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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I didn't see it, but it's real

In the face of overwhelming evidence, deny deny deny.  It is what cheaters do when they are caught.  It is what Global Warming Deniers do when presented with scientific data.  And it is what UFO deniers do when presented with mountains of eye-witness accounts.

LiveScience Bad Science

You know I've had my share.  For example, in my research for yesterday's post I Saw a UFO. Now What? I came across an article titled UFO Sightings & News on the website  Overall the website seems to be of a scientific nature.  But it maintains a "Bad Science" column which is, well, bad science.

The article lists a myriad of UFO reports and inexplicably states that they are all false, without providing any evidence as to why.  Apparently, the mantra of Live Science is, "I didn't see it, it doesn't exist."  Yet, Science is rife with claims of "I didn't see it, but it does indeed exist," and mankind is expected to go along with it.  And we do.  Dark Matter, Higgs Boson, um... Gravity...  Ya, if I did not see it, it does not exist.

There is an ongoing game of "I know you are but what am I" in UFOlogy.  On the one side you have thousands upon thousands of eye-witness reports of unidentified flying objects, spanning decades.  On the other side, you have a bunch of guys wearing lab coats, trying to sell books shouting, "Fake news!"  In a court of law, an eye witness account can condemn a  human being to death.  But when it comes to alien visitors, tens of thousands of eye witness accounts are meaningless.

Real science takes a different tack on this.  While most scientists are scared to risk their reputations, reporting about "little green men" the scientific approach is more to accept the hypothesis and try to prove it rather than taking the religious-based point of view that humans are alone in the Universe and anyone who says otherwise is a heretic.
Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer
Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer's Work
This is why I have great admiration for Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer who reported last year that the Oumuamua "asteroid" may in fact be an alien probe.  Loeb is not just a scientist and not just a professor at Harvard (as if that were not enough) he is also the Astronomy Department Chair.  Apparently, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world thinks this guy is worth listening to and is someone who should lead others in the quest for answers.  I am listening.

In a recent update to the Oumuamua story, Loeb doubles down on his suggestion that perhaps we have been visited (ya think?).  In an article in Haaretz, Loeb says, “I don’t care what people say.”  He has taken a stand and risked his reputation on it.  Finally, a scientist with some guts.  Yet, the ne'er-do-wells will criticize and ridicule.  They will attempt to tear this man down.  They will hide behind pseudo science and make unrealistic comparisons.

I say, "Bring it."  I've got your back, Dr. Loeb, and so do millions of others.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, January 14, 2019

I Saw a UFO. Now What?

First, chill out and relax.  You are not crazy.  Rather, you are in good company.  More than one in ten Americans have seen a UFO or know someone who has.  We can not all be nuts.

No One Believes My UFO Story

I enjoy hearing all UFO Sighting stories.  But just because you have seen something in the sky which you can not explain does not mean it was of alien origin (and that is OK too).  So the first thing you need to do is think of all the things it could have been.  If it is daytime it could have been an airplane (but naturally,  you thought of that already), strange cloud formations, and of course everyone's favorite, the weather balloon.  It is hard to believe, fifty years after we put a man on the moon we are still using weather balloons.

No One Believes My UFO Story

At night, it could have been a meteor, a nearby planet, lights from a plane or helicopter, or even the Space Station.  It could also be a flare, fireworks, or any number of other things.  A couple weeks ago I saw a sliver of the moon through the trees in the proximity of Venus and Jupiter and thought I saw a UFO.  I am not ashamed to admit I made a mistake.  I laugh when I think about it.

The next thing you need to do is to consider the movement of the object.  Does it move?  It is much easier to explain your sighting as just some weird light or an aircraft if it stays put in one spot or it moves steadily in a straight line.  If the object moves erratically up and down or side to side, changes direction at right angles, zips from one side of the sky to the other, quickly changes speed or abruptly stops, it is harder to cast it aside as a man-made aircraft.

Types of UFOs
Types of UFOs
Does your object have any lights on it?  Are they red?  Do they blink?  Blinking red lights are indicative of Earthly aircraft.  They are warning lights to keep other flyers away, when flying without the aid of navigation equipment (which a surprising number of small aircraft do).

How does the object you saw stay in the air?  Did you see or hear any propellers or a jet engine?  Did it have wings or a tail fin?  If it was low to the ground, did it make the trees around it blow in the wind?  If you were able to answer yes to any of these questions then it may be a man-made aircraft.

There are many other factors to take in, when trying to convince yourself that you did or did not see an alien spaceship.  But at the end of the day, you know what you saw.  I know what I saw and no amount or type of questioning will convince me that what is pictured in the illustration below was anything other than an alien spaceship.

 I Saw a Spaceship

You know for sure.  Now what?

The first thing you need to do is note the day/date, time, duration (amount of time) of the event, and exact location (if possible).  Do a crude sketch by hand, noting the shape and size of the craft.

Do not worry about coming up with a name for the shape.  There are many different types of UFOs (see guide, above).  You can look up definitions of cigar-shaped or teardrop, etc., later.  Also, you may have seen something which defies prior definitions.  I have searched for years to find a description of the ship I saw (below) and cannot find one.  So I named it after myself.    

 Steps to Report a UFO

  1. Note date, time, duration
  2. Note shape and size
  3. What color?
  4. Was it shiny?
  5. Any lights?
  6. How many objects?
  7. How did they fly?
  8. Any creatures?
  9. Make a crude sketch
  10. File a report

If you are unsure of the size, use objects you are familiar with to gauge it.  Was it taller than your house or longer than your yard?

What was it made of?  What color?  Was it shiny or dull?

How many of these objects did you see?  Did they fly in unison or independently of each other?

Then, if your phone has a voice recorder, describe what you saw in detail as if you were telling this story to a friend.  When you can get to a computer or a notebook, write the story down so you can work out the details word for word.

Once you are satisfied with your account of what happened there are several places you can share your story.

The first, and best place, is with me, using my contact form. 

The Marceau Ship

You may contact me, if you want.

The next best option is the National UFO Reporting Center at  There you will find a UFO Reporting Form.  There is an optional checkbox to request that an investigator reach out to you to get more information.

There is also the Mutual UFO Network at There you will find a more detailed UFO Reporting Form, which has the option of, among other things, reporting if anything was ejected from the spacecraft.

Do not expect to be contacted by people from either website.  They receive thousands of reports and have limited staffs so the odds are against anyone reaching out to you.  I have reported my sighting to both sites, as far back as the 1990's, and no one ever reached out for more info - and I would like to think my story is one people would be very interested in, since it was not just some strange lights or a faraway object but in fact a close encounter with the ship illustrated above.

Regardless of any reservations you may have it is important to follow the Steps to Report a UFO, above, and report your sighting.  We are being visited.  The more people who speak up, the more likely this issue will get the attention it deserves.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Thank You Harry Reid

For the second time this week, one of my readers sent me a link to an article they thought I would be interested in.  And I was.  First it was the story about the FRBs, which I wrote about yesterday.  This morning it was the story which made headlines all over the place, about former Senator Harry Reid.

Reid has been retired for two years but he is still politically active.  Lately, his main mission seems to be to advocate for a reporting system whereby military personnel can report sightings of UFOs without fear of reprisal.  This news strikes a chord with me because of my own sighting.

Gagetown UFO Sighting

Back in the summer of 1992, while doing joint forces exercises with the Canadian military on a Canadian Army base, I saw a spaceship like the one in the illustration to the right.  It is now known as The Marceau Ship from the Gagetown UFO Sighting of 1992.  I was 100-150 yards from it.  It was huge.  It was unmistakably something not of this Earth.  It was witnesses by another soldier, I was on duty with, Mike (who prefers that I not use his last name in print).  I never reported it.

The Marceau Ship

You may ask yourself, if something like this really happened, why would you not be screaming about it, from the rooftops to anyone who will listen?  With this blog, that is basically what I am doing now.  But 26 years ago I was more guarded about it.  I did not want people to think I was crazy.

When the sighting occurred, I spoke about it with Mike on our field phones.  Because of where we were posted we each saw something slightly different, though I did not realize that until I met up with him last fall for the first time since the sighting.  I saw what is illustrated above.  Mike was behind the ship so he saw only a small piece of one of the lights hovering in the air for nearly half an hour before shooting off into space in a streak of light.  But regardless, we both know what we saw.

On our way back to camp, the other guards in our transport truck immediately began heckling us.  Mike tried reporting the incident but was shot down by the on-duty Sargent.  The next day, the news was all over our camp.  A lot of people made fun of us.  Mike began denying the story.  I followed suit because I did not want to be the only one insisting it was true when someone else who was there was now denying it.  And this is why these things are not reported.

UFO Reporting System

It takes courage for a highly-regarded person to stake their reputation on UFOs.  Senator Reid does not know my story.  But he does know of countless similar stories told by Air Force pilots who were either shamed or even commanded into silence.  He says that he himself does not believe in "little green men" but that there are so many stories out there, that we should take the issue more seriously.  I agree.

Take, for instance, the pilots in the now infamous video, above, of F/A-18s following a UFO.  When they returned to their base the pilots were greeted by TVs playing Men in Black and The X-Files.  That was just the tip of the iceberg of what they would later experience.  This story has been repeated again and again by military personnel who have seen UFOs.

Reid was the driving force behind the program created at the Pentagon to explore these stories.  That program was run by Lue Elizondo who later left this job because the issue was not getting enough attention or funding.  He is now with To The Stars Academy.  The New York Times reported this, a little over a year ago and my wife sent me the article last spring.  I then reached out to Elizondo.  He got back to me over the summer to talk about a documentary he was involved with.  That is what initially spurred me to start writing this blog.  I have never met Harry Reid but you can thank him for what you are reading today.

So now Reid is back at it, trying to create some mechanism, a UFO Reporting System for people like me and the pilots in the video above, to report their sightings without fear of ridicule or retribution.

Harry, it's about time.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

You Down with FRB?

Yeah, you know me.  Yesterday, my friend Shari sent me a link to the BBC story about Mysterious Radio Signals from Deep Space, which I posted on my Facebook page and Twitter account.  There is that word, "mysterious" again.  It is like I was saying yesterday, in the Project Blue Book review, how people feel the need to attach a Twilight Zone kind of feeling to anything remotely connected to possible life on other planets.  It is so cheesy.

What are FRBs?

Anyway, the mysterious signals from space, called Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) really are not that mysterious. They are likely the result of a natural phenomenon created by a "powerful nebula or supernova remnant," as explained in a follow up to the story, which the BBC posted over night while most of us were asleep, here in the US.  They say it could also be from a dead star in a powerful magnetic environment.

What are FRBs?
You Down with FRB?
It could also be from aliens.  Both stories allude to the possibility that the source of these signals could be an alien spaceship or a civilization somewhere.  But they say that only a minority of scientist are taking that tack.  There are a couple reasons for that.

The first, but lessor, reason is because scientists are bound to using Scientific Method and they can not just jump to conclusions.  I can, and I will, but reputable scientists (who know much more about space than I ever will) are required to follow a systematic series of steps whereby they must explore the most logical conclusions based on prior research.  In other words, since there is little evidence of alien life but lots of evidence of natural phenomena, the natural explanations are the first one that will be explored.

The second, but greater, reason is because most astronomers are scared.  They are a bunch of chickens.  Yeah, I said it.  Whenever a scientists goes public with a new finding, that finding is subject to peer-review.  Every scientist in the world is then encouraged to take a look at the finding and either replicate its results or poke holes in it to prove it wrong.  That is how science works.  (That is why it is mind boggling that people would deny Global Climate Change, btw, but that is a whole other can of worms.)

In the peer-review process, if an astronomer's conclusions cannot be proven, he may face the ridicule of his peers.  This may not be overt, in-your-face pointing-and-laughing, it may just be an unspoken loss of confidence.  Other scientists may be reluctant to team with you on future projects.  You might find yourself sitting alone in the staff cafeteria while your former so-called friends all sit down together at another table and laugh loudly about stories you cannot hear.  It will be like Middle School all over again.

Professional scientists likely worked their butts off all through primary school, college, a masters program, and a PhD defense.  They need to weigh all that hard work and success against taking a chance on stepping out of the pack with a bold proclamation.  Yes, scientists are scared to publicly discuss anything related to aliens.  I am calling you out, scientists.  Prove me wrong on this one, I dare you.  I Double Dog Dare you!

FRBs are Rare

Only 18 FRBs have been detected, in the entire history of Astronomy.  One of these, FRB121102, has sent out 150 bursts or flashes since 2012.  Ole Ferby2, as I like to call her, is located three billion light-years from Earth.  So it is unlikely anyone is trying to communicate directly with us - it would take six billion years for them to get a response from  us.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Was someone trying to communicate with anyone?  In this case, probably not.  Besides, the amount of energy in each burst was about as much as our Sun releases in a whole day.  It is hard, even for someone not bound to the scientific method, to imagine anything man-made (or alien-made, as it were) creating something like that.

astronomers are scared
Astronomers are Scared

However, it turns out a couple scientists at Harvard had the guts to go there. reports astrophysicists Avi Loeb and Manasvi Lingam took on the task of investigating the possibility that FRBs could be the result of alien technology.  You know Loeb as the Chair of the Harvard Astronomy Dept on the "Oumuamua" episode of That's My Mama.

It is possible, Loeb and Lingam say, that an advanced civilization with a sun similar to ours could construct a massive solar array, twice as large as Earth, which could direct enough energy our way to create one of these bursts.  Even I am reluctant to jump on board with that one but I like how these guys think.

They go on to suggest that the purpose of the FRBs could be to propel spaceships quickly across vast distances.  In other words, it is how "they" get from there to here.  This is my new favorite theory (though I am still very fond of my Gravitational Attraction Theory).  It would help explain a lot, even if we still cannot explain how such an enormous structure could be built - it would take millions of years.  Although, if a civilization evolved to be as advanced as we are, at the time of the dinosaurs, they may have had time to build this solar array by now.  What if this happened billions of years ago?  It is possible.

This still does not explain how spaceships are able to get back home.  The one that I saw shot off into space, according to Mike, the other witness.  How did that happen?

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Project Blue Book TV Show Review

Last night Project Blue Book premiered on History Channel.  I had to teach a night class so I set my DVR to record the series and then watched the show this morning.

The show opens with two vintage fighter planes doing a low-altitude fly-over of a small town.  One of the pilots sees a bright light race by him at extraordinary speed.  He engages the object in a dog fight, firing his machine guns at it.  Suddenly his plane is caught in a tractor beam.  He loses control of the plane.  Cut to some military and civilian commanders discussing the UFO phenomenon.

The History of Project Blue Book

Blue Book is a scripted drama which tells the story of the history of Project Blue Book, the government program which investigated UFO sightings in the 1950's and 60's.  It seems to be a major departure from typical History Channel narrative voice-overs.

Project Blue Book TV Show Review
Dr. Allen Hynek in Project Blue Book
An Air Force captain, Michael Quinn, is tasked with recruiting a college professor, Dr. Allen Hynek, to help prove that UFOs do not exist.  Rather, the whole phenomenon is "mass hysteria."  Once Hynek is on board, he needs to convince his wife and son that it is a good thing for him to go off to Washington and participate in this.  He gets in a waiting car and leaves.  But someone is following him.

We cut to the show's cheesy montage intro accompanied by a theme song which sounds like SyFy Channel's the 12 Monkeys theme song.  

Just a weather balloon
Just a Weather Balloon
It makes me wonder why anything having to do with UFOs or Aliens always has some creepy music to go along with it.  The viewer is supposed to feel like something mysterious is happening, a la The Twilight Zone.  This is so unnecessary.  We are watching and we are into it.  You have us.  The mystery is over.  Present these shows in the matter-of-fact manner they deserve.  The show is a soap opera and that is OK, entertain the audience.  But do not insult our intelligence with cheap, recycled mystery music.  Keep it serious and give it an opening theme song more appropriate of the serious drama you are presenting us.

Aliens are Fake News?

When the show resumes our two main characters investigate a sighting and conject that it must have been a weather balloon.  We are being set up for the modus operandi of all future investigations.  There is disagreement among the two main characters as to whether or not the pilot's account of things is true.  Meanwhile, back home, the wife and faithful companion is making friends while shopping.  But who is this new friend?

Aliens are Fake News

I will not give anything else away.  Overall the show was well produced and presented in a way which draws the viewer into the lives of the characters.  The cheese level is fairly low and I felt like I was watching a serial drama that even Mrs. M. could get into.  We are going to watch it together later tonight.  I give the show a thumbs up.

If you missed Project Blue Book it will be on again tonight at 10pm Eastern and appears to also be available On Demand.  Set your DVR.

the history of Project Blue Book

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Not another conspiracist!

I do not know what is better, picking apart a conspiracy theory or reading the Twitter and YouTube comments under them.  Conspiracy theories are the modern day Greek Mythology.  When we do not or cannot understand something, people simply make up answers for things.

Some people, like myself, will present these findings as the conjecture that they are.  Where possible, I will provide supporting evidence to back up the information I present.  If there is no supporting info, it must be stated as such.

Jimmy Roberts conspiracist
Jimmy Roberts Conspiracist
Others, like this dude, Jimmy "CreekJumper" Roberts, come up with some far out assumptions and present it as the truth.  Case in point, this morning I watched a video Roberts made of images from the Dark Side of the Moon.  Note, I am not ready to jump on the new bandwagon of calling it the Far Side of the Moon.  I am a huge Far Side fan and a huge Dark Side of the Moon fan and the new terminology turns my world upside down.  Eventually I will come around.  It took me years to start calling the WWE by their current name instead of the WWF and I do not even watch wrestling. 

Far Side of the Moon PhotoShopped?

What?  In case you are not familiar with him, Roberts is a mop-topped conspiracist out of The Republic of Texas with a penchant for signature hand gestures - you know, those signs the girls at summer camp would make with their hands, during song session, when you were 13?  That notwithstanding, the guy has over five million views of his video about the Dark Side of the Moon so the blogger in me is slightly envious, TBH.  But to be even more honest, let us take a look at what he is purporting.

far side of the moon PhotoShopped
Far Side of the Moon PhotoShopped
Roberts reports that "the Image Doctors" (whoever they are) have PhotoShopped out parts of NASA photos "they" do not want "us" to see.  Mmm hmm.  Because the Adobe company, founded in 1982, apparently provided NASA with a Beta copy of PhotoShop, two decades earlier.  I am assuming that Steve Jobs also provided NASA with an early prototype of the Apple computer.  Since, Mr. CreekJumper is smarter than all rocket scientists at NASA, he was able to see what they missed and can now report it to the public, and using his own copy of PhotoShop he is able to digitally enhance NASA's sloppiness - you know, NASA, the screw ups who landed people on the moon before most of my readers were born - and show what "they" did  not want us to see.  What that is, of course, is a bunch of spaceships and maybe some kind of base on the other side of the moon.

Not another conspiracist

I like CreekJumper's other video, about water on Mars, better.  It has not had nearly as many hits, although a quarter million is nothing to sneeze at, but it appears like Creek's photo enhancement and video production skills have improved since the earlier video.  Even the music is better, or at least not as creepy.  Still, I have to shake my head as I watch it.  Ole Creeky wants us to believe that not only are there vast amounts of water on Mars, much more than NASA has told us about, but that in fact there is a hydro-electric dam gushing water through an unseen spillway.  Wow!  On a barren planet, devoid of any other recognizable structures, somehow a hydro dam has survived.

Survived what, you ask?  Great question!  Mr. Jumper states, as fact, that there was a nuclear war on Mars which wiped out civilization, tens of thousands of years ago.  He does not say how knows this.  He also calls it a genocide.  Genocide means one party wipes out another party.  There is a surviving party to a genocide.  Just a suggestion, Creek, pick an apocalypse.

Adobe Company

He also wants us to believe there is a team of either people or robots, he does not say which, that are helping the rovers to get around the planet.  This is possible, no doubt, because according to CreekJumper, there is breathable air on Mars!  Indeed, this guy makes Steven Greer look like a conformist.

Do not get me wrong.  Anyone who has read my previous articles over the past few months knows that I believe aliens exist.  They must, since I have seen a spaceship.  But water on Mars?  Secret alien bases that the government is keeping secret?  Hmm, I don't know about that, Alexa.

What do you think?  Post comments below or on the Facebook page.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Alien Bird Box Challenge

The other day at Mrs. M.'s request the two of us watched Bird Box on Netflix.  If you have seen any trailers or heard anything about it I am not giving anything away by saying it is about these creatures that cause you to kill yourself if you look at them.  The movie did not get great reviews by critics but what do they know?  Bird Box was viewed by 45 million people in its first week.  I wonder how they know if one person is watching at a time, or five.

Me, I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic books and movies, even bad post-apocalyptic movies, so I would have enjoyed it even if the critics were right.  I have seen I am Legend about a dozen times.  But really, Bird Box was great.  Even Mrs. M. liked it and she once told me Sandra Bullock is the worst actress ever.

Alien Bird Box Challenge

I then learned that my daughter has been playing a game with her friends called Bird Box.  It is basically Tag, with your eyes closed.  One girl walked into the slide and hurt herself.  But that did not dissuade the kids from continuing the game.

I asked her if the other kids even knew what the movie was.  She said all her friends had seen it.  I was not fully convinced that this was true.  But nonetheless we decided to let the whole family watch it.  I made the kids close their eyes during the brief sex scene.  I told them, whatever you do, do not open your eyes or you will die.  OK, I did not say they would die but they did close their eyes for that part.  They kept asking me afterwards why they had to close their eyes.  Oh, it's late!  'Night kids, love you.

Now I am reading that it is not just silly kids who are playing Bird Box.  Grown-upped adults are doing it too.  The level and amount of stupidity in this world never ceases to amaze me - which got me thinking - thinking about aliens (of course).  Do people do stupid things like this on other planets?

Do Aliens do Stupid Things?

We like to think of aliens as brilliant, highly-evolved beings, capable of extraordinary feats.  First of all, they can get from there to here.  That is enough in itself.  But then folklore often dictates that aliens are capable of mental telepathy, levitation, or even invisibility.  Assuming our visitors do not have any supernatural abilities (I am ready to believe but I need to see it first) we do know they can travel through space with technology we can not imagine, so they are pretty darned smart.  Would these same people be down with the Bird Box Challenge?  What about the Tide Pod Challenge?

Do smart people do silly things?  Albert Einstein is synonymous with genius-level intelligence.  I am no Einstein but I think his most famous photo is one where he is acting silly.  That is probably because it is ironic.  But irony notwithstanding the photo exists of a literal Einstein acting silly. 

Do Aliens do Stupid Things?
Do Aliens do Stupid Things?
In my own experience, I have had the privilege of working with some brilliant people when I was a software engineer, the kind of people who require you to kick your brain into that extra gear you never use, just to keep up with their everyday manner of speaking.  Every single one of them had a great sense of humor.  You could even say some of them were a little silly.  But I am struggling to think of something stupid that any of them did.  I can not imagine any of my techie nerd buddies eating Tide or walking into a curb, wearing a blindfold.  But I can imagine aliens doing it.

Yes, our alien visitors are likely smarter than we are, by orders of magnitude.  But not every alien visits Earth.  Here on Earth we would never send someone who eats Tide into space - perhaps unless it was a suicide mission or we needed people to mine asteroids.  But these are not the yahoos we would send as ambassadors of our planet on an intergalactic mission to another planet.  They might do something undiplomatic and unintentionally doom our entire world to destruction.

Alien yahoos
Alien Yahoos
I suspect aliens would also keep their slack-jawed yokels on the ground too.  Sure, once in a while, one of these dummies would win Lotto, buy a Winnebago, and end up here in our atmosphere.  But for the most part the stupid aliens would not make it to our planet.  At any rate, there probably are unintelligent aliens.  For all we know, it could be the majority of them.  We only see the cream of the crop because that is who they send into space.  But the rest of them are back home, eating Tide and walking into the slide on the playground, wearing a blindfold.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, January 4, 2019

I don't believe in ghosts, but...

Don't you love when people start a sentence with, "I don't" and end it with, "but..."  Like, you know if someone says, "I'm not racist... but..." you are about to hear the most racist thing you have ever heard.  So a couple days ago I mentioned there is a ghost in my house.  I also said that I do not believe in ghosts.  Neither do I believe in Heaven or Hell.  I think we are here on Earth for a limited time and when we are done we are done.  But...

The purpose of this blog is to focus on UFO's, aliens, and space.  I want to do it in the most scientific way possible.  If it can not be proven with science then it is just speculation.  There is nothing wrong with speculation, it just has to be presented as such and should be kept separate from real science which should be backed up with some kind if evidence or precedent.  But...

So there is this ghost in my house?

I like to sometimes talk like a Millennial and raise the tone of my voice at the end of sentences so they sound like questions.  So there is this ghost in my house?  And...

When Mrs. M. and I were house hunting in 2007 one of the things I liked to do was check out the basement of every house.  I wanted to know where the mechanicals were, like the furnace, hot water heater, circuit panels, etc. and what condition they were in.  I wanted to know if the space was big enough for me to work in if I had to repair any of those things.  And I wanted to see how spooky it was.  I am not afraid of anything, but... Basements are spooky.  They just are.  If it was scary to go down there with the real estate agent, why would I want to live in a house where I would have to go down there for the rest of my life?

I do not believe in ghosts but
I don't believe in ghost... but...
This one house we toured must have been Charles Manson's summer cottage.  The moment my wife, the realtor, and I walked in the place we all got spooked.  None of us said anything until we were all safely out of the house but then we all immediately agreed there had been a mass murder there, or something.  I told Mrs. M. I could not stay in the basement for more than five seconds.  She said forget about the basement, she would not be able to sleep there overnight if I ever went away on business.

When I first walked into the house we have now lived in for the past decade there was a good warm feeling.  When we were In Contract I would come over here by myself to check the place out.  There was no power so there were no lights and no heat.  It was November so it was cold in the place.  No one had lived in the house for three years so it was empty and devoid of any signs of life.  And yet, I would come over here and walk around in the basement by myself, without even a flash light, and I felt totally fine.  In fact, I felt like someone was watching over me, keeping me safe.

Again, I do not believe in ghosts, spirits, or anything supernatural.  But...

So there is this ghost in my house
The line of sight from the bathroom to the kitchen

After a year of construction we finally moved into the house.  None of the rooms had doors yet but it was just me, Mrs. M., and our first baby so we did not mind.  With no doors, I could see from the bathroom, through the living room, through the butler's pantry, and into the kitchen.  It is quite a distance.  I would look at the wall in the bathroom and in my periphery I would see a man walking through the kitchen.  Even though this happened several times I chalked it up to my imagination.  After all, it was in my periphery.  There was nothing and no one there when I would look directly across the house.  No problem.

I took the kids with me to visit my uncle a couple years later.  Mrs. M. stayed home to get some work done.  She called me in a panic because she heard footsteps going up and down the stairs.  She may have had too much coffee.  It is a big house.  Sometimes it settles or a critter finds its way into the walls from outside, somehow.  Sometimes there is a loud bang and we walk around to see what it was and nothing has fallen.  You know, things happen.  Big house.  No biggie.

Then one day, I am sitting at the kitchen table feeding one of the babies and Mrs. M. is walking towards the sink, with raw chicken on her hands.  As she stretches her hands out over the sink I see the water come on by itself.  She starts washing her hands, as if nothing had happened.  I asked her if the water had just come on by itself.  She said it had and she did not want to say anything because she could not believe it.  She was too stunned to say anything.  But she said yes, the water did indeed come on by itself.

That faucet had two knobs that turned.  We paid a lot of money for it and it turned out to be a piece of crap.  I had to replace it after only a few years.  I decided to buy a much cheaper faucet because if we were going to have to replace them every few years, why spend the money?  I put in a type that has one valve which you flick on and off, to the left and right.  Not long afterwards, I washed my hands and flicked off the water.  It immediately came back on.  I was alone in the house.  I thought, maybe someone is trying to tell me something.  So I washed my hands again.

We have a drawer in the kitchen which used to open by itself sometimes.  I thought, new-ish construction, it must have settled, and now the kitchen is a little off kilter.  But it will happen frequently for a few weeks and then stop for years and then start again and then stop.  We blame it on the guy in the kitchen.  It gets funnier every time.

A few months ago, one of my kids was playing the Xbox before dinner.  I told him to turn it off and come to dinner.  I knew he had probably left something on, wasting electricity, I am a dad, so I went to the family room to check up on how he did.  The Xbox was off but the TV was still on.  I let out a deep, exasperated sigh, and looked around the room for the clicker, to turn it off.  The TV then turned off by itself.  I was the only one in the room.  I then spotted the clicker on the end table.

The Marceau Ship

I am known amongst close friends for being fearless.  But you could say I was unnerved about the next two incidents.  The first one, I was home by myself, working, last winter.  I got a chill so I went to stand by the fireplace for a minute.  The fire was blazing but I was still cold.  It was like a window was open and frigid winter air was blowing on me from outside.  I got the feeling something was about to happen,  you know, like that feeling you get just before an alien spaceship comes over the treeline when you are alone, deep in the woods, on an Army base in Canada?  You know that feeling?  In the dining room we have an antique baby grand piano.  It played one note, briefly sustained for a few seconds, and then ended.

After every hair on my body laid back down I reminded myself that I am a logical person and there is no way that a piano can just play itself.  I walked over to the piano to see what had fallen on the keyboard.  There was nothing on the keyboard, nothing on the bench, and nothing on the floor.  I peeked inside the piano because the lid was up and there was nothing on the strings - not that that would have mattered since the only way to sustain a note is to release the damper by pressing and holding a key.  Still, I felt like if there was something in the house (which I do not believe in, but...) it must be good because I did not feel scared, I felt comfortable.  I went back to my desk and continued working.

Little Black Monster

The one incident which left me feeling like someone just walked on my grave happened several years earlier when my youngest son was less than two years old.  His room is on a different floor from the rest of the family - who knew we would have so many kids?  My middle son had begun sleeping with his sister every night, leaving his bed vacant.  So my youngest decided (at less than two years old) that he was going to start sleeping there in his brother's room, every night.  When I realized, after a few weeks, that this was not temporary I asked him why he had decided to move upstairs.  He told me it was because he did not like sleeping in his room.  I asked why.  He said it was because of the little black man in his room.
Little black monster
Little Black Monster
We are a mixed-race family so I knew he did not mean he was afraid of an African American man.  He meant a black-colored monster.  He then described it in vivid detail.  It was about two feet tall, jet black, with pointy ears (I am picturing ears like a Batman mask), and bright yellow eyes.  The little man appeared several times.  It would not try to hurt him or even do anything else.  It just stared at him.  I still get a chill thinking about it as I write this.

My kids are brilliant.  They are all great story writers at school.  But I just could not see how or why a toddler, who only recently had started speaking in complete sentences, would make up something like that.  The only TV he had seen, up to that point, was Disney Jr. and Nick Jr.  Even if such a thing existed on Earth, which it can not because it would have been discovered and documented long ago, there is no way it could have gotten in and out of our house undetected.  We have an alarm.

Are Ghosts Aliens?

So, I do not believe in ghosts, but... I do believe in aliens.  After all, I have seen an alien spaceship, up close.  They are real and there is no disputing that.  So what if the little black man was actually an alien visitor?  That is certainly possible.  It is weird to think it was in my house, staring at my baby boy, but OK.  What if people who have the technology to get from there to here also have the technology to get in and out of a house with an armed security system?  That, I can believe.

Let us take this a step further:  Invisibility.  What if people who have the technology to get from there to here also have the technology to cloak themselves so that they can walk through my kitchen and be seen with my peripheral vision but not when I look directly at them?  What if my wife and I can feel them in the house because they are standing RIGHT NEXT TO US, we just can not see them?  What if they grow to like us and, from time to time, do nice things for us like turn on the water when we need to wash deadly germs off our hands or turn off the TV when we are exhausted and could use some relief from adulting?  What if they want us to know they are here, so they play one note on the piano?  Or maybe they have seen that piano thing sitting there for years and always wanted to try it out.

Is there a ghost, I mean an alien, in your house?  Leave a comment here or on Facebook.

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