Lue use the term "UFO" for the first time.  There was less mystery throughout this season.  What changed?

Lue said, "We're beginning to see a shift in the openness of people to have the conversation."  People in Congress and the highest levels of government are starting to talk about this.  Some Congressmen have even privately shared their own personal UFO stories with Lue.  "We've helped destigmatize the conversation... 'We' collectively, all of us, even the 'UFO Twitterverse' that's out there."  

There are now regular classified briefings by the new UAP Task Force.  They are viewing real hi-fidelity data that they can look at, classified data, "not just 'fuzzy images' that people see on a video.  Really, real good data on this."  He credits sighting witnesses who have come forward with their stories rather than himself or TTSA.

In addition, there are many of what I will call "Lone Wolf" reporters trying to bring forth whatever information they can uncover.  Lue gives them much credit and says, "There are serious people now finally taking this topic seriously."


How does one usher in Disclosure when bound by Non-Disclosure.  It happens slowly.  The door to a vault does not swing with ease.  It is pulled with great effort.  When it is first cracked open not much can be seen inside the vault.  The more time that passes the more the contents are revealed.  When that effort stops the door stops and nothing more is available.  Lue is pulling on that door with all his might.  We have seen the results of his (and others') efforts since 2017.

In addition to what Lue has explicitly shared by way of helping people like me get our stories out to the public, there are breadcrumbs being spread for the public to draw their own conclusions thereby revealing what Lue is unable to say.  It just takes some astute people to collect, analyze, and interpret the data and extrapolate the correlations.  

For example, if Lue knew the government was in possession of a crashed UFO, due to his NDA he would not be able to report that.  If he wanted the public to know about it he would have to introduce the topic in some other way, say by urging his current employer to acquire their own metamaterials suspected to have come from a crashed UFO.  

This would then imply that perhaps there are more crashed UFO materials out there somewhere in a government facility.  Then it would be up to the American People to draw these conclusions and submit specific FOIA requests for more information.  Of course, this is just an educated guess like Lue stated above.  He never told me the government has a crashed UFO.  

But this is how we need to view the pictures Lue paints in broad strokes.  The common criticism of him saying much and revealing little is valid but perhaps we need to listen more closely.  He is not showing us what we want to see, he is not able to, but he is tacitly pointing out what should be in plain sight.  Picture two kids playing Hide-and-seek.  You know where one is hiding.  The other one, the Finder, comes and asks where he is.  You cannot come out and say, "He's next to the wardrobe."  But you can point in the direction of the wardrobe and wink your eye.  From there it is up to the Finder to figure it out.

Lue said he will collect information and present it, "in a consumable manner," for the American People to process and draw their own conclusions.  He has done that.  Now we need to start drawing those conclusions and asking each other the right questions based on those results.

Lue's U2 story obviously correlates to current times.  I asked Lue, "What's our U2 Moment?"  He does not refer to a specific incident in the past or future.  Instead, he comes back to the notion that a small handful of people believe he is not genuine and ties it in to the times we are living in right at this moment.  Regardless of people's beliefs about him he says cheekily, "You're getting what you wanted anyways, right?  You wanted Disclosure, here you go.  And you wanted your government to take this seriously, here you go.   You wanted people to come forward and the media to talk about it.  Here you go.  OK.  Happy birthday!"

#UFOTwitter has been waiting for an official announcement about Disclosure.  The Disclosure process may indeed be happening right now.  It seems to have begun when Lue resigned from the government.  It will not conclude fast enough for many people.  Even once the vault door is completely open there will be smaller boxes within the vault which can only be unlocked using two keys, one from the owner of the vault, the US government, and one from the owner of the box's contents, many many individuals.  Lue and others are coaxing those individuals to reveal what they know, to unlock their safe-deposit boxes.  I am a prime example.

Disclosure is Happening

Lue feels confident this will continue to happen.  "I think [Disclosure is] happening.  I think you're already seeing me having the ability to have a discussion that just even a year ago I couldn't have."  Little by little he is able to reveal more of what he knows.  "It's happening now.  Again, this is a process, it's not an event.  People have to understand you have to have patience.  We only made it this far because we're running a marathon.  This isn't a sprint."

What happens next?  "I think there's a lot more to come," Lue told me.  "In fact I know there's a lot more to come."

Enjoying this blog?

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Who is Lue Elizondo?

Luis Elizondo is the host of History Channel's Unidentified.  Prior to that he investigated UFO reports for the Department of Defense as featured in the now legendary New York Times UFO article.  Within the UFO Community, or #UFOTwitter, Lue is perhaps the greatest force in Disclosure, #UFOTwitter's effort to push the US Government to admit and reveal its knowledge of UFOs.

I first reached out to Lue after reading that New York Times article.  Eventually, he brought my own UFO story to the public with an appearance on Unidentified.  Shortly afterwards, he texted me on a Saturday night to tell me he and his wife were watching and enjoying the episode I appeared in.  He asked me how my blog was doing.  I told him I would love to interview him for it, "Not the typical interview where the interviewer tries to pry secret info about UFOs from you.  More on a personal level - who is Lue Elizondo?"

Lue wrote back, "Sure thing!"  We had planned to do this the following week but then Hurricane Isaias knocked out power and Internet to my house for over a week.  It would take us about another two months to coordinate our schedules.

Who is Lue Elizondo?
Lue Elizondo October 1, 2020

We spoke on October first of 2020, the latest in many conversations we have had both on the phone and in person.  I was in my home office in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Lue called in from his camper, "The Château de Lue," as he calls it, somewhere in Wyoming.  He is there with his wife and their dogs, scoping out some land.  Here in the New York City area houses are snapped up by City People upon market listing without negotiation.  It is an effort to outrun the pandemic.  Lue may have similar motivations, though officially he is outrunning the Tax Man.  Taxes are lower in Wyoming and the people are friendly, he says.

Lue and I kibitzed momentarily prior to staging my official introduction for YouTube.  With respect, I told Lue it was OK if there were questions he did not want to answer.  He ponged back declaring no questions were off the table, security issues notwithstanding.  He joked it would be acceptable to ask his favorite color.  I laughed; a follower had suggested that in jest on Twitter.  For the record, it is black - no surprise to anyone who has seen Lue on TV.

My introduction began with heaps of praise.  I would not be writing this article right now if Lue had not left government service and went to the New York Times with his assertion that people in the US government know UFOs are real.  He deserves great credit for bringing people like me out of seclusion and giving us a platform with which to share our experiences with the world.  Lue brushed my accolades aside and spent the next two minutes praising me for coming forward with my story.  I appreciated the affirmation.

True to my word, the focus of the interview was:

  • Who is Lue Elizondo?
  • What does Lue Elizondo Like to do?
  • What does Lue Elizondo think?

However, when a UFO blogger and the de facto spokesman for the UFO Community get together on Zoom for an hour and a half, a myriad of subjects will come up, including UFOs.  #UFOTwitter wants to know not just what is Lue's favorite color but when will Disclosure happen?  Lue's revelations will be published in the follow-up to this article, What does Lue Elizondo Know?  For now, I am happy to present:

Who is Lue Elizondo?

"Look in the mirror.  I'm you," Lue said.  He wants to be viewed like the rest of the world.  If Lue were placed on a pedestal he would step down and help someone else up.  He is nothing special, so he would say.

There is much that people read into him, who he is, what he is all about.  He presents himself as a regular guy, a husband, a dad.  Like most dads family is valued above all else.  He wants to feed and provide for them, pay for his mortgage, "My children are fundamentally my greatest accomplishment of my life, ever!  I will never be able to achieve something that great ever again so for me everything else is frosting on the cake."

Lue has one job: to look over his two daughters, "It's not me, it's," he hesitates for such a brief moment it is nearly imperceptible but just long enough to reveal some emotion.  "It's my family."  He holds a staturous position in the UFO Community, requiring constant vigilance, "There's been some people in the press who've actually went after my kids to try to get information about me."  The apprehension in Lue's voice and body language is palpable.  

Here, Lue is haunted by past experiences, efforts stymied by political or religious beliefs of those in power.  "A lot of people, you know, let's face it, this rubs up against their philosophical and theological belief system sometimes.  And people can be cruel sometimes."  Looking out for his family occupies a permanent position at Lue Inc.

The family reciprocates.  "It's a conversation we had when I came out.  We had a very serious conversation around the table and I told them what I was going to do and that I was resigning from my post in the Department of Defense and I wanted this to be a mutual decision by the family."  Everyone was supportive.  "My daughters were amazing.  They looked me straight in the eye after hearing a half an hour speech, all teary-eyed, leaving the one thing that I loved so much and they said, 'Dad, we're proud of you, we got your back, don't worry about it.'"

Lue Elizondo on Family

Lue is the proud son of a Cuban refugee.  His father fled to Miami seeking safety and security after fighting in The Bay of Pigs.  Lue is native to the US.  He titles himself an "Exile Kid," a status he says would lead him to face a firing squad if he returned to Cuba.  This may be friendly hyperbole.  

The words and deeds of the Refugee Dad left their mark on the Exile Kid as he matured.  "My dad came to this country with a dime, literally a dime in his pocket."  Dad would say, "Nothing in life is free, son, you have to work for everything but do not take from anybody."  Those have since been guiding principles, ones the son passes on to his own progeny.

When Lue assumed his current role with To The Stars Academy the family followed, trailing him to San Diego.  It is a beautiful and interesting place inspiring a kinship with the pioneers who ventured out before him seeking a better life for themselves and their families.  California turns out to be an alien land to the Exile kid with frequent earthquakes and abominable fires sending smoke as far as his current location in Wyoming.  Sometimes pioneers flee their settlements, seeking safety and security.

Along with his girls, Lue also adores his two German Shepherds.  One, "Doesn't have a predatory bone in his body."  The other - Lue advises, "Don't come around the Elizondos' late at night, uninvited."

TV show hosts may earn a respectable salary, though most are not driving Rolls-Royces.  Lue has probably done well as the host of Unidentified.  He tempers this with, "If you're looking to get rich, most people will tell you chasing UFOs is not a way to do it.  So I've never expected to make really any money off of it."

Lue does not wear his net worth and cannot be judged on appearance.  He is proud of his Blue Collar roots and prefers to maintain that image and lifestyle rather than transitioning into "Mr. Hollywood."  When he joined the Army after college he worked two other jobs to make ends meet, while serving full-time.  His wife worked too.  "I'm not afraid to have dirt under my nails," he says.

I am Lue

No kid has ever said, "When I grow up I want to be that weird UFO Guy."  Lue agrees, there is an injurious stigma to his line of work.  He accepts this.  It is what he signed on for.  But he is deeper than the two-dimensional view of him on a TV screen.  That person is the same guy camping out with his wife and their dogs in Wyoming right now.  If one hates the guy on TV they will hate the guy in the camper.  If someone thinks, "'Hey, this kind of quirky guy with the funny goatee on TV, I think I kind of like him,' You're probably going to like having a beer with him."

What does Lue Elizondo like to Do?

Lue is "a cheapskate," his own self-deprecating moniker of frugality.  He downplays his purchase of his latest toy, the camper he and his wife are staying in.  It is a mid-range model, "The Chevy Malibu," of campers, he says.  He pulls it with a humble 1996 Ford F-350 pickup.  

Other toys are investments as it were, picked up cheap.  He gives them TLC, some attention and elbow grease, and they appreciate.  He enjoys his status as, "a gearhead."  A self-diagnosed introvert, Lue is content in the garage, "tinkering".  He builds cars, boats, and motorcycles.  "If it's got an engine, that's right up my alley."  He has a Korean War era Jeep, a World War II Jeep, and a Ural, a 2-wheel drive Russian Military motorcycle with a powered sidecar.  It is pictured in Season 2, Episode 7 of Unidentified.

The days of racing around on fast bikes are over for Lue.  At his age speed has lost its appeal.  The Ural takes him from Point A to Point B in a "safe and civilized manner."  He compares it more to driving a John Deere tractor than a racing machine.  Although, it is still a motorcycle.  He has fun on it.

What does Lue Elizondo like to do?
Lue's bike in Unidentified S2 E7

Given a relaxing scenario of having a drink with a friend, Lue brightens up.  He enjoys a nice peaty Islay Scotch.  "It's got that pungent smell of where you almost feel like you're eating a piece of Scotland, like a Scottish Sandwich, or something."  Lately he has developed a taste for Absinthe.  He stresses, the legal kind.  There is meaning in the history behind it and how it is distilled.  "I'm kind of a traditionalist."  Lue appreciates the human effort, the, "Love, caring, pride, into the work by someone," to create something, "Rather than just something generic, that is mass produced.  To me, someone who paints me a hand-made painting means more to me than someone spending ten times that amount on some sort of generic print that I can go to the mall and buy."

Once the drinks are poured it is time to eat.  "I love cooking.  I am absolutely a cook.  I admit it."  With his military service in the past, today Lue would rather eat a tasty meal than stay in shape.  "I'm not a big baker but I love using my cast iron almost exclusively.  I take pride in seasoning it and getting that thing, you know, perfect and just cooking a fabulous meal for others to enjoy.  It goes back to what we were saying about drinks, it's really the craftsmanship that I appreciate."

The same goes for wrist watches.  The brand is not important, "It has to do with the amount of human effort it took to create that time piece.  Crafting every gear and knowing that the gear ratios have to be just perfect... it has to be balanced and it has to be synchronized.  That's what I appreciate.  That's why I like cars.  It's poetry in motion to me.  It's taking something that has been thrown away and considered garbage and spending a little bit of time, a little bit of effort and attention to now bringing new life into it."  There is a recurring theme, "I do the same thing with cooking and pretty much other things that I enjoy."

Dinner at Chez Lue might include, "A fantastic little recipe," for seafood with, "White wine, lemon, butter."  He kisses his fingertips and says, "Bellissimo!"  The next course may be Italian, possibly pizza from scratch.  "Pizzas are super simple if you do your own dough, your own homemade dough, homemade sauce..."  He uses fresh basil and "good quality cheese."

It would seem that every hobby is a labor of love with Lue.  He does have one simplistic guilty pleasure: playing video games.  He owns both of the top game consoles and plays mostly first-person shooter games.  He is especially fond of games with a rich storyline.  There must also be an endless map he can explore.  He plays the entire Borderlands series, Fallout 4, and Portal 2.  Strategy and good graphics appeal to him.  His wife and daughters play too.  They are both partners and rivals.

Lue and family, gamers

Music plays a constant soundtrack in Lue's life.  "I love music!"  He may listen to Classical, Classic rock, Hard-core Industrial, Classic Country, Italian Café.  Favorite artist range a narrow contemporaneous band from 70's Easy-Listening legend, Gordon Lightfoot to 90's hard rockers, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.  "Music tells a story and music is very emotional."  Playing now in the F-350's CD player: 90's Punk Rockers, Social Distortion.

Presumably then, Lue would have been thrilled when Pop Punk rocker Tom DeLonge reached out to him with an employment offer at his To The Stars Academy.  Apparently not - Lue had no clue who DeLonge was.  He knew some of DeLonge's music, Blink-182's hits are ubiquitous, but he was not a follower.

What does Lue Elizondo Think?

Lue values genuity.  Others may judge but lack self-judgement.  While conscious of this he says everyone has bias, including himself.  He loves the spirit of human beings, the positive not the negative.  As a new user of social media he is astounded by what "normal people" post online, how strapping-in behind a keyboard empowers some to make statements about others whom they do not know personally, that they would never say face-to-face.  "Is that how they really are, or is that just something that is a part of their personality that comes alive when they get on social media?  I don't know."

Lue only recently began posting on Twitter, an unofficial induction into #UFOTwitter, "There are some people [in the UFO Community] that are really working hard to get to the bottom of this [UFO phenomenon] and they're using their brains and they're engaging and they're highly intelligent people.  I could tell you there's probably about five or six, when I was at AATIP, had I known they were out there and they had applied for a job, I would have hired them to come on to AATIP."

He dismisses accolades towards him and passes the credit to others.  He does not know if his approach to reporting information is the right way but, "There are a lot of people doing it wrong."  He was diplomatic about naming names.  "My mother always told me not to talk ill about people if they're not in front of me."  Generally, "Anybody who tries to give you a preconceived narrative, or worse tries to tell you not to listen to somebody else, that's your first sign that they don't know what they're talking about."  Lue believes, "Knowledge is power.  I think the more people you talk to, the better the situation.  If you want to talk to me and then turn around and talk to anybody else, I don't care; I think you should.  I think you should try to arm yourself with as much information as possible."

Yes, but who, Lue?  "Anybody who's gonna tell you that they know for what these things are, can conjure things up at will and charge money for it - anybody who's going to charge you money to have an encounter..." he hesitates, " with -- a -- UFO... and again, I'm just talking general here - I think you got to be careful with that."  

There are a few snake oil salesmen who will immediately come to mind to #UFOTwitter members.  "There are some charlatans.  There's people out there that have spent twenty years creating a cottage industry for themselves of lies and deception and now that the truth is coming out, they're scrambling.  It's all hands on deck, baby.  Full information campaign to try to squelch the truth because now, 'My narrative is in trouble.'  That's the problem.  You never should have had a narrative because you don't know.  There are no such things as experts in UFOs, not even in the US government, otherwise we'd all be flying in them right now."

In casual conversation Lue mentions his coworkers at To The Stars Academy using labels like, "my colleague Steve Justice," or "my buddy Tom [DeLonge]."  #UFOTwitter knows these people without introduction.  Some may call these men Lue's friends.

"'Friend' is an awfully big commitment," he joked, "I don't know if I have any friends."  He has a "profound" level of "comradery and respect" for his coworkers.  The starkly varied backgrounds of each individual in the organization is fodder for friendly and professional debate.  They may not share views on politics or religion but they respect one another.  They trust each other.  They can speak openly "without fear of reprisal," like Lue has faced in the past.

Yeah, but do you guys hang out after work?  Do you meet up for 50 cent wings and five dollar pitchers and watch Monday Night Football at the corner pub?  The crew's professional diversity leaves little common ground outside the subject of UFOs.  Lue explains that Tom DeLonge is a musician and spends much of his free time rehearsing.  In contrast, Lue prefers to work on an engine in his garage.  That notwithstanding, Lue has been to Tom's house many times.  Jim Semivan, Hal Putoff, Chris Mellon, all the TTSA gang are, "incredibly welcoming and warm."  They each have received Lue and his family at their homes as part of their family.

Bonus Content

When Lue was here to interview me at my place last February he picked up on an art piece that hangs in my office.  It is artist Tim Kelly's colored pencil sketch of the Grady Twins from The Shining depicted as aliens.  I bought it at the Pine Bush UFO Fair last year.  Lue asked confirmatively if I had only just recently gotten into the UFO scene.  I said yes, only since first engaging with him and the producers of Unidentified.  When I interviewed Lue last week I asked him the same thing.  "Was this always something that you followed and had a belief?"  He said no.  "Was there a turning point at which a lightbulb went on and you said, 'Woah!  There's something to this.'"

What does Lue Elizondo think?
The Grady Twins as Aliens

Lue never had the luxury to think about UFOs prior to becoming involved with the subject, "I was too busy catching and chasing bad guys.  It wasn't until I had my... initial meeting with the then director of the former [AATIP] program that I came to the understanding that they really mean that there are UFOs out there.  When he says 'UAP' they mean, 'UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects,' and we're taking this topic very seriously, and at that point it was kind of a slow, gradual realization that we're dealing with something here that really, truly is not some sort of conventional technology.  We really don't know what they hell these are but they really are there.  I think that was kind of the epiphany for me which occurred in the 2008 timeframe."

I pressed further, "What was that one piece of information that pushed you over the edge?"

"Ooh," Lue shook his head.  "It wasn't one.  It was many.  I got to be careful what I say here but I can guarantee you that 99 percent of your audience right now, if they were to see a couple things that I was privy to..." he shakes his head vigorously from side to side, "There'd be no question in their mind what this is.  None!  Kind of like your experience, right?  You saw something and were like, 'Hey, I don't know what to tell you but that ain't ours.'"

At home, Lue tells his kids to make up their own minds about the UFO Phenomenon.  When they ask him a question he tries to give them a straight answer.  He arms them with information and then lets them decide what it means.

Somehow, over the course of the conversation we went down the Rabbit Hole and spent over half an hour talking about UFOs and what Lue knows about them.  That will be the subject of the companion article to this piece, What does Lue Elizondo know?  For this article I really wanted to focus on, Who is Lue Elizondo?

Through all of Lue's successes in moving the Disclosure needle to the right he remains humble about the part he has played.  Within the #UFOTwitter crowd Lue is a celebrity.  He shakes off the term but it sticks to him.  How does someone who spent his first career concertedly out of the public eye remain grounded with this new-found fame?  

"Look at yourself in the mirror every day, change your own oil to your car, mow your own lawn, go to a homeless shelter and help serve food.  That's how you keep yourself humble.  You remind yourself that I am no different than anybody else and I'm steps away from being in your shoes anytime, any day."

Lue credits any success he has achieved to the hard work of other "incredible people" who were smarter and more capable than he is.  "I Stand on the shoulders of giants.  I rode on the coat tails of great people.  That's how I got to where I am."

Some readers will be disappointed I did not pin Lue down on what he knows about government conspiracies, that I did not hold his feet to the fire on this or that.  

I had originally planned on leaving that sort of thing to folks like Danny Silva or "UFO Joe" Murgia or UFO Jesus.  That is their modus operandi and they are good at it.  But despite my intention to keep the conversation on Who is Lue Elizondo, he did drop a few pearls here and there - some may call them bombshells.  I will write this up in a follow up article which will go into, What does Lue Elizondo know?

For now, my intention was to show the world the guy I know, the guy who stood in my kitchen and compared notes with me on making pizza from scratch, the guy who stood on my porch and talked about his daughters and his concerns as a dad, the guy who stood in my garage and drooled over my motorcycle while showing me pics on his phone of his bike, the guy who sends me a random text on a Saturday night to tell me his wife liked my episode of Unidentified.  That is the Lue I know and the interview I wanted to do.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Luis Elizondo the Man

I had a special visitor to my house on February 29th of this year.  Luis Elizondo of To The Stars Academy, the host of Unidentified, the former Director of AATIP, came over to interview me.  It was surreal.  October 1st I reciprocated and interviewed Lue.  As of this writing I am working on writing up the information gathered from this most recent interview.  Today's post was mostly written in March about our previous meetings.  This is just a teaser while I prepare the rest of the information.

For decades, I had wondered, why does no one in our government care about UFOs.  Why does no one care that we are being visited by technologically superior people with unknown motives?  People who come and go as they please, including violating military airspace with impunity.  I had a story to tell about a UFO sighting I had on a foreign military base.  Why were we not doing anything about this?

The answer to my question came three years ago when the New York Times broke the AATIP story about the government program that studied UFOs.  The article featured a man, previously unknown to the public, named Luis Elizondo.  It took a while for the article to find its way onto my phone but when it did, I was suddenly filled with hope, long after having given up.  

I tracked Lue down and got on his RADAR.  The rest of this story about how I got here has been documented in other articles.  Today I want to talk more about Lue Elizondo the man.  Who is he?  What makes him tick?

Lue has a commanding presence.  I think years in government service does that to you.  I have a friend who is in the FBI and he is similar in that way.  For some people this is a way of compensating for a bit of social anxiety.  Initially I did not get the impression this is the case with Lue.  He seems like a genuinely confident person.  So I was surprised when Lue told me he is an introvert.  He likes to keep to himself.  You would never know it.

Lue is a really down-to-earth guy.  After my first interview for Unidentified my wife asked me if Lue was nice to the crew at A&E.  I laughed and told her he is not an actor; he is a guy who was in the military and government service.  He is no prima donna.  Lue likes to emphasize that.  He likes to talk about how he is a blue-collar guy from humble beginnings who had to grind it out the whole way to get where he is today.

When Lue came over in February we hit it off right away.  Of course, this was not the first time we had met.  We met last fall in my old 'hood in Brooklyn to record my first interview and have spoken on the phone and traded texts and emails many times over the past two years.  But our meeting in February was our first time really talking about anything of substance beyond my UFO sighting.

Lue and I found common ground on quite a few things.  He admired my house.  We talked a bit about how I oversaw all the construction directly and did quite a bit of work myself.  Lue also did some construction when he was a young man, and could relate to some of what I went through.

Connecticut Style Pizza

As I poured him some coffee, Lue admired my kitchen.  He pointed out my kitchen mixer and said how much his wife loves hers.  I told him that I probably used ours more than my wife does.  I then found out that Lue likes to make pizza from scratch.  We traded some of our little tricks.  Lue uses pizza stones while, at the time, I had gotten pretty good at making a nice crust without one.  I had recently begun putting my pies on slate tiles but was considering admitting defeat and buying some decent stones.  I did.

The following night I made the pizza pictured.  It is a Connecticut-style pizza crust, fairly common around New Haven.  It is flat and crisp.  The mild burn marks are intentional.  This pie was half barbecue chicken and half Buffalo chicken.  It was a big hit with the kids.  They had the leftovers for breakfast.

I texted Lue these pictures the next morning - thought he would appreciate what went into making them.  He wrote back that the pics made him hungry.  He said he would send me some the next time he made his pizza.

Lue shared that he did his basic training at a much worse place than I did.  I hated Basic (does anyone really like it?) but I should be grateful I did not go to some other places, which I have heard were worse.  Lue confirmed that.  His location was worse.

Lue was wearing a Bigelow Aerospace jacket.  I told him it was cool and I would like to get one of those.  He told me he would try to get me one.  Fortunately, I did not hold my breath.  Maybe he can introduce me to Bob Bigelow and I can just ask him myself.

After my interview for Unidentified, I joined Lue out on my porch as he wrapped up a phone call.  I mentioned my concern for my kids possibly being bullied because now people will know their dad is, "That weird UFO guy."  I was preaching to the choir with Lue about that.  He mentioned his concerns for his daughters.  Clearly, he gets it.

We chatted a lot whenever there was a break in the interview due to the dog barking, the sun shifting, or other normal interruptions in recorded interviews.  I told Lue I am trying to steer clear of guys like Steven Greer, and focus more on science-based theories.  Lue shared some of his thoughts on others in the UFO Community.  He has great disdain for one of the other big charlatans of #UFOTwitter and shared some information which I will not repeat.  I tried to find a citing online of where the two of them got into a tiff but could not find anything.

After several hours Lue kept saying he wanted to wrap it up and give me my house back.  That is a nice way of saying I am done here, I want to get going.  But I did not take the bait.  I was enjoying the experience and wanted to extend it a little longer.  I told him all my family had gone out except my one son who was playing video games.  Lue admitted to video games being a guilty pleasure for both him and his wife.  I told him I could not get my wife to play any video games with me.  Lucky!

After my interview, as the crew packed up the truck they all rode up in, Lue and I stood by the door saying our goodbyes.  Somehow we got on the subject of motorcycles.  I mentioned my bike to Lue.  It is a Triumph T120.  He told me that was the exact bike he wanted.  I took him to the garage to show him.  We walked down the stairs, dusty from a steady traffic stream of firewood, into my garage.  Lue said, "That's the bike!"

He asked me how much I wanted for it, ha ha!  I told him if I ever decide to sell it I will call him first.  Months later we were exchanging texts and I told him he could buy it for "one million dollars" and attached a picture of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.  Maybe I will sell it to him cheap if he can get me one of those Bigelow jackets.  

Dr Evil

He then showed me pictures of, "My buddy Tom's bike."  I asked, Tom DeLonge?  He said yes.  It was funny because the way he said, "my buddy Tom" was like I would not have known who he was talking about.  I recognized the bike from the first season of Unidentified.  Lue confirmed it was the same bike.  He also showed me some pics on his phone of a couple other prized toys including his bike.  Good times.

I really wanted to ask Lue a bunch of UFO questions for this blog but there simply was not enough time.  He is a busy guy.  He was gracious enough to let me take a selfie with him.  Then Jason, the site producer, offered to take some pics for me.  He made sure to get one of me holding his print-out of The Marceau Ship.  I included it in another story about Unidentified.  The one here was the first one I took.

Luis Elizondo the Man

A couple months after Lue was here the government officially released the three UFO videos that Lue helped bring to the public.  They admitted they did not know the origin of the aircraft.  Prior to that, some people doubted the veracity of the videos.  I texted Lue, congratulating him on the release.  I said, "Must feel vindicating."  He said not yet, there are still a few "Lue haters" at the Pentagon but it is a great step forward.  I told him there are a few of those in the UFO Community too but it seems like most people are behind him and TTSA and he should, "Keep your chin up."  He wrote back, "Thank you, sincerely."

Coming up next week I will write about the recent conversation I had with Lue via video conference.  Stay tuned...

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Is Earth a Rest Area?

Since I was first asked to be a part of Unidentified on the History Channel over two years ago I have written many articles speculating about why there are so many reports of UFOs visiting Earth but none of their occupants seem to want to make contact with us.  Why is that?  Do we smell?  Maybe the next time someone thinks they see a UFO they should reapply deodorant or check the bottom of their shoes.  But no, I think there has to be a better explanation than that.  We do not even know if aliens can smell.  The typical "Grey" alien depiction does not appear to even have a nose.

I have often thought that aliens are not interested in contacting us because Earth is not their destination.  Rather, this is a waypoint on the way to somewhere more interesting.  In other words, Earth is a rest area on an interstellar highway.

Is Earth a Rest Area?

I travel by road a lot.  Throughout the winter I may take dozens of trips north to snowboard in New York's Catskills or Adirondacks or The Green Mountains of Vermont or the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  I have also skied Maine, Pennsylvania, and Quebec, among other places.  Each time, I drive to these destinations.

During the summer, pre-COVID, my family and I have taken a lot of car trips to beaches on the Atlantic Coast from Cape May to Cape Cod.  Most of our Spring Break trips to Florida have been by car - it was much easier and more convenient to do that than to fly when we had three little ones with all their baby gear and an Au Pair with a suitcase bigger than she was.  We have even traveled during this Pandemic, going to my dad's place in South Carolina three times and a few trips to Upstate New York; we wore masks everywhere, of course, even though many people we encountered were not masked south of Delaware, for some reason.

I try not to make many stops when I drive.  It adds too much time to the trip.  Once Mrs. M. and I rented an RV and took my sister and her two kids and my mom to Florida.  The plan was to drive straight through but there were many requests to stop.  Each stop was at least 15-60 minutes in duration.  That easily added a half day to our 20 hour drive.  We arrived at our condo too late to find a parking spot for that enormous vehicle.  I parked illegally and got a ticket.  It was a whole mishegos.

When the kids were little we tried driving straight through to Disney World in the Family Truckster.  We left from southern Westchester County, New York on a Friday afternoon.  We had packed about a dozen DVDs for the kids to watch on the way.  They had watched each one by noon Saturday.  By the time we hit the Florida state line the kids were bonkers.  They were complaining about each other and crying.  I knew they needed to get out of the car to play and maybe get a bite to eat.  I pulled off of I-95 at the next exit.  I wanted to find a McDonald's with a playground.  Luckily there was one there right off the exit.

We then spent two days at Disney and a week at our condo.  We played in the pool where the kids made friends with some kids visiting from Montreal.  We went to the beach.  We had dinner at the Hard Rock Casino.  We did a lot of cool stuff.  When we got home I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was.  They unanimously agreed it was that McDonald's with the playground off of I-95.

The next time we drove down to the condo Mrs. M. planned out our itinerary.  We stopped at a playground or a fast food place with a playground for a few minutes every two hours.  We stayed overnight in Virginia and watched a small town's July 4th fireworks show.  We stayed two nights in Jekyll Island on the way and two nights in Virginia Beach on the way back.  It was a lot more expensive and required an extra week but it was a wonderful trip.

Often I will travel by myself for business.  My most-visited destination is five hours away, non-stop.  Rarely have I actually made it there in five hours.  More often I will have to stop to walk around and stretch my legs.  Or I will pull over and take a little nap.  Maybe I will sit down in a hamburger restaurant and stare at the locals.  The drive and the stops on the way help to break up the monotony of having worked from home for the past five years.

So what does all this have to do with UFOs?  As usual, I am building up to a corollary.

Is Earth a Rest Area?

On every car trip I have taken, whether I liked it or not, I have had to make stops.  I do not like to pull off the highway if I can help it.  So I will most often stop at rest areas.  I suspect that interstellar space travelers must have to do the same.  I do not know how long it takes aliens to get from one habitable planet to the next but I know how long it would take humans.  It would take us more than a lifetime.  Surely, aliens can do it much faster than that.  But it still probably takes some time.  Maybe it is like driving from New England to Florida.  Perhaps Earth is a place they will stop along the way.

When I stop at a rest area, that is not my destination.  I do not want to spend a lot of time there.  I have somewhere I need to be.  I spend as little time there as I need to.  Maybe I will use the restroom.  Maybe I will pump some gas or grab a burger if there are facilities.  But ultimately my goal is to get back on the road and get to where I am heading.  Interstellar travelers would likely have the same intentions.  They need to get from their home planet to another highly-advanced civilization (and Earth ain't it, bub).  This is the place they stop on their way - a rest area.

I would imagine that an interstellar spaceship would have a bathroom on it.  But the RV I rented that one time had a bathroom and still most of our party wanted to stop to use the restrooms at rest areas.  Could aliens be using Earth as a toilet?  OK, that is a stretch.  But they could be gassing up the Family Truckster here.  Earth is mostly water.  If you separate the two elements in water you have hydrogen, a great fuel source, and oxygen, a useful by-product.  If those visitors also breathe oxygen and drink water they may be very interested in our abundant, free water supply.  Earth is like one of those rare gas stations that still has a free air pump.  

Is that what was happening in the Nimitz Incident?  Was the disturbance in the water someone refueling their spaceship?  

Free Air Pump

Burgers anyone?  There are many reports of cattle abductions and mutilations around the world.  Perhaps aliens see hundreds of cattle roaming around ranches, untended, and think they are free for the taking.  If I saw a table stacked with hamburgers at a rest area and no one was tending it, I might think they were free.  Why else would anyone just leave them there?  I do not know if I would actually eat a free rest area hamburger.  It would depend on how hungry I was.

I would not take one of these burgers if I knew they belonged to someone.  But maybe aliens do not care about that.  I would not think it is stealing if I took a nut from a squirrel - especially if it was on my property.  Could aliens believe that Earth is theirs and we are just woodland creatures they allow to stay here?  Or maybe Earth has been declared a park or a game preserve by some governing civilization and we are the animals who live there.  Hmm...

I often see animals at rest areas - birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.  I do not try to make contact with these animals.  Why would I?  They are just dumb animals.  What kind of contact could I make with them?  They are also wild animals.  If I got too close they might bite me.  I avoid any animals I see at rest areas.  Aliens probably do too, out of an abundance of caution.  They must know that we bite (or shoot on sight).  At the very least we are dumb animals to anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is).

My kids have a different point of view on this.  When I pull over at a playground so the kids can burn off energy on a long trip I do not care what they do as long as they are being safe and respectful to others.  My goal is for them to get out of the car and have a short break from being on the road.  At home they catch and release frogs, insects, worms, fish, and other wildlife including a few racoons!  Why would it be any different on the road?  This could explain some accounts of alien abductions.  Maybe someone's kids just wanted to catch a human and play with him.

A couple nights ago my kids and I went out and sat on the front steps.  We had lamb for dinner and wanted to give our dog the bones.  The bones would make a big greasy mess inside so we took the dog outside for this.  While sitting there I noticed a frog by a large flower planter.  It was just sitting there by itself, minding its own business, not hurting anyone.  Upon hearing this the kids immediately ran inside to get a container to put the frog in.  Why?  No one could explain it.  They just wanted to have the creature.

The frog spent the next fifteen minutes in a plastic storage container on my daughter's lap.  She kept the lid cracked open for air.  The frog was not harmed.  If this was not such a common occurrence the kids might have tried to play with the frog but they were unimpressed with this one.  It just sat there in the container.  

Maybe this is what happens sometimes when people say they are abducted by aliens.  It is the aliens' kids burning off some energy on their way to somewhere else.  They see someone all alone and decide they just have to have him.  They bring the person on-board and put him in a container.  If this is a new experience they may play with him.  If not, he will just sit there until Dad Alien says it is time to go.

When it was time for us to bring the dog inside my daughter said she wanted to bring the frog over to the pond and release it there.  I asked why and she said that was where it belonged.  I protested that we found it by the house and that was where it should be released.  She suggested that maybe the frog was lost and did not know its way to the pond; she would help it on its way.  I told her that maybe this is why some alien abductees say they were taken from one spot and returned to some other random spot.  Maybe alien kids are trying to help.  But in actuality, they are just confusing the poor person and inconveniencing him.  She released the frog back by the flower planter.

UFOs Welcome

Most rest areas seem to be built like a NASCAR pit with His and Hers bathrooms.  Some, though, are just a place to pull off the road with no facilities at all.  The opposite extreme would be the ones with dozens of fuel pumps, several restaurants, gift shops, kiosks, free wifi, and enough toilets for a bus-load of tourists to socially distance from everyone else.  Which one of these three examples is Earth?

I would say we are the parking area with no facilities.  We have not put out the Welcome Mat for interstellar travelers.  This is just a place for them to pull over.  There are a couple of these on the Taconic Parkway between my place and Albany, New York.  The dirty (not-so-well-kept) secret about these places is that people relieve themselves there, despite not having any toilets.  There are several well-worn paths into the woods which all dead-end at a pile of toilet paper.  Is this what we have set up Earth as?

If New York State were to build some simple facilities at the rest stops on the Taconic people would use them instead of using the woods.  I would.  If one of these rest areas also had some gas pumps and some fast food I would use those facilities too.  It is about 80 miles (~130km) from the point where I get on the Taconic until I hit Albany.  There is nowhere to stop and take care of every need in that space.  I would definitely take advantage of a full-service rest area at the halfway point.  New York State would benefit from the sales, the sales tax, and the jobs it would create.  There would also be less raw sewage in the woods.  Are you listening Andrew Cuomo?

UFOs Welcome

What if we built a service area for aliens here on Earth?  If we built it, would they come?  What would they need from us?  Toilets?  Restaurants?  Refueling points?  What is in it for Earth?  This could be the first step in establishing diplomatic or trade relations - it would be more than we have done so far.

Sometimes I will drive by a cheap motel and see a sign that says, "Trucks Welcome!"  That is good to know if you are a cross-country trucker.  I am sure these signs help to bring in a lot of customers who drive those rigs.  It must work because I have seen this all over the country.  Perhaps we need to put up a, "UFOs Welcome" sign out by the International Space Station if we want to make Contact.  The ISS might need a bigger parking lot.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

UFO Philosophy Blog

I started this blog two years ago, September 24, 2018.  I was new to the community which now makes up my most avid readers.  I knew nothing about the subject other than that I had had an experience which linked me to these folks.

In the two years that followed my first blog post a lot has happened.  UFOs have gone more mainstream in large part thanks to the efforts of TTSA.  This has culminated in the founding of an official US Government UFO Task Force, to study alien visits.  That is amazing!

In an effort to create a relationship with people who are interested in my own sighting story, to further identify with this community, I have done a tremendous amount of research.  I have studied other UFO cases.  I have watched UFO current events on this topic.  I have read up on quantum mechanics.  

I will never know as much about any of those subjects as I would like to.  But I have scratched the surface enough to get a good idea of what the UFO Community is all about and also, to share some feedback on it. I have pontificated, permulated, and perseverated.  I published over 150 articles here.

Who knew this thing would take off!  It did.  By the end of this month the blog will have over 100,000 page views.  Wow!

People are reading this in over 55 distinct countries - the list is at the end of this article.  Find your country.  There are a lot of "Other" or "Unknown Region" listings so if you do not see your country listed, let me know in the Comments so I can give your country a shout-out.

The Logic of UFOs
Shout out to Uganda, Turkmenistan, and North Macedonia


Much has happened within the subject of UFOs since that first blog post two years ago.  UFOs changed their name.  My sister changed her name when I was a kid.  I am not sure why.  She was still the same person we all loved on the inside.  There was no need to change her name.  I feel the same with UFOs.  Call them UAPs if you want.  I am OK with still using the UFO moniker despite the fact that what I saw was clearly identified.

Once you change the name of something it is hard to go back.  The Interboro Parkway in Queens will forever more be the Jackie Robinson Parkway.  I am OK with that but I will never get used to calling the Tappan Zee Bridge the Mario Cuomo.  I remember hearing an interview with the guy who starred in Young Einstein.  He had changed his name to Yahoo Serious for show business.  One day decided he wanted to change his name back to Greg Pead but found it was much harder to change your name back to its original than it is to change it in the first place.  So he kept the new bizarre name.  I hope we get this UFO/UAP thing sorted out soon.


Two years ago, it took a couple weeks of writing for me to initially find my voice.  It happened accidentally when I went to watch a friend play with his band.  Between sets my friend introduced me to his friend who is a psychologist.  I do not remember how it came up but we started talking about UFOs.  It must have been the pint of pilsner in me because I opened up to this guy about the years of trauma my UFO sighting had caused.  It was not an everyday occurrence.  It was only when I would tell people the story of my sighting.  In my mind I would be transported back to the spot where the sighting took place.  People would tell me I was visibly shaken after telling them about it.  

I went home that night and wrote about this UFO PSTD and some other psychology.  That pretty much set the tone for future articles.  I decided I was not going to recreate the wheel and be the next UFO Joe, an investigative journalist.  I was not going to be the next UFO Jesus, and advocate for Disclosure.  I definitely was not going to be the next Steven Greer, a charlatan who sells UFO Snake Oil.  I was going to philosophize.  I would use my experience as a jumping off point.  I do not need to prove aliens exist, I saw a spaceship.  That gave me the liberty to say, now that we know this, why are aliens here and why are aliens hiding from us?

Then I went further on that tack.  I began thinking about aliens a lot.  Columbus Day rolled around and ignited a flame.  I imagined all of Planet Earth being like North America in the 1400s.  Perhaps there is an alien Christopher Columbus out there who will "discover" Earth.  Let us think about how that might turn out.  * Spoiler Alert * it did not turn out so well for the people who were already living in North America when Columbus arrived.

After that I wondered, what if aliens are already here walking amongst us?  I wondered, how do you spot an alien?  It reminded me of one time when I took my kids for a hike and I found some strange insects who all built the same little houses around their larvae.  I wondered if aliens disguised as insects was a thing.  I followed that up with an insinuation that maybe aliens are here and they disguise themselves as guys who look like Steve Carell.  I had a lot of fun with that.  No offense to Steve Carell.  He is a great actor.  I chose him because he is like an "every man" that a smart race of aliens would choose to emulate rather than standing out as a bunch of Brad Pitts.

Every Man Steve Carell
Every Man Steve Carell

Not long after beginning this blog I had a reunion with the guy I have often referred to here as Mike, The Other Witness.  The article I posted about this has not received a lot of views.  I wonder why.  I have always thought that Mike's reluctant cooperation with TTSA and History Channel was key to corroborating my account.  It makes me think that either people want to believe in UFOs and Mike's testimony is unnecessary or they steadfastly refuse to believe any number of eye-witness accounts and Mike's verification is irrelevant.  People are strange.  Sometimes I feel like I understand aliens better than people, even though I have never met an alien.

The Logic of UFOs

I always figured that my story alone is not enough to convince some people that we are being visited.  Maybe I can pepper in a little Science.  I took a look at some of the common reasons people list for believing there is no one else in the Universe but us Earthans.  I wrote about why the Rare Earth theory is invalid.  I wrote about why the SETI Institute is on the wrong track.  One by one I knocked off all the reasons why human beings cannot be the only people in the Universe.

So if we are not alone, and I know that is true, I have to keep coming back to why are they hiding from us?  I wondered, are humans too violent for aliens?  Or, are aliens afraid we will eat them?  Maybe they think of us like pets or zoo animals and they like us right where we are.  That would support the Zoo Hypothesis.  Or it is a combination of those topics.  We are like snakes or alligators to aliens.  In other words, Earth is like an alien reptile house at a zoo.

Of course, this is all in good fun.  I have no idea why aliens do not make contact with us.  But I like to think about it and to then share my thoughts.  So I took this a step further.  As I sipped hot coffee in the quiet predawn darkness, I stared out the window and wondered, OK, if aliens truly exist (and I know they do), what are they like?  

Again, I have no way of knowing what they are like for sure.  But I do know some basic facts.  Aliens visit - there are thousands of eye-witness accounts, mine being one of them.  They do not want to make official contact (as far as we know).  Sometimes aliens abduct people.  Aliens travel from far-away places.  

From there, I use a little logic.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) must use faster-than-light ("FTL") speed travel, or an alternative to that.  This means that unless space-faring aliens acquired this technology from people on other planets, all inter-stellar space-faring aliens are far more technologically advanced than we are.  

How much more advanced are aliens?  Again, I use data and logic.  I know how far Earthans have come in the past couple hundred years.  In Colonial Days, the most advanced technology was the steam engine and interchangeable parts.  Today, we can travel to the Moon and instantaneously share cat videos.  But we are not even close to figuring out how to shoot off into space like Mike says The Marceau Ship did or to withstand the instantaneous changes in inertia that the Tic Tac UFO(s) did.  Logically, at the very least humans are thousands of years behind any alien civilization that visits.

Could it be more?  Sure!  Maybe another planet identical to Earth did not get struck by a meteor 46 million years ago and the dominant species there was able to develop language and tools a million years later.  That would give them a 45 million year head-start on us!

All these data points and resulting logic has guided much of the writing I created in the past two years.  Here and there I have elaborated on my own sighting.  I had my brother in-law Cam Chase create a truly remarkable illustration of what I now call The Marceau Ship UFO * word *.  I did not bother to Google that term ahead of time.  Who could imagine there was already a battleship called The Marceau Ship!  I do not have a common name.  I then wrote all about, what did the Marceau Ship look like?

Mostly, though, I have enjoyed philosophizing about aliens and UFOs.  It is fun and rewarding and it gives me great satisfaction to see other people enjoying this too.  Thank you for reading over the past two years.  Please continue to follow this blog, share it with your friends, and follow me on #UFOTwitter.

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